Frost Free vs Direct Cool Refrigerator – Which One Should I Buy?

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Every day there is new technology in the market. Choosing the best one among them is nothing but a sheer headache. The same is applicable for the refrigerator system. In this post I’m going to discuss about direct cool vs frost-free refrigerator.

First of all, we do not have that much time to discuss new technologies of refrigerators in our daily lives. Therefore we do not have that much idea about the various features.

Direct Cool vs Frost Free Refrigerator

As a result, when we go for a purchase, we stand still and gulp the shop owners’ unnecessary deliriums.

The best solution is to research a bit beforehand and stay away from wasting unnecessary wastage of time.

Here we are presenting you the difference between the direct cool vs frost free refrigerator.

You will get a prominent idea of both technologies once you go through this article.

The Working Process of Direct Cool Refrigerators

The direct cool refrigerators are the traditional cooling process. The process is nowadays limited within the single door refrigerators only.

They use the normal process of cooling, and therefore, it creates an uneven distribution of heat in the fridge. Due to this uneven heat distribution, the refrigerator creates water vapour, and these vapours turn into ice in the freezer.

You can notice your freezer box surrounded with ice. As a result, you use the defrost button to defrost the system.

To keep it turned off for several hours. This loses all the accumulated cooling, and when you again start the cooling process, you end up wasting power.

The Working Process of Frost Free Refrigerators

In frost-free refrigerators, several electric fans evenly distribute the temperature. When they distribute the temperature properly, there remains no scope of vapour creation.

And as a result, you face no frosting. It comes with a thermostat that cuts off the power supply when the refrigerator has achieved its ideal temperature.

Therefore it is more energy-efficient.

Differences Between Direct Cool vs Frost Free Refrigerator

Both of the types are different from one another. They have drastic differences between them.

So here we are listing them down.


Direct cool refrigerators are way more hazardous to maintain. It would be best if you defrosted the fridge manually every time they accumulate ice.

In this process, you may need much time to spare for it. But with frost-free cooling systems, there are no maintenance hazards because there is no accumulation of ice in them.

Power Consumption

The frost-free cooling system is equipped with external equipment like extra fans, heating agent and so on.

Power Consumption

Therefore, it consumes more power than the direct cooling refrigerator.

Number of Doors

The direct cooling refrigerators come with one door only because it will not evenly distribute the air in both the freezer and fridge.

But the frost-free refrigerators came with double doors and more doors as well.

Freshness Capacity

The primary purpose of a refrigerator is to keep your food fresh. Therefore, all of them will be capable of keeping the food fresh.

Freshness capacity

The same is applicable to the direct cool freezer.

But the frost-free products are more efficient in keeping the foods fresh for a longer time.

Heating Issues

You may face this in frost-free refrigerators because they come with heating agents to stop ice formation.

But the direct cooling process has no heat production as such.


The working process of frost-free refrigerators is advanced.

Therefore, they are much more expensive than the direct cool refrigerators.

Serving Capacity

As the direct cool refrigerators are small and single doored, they can serve a family of 2-3. But the capacity of frost-free refrigerators is more.

They can easily suffice the need of a large family.

You checked the differences in both types. For an easy analysis, we are adding a chart here.

Direct cooling Frost free cooling
Freshness Good freshness to the food. Comparatively better freshness to the food.
Maintenance Difficult Easy
Heating issue No Heating issue Heating issue exists
Cost Lower expense Higher expense
Power consumption Less More
Suitable for Small families Suitable for both large and small families.
Number of doors Single door Two or more doors

Reasons For Buying a Frost Free Refrigerator

We hope we have succeeded to show you the difference between both the cooling types.

If you feel that you found no reason to buy a frost-free refrigerator, let us show you some reasons for buying a frost-free refrigerator.

Reasons for buying a frost-free refrigerator


If you have read the direct cooling refrigerators’ qualities, you may have got its drawbacks. Their drawbacks may shortly make them eliminated from the market.

If you buy a direct cooling refrigerator, the chances are that you may face difficulty in repairing it afterwards. You may also not get their spare parts readily available.

Therefore, frost-free refrigerators are the most convenient to use.


The older models of the direct cooling refrigerators barely come with any feature. They are only designed to give freshness to your food.

But the frost-free refrigerators are much advanced. They come with a thermostat for intact cooling. They come with power-saving features and many other modes as well.

So, the frost-free cooling refrigerators are way better.

No Cleaning Issues

You do not have to go through any other cleaning process in the frost-free refrigerators. However, direct cooling refrigerators have tough processes of defrosting and cleaning.

After defrosting, you have to clean the melted water as well. Therefore make a hazardless choice by opting for the frost-free cooling technology.


As we already said, frost-free refrigerators give you better air circulation. Therefore, they have the ability to keep the foods fresh for a longer span.


Design is a great factor for those who want to enhance the ambience by installing a refrigerator. Therefore, if you are one of them, we highly recommend that you choose frost-free refrigerators.

They come with a double door or multiple door designs. You can choose according to your taste.

So, now you know why frost-free cooling refrigerators are better than direct cooling refrigerators. Now, let us discuss some of the questions related to both of the refrigeration types.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I need to defrost the frost-free refrigerator?

No, there is no such need of defrosting the frost-free refrigerators. However, an old model can need defrosting in the cases of ice accumulation.

2. Can ice accumulate in the freezer bottom of the frost-free refrigerator?

Generally, it is not that natural. However, if someone faces such an incident, they must have been using the refrigerator for more than 15 years, and some parts have stopped working.

3. Do the frost-free refrigerators make noise?

Yes, they do. But that is not prominent from a distance. It will not make any disturbance in your daily life.

4. What is the lifespan of frost-free refrigerators?

It depends on your usage. If you maintain it properly, you can make it last for 10-15 years.

But lack of maintenance can reduce the lifespan.

5. Is there something wrong if the refrigerator makes noise?

Yes, if you hear any unusual sound in your refrigerator, there is something wrong with the refrigerator. you need to turn it off immediately and call for help from the company service centre.

6. How much time does it take in defrosting?

If you use the defrost button, it may take 10 to 30 minutes to defrost. But if you are using the other method by turning the fridge off, you may need some extra time.

7. When should you defrost your refrigerator?

When you see a thick layer of frost in the freezer part, do not do any delay to defrost your refrigerator.

8. How can you defrost the refrigerator without turning it off?

You can use a hairdryer to accomplish this. Before that, place a thick towel under the fridge so that the melting water does not add extra duties for you to complete.

9. What if you do not defrost your refrigerator?

If you do not defrost your direct cooling refrigerator, it will affect the usual cooling process. The ice will become an obstacle between the freezer and the other parts of the refrigerator.

The heating process will be hindered. And with time, it can affect the other parts as well.

10. What should you do with your food during the defrosting process?

When you are defrosting the refrigerator, take out the foods and keep them in a zipper bag. After that, keep those bags in a container filled with ice.

This will help. Or you can mould the plastic bags in newspapers as well.

Direct Cool vs Frost Free Refrigerator


It is nothing harmful to use a direct cool refrigerator. They are less expensive, consume less power and are suitable for small usages.

Therefore, you can avoid the option of frost-free refrigerators if you do not need them. If your usages are more and you cannot spare time on the maintenance of the refrigerator, then the frost-free ones are best for you.


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