NG Smart EyeSafe LED TV – Is It Worth Buying or Not?

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Buying a television comes with a lot of options now, with plethora of choices right from multinational brands to Chinese brands to Indian brands.

Hence, this makes it difficult as well as confusing for us to make a choice.

With new innovations and technological up-gradations coming in nearly every few months, we again get confused with what we should go with.

However, we have seen a lot of innovations happened in the televisions space from CRT TV’s to Flat panel displays to LCD Televisions, from Plasma Televisions to LED TV to Smart TV and now the 4K TV to OLED TVs and 3D TVs.

NG Smart EyeSafe LED TV

In all these innovations, the aim has always been to make the display better, brighter, more sharp, clearer and making the TV’s more and more slim.

However, we never realized that as displays became more crisp and sharp, they started harming our eyes more too!

Yes, you read that right! The LED televisions we use daily and enjoy our favorite content on actually harm our eyes! And many of us have experienced this too, from watery eyes, itchy eyes, to headaches and red eye for watching TV for long.

And we all know how amazing it is to watch TV in completely dark room but are denied by elders to do so, to keep our eyes safe.

But with such amazing content coming up, it’s hard to resist not binge watching TV!

Hence, NG Smart EyeSafe LED TV caught our attention with their not harming eyes concept. And we must say, it sure works!

NG Smart EyeSafe LED TV – India’s 1st TV With BlueFilm Technology

Key Highlights:

  • Android Smart 8.0
  • A+ Grade panel
  • 20W Speaker Dual Speakers
  • 2 X HDMI Input
  • 2 X USB Input
  • 178° Wide viewing angle
  • MiraCast Screen Share
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB Memory
  • 4 Core Processor
  • 60 Hz Refresh Rate

This TV comes loaded with android 8.0 based OS and pre loaded with YouTube, Netflix, Zee5 and has play store support to download any other apps.

Having an A+ Grade panel gives clear, sharp image in this television.

It comes with 10W x 2 speakers with DTS digital sound delivering perfect audio experience. It also comes with 2 HDMI ports.

So, you can plug in your HD set top box or a Google Chromecast / Amazon Fire TV Stick to enjoy HD content.

Two USB ports allow you to play the content of your pen drive directly on your screen.

This NG Smart EyeSafe LED TV offers 178° Wide viewing angle. So, you can view it from any angle without your picture quality being compromised.

This TV comes with 4 core processors and 1 GB of RAM to have a smooth operation. It has 8 GB of memory, so no need to think twice before downloading any application.

The NG Smart EyeSafe LED TV has a standard 60 Hz refresh rate.

Here, you can cast from the mobile screen or laptop on your EyeSafe TV screen to watch your favourite content or browse through photos or even work without harming your eyes.

  • Anti-Blue light layer.
  • MiraCast Screen Share.
  • 178 degree wide viewing angle.
  • Has only 2 sizes, 32 inches and 40 inches.
  • Doesn’t comes in 4K resolution.
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India's 1st EyeSafe TV

Our regular screens emit high energy blue light which due to its low wave length and high energy, penetrates our lens directly and hits retina.

This causes macular damage which thereby leads to all the issues like red eye, irritation, etc. And is also linked with breast and prostate cancer in the long term.

We might feel that the duration of viewing content is so short, then why bother?

But these rays are emitted from our smartphone and laptop screens too. Few smartphones hence have a blue light filter mode or iPhone having night mode, to contain this harm to our eyes.

Hence, when kids look at the screen all day, being either their favorite cartoon or some educational content on YouTube, these rays harm their eyes much more and cause an irrepairable damage.

BlueFilm Technology

Hence, the NG EyeSafe LED TV caught our attention as it is the first TV that doesn’t harm our eyes. Here is how their technology works:

BlueFilm Technology

This EyeSafe TV comes with BlueFilm Technology. It has 5 additional screen layers consisting of:

  • 5H Carbon Crystal Hard wearing layer
  • Anti-blue light layer
  • Electromagnetic wave interference dielectric layer
  • PET protective layer
  • Electrostatic silicon ion adhesive layer

These 5 layers add up to filter out 90% of the harmful blue light & 100% of ultraviolet rays which leads to pictures also becoming more warm and real colored.

Hence, no more worries about harming our eyes and we can go on a binge watching spree without any worries.


What we can conclude is this NG Smart EyeSafe LED TV has all the functionalities of other TV’s we buy but with a huge added advantage of being safe for our eyes.

On reviewing this TV, we could clearly see a blue colored reflection on the screen when the TV was off. Once it was switched on, it was a smooth and enriching viewing experience.

So with this TV, you can binge watch your favourite content or even not worry about small kids in your home watching TV.

One more thing which caught our attention and made our hearts go warm was that the company has decided to donate a pair of glasses to an underprivileged child for every EyeSafe TV sold, standing by the company value of working on India’s Eye Health.

So, by buying this EyeSafe TV, you aren’t only taking care of your eyes but also of the eyes of underprivileged child who cannot afford to even get an eye test done.

Donating a specs to them gives them lot of access to better reading, better viewing and hence acts as a tool to win the world over

Currently, NG Smart EyeSafe LED TV comes in 2 sizes, 32 inch (HD Ready) and 40 inch (Full HD).

You can buy it from their website here: or even get it from Snapdeal or Amazon.


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