Water Pollution: A Significant Concern | Causes Of Water Pollution

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What is water pollution, according to you? It may merely mean nothing or mean that there are so many impurities in water that are harmful to all living beings.

Water is the primary source to survive on this earth. And with God’s grace, we do have water to endure.

But have you ever thought about the forthcoming generation? Will they have sufficient sources to live on this earth? Will we be able to save it for our future generations?

With a lot of debates on water pollution these days, we should not take it lightly.

Garbage on beach
Garbage on beach

Coming back to pollution of water, it happens due to many reasons such as sewage, garbage, chemicals from factories, liquid waste, and so on.

Our motherland has around 70% water, which makes it the most valuable source of all time. There are different sources of water pollution, which lead to the poisoning of water.

We do not realize, but we humans are responsible for polluting the purest source that we have. Water gets polluted when we mix it with chemicals, plastic waste, and any other negative discharge.

However, we either do it directly or indirectly, and we are doing this at an alarming rate. Today water pollution is becoming a significant concern. And we are leading our world towards destruction.

The water that we drink is in the form of contaminated water. According to a survey, many people and animals die due to the consumption of polluted water.

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In the study, we got information about diarrhea related problems that we are facing nowadays. Also, with a lack of sanitation, hygiene, and water, around 400,000 people are losing lives every year.

Major Causes Of Water Pollution

As we have already mentioned above the causes of water pollution, let us read in detail:

01. Water Pollution Due To Industrial Waste

industrial waste mixing with water
Industrial waste mixing with water

With the increase in industrialization, more pollution both in the air as well as in the water is seen. The industries dispose of toxic chemical such as mercury, lead, sulfur, asbestos, nitrates, and many other harmful chemicals into rivers and seas.

These heavy metals and chemicals increases the minerals in the water and poses a serious hazard to it.

02. Wastewater Discharge

human made water pollution
Human made polluted waters

The household is disposed into sewage which later goes to rivers and seas. This water contains harmful bacteria and pathogens.

When this water reaches back to us, it causes many health problems and waterborne diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, cholera etc.

03. Marine Dumping

plastic bag causing water pollution
Floating plastic bags on marine or ocean environment

Another main factor leading to water pollution is marine dumping. Whatever garbage we throw out of our houses, eventually gets collected as sea deposits in another country. The most common examples are paper waste, aluminum, plastic, glass, rubber, and so on.

Directly discharging sewage and industrial waste into the ocean without any treatment causes the water pollution. Pollution such as this occurs particularly in developing nations.

04. Mining Procedure

When we extract coal, iron, mica or any other minerals from the rocks, the process is known as mining. When we do mining, on raw products, certain toxic chemicals get removed.

It, in turn, increases the harmful elements when mixed with water. During mining, metal wastes and sulfide pollute the water and lead to health issues.

05. Global Warming

global warming
Global Warming

One of the significant concerns, these days involve global warming. You must be aware of the greenhouse effects. These constitute global warming due to which the water temperature rises.

With the rise in temperature, aquatic animals die and pollute the water.

06. Water Pollution Caused By Oil Leakage

oil and garbage pollution in the water
Oil and garbage pollution in the water

If a ship carrying large quantity of oil met with an accident it spills oil onto the sea. It causes major damage to species in the ocean. The oil that enters into the sea does not dissolve with the water.

And because of this reason, it creates the problem for local mariners including toxicity of pollution, sea otters.

07. The Burning Of Fossil Fuels

The burning of fossil fuels produce ashes and many other gases like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide etc. When these particles with toxic materials are mixed with water vapor, it causes acid rain.

This rainwater flows down into river and canal it pollutes the water.

08. Pesticides And Chemical Fertilizer

died fish caused by water pollution
Died fish caused by water pollution

Farmers use the chemical fertilizer and pesticides to increase the growth of plants and cover the crops from unwanted insects and bacteria. During rain these chemicals mix up with rainwater and flow down into rivers and canals which pose serious damages to aquatic animals.

09. Animal Waste

The waste formed by the animal is cleaned away into the rivers during rain. It contains many harmful bacteria which causes water-borne diseases like jaundice, typhoid, cholera and diarrhea.

10. Subterranean Storage Leakage

The transportation of petroleum products with the help of underground pipes are famous and well-known. Unexpected leakage can damage the environment anytime.

11. Radioactive Materials

Uranium is the main material which is used to produce nuclear energy. This is a highly radioactive material. This material produce radioactive waste in the procedure.

This radioactive waste is very hazardous to our environment. It needs to be disposed of to prevent any nuclear accident.

We have already seen some of the major incidents such as Chernobyl disaster where it causes major problem to the environment.

Water Pollution: Our Responsibility

We humans play a vital role in polluting our one of the primary resources of life with different means. It is our responsibility to save it at any cost.

Otherwise it is not far away when people will be ready to pay hefty amount for fresh water but they will not get it.

So, It is high time we realize the consequences and start saving the water before it is too late.

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