A Washing Machine Drum – Everything You Need to Know!

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At the time of purchasing a washing machine, you might be confused about the washing machine drum. Here is everything you need to know about a washing machine drum. Therefore, have a look at it.

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The Washing Machine Drum – Material

Almost all the washing machine drums nowadays are of steel or porcelain finish. 

Generally, the mid-range washing machines come with porcelain tubs. These are made up of heavy polymer plastic. Therefore, they are known to be enduring and cheap.

On the other hand, the stainless steel drums come in high-range washing machines.

Note that the porcelain tubs are not ideal in the long run. With time the porcelain enamel starts wearing off. As a result, the steel layer comes up. Thus, when the steel corrodes, it stains the clothes and weakens the drum.

However, the plastic and the stainless steel tubs offer more durability, but the stainless steel ones are tougher. Also, capable of more washing spins and high speed.

The holes in the plastic or porcelain tubs become weak with time and fail to absorb stains. As a result, the inside portion might get faded and result in foul-smelling.

On the other hand, stainless steel fights with rough stains and foul smells.

Moreover, over the years of use, the plastic drums might develop a rough inner surface. This rough surface leads to wear and tear of clothes. However, a stainless steel tub retains its smoothness. Thus, your clothes are safer here.

A Washing Machine Drum – Types

The washing machine drums can be of different types. These types depend on various factors, for example, material, positioning, patterns.

The plastic drums are very common and come in economically priced machines. They are found in top load ones both semi-automatic and fully automatic. Moreover, these plastic drums are easy to clean. Also, they do not get corrode from hard water.

The steel drums are found in both top load and front load washing machines. Different brands and manufacturers have their own set of technology related to steel drums. This ensures that your clothes are not damaged and are thoroughly cleaned.

The Diamond design inside the Samsung washing machine drum is one such example. It claims that the harmful effects on the exposed textile area of clothes have been reduced by 79 per cent.

Moreover, in IFB, the washing drum’s inner surface, there is a Crescent moon shaped cast lined. It claims to absorb the hard hits during washing. Thus, it gives the clothes a deep yet gentle wash.

It works by curving the water in a swoosh pattern. Therefore the clothes do not run against the steel drum’s wall and get damaged.

Moreover, in a front load washing machine, you find the drum placed horizontally. On the top load washing machine, you see the drum placed vertically.

A Washing Machine Drum – Capacity

A washing machine drum’s capacity is measured by the net weight of dry clothes ( washed in one cycle). Generally, it is slightly lesser than the number of clothes that fit into the washing machine when not running.

The drum capacity ranges from 5 kgs to 12 kgs.

A Washing Machine Drum – Size

The size of the washing machine drum depends on your requirements. Note the size of your family as well.

For example, a 7 kg drum is enough for a medium-sized household. It will easily wash a standard load. Also, it has programs specifically for smaller loads. 

For example, Quick wash programs that wash smaller loads of daily use. Meanwhile, it will also be able to tackle larger loads on weekends.

On the other hand, a larger family, washing clothes more than once a week needs a larger drum. It will easily wash more items in a single cycle. It is even capable of handling bedsheets and towels along with regular clothes.

A Washing Machine Drum – How Efficient?

It depends on your load’s style and fabrics for the amount of washing that fits into the drum. Here is a table below. Follow it to understand better the drum size and its efficiency.

The Drum Size T-shirts Heavy and Bulky Items Size of the Family
5 kg 25 Towels Individual or couple
6kg 30 Single Bedsheets. Couple
7kg 35 Double Bed Sheets Small family
8kg 40 Light queen size bed sheets Medium family
9kg 45 Light queen size bed sheets Large family
10kg 50 Heavy king size bed sheets Large family
11kg 55 Heavy king size bed sheets Huge family
12kg 60 Heavy king size bed sheets Huge family

A Washing Machine Drum – Loading

You might end up underloading or overloading the washing machine drum. Here is what it can result.


Do not overload the drum beyond its capacity. This impacts the overall performance of the washing machine. If you jam-pack the drum, the garments get in a lump with each other.

As a result, the detergent powder fails to reach each clothes, and water cannot rinse the clothes properly. Besides, the clothes will also not be able to complete their cycle due to less space. Thus, the clothes remain dirty and become creasy.

In such a scenario, it is better to load 80 per cent of the drum. With enough space, the clothes will be able to complete their wash cycles freely.

Moreover, there is another rule, as well. If you are having a drum of 6 kg then load it with 6 kgs of cotton materials/clothes. 

However, with other fabrics like wool or jeans, the measurement will vary. In that case, fill the drum with fewer clothes.


Underloading the drum less than its capacity results in the waste of water and electricity. Therefore, do not under load.

A Washing Machine Drum – Is Bigger Better?

People might think that the bigger the washing machine, the better wash it gives. It is not the case. However, there are some advantages to having a bigger washing machine.

  • A larger or bigger washing machine is capable of washing bigger loads in every wash. Thus, in the long run, fewer yet larger washes are better than smaller frequent washes.
  • A larger washing machine usually comes with a few programs suited to clean bulkier items such as bedsheets, curtains.

For example, Samsung washing machines have a Blanket program for heavier loads. The Videocon washing machine also has a program for heavily soiled clothes.

However, larger washing machines are costly due to the advanced features and more space. Besides, if the machine runs half-full regularly, it ultimately results in higher water and electricity expenses.

Wrap Up

To sum up, it was necessary to know everything about a washing machine drum as iIt is an essential part.

For more information or any query, drop it in the comment box.


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