The Right Way to Clean Your Washing Machine – Guide!

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Washing machine washes and cleans our clothes. Likewise, it is necessary to wash and clean your washing machine in the right way, as well.

Cleaning the washing machine will not only function better but also will last longer. Here is how you need to clean the washing machines – both top load and front load.

How to Clean a Front Load Washing Machine?

Front-load washing machines are energy-efficient machines. Therefore, it is better to clean it in eco-friendly methods. 

How to Clean a Front Load Washing Machine

Here is what you need to clean – 2 cups of vinegar, one-fourth cup of baking soda, one-fourth cup of water, and sponge.

The steps

  • Firstly, mix water and baking soda in a small vessel.
  • Next, add the mixture to the detergent dispenser in your machine.
  • Then add vinegar into the washing machine drum.
  • Set the device to work in normal mode and hot water setting.
  • Close the door and just start the machine.
  • The machine will clean itself.

This mixture of baking powder helps in eliminating mineral deposits and moulds. Moreover, you can scrub the stubborn mould deposits that you find at the openings with a sponge.

With clean water just wipe out the residue. Hence, your machine is clean and fit to use. Besides, repeat this process every month. Or you can do it anytime you feel like it is required.

How To Clean The Front Load Drum?

Here is how you must clean the front load drum. Thus, follow the steps.

The Steps

  • Get ready with your soap solution in warm water or dilute some washing machine cleaning liquid.
  • Dip a clean rag or a cloth duster into the solution.
  • Then wipe the front loader drum.
  • Now with another clean and dry rag wipe the front load drum again.
  • Finally, just leave the door open for some time. This will allow the residue to dissipate before you use the machine again.

How To Clean The Front Load Dryer?

The dryer is an essential part. Therefore, it needs cleaning as well. Here is how to do so.

The Steps

  • With the narrow nozzle of your vacuum cleaner remove as much lint as possible from the lint filter.
  • Make use of a duster to wipe up the lint.
  • Remove the dryer lint duct and clean it properly.
  • Next, just check out the exterior to see whether there is any blockage or not for the air to pass freely.
  • Clean the top and exterior part of the dryer with sudsy water.

Now, before using the dryer for normal purposes, use the dryer with some old towels. It will eliminate any residue if left.

Moreover, to remove the stain of melted crayon inks, use of the all-purpose cleaner sprays.

How To Clean a Top Load Washing Machine?

Cleaning a top load washing machine is similar to that of a front-load one.

The Steps

  • Firstly, set the machine at the highest load size, hottest water setting, and longest wash cycle.
  • In the mixture of baking soda and water, add vinegar and bleach.
  • Then run the machine, and your machine will clean itself.
  • Once the cleaning is done, wipe the washing drum to clean it.
  • Repeat the process once again, but do not add baking soda and vinegar now.
  • This will remove the traces of chemicals.

Make sure that you clean the washing machine once a month. It increases the longevity of the machine.

Note that in areas of hard water, washing machine descalers are ideal. This removes the salt deposits.

Moreover, you can get washing machine cleaning powders online.

How To Remove Mildew and Smells in a Washing Machine?

Cleaning your washing machine is essential. However, mildews and smells stand as a problem. Here is what you should do to get rid of these smells and mildews.

How To Remove Mildew and Smells in a Washing Machine?

After cleaning and washing, make it a habit to leave the machine door open or lift the lid. This allows the air to circulate and dries out the remaining moisture inside.

Note that you keep your children and pet away from the machine as a safety precaution.

Bottom Line

Thus, to conclude, clean your washing machines once a month. Moreover, it is us who must take care of those who ease our tasks. 


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