Water Heater Tank Material and Coating – Everything You Need to Know!

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We know water is essential. Therefore, we need to store it properly. However, the temperature of the water matters as well. Thus, the question arises as to which water heater tank material and coating is ideal for storing hot water?

Water Heaters

Here, the article provides you with everything you need to know regarding the water heater tanks. Therefore, give a reading.

Why is the Coating Needed?

Water heaters not only serve the heating purpose. They store water as well that can be used later on when required.

In such a case, corrosion is unavoidable. Note that the water supply is always ON in a geyser or water heater. Therefore, there is still water in water heaters.

To prevent this corrosion, the water heater’s inner surface comes with an anti-corrosive material coating. This increases the life of the appliance.

What are the Materials Used in a Storage Tank?

Storage tanks come with typical materials like copper, thermoplastics or stainless steel.

Water Heaters


It is a good conductor of heat and results in heat loss.


It is a non-corrosive material. However, it does not have any good insulating properties.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel offers better insulation. However, it is corrosive and requires an anti-corrosive coating.

Therefore, to conclude, stainless steel is the best option due to its anti-corrosive coating and better insulation.

What are the Coating Materials?

Coating Material

Now that we know why coating is necessary, here are the materials used for coating.

Note that the quality and nature of the coating materials are essential. Here are some of the standard coatings that you have come across.

  • Porcelain enamel glass lining
  • Glass coating
  • Blue silicon enamel coating
  • Vitreous enamel coating
  • Polymer coating

Which Coating Material is Ideal?

Note that most of the coating materials, as mentioned above, are made up of some kind of processed glass.

It is a complicated task to glass coat on metals. However, it is a unique way to make the best possible coating.

Understand that glass powder is only applied to metal surfaces. As it is heated inside the furnace, a glass coating is created on the metal surface. Thus, the coating protects the metal from corrosion.

Note that glass is a bad conductor of heat. Therefore, it gives you excellent insulation used along with stainless steel.

On the other hand, Polymer is a synthetic material. It is applied like ordinary paint on a metal surface.

Now, you must be confused as to which is a better option? Theoretically, the polymer coating is better; however, people welcome the glass coating widely. Note that the glass coating is prone to damage due to persistent use.

Water heaters

To Sum Up

Finally, to sum up, the polymer coating with stainless steel tank is kind of better. However, make your own choice. Moreover, do check the warranty before buying.

Thus, storing hot water is a huge task as well.


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