What is The Power Consumption of a Refrigerator & How Can We Reduce It?

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As we Indians cannot compromise with our food habits, we all try to keep a refrigerator in our home to enjoy the exact taste of our leftover foods even the next day. But most of us never get rid of the tension of the power consumption of the refrigerator

Power Consumption Of Refrigerators

Most of us try many methods to reduce power consumption but eventually, we harm the appliance. So today, we will discuss how to calculate the power consumption of your refrigerator

If you think that the calculation will take much of your time, we will provide various refrigerators. From there, you will get a rough idea about how much your refrigerator costs you in your yearly electricity bills. 

So, stay adhered to the article to get compact information. 

How to calculate the power consumption of a refrigerator?

Here we will mention the most effective two methods.

Firstly, if your refrigerator is a BEE star-rated product, then this method is for you. You can check the label and get the yearly power consumption of your refrigerator. It will be written in the middle of the label in units.

If you know per unit cost, you can easily count the rate by multiplying both. 

For example, if your refrigerator consumes 250 units per year and the per-unit cost is 7 rupees, then the yearly fee will be 1750 rupees.

Secondly, if your fridge does not have a BEE star label, then you can use this method. 

You have to know the wattage of your refrigerator. This you can find in your user manual, or if you know the model number, you can check it on the internet as well. 

Now you have to multiply the wattage with the regular running hour. For example, if the wattage is 130w and you run your fridge 8 hours a day, the outcome will be 1040Wh. That means 1.04kWh/day. 

If you want to know the per day cost, find out the per kWh rate of electricity. After you get the per kWh cost, you have to multiply that by 1.04kWh (assumed per day kWh rate).

If you have got the per-day cost, then the yearly cost counting will also become easy. You have to multiply the per-day cost by 365.

What affects the power consumption of the refrigerator?

Now you have got the calculation of finding the per year cost. You think that this is the ultimate thing you need to know about the yearly cost of your fridge. 

But that is not true. There are many things that affect the calculation of the yearly cost, such as, 

Size of Your Refrigerator

The size of your refrigerator is a significant factor in power consumption.

size of refrigerator

The larger the size will be, the more will be the power consumption.


The season is another crucial factor. All fridges need more power in summer to produce extra cooling. So here is another reason for more power consumption.


If your refrigerator is placed at a poor venting place or at a hot place, then the power consumption will be higher.

Temperature You Set

A lower temperature setting increases the power consumption to 5-10 percent. Therefore, we recommend you set the temperature not so low.


If you are in this misconception that your freezer will consume less power, then you’re mistaken, my friend.


Each time you open the door of your fridge, the cool air escapes faster from space.

Therefore, when you fill the fridge with extra stuff, you give no space for the cool air to release. And thus, it stays colder. 

In such circumstances, the compressor uses less power to cool the fridge.


The older the freezer gets, the more it loses its efficiency. Therefore, it consumes more power.


 If the seals are in proper condition, you will get more efficiency in cooling.


The commercial freezers consume more power than the home ones.

Tips for reducing the power consumption of refrigerator

When we have discussed the reasons for the power consumption, we should mention the solution as well.

Tips for Reducing the power consumption

So, here we are, providing the most effective ways to reduce the power consumption of your refrigerator.

Set The Right Temperature

Many of us use the chilling temperature in the fridge as well. The fridge is not given for that purpose. 

For chilling cold temperatures, you have the freezer. So, do not make the fridge too cold as it leads to higher power consumption.

Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance is the key element of low power consumption. This makes your product last longer. 

To ensure the longer life of your appliance, you can follow the instructions given below.

  • Close the door properly. If the door has become less adhesive, change it in no time.
  • Clean your freezer often. Also, keep the radiator clean.
  • If you have a defrost option, use it whenever the freezer gathers much ice. If you do not have that option, keep the freezer off for a few hours and defrost it.
  • On holidays or vacations, switch off the fridge and make sure you take out all the food out of it and keep the door open to circulate air. This will stop the build-up of fungus.

Proper Installation

Proper installation will keep your product in a better environment for cooling. So to do so, you have to follow a few steps.

  • Keep it at a cooking place.
  • Please keep it away from the devices that release radiation, like a computer.
  • Leave some space between the wall and refrigerator.

Proper Usage

If you know how to use a refrigerator, you know half of the tricks of power-saving.

  • Do not overstuff your fridge with food.
  • Do not open the fridge door frequently. And do not open it wide.
  • Keeping the fridge empty is again a reason for extra power consumption.
  • Let the food get cool before entering it in the freezer.
  • Keep the extra programs turned off when not in need.

Energy Saving Mode

If you have the latest model of refrigerator, then you may have an energy-saving mode. This helps the fridge to consume less energy, so use this feature.

Change The Old Refrigerator

We kept this option at the last because most of us will never be eager to follow this. However, changing the refrigerator may help you save much power. 

When your fridge becomes older, it comes to be less efficient. Therefore, changing it every 5-10 years is a good efficiency method.

Try To Buy An Inverter Refrigerator

The inverter refrigerators may cost you more when you are buying them, but they will give you much more benefits and let you save much power in the long run.

inverter refrigerator

The inverter refrigerators use 22% or less energy than regular refrigerators. Also, their compressor speed depends on the inside load and outside environment.

They function silently, and their compressor efficiency is very high. Therefore, they have a higher energy-saving capacity.

So, if you are willing to have a new refrigerator in your home, you can buy an inverter refrigerator.

Different types of refrigerators, their monthly power consumption and the approximate cost

You will get different types of refrigerators in the market. The newly arrived models are designed to accommodate your daily lifestyle.

But their power consumption may vary from each other. So, have a look at the chart given below to get an estimate of each type.

liters Power Consumption per year Cost per year
Single door refrigerator 190-220 160 units 1100-1600/-
Double door refrigerator 220-350 240 units 1600-3500/-
Side by side door refrigerator 550-570 510 units 5000-7200/-

So, the conclusion is that the upgraded versions of the refrigerators consume more power. However, this was approximate.

You cannot take it as the final.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to choose an energy-efficient refrigerator?

To choose a power-efficient product, you can look for two things: the inverter refrigerator and another is the BEE energy star.

We have already told the fundamentals of inverter technology. Now let us discuss the BEE star rating.

BEE or bureau of energy efficiency in a government-approved organization that gives its star to the products that are energy efficient.

So when you are buying a BEE star-rated product, you can be assured that the product is energy efficient.

However, the star rating should be above 5. Otherwise, the efficiency will not be that effective.

What size of a refrigerator to buy according to the family members?

It depends much on your food habits. If your family is a food lover and you cook in bulk everyday then a big freezer is a necessity for you. Whereas, if you spend the whole day outside your home, then there is less need for the refrigerator. 

In such circumstances, the small size will suffice. 

Can I turn off the refrigerator to save power consumption of refrigerator?

No, there will be no benefit of turning off your refrigerator at night. Because when you turn off the freezer, it loses all heat overnight, and the food inside also comes to the normal temperature.

Now, when you turn on the freezer again, the freezer will again cool down the food, which will lead to unnecessary power consumption.

Why is the defrosting important?

The main purpose of defrosting your refrigerator is to maintain a better get transfer. When the refrigerator gathers ice on the surface, the layer of ice prevents the heat transfer from reaching the cooling coils. 

And when the ice creates such an obstacle, the refrigerator needs more power to transfer the heat. Therefore, defrosting is very important.

What causes frost in the freezer?

The water vapors are the reason behind creating frost in your freezer. To prevent frosting, always keep your food and water containers covered.

When you do not cover the food, the freezer evaporates water from it and leads to frost build-up.

Final Words!

We have mentioned the power consumption, but some extra advice can make much difference in the usage of the refrigerator.

So, use your appliance measuring these steps and enjoy better service from your appliance.


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