DSLR vs Smartphone Camera – Which One to Choose?

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Are you confused about which one to choose between DSLR vs Smartphone camera? When it is about high-quality professional photography, then the only option is DSLR cameras that are popular enough in the world of photography. Though modern smartphones like iPhones can also capture excellent images.

It doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to DSLR cameras as time by time the industry of DSLR cameras are improving more and more with the support of the advancement of technology.

Therefore, when it is about DSLR vs Smartphone cameras, DSLR cameras clearly stand a step ahead.

Now we will focus on the comparison between a DSLR camera and a smartphone camera.

DSLR vs Smartphone Camera
DSLR vs Smartphone Camera

Before going to the further discussion about DSLR Vs Smartphone cameras, first, we will discuss on the advantages of both smartphone camera and DSLR camera.

Advantages of a Smartphone Camera

There are several advantages of a smartphone camera that you will get with a smartphone.


It is one of the best advantages of a smartphone camera. If you are going to a family tour or going for a romantic dinner with your mate, you can carry your smartphone and can capture your precious moments in your smartphone camera.

But you can’t take a DSLR camera in your pocket. As smartphones are portable and light in comparison to the bulky DSLR cameras.

Smartphone in back pocket
Smartphone in back pocket

Moreover, for a DSLR camera, you need to carry extra accessories such as lenses, batteries, tripod stands, and flashlights.

That’s why it is probably impossible a DSLR camera everywhere, but you can carry your smartphone at any place at any time. 


As we all know, a smartphone is a super handy device to have everywhere. Nowadays, most of the people have more than one smartphone. When we consider the accessibility of a smartphone, nothing can beat it.

You won’t get this aspect in a DSLR camera. Still, for professional usage, most of the photographers prefer DSLR cameras, though smartphone cameras offer accessibility.

Image Editing

In smartphones, you will get built-in photo editing features, with that you can edit your pictures beautifully. Even as an advantage, you also can download some image editing apps in your smartphone, as there are so many photo editing apps available in the app store.

Editing Image in iPhone
Editing Image in iPhone

Even you can make slow-motion movies in your smartphone by using app. The photo editing apps will help you to edit any image and will make it look more attractive.

On the other hand, if you use a DSLR camera, you have to use the built-in photo editing features. Otherwise, you have to transfer the captured images in your PC or laptop to edit the pictures. 


If you want to share data like photos, and videos then a smartphone is the best option to have with. Moreover, you can upload your photos and videos on social media.

Smartphone Connectivity
Smartphone Connectivity

Though, modern DSLR cameras also come with such connectivity options like NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi that enables the user to share data.

Except for Bluetooth, you have to use a compatible mobile app to share images and other data. 


Price factor is the vital part that you have to consider while purchasing a device. Though high-quality smartphones like iPhones are costly enough, DSLR cameras are also very expensive.

Though the best entry level DSLR costs in the range between Rs. 25,000 to Rs 45,000. But if you want the best DSLR for professionals, it will cost beyond lakhs of rupees.

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Advantages of a DSLR Camera

Now, after knowing the benefits of a smartphone camera, it is the turn to know the advantages of a DSLR camera. You should know these advantages of a DSLR camera if you want to purchase the best DSLR camera in India


With a DSLR camera, you will get interchangeable lenses. So, you can change the lenses as per your requirement. You can’t get this feature in a smartphone camera as they come with built-in lenses.

The versatility that you with get in a DSLR camera is not available in a smartphone camera. In a DSLR camera, you can use multiple lenses such as fisheye lenses or 50mm lenses to take portraits. These lenses improve the versatility of a DSLR camera.

DSLR Camera Functions and Setting buttons
DSLR Camera Functions and Setting buttons

On the other hand, you can’t capture the same portrait or landscape photographs with a smartphone camera, as you can capture with a DSLR camera.

Also the DSLR lenses have excellent zooming capabilities that you won’t get in a smartphone camera. 

You can’t capture high quality pictures in low light conditions with a smartphone camera. Though in smartphones, you will get a dedicated flashlight, but it causes the red-eye effect.

In DSLR cameras, you will get a high ISO sensitivity that enables the photographer to capture photos in low light condition. With a DSLR camera, you also get flexible apertures, that is not available in a smartphone camera.

So, do consider the versatility of a DSLR camera while purchasing the best DSLR camera.

Image Quality

We all know that a DSLR camera always provides the best quality photo in comparison with a smartphone camera. So, an image taken from a smartphone camera can’t ever beat a photo taken from a DSLR camera.

High Resolutions Mountain Landscape
High Resolutions Mountain Landscape

Presently, though there are some excellent smartphones like iPhone 11 Pro, Google Pixel 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, that can click pictures of excellent quality.

But DSLR cameras can capture more vibrant images as compared to a smartphone camera.

Moreover, a DSLR camera gives the photographer the freedom to change the settings to take more excellent snaps. 

Image Processor

As a smartphone takes rear images and selfie images and do many other things, the processor of the smartphone is an all-rounder. But DSLR cameras do not work in the same way.

With a DSLR camera, you only can take photographs and can capture videos. Hence, DSLR cameras come with a high-quality image processor.

For example, a Canon DSLR camera comes with the DIGIC 4+ processors, and a Nikon DSLR comes with the Expeed 3 or Expeed 4 image processor.

In comparison with a smartphone camera, these image processors always deliver the best quality images. 

Shutter and Viewfinder

It is a notable difference between a DSLR camera and a smartphone camera. The shutter and the optical viewfinder are great advantages of a DSLR camera.

DSLR Camera Shutter
DSLR Camera Shutter

In a smartphone, you can see an electronic shutter and display. This electronic viewfinder allows the user to see what the camera sees. Though it’s become difficult to capture fast-moving objects with a smartphone camera.

Here, DSLR cameras come with the advantage as you can take shots of fast-moving objects with it.


Good lighting condition is a vital aspect of photography. In a smartphone, you will get dedicated LED flash, but DSLR cameras come with Xenon flash.

Professional modern DSLR camera with open flash
Professional modern DSLR camera with open flash

The Xenon flash provides more brightness than a LED flashlight. The LED flashlights can’t cover vast areas.

Hence, it makes the smartphone cameras worthless for some particular photography such as taking photo in low light condition or in wildlife photography.


Smartphones come with many applications; that is why the apps occupy a lot of storage in a smartphone. Therefore, a smartphone can run out of memory soon.

SD Card with DSLR Camera
SD Card with DSLR Camera

But with a DSLR camera, you will get an SD card for storage purpose. These SD cards store a massive amount of data. Though DSLR cameras have a specific usage in comparison with a smartphone. 

Viewing Angle

Smartphone cameras come with a limited viewing angle for its fixed focal length. This limited viewing angle also restricts the image quality.

DSLR vs Smartphone Camera Viewing angle
Photographer and selfiegrapher standing on a rock in front of raging ocean and aiming different subjects with DSLR camera and smartphone.

But DSLR cameras come with such lenses that have versatile viewing angle.

Presently, DSLR cameras come with 360-degree viewing angle. This versatile viewing angle takes your photography skill to a different level. On the other hand, smartphone cameras have limitations on viewing angles.

Therefore, it is a bit difficult to do portrait photography, street photography, fast-action photography, long-distance photography, and wildlife photography with a smartphone camera.

Battery Life

With a DSLR camera, you will get a powerful battery that lasts for several days at a stretch. On the other hand, smartphone batteries are not so powerful in comparison with a DSLR camera battery.

Smartphone Charging
Smartphone Charging

Though smartphones have versatile usage, so the battery drains fast, but DSLR cameras have particular usage.

DSLR vs Smartphone Camera – Which One to Choose?

Now finally the question comes that what to choose between a DSLR camera and a smartphone camera?

We will recommend that you should choose the one that will suit your requirements.

If you belong to the group of the casual photographer and usually take images and selfies, then you can go for a smartphone camera.

Otherwise, if you are a passionate photographer, then you should go for a DSLR camera.

Hopefully, the above information will be helpful to you to distinguish between DSLR vs Smartphone camera. So, consider the above mentioned advantages while purchasing a smartphone or a DSLR camera.

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