How To Wash Shoes In A Washing Machine? – Step By Step Guide!

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Keeping your shoes clean is a good practice to keep them wearable, but do you know how to wash shoes in a washing machine? Yes, you can wash your shoes in the washing machine in a very convenient and effective way.

But wait, are you preparing to put your pairs into the washing machine just by reading the introduction?

Wash Shoes in a Washing Machine

The destination is still far off, my friend, but not that difficult though. You just have to measure some precautions and follow a few steps.

So, keep on going with us, and you will find the solution.

What are the types of shoes that you can put into the washing machine?

Before putting your shoes into the machine, know the types you can put in the washing machine. Most athletic shoes and canvas shoes are made of nylon, polyester, and cotton.

types of shoes that you can put into the machine

These shoes are suitable for washing in the machine. You can wash them tension freely.

What types of shoes that you should avoid to put into the washing machine?

The materials that can get harmed by water are not placeable in the machine, such as leather or dress shoes, rubber boots, and suede.

Also, if your shoes have bead crafts, embroidery, or sequins, then again, you should not place them into the machine. For such purposes, the machine can damage the texture. 

Therefore, you can take them to a cleaning specialist or shoe repair.

Commodities you need

  • Baking soda.
  • Liquid detergent.
  • A pillowcase or a wash bag.
  • A sneaker brush cleaner or old toothbrush.
  • Some towels.

How to clean your shoes in a washing machine?

Now let us see the step-by-step guide for washing the shoes.

  • Step one: Sprinkle three tablespoons of baking soda in on the shoes the night before you want to wash your shoes. This will eliminate the smell from your shoes.

    Remove the soda with a brush or just dust it out before starting the washing process.

  • Step two: Remove the laces—also the insoles.

  • Step three: Now try to remove all the muds and debris stuck in the shoes.

    Use the brush and remove the muds from the sole of the shoes. Scrape out the dirt from the sides of the shoes as well.

  • Step Four: Now put the laces and insoles into the pillowcase or the wash bag. This will help them to stay tangle-free.

    The laces are generally dirtier; therefore, you can try them to wash by your hands using the toothbrush. Same you can do with the insoles as well.

    Just soak them into the water and apply some liquid or powder detergent. After that, use the brush to rub off the dirt.

  • Step five: Place the shows into the pillowcase or the wash bag. And then add the bag into the machine.

  • Step six: Now you will need the towels. And make sure that you take old towels. New towels can release the dye. Therefore: it can harm the color of your shoes.

    It will help if you use towels because this will prevent the shoes from slamming against the machine’s walls. You can use other clothes as well, such as table wipers, car wipers, any other dirt wiper and so on.

  • Step seven: Now you can add the liquid detergent to the machine. We recommend that you do not put powder detergent.

    Powder detergents do not dissolve in water properly; therefore, they can remain stuck inside your shoes.

  • Step eight: Wash them on a delicate cycle. Also, avoid spinning them. A wash time of 30-40 minutes will be sufficient.

  • Step nine: Now remove the shoes from the machine and let them dry under the sun. Do not put them in the dryer.

    You can stuff dry rag or paper into the shoes so that the water gets absorbed entirely. Hand the laces and let them dry too.

  • Step ten: When the shoes are dried adequately dried the insoles and laces properly. Now you are ready to steal the show.

Why should you not use a dryer to dry your shoes?

It is advisable that you do not use a dryer to dry up your shoes. It would be best if you always allowed them to dry up under the sun. 

The reason is that the dryer’s heat can affect the glue or adhesives applied in your shoes. It can also damage the fabric of your shoes. 

Some of the fabrics can shrink by getting heat. Therefore, you should dry them up through the sunlight only.

Place the wet shoes at a place where you get most of the sunlight. Try to wash them in the morning, so that you can keep them under the sun for the whole day. 

It can be expected that they will get dry if you keep them under the sun for the entire day.


You should always read the product instructions. It will help you to know the shoe fabric type and whether they are washable in the machine or not.

Some are instructed to wash by hands only. In such circumstances, avoid the machine wash.

The steps given below will be effective only if you read the whole thing carefully. We have mentioned the hoe types that are washable and also the types that are not washable. 

Make sure that you read the whole thing correctly and try to implement them accordingly.


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