Why does your RO water purifier stop working at times?

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Drinking water should be the first and foremost concern to live a healthy life, and thereby, you should install a good water purifier in your home. However, while using a water purifier, you may face some issues regarding it. So, to know why your water purifier stops working at times, you can read the whole article.

In this article, we have tried to mention all the probabilities that can lead to the malfunction of your RO. We have also mentioned the solution here.

So, make sure you read the whole thing and get your problem solved.

Power supply issue

The first and basic reason that is responsible for the breakup in the working process of the RO is the power supply. If there is any loose connection or issue in the input current of the powerpoint, the RO can stop working.


Use a tester and check whether the power supply is intact or not. If not, then take the necessary steps. Check the main switch of your home or call an electrician.

If the power supply is perfectly fine, you can check if you have inserted the plug correctly.

If the plug is also has been rightly placed, you need to check for the other issues.

Lack of water supply

Water supply may be another issue. If you have used up all the water of your main reserve tank and then turned on the RO, it will not work.


Check the other facets of your home. If the water supply is fine, then check the diverter valve.

If you still see the problem to prevail, you can call the service center for a repair.

The feeder valve has been turned off

You may have a separate feeder valve for your RO. Or you may have installed a feeder valve with your kitchen faucet to deliver water to the purifier.

In both cases, the faucet is the main source of water. An issue in the feeder valve can hinder the water purification process.


Check the feeder valve. You may have mistakenly turned it off.

If it is so, then turn it on. It will resume the water supply in the RO, and again the water purifier will work properly.

Pressure pump malfunction

All the water purifiers have a pressure pump inside the machine. The duty of the pump is to pass the water through the RO membrane at high pressure. If the pump stops working, the purifier will not get enough pressure, and as a result, it will not supply water.


It is hard to trace that if the pump is working properly or not. But there is one thing you can do.

You can try to hear a whirring sound. If the machine produces this kind of sound after the power supply, you can assume that the pump is working.

If the pump is not working, there will be no sound. In such cases, you will need a replacement of the pump.

So, you can contact your AMC provider or the service center.

Burnt out SMPS adapter

The RO booster pump depends on the SMPS adapter. So if the SMPS adapter has faced any damage, it can affect the working process of the RO. 

The SMPS can get damaged by high voltage fluctuation. So whenever you face such an issue, you have to get the solution immediately.


The solution is to replace the SMPS. So, you have to call an electrician or service provider to get the solution.

Short circuit of the low-pressure switch

A short circuit of the low-pressure switch can also disturb the working process of the water purifier. RO water purifiers work with an estimated water flow.

And the water flow can fall below the stipulated level if there is a short circuit in the low-pressure switch. Therefore, the low-pressure switch is another noticeable thing when the RO is no working properly.


You can check the water pressure. If the water pressure is all right, you can call your AMC provider for a solution.

They will replace the low-pressure switch.

Solenoid valve issue

The solenoid valve stops the wastewater from flowing inside the RO membrane. When there is a short circuit in the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve stops working, and the wastewater flows in the RO membrane.

As a result, the RO membrane chamber gets interrupted and blocks the water flow entirely. So this can be another issue when the water purifier is not supplying water.


The problem is not fixable at home, so you can consult your service provider. They will replace the valve, and your purifier will be fine again.

Malfunction in the float valve

The float valve of a water purifier switches off the machine when the purifier tank is full. It also turns on the machine when you have used up the water and the tank is empty.

By doing this, the float valve prevents water wastage.

But the water purifiers are designed in such a way that when there is a problem in the float valve, the machine stops working completely.


The float valve would need a replacement. You can call your service providers.

Presence of air vacuum inside the RO

This is a very rare problem. There is hardly any space for the air vacuum to enter into the tubes of the filter.

However, if there is any, it will block the RO membrane and other channels of the purifier. Consequently, the machine will stop functioning.


Generally, the machines are programmed to detect such problems and solve them automatically. But if the problem occurs through any tube crack, then the tube may need a replacement.

Your water purifier filters need a replacement

The modern water purifiers come up with the automatic shut-off system when there is a need for filter replacement.

water purifier filters need a replacement

Some of the models give warnings too. You need to follow the warning and replace the filters immediately.

If you ignore the warning, the purifier shuts down automatically.


The solution is obvious. You need to change the filters to make the purifier work properly.

Final words

RO problems are very common. However, proper maintenance can get you rid of these issues. 

Therefore, you should pay attention to your water purifiers and the issues regarding them. Once you face any problem, try to detect it. If you cannot, then ask for help from the experts. 

Negligence can lead to total loss of the product. So make sure you pay attention to the problems and give them a solution. 


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