How To Use a Washing Machine ( Front Load, Top Load, Semi-automatic)? – A Complete Guide!

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Washing Machine has become an essential appliance in every household. However, you might be confused about the right way of using it. This article guides you on how to use a washing machine (Front-load, top-load and semi-automatic).

How To Use Fully Automatic Washing Machines?

It is easier to use a fully automatic washing machine. It washes and dries in the same compartment. These machines automatically take the required water and detergent.

All you need to do is load the machine with clothes and start the wash cycle. Moreover, these automatic washing machines are of two types – Top load washing machine and Front-load washing machine.

Top Load Washing Machine

Here, you have to load the clothes from the opening at the top of the machine. Hence, it is easier to load clothes as you do not have to bend.

Top Loading Washing Machine

Here is how you must use a top load washing machine.

  • Add Detergent:First, add detergent to the detergent box. This will let the detergent mix well in the water at the start of the wash.

  • Load the Clothes: Next, you have to load the clothes. Make sure that you do not overload the machine. Overloading will not result in proper cleaning. Note the loading capacity mentioned in the machine’s description.

  • Select The Wash Cycle: Then, you have to select the wash cycle. Before doing so, check the care tags of the clothes you wish to wash.
    These care tags specify the different requirements like temperature, detergent suited to the fabric. Therefore wash it accordingly. However, if you cannot find any instructions, then go for cold water.

  • Unloading: You must unload the clothes immediately once the wash is done. Unloading the clothes immediately leaves your clothes fresh after the wash. However, do not delay it after 2 hours.

Front Load Washing Machine

From the name, it is understood, the loading door is at the front. Here you need to put on the clothes first and then close the door. Note that once the door is securely closed, only then the water fills the barrel.

Front Load Washing Machine

These machines come with more knobs and buttons compared to the top load ones. The machines are heavier as well.

Here the dryer is less bulky compared to the washer. Hence, it is placed above the washer. Here is how you should use the front load washing machine.

  • Loading: Load the clothes into the machine. Make sure that you do not overload it else; the clothes will not be appropriately cleaned.

  • The Correct Detergent Dose: Pour the detergent into the detergent compartment. Make sure you do not pour too much or too less. However, you will find it mentioned at the back of the detergent box.
    Moreover, you need more detergent in some cases like, if the clothes are too dirty or using hard water. Besides, in case of heavy load, you need more detergent as well.

  • Add Detergent: Next, you have to add detergent inside the dispenser drawer. Keep in mind the exceeding limit. Adding excess detergent might end up in suds. Therefore, you must be sure about the dose.

  • Appropriate Temperature: Check the care tags of the fabrics and set the right temperature. Moreover, for delicate fabrics (satin, lace), it is better to wash it at a cold temperature.

  • Appropriate Spin Cycle: Now, select the spin cycle. Different clothes call for different cycles. Fabrics like cotton need a fast cycle, whereas delicate fabrics, they require a slow cycle.

  • Close the Door & Start the Machine: Once you are done with all the steps above, close the door. Then press start. The machine starts washing and cleaning all your clothes.

How to Use Semi-Automatic Washing Machines? 

The semi-automatic washing machines come in two sections- one for washing and the other for drying.

Semi Automatic Washing Machine

As you have to put the clothes from the washer to the drier manually, they are semi-automatic. Here is how you use them.

  • Put the clothes in the washer. Then add water and detergent according to the laundry size.
  • Then set the time ( based on the load and type of fabric) and start the cycle. The delicate fabrics generally require less time. However, the heavier ones need around 30 minutes (including the pre-soaking period).
  • Drain the water when the timer stops. Then you can start another wash cycle ( only if you require).
  • After the entire washing procedure, take the clothes from the washer and place them in the dryer.

Note that you can refer to our article “How To Wash Clothes in the Washing Machines? – A Complete Guide!” for extra guidance.

Final Words

Hence, these are the procedures to wash clothes in different washing machines. Hope this article was able to guide you well. In the end, if you are still facing any issues, do drop it in the comment section.


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