11 Easy Ways To Reduce Air Conditioner Power Consumption

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Air Conditioner becomes the best way out to get rid of the scorching heat in summer. But the major concern to most of us is the high electricity bills. So, here we are going to mention some easy ways to reduce air conditioner power consumption

air conditioner power consumption

Yes, there are remedies that you can follow.

Here we have listed the best ways of using an AC that will lead you to save much of the expenses that you spend on your electricity bill.

What Increases Air Conditioner Power Consumption?

There are several reasons that can give rise to your air conditioner power consumption. Such as, 

Improper Installation

Improper installation can be the prior reason behind the power consumption of your AC.

Therefore, make sure that you leave extra space around the AC during the installation process.

When you keep less space around your AC, you face difficulty in servicing and maintaining it.

As a result, the AC struggles to work properly and consumes more power.

Inappropriate Airflow

Another reason that can lead your AC to consume extra power is improper airflow. If the AC does not get a proper airflow, it will put pressure on the air handler.

Therefore, the pressure results in high power consumption. So, always try to keep the airflow of the AC proper.

There can be several reasons for improper airflow.

For example, ductwork issues, choked air condenser unit, a clogged air filter, and so on.

If your machine is going through any such hardship, you should mend it without delay.

The Low Setting of The Thermostat

Keeping the thermostat at a low temperature will cause more power consumption.

Therefore, try to keep the thermostat setting according to the climate.

checking air conditioner coolingness

If you have the habit of keeping the thermostat temperature to the lowest, then the obvious consequence will be a higher power consumption level.

Damaged Ductwork

Damaged ductwork can lead to several undesirable effects on your AC. It can let in unfiltered hot air.

Not only that but also, it can release the conditioned air. In such circumstances, the AC will need more power to produce chilled air.

As an obvious result, you have to face a hike in your electricity bills.

Therefore, whenever you experience a lousy air smell or duct leak, do not delay to call the experts.

Lack of Maintenance

When you do not clean the filters and inner components of your AC, the dust and particles block the path of the cold air.

Hence, until the thermostat senses the stipulated temperature, the AC continues to cool down your room.

Clean filters give a neat way to the air, but when the course is clogged, the air conditioner takes more energy to cool down the room.

Ways to Reduce Air Conditioner Power Consumption / Electricity Bill

To reduce the unwanted increment in your electric bill, you can follow the points mentioned below.

Keep The AC To The Default Temperature

Studies prove that if you keep the temperature of your AC high, then you can save up to 6% of the electricity with the rise of each degree.

setting temperature of air conditioner

For example, if you raise the temperature from 24 degrees to 20 degrees, you can save up to 24% of electricity.

So, if you want to keep the electricity bill low, you should keep the AC temperature to its default temperature.

Previously the AC manufacturers used to keep the default temperature at 20 degrees.

But now, the BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency has stipulated the default temperature to 24 degrees.

Therefore, you should try to maintain this temperature whenever you turn on the AC.

Make A Habit of Keeping The Temperature To 24 degrees 

Generally, our body temperature prevails 36.5 to 37.5 degrees Celsius. And a temperature rate lower than this will anyhow comfort us. 

Therefore, whenever you turn on the AC, try to keep the temperature to 24 degrees.

You will soon become habituated to the higher temperature.

Switch Off The AC At Midnight

If you have ever experienced a shivering cold that you have been compelled to turn off the AC, this is high time you change the ritual of using the AC for the whole night. 

You do not need the air conditioner to run till the morning because the cooling effect can retain for a very long time.

And if you seal up your room, then the cool air will no longer escape easily.

Seal The Room

As we mentioned above, that sealing the room can make much difference in the cooling.

Therefore, you can use bottom door seals under the door and sealing strips on the sides to fill the small passages. 

You can use such equipment for your window passages as well. Curtains do also help in this matter.

Keep The Room Cool

Keeping the room cool is another way that can help your AC to consume less power. If you keep your room cool, the AC will take less time to chill it down. 

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Also, you will get perfect cooling even at a high temperature.

Therefore, you are getting two-way benefits.

On the one hand, the air conditioner will take less time to chill down the room, and you will be able to turn it down as soon as possible.

And on the other, the higher temperature will let you save much more electricity.

Now let us come to the ways of keeping your room cool. 

  • You can keep the windows closed.
  • Use bright colored curtains so that they can reflect the heat. The darker colors generally soak the heat.
  • Cover the AC during winters. This will keep the AC clean. Also, give it a servicing before you start using them in the summers.

Use Fan and AC Together

You may think that running both the appliances together may consume more electricity. But the reality is something else.

If you turn on the fan while the AC is on, the fan will help to circulate the cool air in the room faster.

split ac and and wall mounted fan

Thus, it will make the room cool more quickly. As the room is chilled, you can turn off the AC. 

Make The Home Well Insulated

Make sure there is no crack or ventilation is exposed. Seal them all to capture the air.

Nowadays, wall paints are advanced. You can use that protects your room from both inside and outside.

Keep Heat Emitting Devices Away

As the thermostat is sensitive to heat; therefore, it would not stop cooling down your room until the room gets chilled completely.

For this reason, you should keep the heat-emitting devices away from the AC. 

TV, computer, freezer, tab these all tend to emit heat when in use.

Therefore, avoid using them in your room when the AC is on.

Take Some Precautions During The Installation Process

Install the AC at a spacious place. It will help you to get enough space when you are servicing or cleaning the AC. 

If you own a split AC, the indoor unit must get an open space. Keep the upper area devoid of any shade. 

Contrarily, you should keep the outdoor unit under a shady area. It should not get much sunlight so that it can stay cool.

Replace The Old AC Unit

If you have already repaired the AC multiple times, then replace it with a new one.

The old AC units need more power to produce proper air; therefore, they may consume more electricity.

Energy Star Rating

An energy star rating is a fundamental fact to notice while buying an air conditioner. The air conditioner power consumption vastly depends on the energy star. 

Therefore choose a product that comes with 4-5 energy stars. This will consume 10% less electricity.

Regular Servicing and Cleaning

The key element of maintaining the AC is proper servicing and cleaning. Make sure that you clean the filters and service or replace other parts when needed.

dirty filter results more air conditioner power consumption

A dirty filter or other functioning agent will need more power to cool down the room. Because the dirt and dust stuck in the filter and other parts block the way of the air.

Therefore, the air conditioner needs to put more effort into producing air. 

But when the filters and other parts are clean, the air can emit effortlessly. Also, they cool down the room faster.

Tips For Maintenance of Air Conditioner

You can follow these steps to ensure the AC is perfectly clean all the time.

  • Clean the filters regularly. This will make better airflow.
  • Change the condenser and refrigerant after periodic intervals.
  • Keep the air vent clean.
  • It would be best if you supervised your AC by professionals once a year.
  • Keep the rear drain clean so that the water can pass easily. Otherwise, it can harm the AC.
  • Cover the AC during winters. This will keep the AC clean. Also, give it a servicing before you start using them in the summers.


This was a detailed analysis that can help you to enjoy your AC without worrying about the electricity bills.

You can follow them to reduce the cost that you spend on your AC.


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