Samsung vs LG Refrigerator – Battle of Titans!

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Samsung and LG are the most reputed refrigerator brands in India. Choosing between LG vs Samsung refrigerator is not an easy job.

Both the brands are tough competitors of each other. Therefore you need a scrutinised analysis to get to the conclusion.

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator

LG focuses on innovative features that can make your life better. But with Samsung, you will get more attention to the design and build quality.

Both of them are the most needed things in a refrigerator. Therefore let us see which one gives you an all in one feature.

Door types of LG


  • Bottom-freezer
  • 84-inch tall built-in refrigerator
  • Three-door side by side
  • Three doors and four doors French door refrigerator

You are getting six different varieties in the door type of LG refrigerators.

Door types of Samsung refrigerators

  • Top-freezer refrigerator
  • Bottom-freezer refrigerator
  • Side-by-side door refrigerator
  • French-door refrigerator

You are getting four varieties with the Samsung refrigerators.

Which gives better designs?

As we already said that LG gives less effort to making the product look beautiful. They have very ordinary designs which cannot keep up in the competition with the Samsung refrigerators.

Samsung refrigerators have easily adjustable colours and design that is absolutely perfect to fit for any ambience.

However, you should keep in mind a few things to match your product with the background.

Ensure that the colour is contrasted with the background and is not too big or not too small.

Both the brands have various colors available like black, copper, platinum, white, digital prints and so on. Make sure you choose the right one.

Storage capacity

LG double door refrigerator has three shelves, one bottle rack, one convertible box, vegetable box, three shelves, one regular size rack, egg tray, one pull out tray along with one ice tray, 2 litres for meat and fish and two shelves for dairy products in the freezer section.

However, the Samsung double door refrigerator comes with two shelves, one new room, one vegetable box, one easy slide tray, one large water bottle rack, two egg trays and one multipurpose rack along with an ice tray, one shelf, two racks in the freezer section.

If you do not have a problem with the budget, then LG will be best in terms of space. It has three shelves, whereas Samsung has only two.

Which one is energy efficient?

Energy efficiency is the most needed feature in a refrigerator because this is one of those appliances, which runs the whole day. Therefore, this section needs a quick analysis.

You can check the BEE star rating label on the product to know the exact power consumption; however, the LG refrigerators are much energy efficient in actuality.

If you compare the products of individual companies with the same capacity, you will get the LG refrigerators more power-efficient.

Which has better features?

In terms of features, you can blindly trust LG. Samsung also has features, but they do not come with affordable products.

You have to raise the bar high then. But the normal refrigerators by LG come with excellent features like Dual fridge, smart diagnosis, auto smart connect and so on.

In the dual fridge feature, you can enjoy the convertible fridge option in the refrigerator. With the auto smart connect feature, you can connect your refrigerator with an inverter to work during power cuts using less power.

The other features are also beneficial. Therefore, in terms of features, the LG refrigerators win.

Better cooling system

The LG refrigerators add more cooling technologies to their products. For example,

  • Ice-beam cooling: ensures 35% faster cooling.
  • LG linear cooling: keeps the fluctuation of the temperature within the +-5 limit.
  • LG door cooling: balances the temperature between the door side and the inner side.

Samsung has cooling technologies like all-around cooling, twin cooling, metal cooling, triple cooling, etc.

The metal cooling is similar to the door cooling technology of LG.

However, in both cases, these features are available in high-end products only. To avail features, you have to go far with the budget.

Connectivity options

You can avail better connectivity options with LG. Most of its advanced models are compatible with the official LG Thinq app. However, the voice assistance feature of Samsung is only available in its high-end products. 

On one hand, you are getting the LG app controllability with any product except the single door ones. On the other, Samsung is leaving the less expensive models with a few features only.

Response from the service center

LG has a vast network in India. Therefore, they give the best servicing responses in comparison to others.

Therefore, in terms of customer service, you can trust LG.



Both products have their characteristics. But one clear thing is that LG gives better products at a lesser price compared with Samsung. 

However, there is no other better option than Samsung in terms of style and upgraded features. But in this case, you have to compromise with the budget.


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