Storage vs Instant Geyser / Water Heater – What Are The Differences?

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The geysers or water heaters have a distinct role in our homes. But choosing the right one between the instant geyser vs. storage geyser may be the main obstacle.

Thereby, here we are explaining to you both the types in detail. This will lead you to choose the right type as per your requirements. 

Instant Geyser vs Storage Geyser / Water Heater

Both types have their advantages and drawbacks. We will discuss them all and make you formulate an accurate decision.

Working process of the instant geysers

The working process of the instant geyser is advanced. And it gives you hot water just a few moments after you turn the geyser on.

Most of the instant geysers come with a capacity of holding 2-3 liters of water. They are best for instant usages like washbasins, kitchens, and bathrooms as well. 

Working process of the instant geysers

But if you have a 3 liter instant water heater, you may face some difficulty in taking shower. The reason is that the general water flow of the shower is 8 liter per minute. 

And if you want a continuous water flow, you may not get the right temperature. Or you have to wait.

Water temperature is a vital factor in instant geysers. If the water temperature is 15C it will take two minutes to heat it to 60 degrees and one minute to 40 degrees.

But in the lower temperature, you may not get satisfactory results. So, the problem with instant geysers is that they are suitable for the Southern part of India, where the water temperature is normally high.

Water flow is another factor in this case. Most of the instant heater ignites only by sensing the minimum water flow of 0.5 gallons per minute. 

However, some products have the capacity to work on a lower flow rate of 0.26 gallons per minute.

The above explanation is suitable for Indian instant water heaters. In foreign countries, the working process is a little different.

The working process of those water heaters is mentioned below.

After you turn on the switch, cold water enters the heater. Then the water flow sensor in the geyser senses the flow and turns on the burner to heat the exchanger. 

When the water circulates through the heated exchanger, it gets heated up and vents through the hot water faucet. The red and green indicator lets you know whether the water has become hot or not.

When it turns green, you can turn on the hot water faucet to get the hot water.


Safe to use

The instant geysers come up with a thermostat that cuts the power when the water is considerably hot. Therefore, no anxiety about overheating. 

If you want to know more about the water heater thermostat, then check out the ” What is the water heater thermostat” article.

Also, they do not store water, and thus they lessen the risk of pressure build-up and explosion.

Low power consumption

As you do not have to wait much and it holds less amount of water, therefore it consumes less power. 

Suitable for busy mornings

As most of us have to rush early in the morning, therefore the faster supply of hot water is the genuine need of us. With the instant geyser, you get to avail of this facility. 


You can seamlessly make your instant geysers work for 15-20 years. And if you operate them on natural gas, the lifespan may extend for a few more years.

Less space needed

As it has a small tank, therefore, you get a compact size of these geysers. If you have less space in your home or if you want to adjust the geyser in your small bathroom, then these are the ideal options.

Eco friendly 

They do not emit greenhouse gases. Therefore safe for the environment.


Not suitable for colder areas

If you stay in a colder area in India where you do get the water supply at an average temperature, you might face problems. If the water temperature goes down to 3-4 degrees Celsius, it tends to freeze; therefore, it loses the water flow.

And with low water flow, the geyser may not work correctly.

If the temperature is around 15 degrees, then also the heater may face trouble getting the water to 60 degrees.

Need certain water flow

The tankless geysers work with a certain water flow. They need at least 0.5 gallons of speed per minute. 

Some high-cost geysers can work with a 0.26-gallon flow rate, but less than that will lead you to sheer disappointment.

Maintenance charges are high

The instant geysers last long only if you give them proper servicing. And without servicing, they will never serve you for a long time.

Working process of the storage geysers

The name indicates how it works. These geysers have a storage tank that receives water and makes it hot. 

storage water heater

Then you get the water from the faucet connected to the geyser. The storage tanks are covered with insulated walls.

And therefore, it locks the heat into the geyser.

How much longer the water will remain hot after turning the switch off depends on the insulated walls.

The water holding capacity of the tank is a vital thing in this case. Therefore, we are providing a chart here for your convenience.

Number of members Water capacity in gallons
Four-five members 50 gallons.
Three members 40 gallons.
One-two members 20-30 gallons.


Easy installation process

Where tankless geysers can make you face many hazards in the installation process, with the storage tanks, there are no such issues.

You do not have to bother much about the installation after you buy a storage tank. 


Another most essential praiseworthy attribute of these geysers is that they are very cost-effective. Therefore, if your budget is higher, then you can get an excellent product. 

Even if your budget is low, it will give you a decent performance.

Stores hot water

Storage geysers, as per their name, can store hot water for a considerably long time. And if the insulated walls are right, then the performance may get better.

Supplies water to many faucets

They can provide hot water to your kitchen, bathroom, and other bathrooms as well. Thus, they give you more benefits at a low cost. 


It takes more time and loses heat frequently

These water heaters take more time to produce hot water. It tempers the water in bulk, therefore takes more time. 

Also, you cannot expect them to keep the water warm for a longer span. Despite the insulated walls, they can lose up the heat.

Limited storage

They have limited space to store water. Therefore, if you need water in the middle of your shower, wait till it re-tempers the water.

More space needed

As they come with a storage tank thereby, they need more space to be situated. 

Consumes more energy

You need to heat the water in a hefty amount. Therefore, it consumes more electricity.

Also, you have to heat the water repeatedly as it cannot hold much water together. Hence, they end up consuming more energy.

Difference between the instant and storage water heater

Features Instant water heater Storage water heater
Size Comes in a small size. Therefore, suitable for small bathrooms. It takes a lot of space; therefore, not suitable for small bathrooms.
Electricity consumption Less electricity consumption because of instant hot water production. More electricity consumption because of heating water in an abundant quantity
Heating time It takes less time to heat up. It takes extra time to heat up. But keeps the water hot for some time.
Capacity Lesser capacity. Decent capacity.
Durability More durable. Comparatively less durable.
Main issue Produces a small amount of water at once. Size may increase with the water holding capacity.
Main advantage Instant hot water Holds much water.
Water pressure Low water pressure As the water is already stored, therefore, it gives a perfect water pressure.
Cost Costlier Affordable

Final verdict!

If you have gone through the differentiation, then you may have noticed that in the race of the Instant water heater vs. Storage water heater, the instant water heater is better by the means of speed. 

But the water holding capacity of the instant geyser is low.

However, These are durable, great for your busy hours; consume less power.

But if we talk about the storage geysers, they may have the capacity to produce more water, but they consume more power, and also take more time to produce hot water.

Therefore, both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. If your budget allows you to buy an instant water heater, then never hesitate to purchase one.

However, if your budget is low, you can opt for a storage geyser as well. If you choose wisely, any of the types can suit you. It totally depends on your usage and needs.


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