Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine | Which One Is Better?

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Making the right decision while buying the best washing machine is not that easy. In the competition of front load vs top load washing machine, getting the final verdict may be tricky sometimes. 

top load vs front load washing machine

The main reason behind the confusion is that you cannot figure out the good and bad aspects of both types.

Therefore, we have distinguished both the specimens so that you can make the right decision by comparing them.

Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine

Ease of Use

The first point that needs the most attention is the ease of use.

If the machine is not amicable to everyone’s help, then the purpose of buying a washing machine will not be successful. 

woman loading clothes in washing machine

The top load washing machines are more comfortable to use in comparison to the front load machines.

The reason is that the top load washing machine does not need the effort of bending while dumping the clothes. 

Whereas to put clothes into the front load washing machine, you have to bend down.

Thereby, for older people, the front load machines can be a little troublesome.

Cleaning Capacity

In the race of front load vs top load washing machine, the front load ones win in this case. The front-load washing machines are more spacious; therefore, they are gentler on clothes. 

Whereas the top load ones take more time to clean larger or heavier clothes.

But they will give you the benefit of adding clothes in the mid-cycle, which is not possible with the front load machines.

Cleaning Speed

In this section, the top load washing machines are the best. They have the agitator.

Therefore, they work faster with the help of it.

washing machine spinning

The agitator is a component in the machine that creates water force and vibration.

Thereby, they make motions that help faster cleaning.

There is another version of the top-load machine that comes without an agitator. They produce better cleaning in less water.

Water Usage

When we are talking about the front load vs top load washing machine, how can we forget to mention the water usage of both?

In water usage, the top load washing machines take more water both in rinsing and washing.

The front-load machines circulate the water in the whole machine. And also, the rotating drum brings the clothes back to the water.

Therefore, they use less water.


But in top load washing machines, you need more water to submerge the clothes into the water entirely.


The front load washing machines are easier to install because you can keep them stacked with a dryer.

But you have to make a separate place for the dryer with the top load machines.

Therefore, the front load machines are best for small homes.

Spin Speed

In the comparison of the front load vs top load washing machine, spin speed needs some attention.

Front-load washing machines come with higher RPM. Therefore, they give you a 33% faster spin speed than the top load machines. 

Consequently, your clothes will dry up faster. And you will not have to move heavy clothes from the washer to the dryer.

To avail of this benefit, you can always look for a higher RPM of your machine. It will give you more spinning speed, and your clothes will dry up faster.

The Capacity of Loading Clothes

As the front load washing machines do not eat up the space of the agitator, therefore, they can compress more clothes than the top load machine.

woman putting clothes into washing machine

In the top load washing machine, the agitator takes half of the space.

Therefore, it is hard to adjust more clothes into them.

Energy Saving

With the front load washing machines, you can get relief in terms of energy efficiency.

As they run at a languid pace; therefore, they take more time but less energy.

Care For Clothes

The agitator in the top-load machine tends to turn and twist the clothes.

Therefore, they harm the fabric and can ruin the texture. 

However, the front load machines have a spacious area to circulate the clothes.

Therefore, they take care of the fabric. 


The front-load machines need more maintenance. The reason is that the door’s rubber gasket tends to accumulate mold over time.

Therefore, they need frequent cleaning.

Mold can harm your clothes. Therefore, regular cleaning is a must with the front load washing machines.

Whereas the top load machines are devoid of such issues. To avoid this issue, you can keep the front load machines at an airy locale.


The front-load washing machines are comparatively more expensive.

With their energy-saving capacity and multiple features, they come at a higher rate.

Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine – Comparison Simplified!

Features Machine type
Easier to use Top Load
Cleaning capacity Front Load
Cleaning speed Top Load
Less water usage Front Load
Installation ease Front Load
Spin speed Front Load
Capacity of loading clothes Front Load
Energy saving Front Load
Care for clothes Front Load
Easy maintenance Top Load
Cost Front Load

Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machine – Final Verdict!

Most of the verdict goes to the front load washing machines. They have all the capacity to give you a perfect washing process.

top load vs front load washing machine

They save energy and also let you save water as well. Though they are more expensive than the top load washing machines, there are particular reasons for that.

Therefore, the front load washing machines are the ideal ones.

However, if you do not have too much pressure on cleaning dirty clothes. And if you do not need to wash heavy clothes in a bulk, then you can definitely choose the top load washing machines. 

They are cost-effective and need low maintenance. Therefore, they are easy to deal with.

So, there is no harm in using them.


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