What is a Convertible Refrigerator? – Advantages & Working Explained!

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Have you ever thought that how much electricity gets wasted when you do not need the freezer or the fridge and still have to keep it on because you don’t have any other option? If you think this way, then you can bring home the convertible refrigerator

The convertible refrigerators have created a buzz in the market with their efficiency. And one by one, all the reputed brands are plunging into the competition.

Therefore, you will get many options in the newly launched models. And more features, equal to more scopes of transitions and many chances of saving electricity.

Therefore, bring home a convertible AC. But before that, get some knowledge about the brands and their provided programs.

What is a Convertible Refrigerator?

The convertible refrigerators give you the freedom to use them at your convenience. You can transform them into your desirable mode. 

Convertible refrigerator

In regular single-door freezers, you get to use two different modes together. One is the fridge and the other in the freezer.

You cannot choose to use only one mode. But in convertible refrigerators, you can select the mode and use your refrigerator according to your needs. 

You can control the freezer and the fridge separately. Also, turn off the freezer and run the fridge only. 

You can convert the fridge into a freezer and vice versa. Alone the freezer is also usable.

And thus, the convertible refrigerators give you the freedom of using your product as you like it.

How do they work?

Their working process is not that difficult. The regular refrigerators use only one evaporator and fan to operate both the freezer and the fridge. But the convertible refrigerators use two separate evaporators and fans to control both components.

And therefore, the temperatures of both sections can be controlled separately. But the converting session may be a bit lengthy. 

Some refrigerators take one hour whereas, some may take two. Different modes have different time consumptions. 

Advantages of the convertible refrigerators

Useful when there is excess food

In festive seasons your home fills with relatives. And you may need to cook in bulk. 

Often the fridge cannot give you enough space. In such circumstances, you can turn the freezer into a refrigerator and keep the excess food in it.

Tension-free vacations

When you go for a vacation and turn the refrigerator off, you get your refrigerator as a party place for fungus when you come back. And if you keep it turned on, it consumes ample electricity.

Therefore, some convertible AC has the vacation mode, which can solve the problems.

When you need extra space for freezing

You can turn the whole refrigerator into a freezer when you need to keep ice-creams in bulk, especially at a wedding-home.

When the need is less

The refrigerator does not consume less electricity. Therefore, whenever you feel that you do not need the whole refrigerator, you can convert the freezer into the fridge and use it.

This will consume less electricity.

You can get a lot more benefits from the convertible refrigerators. It depends on your necessities and how you use the refrigerator.

Now we will discuss the different brands and the options that they include in their convertible refrigerators.

Different brands have designated the modes with other names. So do not get intrigued by different names. 

More or less, all of them work similarly. But the names differ from each other.

Haier 8-in-1 convertible refrigerator

Haier gives you eight different modes. You have an option for every situation.

Haier 8-in-1 convertible refrigerator

Summer mode

The extra hot areas of India may not suffice the average temperature of the refrigerator. Therefore, the summer mode is here.

It will keep your food fresh in the hottest temperatures.

Swift chill mode

In this function, both the freezer and refrigerator run at peak power and give you the fastest cooling.

Vacation mode

In vacation mode, the freezer is converted into the fridge. Therefore, you afford significantly less power consumption, and at the same time, your freezer remains active.

Freezer mode

In this option, only the freezer works. The fridge remains off, and the freezer works at its usual temperature.

Surprise party mode

If you can decode the name, then you will be able to know its functionality. In this mode, you can freeze ice-cream or other beverages in just a few minutes.

Therefore, if you have planned a surprise party, you can make the dishes just a few minutes before the party.

But to use this mode, you do not need to throw a surprise party.

You can quench your sudden ice-cream cravings with the help of this model.

Home alone mode

In this mode, the freezer does not work. You can operate the fridge only.

Veg mode

If you have brought extra vegetables from the market, you do not have to worry when you have this model in your refrigerator. You can convert the freezer into the fridge.

Therefore, you get a whole fridge to store your veggies. 

Normal mode

This is the regular mode where you use the fridge and freezer together in their average temperatures.

Samsung 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator

The Samsung double door refrigerator comes with five convertible options. These are suitable for every season and need.

Samsung 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator

Home alone mode

What Haier has termed as vacation mode, Samsung has named it the home alone mode. You get to convert your freezer into the fridge and can store less food.

This saves much of the electricity.

Vacation mode

The vacation mode makes your vacations tension less of the electricity bills, caused by the full-fledged running of the refrigerator. The vacation mode is similar to the freezer model of Haier refrigerators.

In this mode, only the freezer works at its temperature. Therefore, you pay only the bill for the freezer.

Extra fridge mode

As the name suggests, you get extra space in your freezer. This means you can use both the compartments as a fridge. This is similar to the veg mode of Heir.

You can use the freezer to stuff extra foods or extra fresh vegetables to keep them fresh for longer.

Seasonal mode

If you often need to run the fridge compartment only, especially in winters, then you can use this mode.

It lets you use only the fridge and not the freezer.

Normal mode

The normal mode is the regular mode. Both the compartments work at their temperature.

Samsung 3-in-1 convertible refrigerator

The 3-in-1 convertible refrigerator by Samsung does not have three modes. It consists of only two modes, and they are the normal mode and the extra fridge mode.

We have explained both the modes above. You can refer to that.

LG dual fridge

As the name suggests, it has dual modes. One is the normal mode, and the other is similar to the veg mode of Haier or extra fridge mode of Samsung. 

Though, the options are fewer. But you have the LG convertible refrigerators take less time in their transition.

Godrej 6-in-1 convertible refrigerator

Godrej has innovatively designed its 6 modes. They have termed the modes as the following.

Godrej 6-in-1 convertible refrigerator

Auto mode

Auto mode is the normal form of the refrigerator. You will get a normal temperature in the freezer and the refrigerator.

Low load mode

In this mode, the refrigerator will consume very little power even if you stuff it with extra loads.

High load mode

When you dump extra foods in the fridge compartment and still need to run the deep freezer at a high temperature, you can use this mode.

Ice Cream mode

It gives you the exact temperature to freeze ice. So, no worries about unsuccessful ice cream making.

Deep freezer mode

This is a mode for frozen foods. You can bring the temperature to -18 degrees in this mode.

Cold storage mode

In this mode, you can bring the temperature up to -25 degrees. Best for preserving meat and fish.


This was a detailed discussion about the models and their working processes. In conclusion, we can say that you should choose the options according to your need. 

Because if you go for more options, the charges will also be increasing. So, when you choose your choice’s product, make sure that you can take full advantage of them.


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