Size of Water Heaters / Geyser (6, 10, 15, 25 Liters) | What Size Do I need? – A Complete Guide!

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If you are someone, confused with the size of the water heaters you are going to install, you are not the only one. Generally, people face this question as to ‘what size of water heaters or geysers do I need?’ and are confused.

Water Heaters

Here, the article explains the ideal size of the geyser that you need. Therefore, give it a reading.

What is the Ideal Size of Water Heaters?

Note that the water heater’s ideal size must be near to the volume of hot water required at once. There can be people taking baths one by one. They might use nearly 25 liters of water.

Water Heaters

In such a scenario, a 25 litres or 15 litres of geyser makes sure that the water is hot enough for one to take a bath.

However, if the tap water’s temperature is very low, a 25 litres geyser is a better option than a 15 litres( at one go).

Moreover, if the water heater is connected to two bathrooms, then the ideal size would be 25+25. As a result, 50 litres of water can be used at the same time. 

However, this does not imply that a 6-litre water heater is not enough. But it is just that it will take more time to heat the water. Otherwise, it can be that you end up bathing with slightly cold water.

Family Members

For an individual or a couple with less requirement for hot water, the instant water heaters are the best. These water heaters do not have the provision of storage. Moreover, the capacity of these geysers ranges from 1 to 3 litres.

Therefore, these water heaters are ideal for small bathrooms, smaller families. Moreover, they can fit into smaller sizes due to their compact sizes.

On the other hand, for a larger family, there is a requirement for more hot water. To serve such purposes, a storage water heater is ideal. They generally range from 6 to 50 litres.

However, an ideal size to cater to 4 people would be between 15-25 litres.

Ideal Size of Geysers in a Tabular Form

Family’s Size Usage Geyser Type Ideal Capacity
2-3 members Bathing (Bucket) Instant 6 liters
2-3 members Bathing (Bucket) Storage 10-15 Liters
2-3 members Bathing (Shower) Storage 15- 25 Liters
2-3 members To wash Utensils Instant 1-3 Liters
4-8 members Bathing ( Bucket) Storage 25 Liters
4-8 members Bathing ( Shower) Storage 25 liters
4-8 members To wash utensils Instant 1- 3 Liters

Note that, a smaller geyser compared to your usage, will give you less hot water. On the other hand, a bigger geyser, compared to your usage might result in wastage of water. Also, wastage of electricity due to standing loss.

Follow the table above for buying the ideal size.

The Space to Install Water Heaters

The space required to install water heaters is an important factor. Generally attached bathrooms are smaller in size. Therefore, in such a place, instant geysers are ideal.

On the other hand, the storage geysers will be best suited to bigger bathrooms.

The Problem of Corrosion and Longevity of Water Heaters

Hard water with chemicals in it lead to corrosion. Thus, the longevity of the water heaters gets affected. It is best to install a corrosion-resistant water heater if you have hard water.

Moreover, the instant water heater lasts longer. Therefore, it is because the storage water heaters might decompose.

Difference Between Instant Water Heaters and Storage Water Heaters

Features Instant Water Heaters Storage Water Heaters
Wall space-occupying Occupies less mounting space Occupies more mounting space
The heating time No such heating time. You get hot water immediately You need to wait for some time ( 5 minutes)
Supply breaks Supply breaks during bathing No supply break
Price Expensive compared to the capacity Less expensive compared the to capacity
Energy-efficiency Uses less energy Uses more energy
Ideal usage For washing utensils in the kitchen For bathing in bathrooms
Sizes 1, 3, 6 Liters From 10 – 50 Liters
Lifespan 15-20 years 10-12 years

Merits of Choosing the Right Size of Geyser

Choosing the right size is the best option. In the end, it is you who is benefitted. Look at the following pros of having the right size of the geyser.

  • With the right geyser size, you can save energy ( in the form of electricity consumed).
  • You can easily save time. With the right size of geyser, you will get water at optimum temperatures. Thus, you do not have to wait for hot water.
  • Running the geyser for the right amount of time and using it correctly, increases the appliance’s lifespan. Hence, the longevity of the geyser increases.
Water Heaters

Bottom Line

Therefore, to conclude, having the right size of geysers is very important. It is you only who gets benefited. Therefore, calculate everything accordingly, and opt for the right size for your family.


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