What Is Himalaya Cool Technology In LG Air Conditioner?

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LG has always tried to serve their customers with the newest technologies. And the unique Himalaya Cool Technology in their Air conditioner is not any exception.

LG air conditioner with himalaya cool technology

The name indicates some suggestion of its functionality.

But it is better that you do not guess the actual objective and take help from our article.

What is Himalaya Cool Technology In LG Air Conditioner?

In a simple language, the Himalaya Cool Technology is an excellent move towards faster cooling.

The Himalaya Cool mode has a separate key in the remote.

Once you turn on the AC and put on the Himalaya cool button, you get to experience the fastest cooling you have ever had. 

How Does Himalaya Cool Technology Work?

The Himalaya cool technology of LG air conditioner works using two smart airflow technologies.

And they are the air shield technology and the faster vertical swing.

Air Shield Technology

The air shield technology is unique and effective at the same time. When the AC releases the air, it creates a virtual air shield in the room.

The shield separates the ceiling area and living area and blocks the hot air.

By separating the room into two areas, the cool air passes only the living area and does not go to the ceiling portion. 

Therefore, it gives more air in the middle of the room and creates more intensity in cooling.

Faster Vertical Swing

The air conditioner fans are designed to move faster to produce more air at a lesser time. Therefore, you experience faster cooling.

Also, the air direction is made towards the living area; thereby, the air directly spreads over the living room.

Thus, using both the scientific technologies, the air conditioner gives you an experience of faster and better cooling.

Pros & Cons of Himalaya Cool Technology


  • It gives you 28% faster cooling.
  • Most of us turn on the AC to cool down the room and turn off the AC. in such circumstances, it can be an exceedingly power-efficient option.


  • It takes more power to produce cool air faster. So, if we use the AC in this mode for a very long time, it can burn your pocket very easily.

Final Words!

So, next time when you go for a buy, make sure that you mark all your criteria. If you need such options in your AC, then only buy it.


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