Photocatalytic Filter In Air Conditioner | Working | Usage | Pros & Cons!

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Photocatalytic filters are readily being used in the Air Conditioners nowadays. Their effective working process with the sunlight has made photocatalytic filter innovatively exceptional.

By using the power of sun rays, the photocatalytic filters have changed the way of the filtration process.

Photocatalytic filter purifying process

To clean the breathing air, this is an excellent and effective method. 

To know how they work,  and how they are so effective, you can read the full article. 

How Does The Photocatalytic Filter Work?

The working process of photocatalytic filter is straightforward. The filters convert the harmful elements in the air into water and carbon dioxide.

photocatalytic filter working process

The process proceeds with three steps. 

Step One,

There is a thin film of titanium dioxide in the filters. The ultraviolet light reflects on the thin titanium dioxide.

And then releases electrons.

Step Two,

Then the electrons and water molecules in the air combine together.

After that they produce highly reactive hydroxyl ions (OH-).

Step Three, 

The hydroxyl ions react with organic pollutants in the air. And after that they convert them into carbon dioxide and water.

Thus, the photocatalytic filters work and remove pollutants from entering your home.

What Does The Titanium Dioxide Do In The Filter?

The thin layer of titanium dioxide performs as a catalyst. They accelerate the electron production. 

Thus the titanium dioxide makes the process faster.

Pros of the Photocatalytic Filter

  • These filters work by reactions. They do not trap any particles. Instead they turn them into water and carbon dioxide.
  • The filter can produce the right amount of energy that you need.
  • Also, the ultraviolet rays that these filters work with are more potent than standard lights.

Cons of Photocatalytic Filter

  • The reaction of the titanium and the ultraviolet rays can produce ozone gas. This is harmful if breathed in a large quantity.
  • Exposure to ultraviolet rays can be dangerous.
  • It is time consuming to vacate the polluted air from the surface of the titanium dioxide catalyst.

Use of Photocatalytic Filters in Air Conditioner

Photocatalytic filters work as a complementary filter with the others like HEPA filters. You can use them very easily, and they are easy to maintain. 

Some AC brands are using these filters as alternatives to other filters.

Final Words!

Photocatalytic Filter is the latest technology that is being used in the modern ACs and air purifiers.

So, while buying any of these appliances check for this feature as well.


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