Latest Refrigerator Technologies in India 2021

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Refrigerators are one of those inventions of human intelligence that has solved our lives to a very great extent. And more thanks to the latest refrigerator technologies.

These have become lifesavers for us. Not only do they give you the freedom to use the refrigerator at your convenience, but they also let you avail many new options.

Therefore, if you are preparing to get a new refrigerator, make sure you check out the latest technologies mentioned below. And choose the most suitable one for yourself.

But before we talk about the features, let us take a glance at the types of refrigerators.

Types of refrigerators

Refrigerator Types

Single door refrigerators

These are the most popular types of refrigerators in Indian households. Single-door refrigerators are available at different prices.

Therefore, they are affordable for most people. They have only one door and two compartments inside.

One is the fridge and the other in the freezer.

Double door refrigerator

Double door refrigerators are the other common types after the single doors. The name itself suggests that these have two doors.

One door is for the freezer and one for the fridge. The freezer part has more space in these types.

They also come with some extra features that can help you make frozen desserts very quickly.

Bottom door refrigerators

Bottom door refrigerators have the counter design of the double door refrigerators. They have the fridge compartment at the top and the freezer compartment at the bottom.

This is the best option for old age people as they face difficulty bending down. Also, if you do not like to have much-frozen food, then this option is for you.

Side by side door refrigerator

Side by side door refrigerators come with two doors parted vertically. One side is compact and designed to be the freezer, and another part is spacious and works as the fridge.

French door refrigerator

The French door refrigerators have three or more doors. For a large family, this will be the best choice.

They have multiple features and compact temperature settings. They are the most costly among the others.

Bar refrigerators

Bar refrigerators or compact refrigerators are the smallest ones. These are not suitable for a family or even two people.

If you are finding a fridge to keep in your hostel, you can refer to these types.

Latest Refrigerator Technologies

Now we will discuss the latest technologies available in refrigerators. Make sure you read them all in detail.

For saving energy

Energy saving

In this section, we will discuss the features added to the refrigerator to enhance its performance. And also, to save much of the electricity.

Convertible refrigerator

One of the most helpful technologies in the industry is convertible technology. The convertible refrigerators come with two or more convertibility options.

For example, they have options like extra fridge mode, in which you can convert the freezer into the fridge and get extra space to keep extra food or veggies.

You will also get options like vacation mode. In this, you can turn the freezer into a fridge and run it solely.

The options may go on and on. Different brands use different names for their features. But one great thing is their usefulness.

Most of the time, we do not have any option when there is very little food in the fridge. We cannot turn it off totally, which leads to excessive power consumption.

But with the convertible option, you can save much power by converting them into your needed mode.

They not only save energy but also give you other advantageous facilities as well.

Digital inverter compressor

The normal compressors of the refrigerators can remain either ‘on’ or ‘off.’ They cannot adjust according to the season or outside temperature.

Digital inverter compressor refrigerator technology

Therefore, they use the same temperature in both winters and summers. Whereas, in winters, you do not need that much cooling in your refrigerator.

Therefore, it is a sheer wastage of electricity.

To solve this, the most reputed companies have added an inverter compressor to their refrigerators. For example,

LG inverter linear compressor

LG Inverter Compressor latest refrigerator technology

The LG inverter compressor is designed to consume 32% lesser energy. They detect the in your refrigerator and use the cooling power according to the quantity.

Samsung 7 adjustable speeds

Samsung has bestowed some of its models with seven adjustable speed to adjust with the demand if cooling. In summers, the power usage will be more to produce effortless cooling.

And in winters comparatively less. Therefore, no extra power usage.

For more extended cooling in power cuts

It is obvious that we use a refrigerator to keep our food in a cool environment so that they stay fresh for longer. But what if you face a power cut or long-term power absence? Some of the advanced technology has the solution for such circumstances as well. Like,

Godrej stay cool

Godrej stays cool  technology not only keeps the fridge section cool, but it takes care of the frozen part as well.

Therefore, you enjoy the ice-cream in its exact way even after a few hours of a power cut.

Haier cooling gel and diamond shape design

The cooling gel provides constant cooling in power cuts.

To support the cooling effect of the cooling gel, Haier comes with a diamond shape design that locks the cooling inside the fridge for more extended periods.

Samsung cool pack and cool wall

The cool wall works for keeping the food cool for longer hours, and the cool pack facility gives you 12 hours of extended power cuts.

Whirlpool cooling gel and insulated capillary

Whirlpool cooling gel usually acts like other refrigerator’s cooling gel. But the insulated capillary is something different.

The insulated capillary gives constant support for 12 hours to the freezer.

Advanced power backup technology

This is another feature that you can look for is the advanced power backup technology. These refrigerators come with a cooling gas.

The cooling gas generates when there is a power cut. Thus it keeps your food fresh in power cuts as well.

For better cooling

The older models of refrigerators had only one air vent. But for better cooling, the new refrigerators are coming with extra vents.

Many brands are giving different names to this feature with slightly different modifications. Whereas the purpose is the same.

Uniform cooling technology

The uniform cooling technology produces cooling to every nook and corner. Therefore, it ensures better air circulation and keeps the food fresh.

Haier 360 degree airflow

The refrigerator with 360-degree airflow uses multi-airflow vents so that the fridge does not consist of any over the frozen or warm spot.

Whirlpool 3D airflow

Whirlpool 3D airflow refrigerators have two flexible vents. You can even set the direction of cooling.

LG ice beam door cooling

The ice beam door cooling comes with multiple vents and produces uniform cooling 35% faster. They ensure parallel cooling at the back section as well and keep your food fresh for a longer time.

You will see this technology generally in the double door refrigerators of LG.

Dual air-jet technology

As the older models of the refrigerators had only one fan to cool down the fridge and freezer part, they used to take more time in cooling.

But by using the dual air-jet technology Godrej Hitachi and Samsung’s new models come with two separate fans for the fridge and freezer part.

Therefore, they ensure compact cooling in both parts.

To make the usage more advanced

Previously the refrigerators were limited only to providing you with cold water and fresh foods. But now, our cravings are ample, and to quench that modern refrigerators are including many advanced features.

Fastest ice making

With the fastest ice-making technology, you do not have to wait for 5-6 hours. Making ice-creams has become now faster with this technology.

Internal water dispenser

This is another innovative invention for instant ice-making. The water dispenser in your refrigerators produces absolutely clean and fresh ice whenever you need them.

However, you previously had external water dispensers with the refrigerators, but the internal dispensers are clean and space-efficient.

Samsung curd maestro

With the Samsung curd maestro fermenting, curd has become just an account of one click. You have to make a mixture of milk and curd and store it in the curd container of the fridge.

You can even store it. So, not only ice cream but making curd has also become easy with new refrigerator technology.

For easy operation

The refrigerator companies are not limited to the advancement of food quality. They are putting their efforts into making the refrigerator easily usable. For that, they are adding quite a few features and brighter illumination is one of them.

Brighter illumination

The older models have very low light that often leads you to face difficulty removing your desired element from the fridge. Therefore, brighter illumination technology is the new pioneer.

The brighter illumination technology gives you LED light inside for brighter vision. They consume less power and are good for usage.

For keeping the fruits and vegetables fresh

These features are for those who do not want to visit the market daily and want to stock their fridge with extra fruits and vegetables.

Active fresh technology

The active fresh technology prevents the ripening of fruits and vegetables. These refrigerators have microbial additives that deem the ripening process.

They also give you extra space to keep the fruits separated from each other for better freshness.

Whirlpool’s different crisper designs

Crisper is the vegetable counter at the bottom of your fridge. Whirlpool offers you better space and freshness for your vegetables.

  • Fresh and sort crisper: In this type, you get a mini crisper inside the bigger crisper to store fruits.
  • Trizone crisper: Three separate zones for different vegetables. You can sort them easily when you are cooking.
  • Twin seal crisper: Two separate zones for vegetables and fruits.
  • Adapta shelves:You get to adjust the shelves according to your need. They come with a zigzag shape that is easily adjustable.
  • Haier’s crisper: The crisper in the Haier refrigerators is 50% bigger than usual.

Godrej’s collapsible wine rack and polybag suspender

With the polybag suspender, you can hang the vegetables in the refrigerator. It saves much of the space.

The collapsible wine rack is for adjusting five bottles in the fridge.


These were the latest technologies that have made the usage of the refrigerator easier and more effective. So before you go for a purchase, make sure you mark the important one that you need the most.

Ensure that you focus not only on the facilities but also on the primary duty of your refrigerator. Thus you can choose the best one for you.


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