X Reality Pro, Hyper Real, Triple XD, 4K Fine Remaster – TV Picture Engine Explained!

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With the increase in technological developments, there has grown constant competition among the different smart TV brands. Here comes the picture engine in this regard.


Different brands are working their best to serve the customers with their excellent products. Thus, there have been four different picture engines by different brands.

Therefore, without further delay, have a glance at the article.

What is Picture Engine?

A picture engine also referred to as a media processor, is basically an image processing engine. The primary function of this picture engine is to increase the pixel count. Thus, it ensures crisper and clearer pictures.

You get this signal processor in mobile phones, digital cameras, TVs, and other such items.

4 Different Types of Picture Engines

These four different types of picture engines come from 4 different brands. However, it is all the same. No matter from which brand it is coming, the picture engine’s primary function does not differ.

types  of picture engine

X Reality Pro

This is from Sony. This scales up each pixel intelligently and results in unmatched and outstanding clarity. It enhances the picture details, such as, vibrancy, texture, missing colors, and luster.

Hyper Real

It is a Samsung product with high-quality pictures. It has impressive depths along with bewitching colors.

Also, it easily governs the colors, contrast, and even motion to the highest efficiency levels.

Triple XD

LG is not lagging. The Triple XD is an LG product. Here it functions on three essential parameters- contrast, color, noise. This increases the brightness, black levels and alters the color tones as well.

Besides, it has analog and MPEG sound reduction algorithms.

4K Fine Remaster

Due to the lack of actual 4K contents, there is a need for content scaling up every time. Therefore, once you try to do so, it results in a grainy output that looks blurred.

Hence, to eliminate this issue, Panasonic came up with a 4K Fine Remaster Engine.

Final Words to Conclude

Thus, to sum up, these four different engines are not different. They are must from different brands. Their function is more or less the same, only with minor differences.

We hope to guide you well. For any questions regarding these, drop them in the comment box.


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