10 Most Common Washing Machine Problems & Their Solutions – Explained!

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More or less, we all try to have a washing machine in our homes to reduce our daily workload. But some of us end up having a few issues regarding it. Therefore, today we will try to discuss most of the common washing machine problems and the solutions as well.

Washing Machine Problems and Solutions

You may face various problems with your washing machine. But if you know which are solvable at home, you can save a lot of your money.

So, go on with us and get to know the problems and the solutions.

The Washing Machine Problems and Their Solutions

Here we are mentioning the problems and the solutions one after another. Find your problem and get the solution right in front of you.


Shaking can be the most common problem among all the other issues. It has many reasons behind it. If the floor where you have kept your machine is uneven, then you can face this problem. 

Other than that, if you have an extra load on the machine, you can also see it. 


If the problem is with the floor, examine under which leg the uneven surface exists? After getting it identified, place plywood or something else that can support the leg and make it even with the rest.

If you have dumped an extra amount of clothes, then remove some of them. And then see the results.

Ripped clothes

If you have ever experienced ripped clothes after taking them out, nothing has been more painful than that. Ripped garments are one of the rare but prominent problems that users face.


There may be some object stuck at the corner of your washing machine. Scrutinize the machine corners and check whether there is any object stuck at the corner or not. 

If yes, then remove it. And you are good to go.

The Washing Machine is not turning on

It is a usual problem to see your machine not turning on. In such circumstances, the reasons may be as given below.


Check the power

If your machine is not receiving proper power, then it will not turn on. So, check the output voltage by connecting your machine with a multimeter. If the output voltage is low, then the machine will not run.

Also, there may be the problem of circuit breaker tripping.

Check the lid switch.

All the washing machines remain off when the lid is open. So check whether the switch is out.

The switch is under the lid. To switch it off properly, you have to close the lid tightly. 

So make sure you do that.

Heated up motor

The other reason may be a heated-up motor. If the motor heats up frequently, then also your machine may not turn on.

Inspect the motor, and if this is the problem, you can ask for help from the company.

Timer knob

If the timer knobs are not aligned properly, then also your machine may not turn on. You can check this issue, and to solve it, you can restart the machine again.

Water is not draining properly

This may be a significant issue in your machine that the water is not draining correctly. There may be many reasons for that.

Water is not draining properly

There may be some small piece of cloth that can clog into the draining pump. Or the draining pump may have broken.

If the spinning is not occurring properly, then also the machine may not drain the water properly.


Check if there is any bent or clog in the draining pipe

Turn off the power, and check if the pipe is bent somewhere. If it bends, it may clog the water. 

Therefore, check whether the pipe is in its proper condition or not. 

If yes, then the problem is a clogged piece of cloth.

Now take out the pipe from the machine with the help of a screwdriver. Let it stay connected to the faucet.

Now pass the water through it with full force. And if there is anything stuck in it, it will get out.

Now attach the pipe again, and you are ready to use it.

Do a master reset

Reset and master reset can also help you solve the water draining problem. To reset the machine, you have to turn it off and keep it like that for a few minutes. 

Now turn the machine on again, and you can see the machine working like it used to do before. But if the problem prevails, you can try a master reset.

For a master reset, you have to open and close the door six times in 12 seconds. After that, you have to run the rinse or spin cycle without any clothing into the machine.

After the master reset, you can expect to work the draining properly.

Washing machine is pausing in the mid of the cycle

The reason behind this may be some unusual object into the machine. Also, there may be thermostat failure, pump problems, and so on.

Washing machine is pausing in the mid of the cycle

In the cases of technical issues, you can try out the master reset option we mentioned above. But if there is some unusual object stuck in your machine, then the solution process may be different.


Try to remove the object carefully. For a top load washing machine, you can easily open the lid and do the thing. 

But for a front load washing machine, it may be tricky. As the lid gets locked after the cycle is started, therefore, you may have some difficulty opening it.

Also, it may spill the water on the floor, which will be another headache. You can plug off the machine in such circumstances and then restart it by applying the spin cycle. 

When the water is almost drained, now you can try to open it and release the object.


The washing machine problem of leakage is another widespread problem, and it has several reasons, such as tub leakage, improper door seal of the front load washing machine, clogged drain hose, leakage in the inlet.

To know the solutions follow the below information.


Tub leakage

Tub leakage is a very severe problem that can be temporarily mended with an epoxy seal. But the problem may still prevail, and you may need to buy a new machine. Therefore, use your machine carefully.

Improper door seal

This problem is only noticed in the front load washing machines. And the reason behind it may be excess development of derbies around the door. 

In such circumstances, you have no other option than to clean it properly.

Clogged drain hose

We have already mentioned the reason for the clogged drain hose, and the solution is also given.

Leakage in the inlet

A leaked water inlet can be the reason for the water departure of your washing machine. Another reason for the water leakage from the inlet hole is the dirty inlet filter.

You can see our article on “How to Clean a Washing Machine Filter” to know the filter’s proper cleaning method.

Smell in the washing machine

Smell in the washing machine

Your washing machine remains closed all day. Therefore, they may emit a horrible smell which can transfer to your clothes as well.


To get rid of this washing machine problem you can clean your machine frequently. To get the proper instructions, you can follow the “How to Clean a Washing Machine” article on our website.

Water is not pumping out during the spin cycle

The spin cycle of the machine helps drain the excess water from your clothes. And if your machine stops doing that, then it is a severe problem.


The reason can be a clogged pipe or an old drainage pipe. You can check whether there is any clog in the pipe or not.

If there is nothing, then you may have to replace it.

The basket is not spinning

This is not a regular problem. This may occur after a long term of uncareful utilization of the machine. If you dump an extra amount of clothing every day, the motor tends to get weak, resulting in slow spinning.


The solution is simple; you may need to replace the motor.

The washing machine is making strange sounds

If the washing machine makes sounds, then there may be some issues with a bad seal. The water may damage the tub bearings and not work correctly.


This is another problem where you need a replacement. And here, you have to replace the tub bearings.


Here we mentioned almost all the common problems that you may face in your washing machine. Some of them are fixable at home; some are not.

You need to call an expert if the problem is severe. However, if you use your washing machine measuring some precautionary steps, you can avoid such issues.

For example-

  • Check the pockets so that you do not enter any paper or tissues into the machine.
  • Check objects like safety pins, hair clips, hairpins before entering your clothes into the machine.
  • Clean the filters regularly.
  • Clean the machine properly at infrequent intervals.

And by measuring these steps, you will get to use your machine uninterruptedly.


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