Electrostatic Filter in Air Conditioner – Working | Usage | Pros & Cons!

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Electrostatic filter in air conditioner is the newly introduced technology in the market. To know their functionality and working process, read the article till the end.

Many toxic impurities may circulate in your home environment. Not only dirt and dust, even the incense of air fresheners, cosmetics can also harm you.

And if you possess a pet or use carpets in your home, then the list of harmful breathables may go on and on.

Therefore the Air Conditioner manufacturers nowadays are including electrostatic filters in their products so that you get rid of buying an additional air purifier.

These are some of the essential points that you can notice to learn more.

What is Electrostatic Filter?

The electrostatic filters use electrostatic energy to capture smaller particles that the standard air filters cannot grasp.

electrostatic filters

These filters use the layers of polyurethane, polypropylene, and filtration media to create friction when the air passes through the filter. 

With the combination of positive and negative ions, these filters attract the smaller air particles, animal dander, pollen, and even the smell of perfumes, air fresheners, repellent creams, the incense of cooking, so and so forth. 

How Does Electrostatic Filter Work?

When an AC or an air purifier, use the electrostatic filters, the air passes through the layers of static prone fibers like polyurethane and polypropylene.

When the air flows through the filter, it charges the mesh with positive energy.

Therefore, the dirt that passes through this filter with the air is captured in the filter because of the static energy.

And, thus the electrostatic filters work.

What Elements Does Electrostatic Filter Capture?

The electrostatic filters capture more amount of dust and dirt than the common fiberglass or cotton-pleated filters.

These electrostatic filters capture up to 80-90% of the dirt that your home atmosphere consists of.

The capturable elements include dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria, smoke ( cooking and others ), and so on.

Usage In The Air Conditioners

These filters can be used in AC without a doubt of heavy-duty. Even many of the renowned companies are using them.

But the problem with them is that they need high maintenance. And they are hard to clean.

However, they are long-lasting and reusable, and the problem of the short lifespan that you face with the activated carbon filters do not apply to these filters.

Pros of Electrostatic Filters

  • If the filter is coming with your AC, it can be protective towards the coils and other interiors, as the filter will trap all the dirt and prevent it from entering.
  • These filters are long-lasting and reusable.
  • They come with strong aluminum frames that are long-lasting and do not need repeated replacements.
  • Offers maximum output. Therefore, ideal for garment industries
  • These filters are easy to clean.

Cons of Electrostatic Filters

  • The meshes are very hard to clean and take a long time in the process of cleaning.
  • As the filters capture a considerable amount of dirt in the way of their, therefore, it stops the easy circulation of the air.

Process of Cleaning Electrostatic Filters

As we have already said, the dirty mesh can harm the airflow. Therefore, it is essential to clean the filters every 4 to 6 weeks.

The cleaning process may include the following steps,

  • Step One: Remove the filter from the AC.
  • Step Two: Splash forceful water on the opposite side of the filter. Try to use water as powerful as you can so that most of them are removed without much effort.
  • Step Three: Use a particular cleaning liquid or washer to remove the excess dirt.
  • Step Four: Now, drain the water and dry the filter totally before reinstalling it in the machine.

Types of Electrostatic Filters

You can get both types of filters that give you regular duty and high duty. 

You can get a filter that captures 82% of dust and dirt.

However, there are ACs that come with filters that are capable of seizing 92% of the impurity.

Using these filters in AC is excellent in saving energy as you get rid of buying an air purifier. 

Final Words!

I believe now you have a good knowledge about electrostatic filter.

In conclusion, we can say that this is one of the many latest technologies in the air conditioner.

Therefore, choose an AC with the electrostatic filtration system.


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