MOSKITRAP Mosquito Killer Machine (Outdoor & Indoor) – Review!

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Mosquitoes and their buzzing sound are the most annoying. Dealing with it becomes hectic and irritating. However, in such a case, the Moskitrap mosquito killer machine is an ideal one.

Therefore, continue reading how the machine works.

1. Moskitrap GM928 Outdoor Mosquito and Pest Killer Machine

Moskitrap GM 928 is a great device to trap mosquitoes and other insects. It covers up an area of 1 acre.

This machine is instrumental and effective in breaking the breeding cycle.

It is equipped with 2 UV lights. These attract the insects through human bionic technology.

One of the displeasing factors is that it works on emitting CO2.

This CO2 is generated by the photo-catalysis (between UV lamps and TiO2 coating).

As a result, that area gets transformed into a human-like area thereby attracting mosquitoes and other insects.

However, make sure that you have airflow wherever you use this machine as it emits CO2. Keep using it for 3 weeks.

Moreover, if you use it for 6 weeks, it easily breaks the breeding cycle.

  • No noise
  • Free of odor
  • Safe around children
  • No smoke
  • Emits CO2
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2. Moskitrap GM966 Indoor Mosquito Killer Machine Trap Lamp

Moskitrap GM 966 traps mosquitoes in your room. By using it, you do not have to use a mosquito net, mosquito bat, mosquito repellent, or other such odor full refill packs.

The 365-400mm bionic violet light wave, attracts the mosquitoes and other insects or pests and traps them.

Besides, this product is effective and covers up to 250 Sq. Ft.

Therefore, you can easily use it in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and other places.

In addition, you can use it at night while sleeping. It kills mosquitoes with no zapping.

Moreover, it can serve you as a night lamp as well.

Also, this device is safe for children.

You can easily recharge this with a USB power port. However, you can use a power bank as well to charge it.

Moreover, this excellent device works in 3 dimensions and traps mosquitoes. As a result, we can say it is highly efficient.

  • An energy-efficient device
  • Noise and smoke-free
  • Safe product around everyone
  • Charge it by power bank
  • Some customers found it expensive
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How to Use Moskitrap GM928?

It is advisable to place the machine at the height of 1 meter. It is the ideal position to attract more mosquitoes.


To ensure a mosquito-free environment before any event or something like that, place the machine beforehand at that venue or room.

You get a better effect if you use it in an uninhabited area.

Make sure that you do not open the flaps else the mosquitoes will escape.

Furthermore, to make the machine work the best, keep the machine away from any fan and the room is dark as well.

How To Use Moskitrap GM966?

As it is like a night lamp, just switch it on. With very negligible noise it kills for mosquitoes.

The 365-400mm bionic violet light wave attracts the mosquitoes and traps them.


It is easier to use in order to trap mosquitoes as it traps indoor mosquitoes. Therefore, just connect and switch on the device.

Wrap Up!

With these mosquito trapping machines, you can easily deal with mosquitoes. These Moskitrap machines easily trap the mosquitoes and other insects.

Moreover, these machines are better than other ways of dealing with mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

Thus, having such a device is a good idea.

For more details about these products visit their official website here.


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