How Much Power Does a Washing Machine Consume?

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Are you getting tired of washing clothes with your hands and want to buy a washing machine. And at the same time the power consumption of washing machine is stopping you from purchasing one?

A detailed discussion is waiting for you so, read the whole article.

The heap of dirty clothes that you dump in your laundry bag every day can be nothing to worry about if you have the best washing machine in your home.

It is faster, more comfortable, and efficient. And the best part is that it saves much of your time and causes no strains to your body.   

But, if you are worried about the power consumption of washing machine, then we are here to spill the suspense.

What is a Washing Machine?

If you are not at all accustomed to the term washing machine, then you can read the following descriptions and get a clear idea about the washing machines.


However, different washing machines come with various programs. But the primary working process remains the same.

Washing machines wash your clothes automatically. You just have to dump your clothes into the machine bucket.

The bucket has a vibration creating element in it.

Therefore, they circulate them in the water with the detergent. 

And thus you get clean and tidy clothes without making an effort.

There are mainly two types of washing machines, such as front load and top load. 

You can check out the top-load vs. front-load washing machine to know more about these two types.

How Can You Calculate The Power Consumption of Washing Machine?

The power consumption of your machine depends on two factors. One is the heating equipment and the other is the motor pump.


The heating equipment of your washing machine consumes 70% of the electricity and the other 30% is depleted by the motor.

Before you plunge into the calculation, first try to know the total wattage of the machine. You can find this written on your machine or product manual.

If you know the model number of your machine, then also you can search the wattage online.

Here we will assume that a machine of 7 kg will consume the power of 2000-2500 watts if it uses the heating components along with the motor.

If it is using only the electric motor pump, then it will consume only 500 watts (only 30% of the whole wattage).

For the ease of calculation we are taking 2000 and 500 wattage as our components of calculation.

We have to work with this formula-

Power Consumption (kWh) =  Power rated(in kW) x total operational hours.

If the machine consumes 2000 watts (2kW) in one hour, along with the heat producing components, then the power consumption (kWh) will be,  2kW x 1 hour= 2kWh.

Also, if the machine consumes 500 watts (0.5kW) per hour without the heat producing components, then the power consumption (kWh) should be,

0.5kW x 1 hour = 0.5kWh.

If you run your machine for 2 hours, then you have to increase the hour amount accordingly. You can also calculate the kWh of the whole week or month. 

For that you have to measure the everyday running hour of the machine.

For example, if you run your machine for 7 hours for the whole week,

you have to calculate 2kW x 7 hour = 14kWh.

How To Calculate The Cost?

Now when you know the kilowatt per hour (kWh) of your machine, you can calculate the cost as well. 

For that, you have to refer to your electricity bill. Your electricity bill must have the per kWh rate.

When you find the rate, you have to multiply that with the total kWh of your washing machine.

Thereby, you will get the per hour cost that your machine consumes. 

How Can You Minimize The Power Consumption of Washing Machine?

When you use a washing machine, you can save electricity. But for that, you need to follow some steps which are given below.

Use The Right Type of Detergent

Using the right type of detergent is very important. With the right product, you can finish your washing process within the stipulated cycle. 


However, if the detergent is not good enough, then you will need more time to get a proper cleaning.

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Use The Right Amount of Detergent

Again the amount of detergent is another crucial point to notice. If you use the right amount, it will produce the correct quantity of foam.

And this will be rinsed in the cycle itself. But if you put more detergent, it will produce extra foam, and you will need much time to wash the additional foam.

Choose The Right Size

Choosing the right size is yet another essential point to focus on. For a small family, you have no necessity to buy a big machine. 

Because a giant machine will always consume more power, therefore, select the size according to the members of your family.

Front Load vs Top Load

This is a vital point to notice when you are buying the washing machine.

The front load washing machines generally use less water in comparison to the top-load washing machine.


Therefore, if your machine has a water heating feature, then the top load washing machines will consume more power.

Also, if they wash your clothes without the hot water, then they will take more time to complete the cycle. 

Therefore, choosing the machine should be wisely done.

If you want to know more details about both types, we have mentioned a detailed comparison of both the specimens in our front load vs top load washing machine article. 

You can analyze everything by reading them.

Avoid Using The Dryer

The dryer produces high heat. Therefore, in the process, they consume a lot more power.

Instead, if you use the spinning option, it can reduce much of the power consumption.

Therefore, try to get a machine that comes with the spin option.

Load The Machine Entirely

Every time you use the machine, make sure that you fill the entire bucket according to its capacity.

You can collect the dirty clothes for 3-4 days and then use the machine. 

Every time you use the machine, it consumes the same amount of electricity.

Therefore, do not let the power go to waste.


Washing Machine Power Consumption – Final Words!

Keeping up with the power consumption of your appliances is excellent. It gives you a rough idea about how much you will pay this time in your electricity bill.

Therefore, the above calculation may be beneficial for you. The points that we mentioned above will also be effective if you follow them.

So, make smart usages of your appliances. And save as much money as you can.


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