Mosquito Away Technology in LG Air Conditioner & TV – Explained!

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Mosquitoes are an irritation. No matter how much you try to get rid of them, you are unable to do so. So, here is a new technology- the mosquito away technology in LG air conditioners and TVs.

It helps you from mosquitoes coming near you.

lg tv with mosquito away technology

You can use several ways to get rid of mosquitoes, for example, coils, mosquito repellents, mats, and mosquito bats. However, there is a lot of hassle using these.

Moreover, some of them lead to air pollution as well, especially indoor air.

However, with this mosquito away technology, there is no such hassle or pollution. Besides, it is safe as well.

Here is what it is and how it works.

How Do Mosquitoes Get Active?

Mosquitoes can sense CO2. As a result, they can perceive the area where humans exhale CO2. They come there to bite. 

Therefore, you find them everywhere you go. It is very annoying at times.

Moreover, the biting leaves your skin with rashes and itchiness. They even disturb your comfortable sleep.

However, with the new LG mosquito away technology, you can sleep comfortably.

What is Mosquito Away Technology in LG Air Conditioner and TV?

LG has come up with mosquito away technology on the air conditioner and in the television. It is an excellent feature as it relieves you from the annoying mosquitoes.

ac remote control

You might be thinking how is that possible. An AC maintains different temperatures and a TV has no connection with killing mosquitoes.

However, the answer is not that much complicated. This technology is very simple to understand.

This mosquito away technology makes use of the ultrasound that repels mosquitoes. We know that ultrasound is beyond the capacity of human ears.

However, it is not the case with insects. 

This ultra-frequency range deters mosquitoes and other insects.

As a result, this mosquito away technology reduces mosquitoes ability to detect CO2. Thus, they fail to detect human presence.

Therefore, mosquitoes remain inactive and go away.

The latest LG air conditioners are designed with this excellent technology.

Therefore, installing such an appliance will let you live free of mosquitoes.

How Does Mosquito Away Technology Work?

Here is how this technology works. 

  • Firstly, turn on the appliance.

  • Press on to the mosquito away technology button from the remote and activate it.

  • When the technology gets activated, the device emits ultrasound waves. It is emitted in such a way that it affects the mosquitoes. As a result, it reduces the insects’ ability to detect CO2 and in the process, the humans’ presence.

  • Thus, the mosquitoes remain inactive and fly away.

  • The mosquito away technology appliances are designed with an in-built speaker. It creates the ultrasonic wave.

  • This ultrasonic wave is not harmful to humans. It has a frequency of 30 kHz.

  • Moreover, the technology operates at a lower voltage output.

  • The Advanced Medical Research and Training has tested the technology in many countries. The result expels an average of 62.7% of Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes.

Advantages of Mosquito Away Technology

This technology offers you several advantages.

  • The first and foremost being is protecting you from mosquito-borne diseases.
  • There are no chemicals in this technology.
  • The emitted ultrasonic sound is safe for humans.
  • No need of spending extra money on mosquito repellent and other such stuff.
  • Certified technology.

Bottom Line!

To conclude, the mosquito away technology is an excellent one.

With it, you can easily enjoy an undisturbed sleep and no disturbances from mosquitoes.

lg air conditioner with mosquito away technology

Moreover, you are relieved of the dangerous mosquito-borne diseases.

Thus, the annoying buzzing sound can no more irritate you with this outstanding technology.

Sleep peacefully!


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