Liquid vs Powder Detergent: Which is Better For Washing Machine?

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The confusion between powder vs liquid detergent has always been there. More or less, we all need an answer to this question, which one is better when it comes to using in the Washing Machine?

Is it liquid or the power that gives the best results? To know the detailed inscription, follow the article.

Powder Detergent

It does not need any description to convey what is powder detergent. The most common and classic form of washing material is powder detergent.


They are readily available and very cost-effective. You can use them in both washing machines and hand washing.


  • Best for removing mud stains.
  • Less expensive.


  • It may not dissolve properly in cold water.
  • May leave powder stains if not washed appropriately.

Liquid Detergent

Liquid detergent is another effective way of removing stains from clothes.

These are the liquid version of the detergent that dissolves in cold water effortlessly.


Therefore, you can use them in washing machines without any uncertainty of dissolving.

These are best for oil and grease stains.

You can also apply it directly to stain to make it easier to clean. This makes stain removal easy.

Liquid detergent does not consist of bleach. Thereby they are safe for soft or delicate fabric like silk, rayon, and so on.


  • It dissolves at any temperature.
  • Better for oil and grease stains.
  • You can use it at one particular stain and not clean the whole clothing.


  • Expensive.
  • Problematic while making the measurements.

You have got the idea about both the types, and now we will discuss the powder vs liquid detergent thing.

What makes them different and better from each other.

Powder vs Liquid Detergent – Comparison

Better For Stain Removal

Both the products are useful for proper cleaning. However, the powder detergents come with powerful cleaning agents.


Therefore you may often need to avoid applying powder detergent on delicate fabrics. For soft fabrics, liquid detergent is the best option.

Now let us come to the stain removing capacity. Both types have different stain-removing power. 

On the one hand, the liquid ones are better for daily wash and removing oil and grease stains.

On the other hand, the powder detergent can remove tough stains like mud clay and grass tints. 

Therefore, you can use both of them according to the stain type.

Better Results In The Washing Machine

One thing that you have to admit is that we cannot supervise the cleaning process of the washing machine.

washing machine

And if you have a fully automatic one, then the whole process gets done in one go. In such circumstances, the powder detergent may create some hazards.

As they are hard to dissolve in cold water, they may retain some detergent clusters in the machine. 

They can create white stains on the clothes after drying up. This may cause you extra hurdles in removing those stains.

But the liquid detergents do not show such tantrums. They decompose in water with ease and give you a clean and tidy machine wash.

Therefore, it will be better if you use liquid detergent in your washing machine.

Otherwise, you can make a solution of water and detergent beforehand and use it instead of pouring dry divergent powder.

Also, give extra space to your clothes so that they can move easily in the machine. This will also allow the detergent to liquefy appropriately. 

Liquid vs Powder Detergent – Which One is Budget Friendly?

In the contest of powder vs liquid detergent, the powder detergent is the leading one in this section. 

The powder detergents are lighter than the liquid detergent.

Therefore, they come in more quantity at a lesser price. And for this reason, they are very much used.

Better in Terms of Measurement Convenience

As the liquid detergent comes with a hard measuring cap, it may often lead to over or under pouring of the liquid.

But the powder detergent has easy measuring cups.

Therefore you can easily measure them. However, you may face difficulty pouring them into the washing machine detergent unit. 

Though pouring the detergent directly into the machine does not harm anyway.

If you want to use the liquid detergent properly, then you can buy a product that comes with an easy measuring cap.

Better For Septic System 

Here the winner is the liquid detergent. As it does not have any solid particles,  it does not cause any difficulty in the draining system in the machine. 

However, if the detergent fails to melt in water, it may cause blockage in the drain hose.

A Better Option For Hard Water

Generally, hard water does not produce a proper foamy texture to wash the clothes. But the liquid detergent has chemicals that do not react much with hard water.

problems of hard water

Therefore they give you more foamy water, which becomes easy to use.

With detergent, you will need an additional amount of powder to work with.

So, for hard water, the liquid one is suitable.

Powder vs Liquid Detergent – The Winner

If you do not have a washing machine, then there is no necessity of using liquid detergent.

The reason is that most of the time, you face difficulty with the powder detergents when you use them in your washing machine. 

  • Powder detergent may leave white stains behind as they do not dissolve in the water of the machine properly.
  • It can block the outlet hose.
  • You may not adequately spill it into the small bucket provided for pouring detergent.

Therefore, it is wiser to use powder detergent when you are washing clothes with your hands.

However, though liquid detergents are a little expensive, they are better than powder ones by all means.

  • Liquid detergent do not consist of bleach, so that you can use it for soft clothes. And they are friendly for your skin as well.
  • You need not worry about its dissolvability.
  • They never create an issue about a septic blockage.
  • They are better to use with the hard water as well. And you need a less amount than the powder detergent.

Different Types of Detergents For Washing Machine

You will get different cleaners to use in your washing machine other than powder and liquid, such as soapless detergents, detergent pods, and a DIY liquid detergent.

  • Soapless detergent is best to use with hard water. They do not flake apart, thereby suitable for machine wash.
  • Detergent pods are ideal for you if you want to avoid the measuring part. They come with a certain amount of premeasured detergent to prevent over or under usage.
  • DIY liquid detergent is for you if you want to convert your powder detergent into liquid. For that, you have to choose your preferred detergent and dissolve it with hot water.

Powder vs Liquid Detergent – Final Words!

Both the liquid and powder divergent are effective in their way. All you need is to choose wisely.

A better quality powder detergent is no lesser than the liquid ones.

Therefore, you should always select the right product.


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