The Latest Washing Machine Technologies 2021 Updated

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The traditional washing machines have been upgraded with many new technologies. It eases our work in the everyday lifestyle. Also, some of these save energy, as well. Here is the list of the latest washing machine technologies

The washing machines are an essential part of every household. Cleaning and washing is a mandatory thing. In such a case, washing machines with upgraded technologies are very beneficial.

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Therefore, give the article a reading to know them better.

The List Of Latest Washing Machine Technologies

Innovative Drum Technology

There have been new, developing technologies to improve drum designs. These unique designs attempt to prevent the fabrics from getting damaged.

Washing machine

Samsung comes with a Diamond Drum Design. It reduces the holes’ size in drums by 25%. In addition, these drums have diamond-shaped depressions. These depressions enclose the holes to prevent the fabrics from getting stuck into the holes.

Besides, it comes equipped with an embossed washboard. It is instrumental in reducing the fabric area that is exposed to the harmful effects of washing.

Moreover, the water exit hole is also smaller. Thus, there is less possibility of clothes getting stuck at the time of water getting drained.

On the other hand, Bosch uses VarioDrum technology in their new machines. Here, when the drum spins in one direction, the panel’s flat side cleans the fabric. 

While the drum spins in another direction, the steep side of the panel offers intense cleaning.

Similarly, Siemens uses WaveDrum technology to clean the fabrics. It follows a different wave pattern design to wash the clothes.

6 Motion DD and WaveMotion Technology

Several washing machine brands have been exploring different wash motions. They developed various technologies to use these motions according to different fabrics.

Washing Machine Twin Wash

LG has come out with six motion direct drive technology. It offers the users to choose between 6 different wash motions. The users can choose among these according to the fabric they want to wash.

These motions offer excellent care to your clothes. These six wash motion options are: 

  • Stepping
  • Filtration
  • Scrubbing
  • Tumble
  • Rolling
  • Swing

On the other hand, Whirlpool’s SoftMove technology automatically uses different movements for different fabrics. It comes equipped with sensors. These sensors identify the type of fabric and optimize the motion combination. This removes the dirt.

Here are the drum movements of SoftDrum technology.

  • Soft-cradle
  • Slow-motion
  • Power-shower
  • Energetic-wash

IFB comes with similar technology, as it comes with five different washing styles. Here is the list.

  • Steam Wash
  • 360 degrees wash
  • O2 wash
  • Air bubble wash
  • Cradle wash

Twin Wash & Flex Wash Technology

Buying a washing machine confuses you between a front-load and a top-load. However, with Samsung’s flex wash technology, you do not have to worry about the choices anymore.

Twin wash Technology

With the Flexwash technology, you can use the machine in both ways- as front-load and top-load.

The washing machine as a front-loader has 21 kg (capacity), and as a top-loader has 3.5 kg (capacity).

You can use the front-loader to wash heavier fabrics like curtains, blankets. Whereas you can use the top load for small fabrics.

Similar to this, LG has come up with a dual-load concept known as Twinwash. These TwinWash washing machines come with two drums adjacent to each other.

The main drum is 20 kg, and the smaller one easily handles delicate fabrics.

The BubbleSoak and SuperSoak Technology

Samsung comes with BubbleSoak technology. The technology works by soaking the fabrics in bubbles and removing even the most stubborn dirt. 

Furthermore, the technique does not affect the fabric. It is because the bubbles are soft in nature.

Whirlpool’s SuperSoak technology is similar to Samsung’s BubbleSoak technology. It works on soaking and scrubbing mechanisms. Thus, it removes hard stains.

Eco Bubble & O2 Wash Technology

Samsung’s Eco Bubble technology fights the tough stains and dirt at low temperatures using the bubbles.

Considering the fact, cold water is not as effective as hot water, it allows effective washing even in cold water.

It generates bubbles from the detergent. It inflates, penetrates deep inside the fabrics. Thus, it removes stubborn dirt.

The O2 Wash is the same technology in the IFB version, generating millions of air bubbles. This removes the tough stains.

Auto Dispenser Technology

The users often face the problem of adding too much detergent or adding significantly less detergent. In such a scenario, auto-dispenser technology saves us.

Many brands have come up with this technology. It senses the right amount of detergent required for the load.

For example, Whirlpool’s Auto Detergent Technology determines the amount of detergent needed according to the fabrics’ load and the dirt.

Moreover, the iDOS in Bosch Series 6 and 8 is a similar technology. It considers the hardness of water and the level of dirt on the clothes and fabrics. Based on these, it determines the amount of detergent needed to clean the fabrics.

Built-in Heaters

As mentioned earlier, washing clothes in hot water is better than in cold water. Therefore, washing machines have come up with temperature controlling sensors that heat the water.

In this line, Whirlpool is the only brand in India. It developed top-load washing machines with heaters that can heat up to 60-degree Celsius and remove the hard stains.

You find the same technology in Samsung as well but only in the front-load ones. It is called Eco-drum cleaning. It frees the drum from allergens and uses ceramic heaters and jet streams to remove residues after cleaning.

VRT+ & Anti-vibration Technology

With new technological advancements, brands are trying to make washing machines such that it runs smoothly. For a longer period, washing machines were considered as lousy machines because of the vibration effect.

The Samsung’s VRT+ (Vibration Reduction Technology Plus) is an up-radation to the VRT. This technology minimizes the noise level and reduces vibration at the same time.

On the other hand, Bosch washing machines are equipped with AntiVibration Technology. There are sensors that monitors the vibration. Then automatically adjusts the drum motion.

The Hard Water Dealing

To deal with hard water, different brands have come up with different technologies.

IFB developed Aqua Energie. It makes hard water soft. This technology works with water filter. It breaks down the complex bicarbonates into simple crystals that are smaller in size. 

Thus, they can be washed along with the water, preventing the scale formation on the machines.

The Whirlpool washing machines are equipped with Hard Water option. It cleans better even with hard water. You will find this technology in the latest semi-automatic ones (like Ace).

Similarly, Maytag has such an option to offer a better cleaning effect with hard water. You find it in the latest front-load machines.

Digital Inverter and Direct Drive Technology

The Digital Inverter and Direct Drive technologies have been adopted by many brands to increase the efficiency of the machines.

Inverter Technology in washing machines

The inverter technology allows the machine to run at a variable speeds and not at any fixed speed. The machine runs at variable speed according to the load inside. As a result, it leads to better energy optimization, as well.

The Samsung front-load washing machine is designed with digital inverter technology. They run at speed depending on the load inside. Moreover, at the time of rotating, the brushless motor generates less heat.

The traditional washing machines used a lot of moving parts. Due to friction, this resulted in a loss of energy. 

To eliminate this, brands have come up with Direct Drive Technology. Here, the motor is directly attached to the drum and therefore, the machines consume less electricity. Thus, they are efficient.

LG has come up with both of these technologies. Thus, they are efficient, make less noise.

Furthermore, Siemens has upgraded the DirectDrive technology. They have introduced frictionless magnetic iQ Drive motors. 

They claim that the motors save 33% extra energy. Hence, these washing machines run faster. They are quieter and save more energy as well.

Smart Control Technology

The smart control technology lets you control your appliance remotely with a smart device.

Smart Control Technology in washing machines

The smart washing machines from LG come up with NFC tags. Moreover, it has also launched an app – Smart Diagnosis. It monitors the washing machine. 

With the smartphone, you can assess tone transmission and detect any problem with the machine. Also, it instructs you on different troubleshooting ways that you must follow.

Similarly, Samsung washing machines can be connected to WiFi and controlled as well with the app Smart Control. Besides, it also assesses the machine’s condition and suggests troubleshooting instructions.

Wrap Up

To conclude, these new technologies are a saviour in day to day lifestyle. With these technologies, the machines are becoming more energy-efficient, reliable, easy to use, and robust.


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