How To Use Fabric Conditioner In A Washing Machine?

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Keeping your clothes lint free while washing it in the washing machine is a strenuous thing. And if you know how to use fabric conditioner in a washing machine, you can keep your clothes in their original color for a very long time. 

We all use laundry detergents, but many of us do not have any urge to use fabric conditioners in their clothes.

Maybe because they do not have a fair idea of how the fabric conditioners work?

Therefore, we have a detailed discussion about the fabric conditioners in this article. 

What is Fabric Conditioner?

Fabric conditioners are a form of liquid that you put on your clothes after washing them. 

If you are using a garment for a very long time, you can notice wear and tears in them.

Fabric conditioner

But if you use fabric conditioners in your clothes, they will remain smooth and new for a longer time.

They make the clothes feel softer and smoother to your skin. The fabric conditioners also reduce static clinginess from the garments. 

Thus, they give your clothes the comfort that they need to last unchanged for longer. 

Fabric Conditioner vs Laundry Detergent

If you are confused between the fabric conditioners and laundry detergents, or you assume that both are the same things, then you are wrong.

When you wash your clothes with detergents, they clean the dust, dirt, and other impurities from your clothes. They use different chemicals to deal with tough stains.

As a result, they make your clothes go through harsh. The chemicals and the bleaches harm the texture and color of your clothes.

In such circumstances, the fabric softeners soothe the clothes and give them a soft and smooth texture. This is where they differ from the detergents.

Detergents are used for cleaning your clothes, whereas fabric conditioners have nothing to do with cleaning. They maintain the exact texture of your clothes.

Benefits of Using a Fabric Conditioner

A fabric conditioner will not make your clothes clean. But their job is to make your clothes smoother and softer.

pouring fabric conditioner in washing machine

And by comforting them, the fabric conditioners give a longer life to your clothes. The other benefits that you get from your fabric conditioners are,

  • Protects the color: They protect your garments. The colors remain new for a longer span.
  • Protects your clothes: They make your clothes smoother and softer. Therefore, you get a better experience with woolens.

    They also retain the shape by preventing the shrinking of the clothes. Therefore, you stay tension-free after washing your cotton clothes.
  • Leaves pleasant fragrance: The fabric conditioners leave a pleasant fragrance in your clothes. You can feel the freshness every time you wear them.
  • Keep your clothes strain free: If you wash your clothes in the washing machine, you will notice more strains than hand-washed clothes. But fabric conditioners keep your clothes strain less.
  • Iron easily: As your clothes face a less proportion of strains; therefore, you get less wrinkles on your clothes. You can even skip the task of ironing.

When Using The Fabric Conditioner Becomes Necessary?

You may not always prefer to use fabric conditioners on your clothes.

But, if you have sensitive skin, then you should use fabric conditioners on your clothes.

Rough clothes can cause skin irritations, which you can avoid by applying fabric conditioners to them. If you or any of your family members suffer from sensitive skin, you can use these products.

Also, if you have skin problems like eczema, which can make you uncomfortable with rough clothes, fabric conditioners are the best way to get relief.

When Not To Use The Fabric Conditioner?

The fabric conditioners can be unsuitable for terry clothes such as workout outfits, microfiber cloths, and towels.

Because they can reduce the sweat-absorbing or water-absorbing capacity of these clothes.

Therefore, when you wash your workout clothes or any other terry fabric in your washing machine, make sure that you avoid using softeners on them. 

How To Use Fabric Conditioner?

Now we will mention how to use the fabric conditioner step by step.

For Hand Wash

Step One: 

Wash the clothes properly using everyday detergent. You can use 18ml of the liquid in every ten-liter bucket. 

Step Two:

Add the conditioner into a clean bucket filled with water. Then swirl it to mix correctly.

Step Three:

After making the solution, dip your clean clothes in it and dry it to get a softer result.

Step Four:

Wash your hands properly after using the fabric conditioner.

For Machine Wash:

Step One:

Check whether the fabric is washable in the machine or not. If yes, then follow the steps.

Step Two:

You will get a measuring detail written on the bottle of the softener. Check that and use it in the exact proportions, according to the quantity of the clothes.

Step Three:

If you have a newly bought model of a top-load washing machine or a front-load washing machine, then you will get a separate dispenser for pouring fabric conditioners.

This will be situated somewhere around the detergent bucket. 

Put the conditioner when you are adding the detergent.

Never add the softener directly into the bucket. They need to be diluted with water for exact results. When the time will come, the washing machine will automatically take the softener.

Step Four:

If you have an old modeled washing machine, then you have to add the liquid separately before the final rinse cycle starts, and thus, you will get your clothes ready.

Final Words!

Most of our clothes are very precious to us. And watching them decaying by the harshness of the detergent chemicals is indeed a tough job.

But with fabric conditioners, you can make your clothes shine bright as if they are new.

So, to keep your clothes in their appropriate form, use fabric softeners.

We have mentioned all the details to you. You can follow them to get better results. 

As the fabric conditioners are readily available in the market, you will find no difficulty finding them.


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