Why is My Washing Machine Vibrating? – Causes & Solutions!

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If your Washing Machine’s vibration is a usual problem in your home, then you need to solve that immediately before it takes the shape of other severe problems. There may be several reasons behind the washing machine vibrations; so, here we have mentioned them all and brought some tips to reduce the vibration of your washing machine.

 Vibration Of Washing Machine

Before you consult a specialist, read our instructions. If you get to solve your problems with our solutions, then it will be great.

 But if the problem still prevails, it will be better to consult the service center. 

Why is the Machine Shaking or Vibrating?

The major problem that can lead to the washing machine vibrations is that you are using the washing machine without reading the manual.

Why is the machine shaking

And the other reason is that you may have installed the machine on your own. 

In both circumstances, the result may be a shaky washing machine. Now let us discuss the individual problems headed through these two primary reasons and their solutions.

The Shipping Bolts Are Still Attached

If you have installed your washing machine on your own, then let me ask you one question. Have you removed the shipping bolts?

Now, what are the shipping bolts? The shipping bolts are equipment that keeps the drum of the washing machine safe from wobbling during the shipment process. 

The drum of the washing machine gets a decent space to spin in the machine. Therefore, the bolts are attached not to wobble when being moved from place to place.

As we are not the experts, it is apparent that you won’t be aware of those bolts. And consequently, the removal has remained undone. 

As a result, the drum is not getting enough space to move and shaking unusually.


In such circumstances, you should ask the experts for help. It is not a job to do at home, so take help from the company experts.

You Have Put The Clothes Incorrectly

You have put the clothes incorrectly

If you have dumped your clothes in the machine improperly, then you might see your machine wobbling.


In such circumstances, you should keep in mind that you have to place your clothes into the machine one by one. Make sure that they do not make a heap tangling with each other. 

If this happens, the load will remain undistributed, and as a result, it will wobble abnormally.

You Have Overloaded The Machine

Overloading the machine may be another reason for the shaky washing machine. You may see some extra spaces in the drum and may fill it with different clothes. 

overloaded the machine

But since now, make sure that you do not dump an extra amount of clothes into the machine. This will lead the machine to shake disturbingly.


Dump the clothes according to the capacity of your machine. Remember that your machine does not consist of clothes only. 

They have a tremendous amount of water as well. So, overloading will not only create a shaking but also put a strain on the motor.

The Machine is Not Leveled Properly

The automatic washing machines come with high RPM. And in such circumstances, a slight unevenness of the machine’s leg may create excellent vibration. 

Therefore, check whether the stands are adequately leveled with the ground.


To solve this problem, you can use leveling pads. Usually, they are pre-installed.

These are very easy to adjust, and you can keep the height at your desired length. For that, you have to loosen the nut of that leg, which is uneven.

After that, you can move the leg clockwise to lower the height and anti-clockwise to raise the height. 

And once you are satisfied with the height, again, chock the nut properly. 

You Might Have a Shaky Floor

If none of the reasons mentioned above is true or you have tried everything, and still the machine is shaking, then there might be a problem with your floor itself.

As the washing machine has its heavy load, the load of the clothes and the burden of the water too, therefore, it is not a lightweight thing.

So, to handle the load, your floor needs to be a sturdy one. If not, then obey the instruction given below.


If the floor is shaky, then you can move the machine to another place. If it is not possible, as you stay at a small apartment, then buy vibration pads.

These are thick rubber pads that absorb the vibration and give your floor a stable grip on your machine.


The washing machine vibration is usual as the reasons are nothing to be something impossible. But you cannot ignore these problems. 

Therefore, follow these steps to get better washing and solve vibration problem of your washing machine. All the solutions mentioned are not hard to achieve.

Therefore, follow them to get rid of your problems. And if there is any other issue that you are facing, you can let us know. 

We will try to bring that to you.


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