Top 5 Symphony Large Space Coolers For 2021 – Reviews!

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If you are searching for a suitable air cooler for your hall or office then a symphony large space cooler can be the perfect match for you. Symphony is one of the leading air cooler brands in India, and when it comes to large air coolers, you can undoubtedly trust them.

As summers are making their way to hit us, we all need a cooling agent that can get us relieved. But, air conditioners are not affordable for all of us so, in such circumstances, air coolers are the best thing to solve the problem.

Symphony Large Space Coolers 2021 (At a Glance)

Today we have a list of 5 symphony large space air coolers. These are the best matches for spacious halls, banquet, office, garage, and so on.

1. Symphony Sumo 115 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler – Editor’s Choice

Key Highlights

  • Capacity: 115 liters.
  • Highly effective honeycomb cooling pads.
  • i-pure console technology.
  • multistage air purification.
  • Equipped with an air fan.
  • Easy to control panel.

A large air cooler needs a large water tank that can hold up much water to work for longer. This air cooler is not devoid of that.

It has a large tank of 115 liters with an easy-fill design. It will be a proper fit for a room up to 40 square meters.

It has highly effective honeycomb cooling pads and a flow dispenser that gives you superior cooling.

With multistage air purification, it delivers fresh and filtered air in your room. It has an anti-allergic filter, antibacterial filter, dust filter, PM 2.5 wash filter, and a smell filter that does the air purification job perfectly.

The cooler is equipped with a specially designed fan that provides more air. With this product, you will get 1 year of warranty on manufacturing defects.

The dura-pump technology ensures the longer lifespan of the product and the cool flow technology evenly distributes water for better cooling. 

As you can see the product has everything that you need in a cooler.

Therefore, if you feel that it will be suitable for your space, then you can bring this to your home. 

  • Water overflow outlet expels the excess water.
  • It has easy dial knob controls.
  • Gives proper cooling with the honeycomb pads and the fan.
  • Low power consumption.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Does not work with an inverter.
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2. Symphony Movicool L 125 Desert Air Cooler – Grey

Key Highlights

  • Capacity: 125 liters.
  • 3 side 50mm honeycomb pad
  • Auto vertical air swing.
  • Portable.
  • Air Throw Distance: 82.02 Sq.Ft (25 Sq.M)

Symphony movicool is a 125-liter air cooler that can cool down a large room very efficiently. It has the capacity of 25m air throw, which means it spreads air to a long distance.

To assure the cleanliness of air it has 3 side dust filters. Now enjoy clean and cold air together.

The 50mm thick honeycomb pad enables proper cooling of the whole space where you place it.

The product is made with tough materials that make it rugged and long-lasting.

The cooler is portable, so you can move it anywhere in your room.

For a large hall, gym, outdoor event, restaurants, it can be a sufficient cooling agent to negate the heat of summers.

  • Strong wheels make portability easy.
  • Made with strong materials.
  • The air filter removes dust and debris from the air.
  • Consumes less energy.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Compatible with the inverter.
  • Knob controlling system.
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3. Symphony Winter 80 XL i+ Powerful Desert Air Cooler

Key Highlights

  • Capacity: 80 liters.
  • Honeycomb cooling pads on 4-sides.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • i-pure technology.
  • Multistage filtration system.
  • Low power consumption.

This is another effective cooler machine by the symphony that comes with honeycomb cooling pads on 4 sides. Consequently, it gives you even cooling in the whole room.

Along with the 4 side cooling pads, it has an air fan that ensures faster air circulation.

The cooler is a suitable match for a room of 40 square meters. With the swift feather touch control panel, it becomes easily controllable.

A big advantage of this air cooler is that it runs on an inverter too. So power cuts remain no big issue with this product.

It has a multiple filtration system that includes a dust filter, smell filter, allergy filter, bacteria filter, and PM 2.5 filter.

The filters together ensure perfectly clean air in your home.

For all-round protection and better cooling of your room, you can rely on this high-capacity air cooler.

  • Low power consumption.
  • SMPS technology ensures the safety of your product in voltage fluctuations.
  • You can use it both inside and outside.
  • It has the system restore function.
  • Consumes less power.
  • Works on home inverters.
  • Only 80 liters capacity.
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4. Symphony Movicool L 200i Air Cooler

Key Highlights

  • Capacity: 200 liters.
  • 3 side dust filters.
  • 50mm thick honeycomb pads.
  • Consumes less power.
  • Automatic vertical air swing.

The 200 liters large capacity of this air cooler is just the right thing for commercial uses like seminars, gyms, halls, indoor stadiums, restaurants, and so on.

It has 3-speed fans, an auto vertical air swing, and a 25m air throw capacity that ensures rapid cooling.

You can use the product both inside and outside as you are getting a product made with weather-resistant materials.

The 3 dust filters together give you clean air inside your room. 

It has quality wheels that are strong and make you port the cooler easily from one place to another. The power consumption of this product is very low.

So you can think about it once if you are trying to find a good symphony large space air cooler.

  • 1-year warranty.
  • Made with durable materials.
  • Suitable for extra-large spaces.
  • Easily portable.
  • Compatible with inverters.
  • Not enabled with SMPS technology.
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5. Symphony Movicool DD 125 Desert Air Cooler – Grey

Key Highlights

  • Capacity: 125 liters.
  • 2 air cooler units.
  • Honeycomb cooling pads.
  • Three-speed fans.
  • Weather-resistant body.
  • Compatible with the inverter.

This is an innovative product by Symphony with double cooling units. The units can be run separately.

You can use one or both units. The upper unit chills the upper section of the room and the lower unit does the job for the lower section.

Together they give the best possible cooling in a vast space. These are specially designed for large spaces to make the cooling energy and cost-efficient.

It has honeycomb cooling pads and vertical sir swing technology that ensure great cooling. And the 25m air throw capacity promises to spread the air properly.

With the low power consumption, portability, and inverter compatibility it becomes the most convenient large space cooler by Symphony.

  • Low power consumption.
  • Huge capacity.
  • Two units spread more air to more areas.
  • Flexibility in using the units.
  • Portable
  • SMPS technology is not included.
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This was the list of the symphony large space cooler 2021. These 5 are the best coolers for large spaces by this brand.

These are specifically designed for immense areas where proper air circulation is a matter of concern. If you select any of these, it will give the desired results in terms of proper cooling.

So trust the product and Symphony, and bring the best product of the market.


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