Refrigerator power consumption-BEE star rating

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While searching for a suitable refrigerator for your home, you must have come across the BEE star rating thing. These are actually related to the power consumption of the refrigerator.

Refrigerator power consumption

A refrigerator is one of the most power-consuming electronic appliances in your home. So when you are buying a refrigerator, you should measure some steps so that you can stay away from the tensions of high electricity bills.

One of the steps among these is to buy a refrigerator with more star ratings from BEE. But what is BEE? How can we trust them?

To know the answers and other details about the refrigerator power consumption, you can read the following extracts.

What is BEE?

BEE stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency. This is an autonomous government agency.

It was established in March 2002 under the ministry of power. The initiative was taken to introduce efficiency and conservation of power in the usage of electrical appliances.

In the process of getting energy stars on their products, the manufacturers need to put some effort. They send their products to NABL or National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories.

Here the appliances are tested properly whether they save energy or not. Even if they do, what is the level of efficiency?

After getting the tests done, the manufacturers get a report from the lab, which they send to the BEE.

After checking the proficiency of the report, the authority provides stars to the appliances.

To help you pick the right product, BEE measures these steps. Therefore, it is not a negligible thing.

What is the BEE star rating?

BEE star rating is the number of stars that you can see on electric appliances like AC and refrigerators.

BEE Star Ratings

The stars are rated from the minimum number of 1 to the maximum of 5. The more number of stars indicates the more energy efficiency.

If you are buying a single-door or double-door refrigerator, you will see these star ratings.

If the rating is five, the price of the appliance will be more. However, the lesser the rating, the lower the price.

In conclusion, we can say that a product with more stars consumes less power but costs you more when you are buying it. But if you choose a product with lesser stars, the price will be low, but it will burn your pockets in terms of paying the electricity bills.

How does an energy-star-rated refrigerator benefit us?

A refrigerator with an affluent star rating not only saves money on your electricity bills but also saves the environment.

energy-star-rated refrigerator

These products are designed to produce less greenhouse gas and other pollutants that harm nature. So, firstly it saves power and secondly it emits less greenhouse gas.

Thus, it protects the environment from damages.

So always try to buy a refrigerator that has the energy star label. But keep one thing in mind that the rating will vary according to the capacity of the refrigerators.

So, compare the products that come under the same category.

What information does the BEE label of a refrigerator consists of?

The first thing that you will notice is the star rating. Along with that, it gives you the count of units per year and label period.

Then it has the brand name, the model name and the year of manufacturing, the type of the refrigerator (direct cooling/frost-free cooling), gross volume, and storage volume.

How much is it important to have a BEE star rating refrigerator?

The BEE star-rated refrigerators save up to 70% less energy than normal refrigerators.

For example, a normal refrigerator with 1.7 cubic standards consumes 30 watts. However, an energy-star rated refrigerator with the same capacity will consume only 24 watts.

Hence, if you are really worried about your electricity bills, you will definitely get the differences.

Is the number of stars is all you need to see?

No, do not go with the number only. You should also check when the star label has been given.

If we compare two products with the same star ratings but with different manufacturing years, their efficiency will vary.

A refrigerator manufactured in 2016 with 5 stars will be less efficient than a product manufactured in 2020 with the same ratings.

Even if a product has a 5-star rating in the year 2016, it will be less efficient in comparison to a product with 3 stars manufactured in 2020.

This happens because BEE updates its label system frequently. So it will be better if you buy a recently labeled product.

What does the label period of a refrigerator means?

The label period indicates how long the refrigerator will consume electricity according to the labelling plan. Generally, the period retains a year.

What is the power consumption of a refrigerator?

To know the power consumption of your refrigerator, you can check the BEE label. It will show you the unit per year. 

Calculating the cost is also easy. If your refrigerator consumes 250 units per year and the per-unit cost is 7 rupees, then the yearly fee will be 1750 rupees.

However, this may vary according to the age of your refrigerator.

To know more, you can check, What is the Power Consumption of the Refrigerators article.

What is the power consumption of a 3-star refrigerator?

A 3 star rated refrigerator saves up to 44% on your electricity bills. If a normal refrigerator consumes 1000 units per year, a 3 star rated product will consume only 626 units every year.

What is the power consumption of a 4-star refrigerator?

A 4 star rated refrigerator saves up to 55% on your electricity bills. A 4-star refrigerator consumes only 501 units per year.

What is the power consumption of a 5-star refrigerator?

5-star refrigerators are the most efficient ones. They consume up to 64-70% of less electricity than usual refrigerators.

These refrigerators consume only 400 units per year.

Are the ratings of the other appliances different from that of the refrigerator?

Yes, the star rating of other appliances is different from the refrigerator. This is because different appliances have different star rating formulas.

Advantages of a BEE star rated product

  • It saves your money on electricity bills.
  • These products do less harm to the environment.

Disadvantages of a BEE star rated product

  • These are too expensive. More stars mean more prices.

Final words

We hope you have got all the details about BEE that you had queries about. If you want anything else to know, you can ask us through the comments.

We will be readily answering your questions. You can send us suggestions too if you need any information about any other electric appliances.


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