11 Possible Reasons Why Your Refrigerator is Not Cooling

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The refrigerator is one of the life-saving agents of our homes. And whenever you come across that your refrigerator is not cooling anymore as it used to, you actually get a mini heart attack.

The first instance that comes to your mind is how you will make it normal again. To make it as usual as before, you have to detect the problem first.

refrigerator not cooling

And for that, we are here today. We will let you know all the problems that can lead your freezer to a decreased cooling power.

Once you know the problem, the solution will be more straightforward for you.

Minor Cross Checking

Before going into the major problems, let us check the minor possibilities first.

Your refrigerator cord may be broken, and it may have stopped the power supply. Peek into the freezer and if you see the light not to blink, check the power chord.

Also, check whether it is receiving power from the switchboard or not. If the power supply has no issues, then the problem may be something severe.

We are mentioning the other possibilities below. Take a look.

Bad Defrost System

Excessive accumulation of ice on the freezer surface is not suitable for the cooling process. Therefore most of the refrigerators come with a defrost system.

The defrost system heats the evaporator coil and other cooling elements to melt the chunked frost on the surface.

But when the defrost system is not functioning correctly, it results in excessive frost build-up. Consequently, it creates poor airflow which leads the freezer to insufficient cooling.

This is not a problem that you can solve at your home. So you have to consult a proper servicing.

Thermostat Issue

The thermostat makes the fridge cool down according to the requirement. But when the thermostat shows tantrums, the freezer may not get cool enough or may not get chilled at all.

So this is another problem that may have happened to your refrigerator. You will need a replacement in this case.

Frosted Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil helps to absorb the heat from the foods in the fridge; therefore, it plays a significant role in the cooling process.

Frosted evaporator coil

If the evaporator coil accumulates frost around the evaporate fan, it becomes unable to participate in the cooling process.

As a result, you face an uneasy cooling. To solve this problem, you can defrost your fridge by using the defrost option.

Otherwise, you can keep the refrigerator off and defrost it.

Low Refrigerant Level

The refrigerant is the most essential part of the cooling process of the refrigerator. It absorbs the heat from your food and releases it outside so that your food can stay fresh.

But if the refrigerant is lower than its required level, it will no longer make your freezer cool.

So this is another noticeable problem when the freezer is not cooling down.

To refill the refrigerant, you need to consult the experts.

Compressor Issue

The compressor is another most critical part of your refrigerator. Therefore, any issue in this part can lead your freezer to malfunction or shut down properly.

To get your compressor fixed, you have to show it to some expert. So hurry and get it solved.

Issue In The Condenser Fan

The condenser fan helps the refrigerant in the condenser coil to cool down. Therefore, it is a vital part of the refrigeration system.

So if there is any issue with the fan or the fan motor, it will not be able to do its job correctly. This will lead to lousy cooling.

So, you can check whether the blade is running correctly or not. You can try to move it with your hand.

If it does not run freely, there might be some issue with the motor. The afterward deeds you can leave to the expert.

Dirty Condenser Coil

The role of the condenser in your refrigerator is to release the accumulated heat. So, this has to be an uncompromisable thing in your refrigerator.

Dirty condenser coil

And its malfunctioning will definitely affect the cooling process of your refrigerator.

If you do not want to face any problem with your condenser coil, then regularly clean it. When it is in an awful condition, and you are experiencing a problematic cleaning, call a professional.

Start Capacitor Issue

The start capacitor is a device that helps the refrigerator compressor to start and run to a stipulated time. It controls the compressor.

Any issue in the start capacitor will lead to the malfunctioning of the compressor.

And without a doubt, it will harm the cooling process. If you see some weak spark or any change in the building of the start capacitor, consult an expert.

Start Relay Issue

Again this is a support system of the compressor. The start relay helps the compressor to start.

So, if there is a problem with the start relay, the compressor will not participate in the cooling process of the refrigerator.

You can detach the start relay from the compressor and give it a shake to observe any rattling sound. If you observe any sound, chances are the start relay is broken.

In such circumstances, you need to replace it.

Door Seal Issue

The door seal has a significant role to act in the cooling process of the refrigerator. It helps the cool air captured in the fridge.

A weak door seal will leak the cool air. So, immediately change the door seal if there is an issue.

These were the most critical issues that can affect the cooling capacity of your refrigerator. Some other issues are inadequate food storage and broken door switches.

Some of The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we are adding some of the most common queries of the users. We hope you find your question answered.

Is there any way to make the refrigerator cooler?

First of all make sure that you open and close it properly. Do not open it wider. 

If the door seal is not adequate, change it. Clean it properly frequently inside out. 

Keep the foods inside the fridge properly. Do not keep the fridge empty or too gathered. 

And also check the thermostat setting whenever possible.

Which is the right temperature of the thermostat?

You should keep the refrigerator thermostat setting to 37-40 degree fahrenheit. The freezer temperature should be 0 degree. 

Should I replace the refrigerator frequently?

Not frequently, but you can change the refrigerator in the gap of 12-15 years. This will help you to save much energy.

The reason is, the refrigerator loses its power efficiency with time.

Are the problems mentioned above fixable at home?

It is advisable to not try to repair your refrigerator in your home. The problems may be undetected by you. 

The experts will know it better, so it will not be a great idea to fix them at home.


We have tried to mention all the problems related to cooling. You need proper maintenance to avoid these problems. 

So, try to keep your refrigerator clean and well maintained always.


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