Inverter Technology in Washing Machine – How Does It Work? | Explained!

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Cleaning clothes is an important part. However, cleaning clothes as well as saving considerable electricity can be something new. The inverter technology in washing machines is one such innovative technology.

It might sound from the term that washing machines will run on inverters. However, it is not the case. The inverter technology does not refer to inverters. In short, it is a different thing subjected to washing machines.

Here is what the technology is all about. Therefore, without further delay, give a reading to understand it better.

What is Inverter Technology?

The inverter technology in the washing machines is kind of similar to that of cars. Here is how it is. We step into the accelerator lever, resulting in the supply of more fuel in the engine. It enhances speed.

Inverter Technology in washing Machine

In a similar way, when we reduce the pressure on the accelerator, the vehicle slows down. The inverter technology in the washing machine is kind of the same as mentioned earlier.

Generally, the washing machine motor runs at the same speed no matter the load inside. As a result, you find the machine consumes the same electricity even at a considerably lesser load.

Moreover, it is not necessary to run the machine at full speed with a lesser load. Here the inverter technology works. This technology enables the device to run at optimum speeds depending on the load.

In addition, here lies the difference between conventional washing machines. The inverter washing machines function at a speed that is entirely in tune with the load inside.

The Working of the Inverter Technology

This inverter technology works by sensors. These sensors detect the load on the washing machine. Thus, according to the load inside, the sensors determine the optimum speed of the machine.

In the process, it also optimizes electricity consumption.

This process uses Variable Frequency Drive or what you call Brushless motors. Moreover, these machines’ motors are directly connected to the drum with a pulley or a belt.

Besides, there are less mechanical parts. This ensures the least energy dissipation. In addition, the machine vibrates less and makes less noise.

This inverter technology is smart. Therefore, you can control these machines with your smartphones. Moreover, these washing machines are also known as inverter direct drive washing machines.

These washing machines are called so as the motors here are directly connected to the drum. Basically, this technology comes with a robust and optimized washing. You get six different drive motions here.

With a swing, tumble, filtration, stepping, scrub, rolling washes your clothes powerfully.

The LG washing machine is one of a kind.

Difference Between Inverter Technology and Conventional Washing Machine

The inverter technology washing machines and the conventional ones have a lot of differences between them. The table below highlights such differences.

Features Inverter Technology Washing Machine Conventional Washing Machine
Smart technology Inverter smart technology No smart technology
Speed Determines the optimum speed according to the load inside. Does not determine the optimum speed according to the load inside.
Electricity consumption. Determines load hence consumes less electricity. Cannot determine the load hence consumes more electricity.
Motor Efficient motor, cooler Less efficient
Noise No noise Noise due to friction
Moving Parts No moving parts Gears, belts and motor fall under the moving parts in the machine
User-friendly These are user-friendly as you can control them with your smartphones You cannot control these machines with smartphones

Why is Digital Inverter Technology in Washing Machines Gaining Ground?

It is evident from the table above that inverter technology in washing machines is a better option. Moreover, the energy-saving feature is the most highlighting point. Everyone would love to conserve energy.

Unlike conventional washing machines, these inverter technology machines’ energy consumption are directly proportional to the load inside.

Moreover, these machines have a longer lifespan. Besides, you get an extended warranty period on these machines (nearly ten years).

Thus, with all these factors, the inverter technology in washing machines is gaining ground gradually.

Advantages of Smart Inverter Technology in Washing Machines

Here are the advantages of using inverter technology in washing machines. Therefore, have a glance at it.

  • Being a brushless motor, it does not make much noise.
  • The motor is cooler compared to the conventional ones.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • These washing machines require less maintenance.
  • It comes with extended warranty periods.

Bottom Line

Thus, to conclude, these washing machines with inverter technology serve your purpose well with the best features. Many brands offer these machines. For example, LG, Samsung, Bosch.

Having such a smart appliance is essential. It facilitates washing clothes quickly and saves energy at the same time. Therefore, you can invest in such a machine.


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