Tips to reduce electricity consumption of refrigerator

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Be it summers or winters, day or night; refrigerators constantly serve us without taking any break. As a result, we often get tensed about its electricity consumption. To get you rid of this tension, today we present you with some of the very effective tips to reduce the electricity consumption of refrigerators.

power-consumption of refrigerator

Are you one of them who turns off the refrigerator to save electricity? Is it so?

Then stop doing that. You are doing nothing good to your appliance.

Let me tell you why.

When you turn off the refrigerator, it loses all the cooling. And when you again turn it on, it puts the same energy to cool down the refrigerator entirely.

So, instead of saving power, you end up wasting more of it. But there are many other effective ways to reduce the power consumption of your refrigerator.

Follow the article, and you will get the solutions right in front of your eyes.

Set the right temperature

Setting the right temperature is the most needed thing when you are using a refrigerator. When you set the temperature too high, it results in high electricity consumption.

But that does not mean a higher temperature will help. It will rather spoil the food.

Therefore, the solution is to have a suitable temperature in the refrigerator.

Set the fridge temperature to 5 degrees and the freezer temperature to -18 degrees.

However, in winters, the temperature can be set a little higher.

Do not put hot food in the refrigerator.

It is a very small but essential detail that you need to pay attention to. When you put hot food inside the refrigerator, the thermostat puts more effort into cooling down the food.

Don't put hot food in refrigerator

As a result, the thermostat consumes more power. So first, cool down the food and then put it inside.

Do not open the fridge unnecessarily.

Opening the door wide will cause the refrigerator to lose the cold air. After that, the refrigerator will use more power to reduce the temperature again.

Fill the refrigerator, but do not overcrowd it.

If you fill the refrigerator properly, there will be lesser chances for the cold air to escape when you open the door. An empty refrigerator loses more air.

But avoid overcrowding it. When you stuff the interior with extra foods, there remain no chances of air circulation.

A bad air circulation leads to uneven cooling of the foods. So make sure you let the refrigerator breathe.

Keep the freezer and fridge filled for 1/3. This will help much if you have children and they open the door frequently.

Defrost it regularly

Defrosting is an essential part of the maintenance and power saving of the refrigerator.

When the refrigerator accumulates frost, it puts more effort into cooling. As a result, it consumes more power.

Therefore, when you notice your freezer to gather frost, take the necessary actions.

For defrosting, you can use the defrost button provided in the refrigerator. Or you do not have that button; you can turn it off and let the frost melt. You can use a hairdryer too.

Check the gasket

The gasket is the rubbery substance that you find on the refrigerator door. The gasket acts as a strong adhesive component to keep the refrigerator door closed properly.


When the gasket loses its adhesive capacity, the refrigerator tends to leak cold air. When cold air fails to persist inside the refrigerator, it will obviously result in more power consumption.

Organize your foods properly.

When you keep the foods at the right place, you do not need to search for them. You get them immediately after you open the refrigerator.

In this way, you open the refrigerator door for a shorter time. And as a result, it reduces the loss of the temperature.

Use the energy saver switch if you have one.

The energy saver buttons are provided into the refrigerator to give your foods optimum cooling using less power. So if you have this option in your refrigerator, do not forget to use it.

Try to buy an energy star rated refrigerator

BEE or beaureu of energy efficiency has taken the initiative to help you choose the right product. They give energy stars to the products that consume less electricity.

More stars mean lesser electricity consumption. So, when you are buying a refrigerator, make sure that you choose a product that comes up with at least 3-4 stars.

A 5 star will be the best thing to get. A five-star product will be more costly, but it will save much on your electricity bills.

Protect the refrigerator from high heat

When the atmosphere is hot, the compressor tries to put more effort into saving the foods from the heat. Hence, when you keep your refrigerator around heat emitting elements like a gas oven or dishwasher, the refrigerator consumes more electricity. Direct sunlight is also counted in the list.

So, it will be better for you if you set the refrigerator at a place where it does not come with the contact of heat.

Clean the condenser coils

You can notice the condenser coil at the back of your refrigerator. Generally, people avoid cleaning it.

condenser coils

But a dirty condenser coil takes up more power to create cold air. Therefore, a dirty condenser coil will consume more electricity than usual.

So, try to clean it up 2-3 times a year. You can use a coil brush or vacuum cleaner to clean it properly.

Cleaning the coil is also a part of regular maintenance, so it will keep the overall machine in better condition.

Use the water and ice dispenser

Though all of us can’t have a refrigerator with a water and ice dispenser,but you should use this option if you have one.

We have already said that opening the door frequently can result in temperature loss. Therefore, when you can get ice and water without opening the door, why not utilize them?

Keep the right food at the right place

Different food types need different temperatures. Basically, the upper part of the refrigerator is colder, and in the lower section, the temperature remains high.

So utilize this variation and keep the foods accordingly. Keep the meat and fish at the upward section so that they get enough cooling.

If you transfer them to the lower section, the refrigerator will put more effort into cooling them down.

The lower section is for fruits and vegetables. So place the veggies in the lower section.

Thaw the frozen foods in the fridge section

If you use frozen food frequently, you must defrost them before you use them right? So, when you are willing to thaw the frozen food, keep it in the fridge section.

This takes some extra time in the process, but when the frozen food releases the temperature, it benefits the fridge section. Consequently, it helps the fridge to use less power.


The precautions we indicated here are effective and easy. We hope you will apply them and get better results on your electricity bills. 

Among all of these tips, one thing that you should take seriously is to buy a refrigerator with more energy stars. Nowadays, most of the brands are offering 3-5 stars in their refrigerators.

So next time when you buy a refrigerator, you can check them out.  


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