Choose The Right Voltage Stabilizer For Your Refrigerator / Fridge

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When you are using a voltage stabilizer for a refrigerator in your home, you can stay tense-free if there is a voltage fluctuation.

A suitable stabilizer will keep your product safe and make it last longer. Therefore make sure that you connect your refrigerator with a voltage stabilizer.

Stabilizer For Refrigerator

Here we have mentioned various voltage stabilizers and some points that you need to look at in your product. Therefore, read till the end to know the exact details.

Power consumption of the refrigerator

Before buying the stabilizer for your refrigerator, you need to check the power consumption of your refrigerator first.

voltage stabilizer for refrigerator

The power consumption is measured in wattage.

See the user manual to know the wattage of your refrigerator. The voltage stabilizer needs to have more than 50% of the wattage of your refrigerator. 

For example, if the wattage of your refrigerator is 300 watts, then the stabilizer should be that of 450 watts.

Input voltage range

To make your voltage stabilizer work properly, you need to know the input voltage range of your home. If the input range is not within your stabilizer’s capacity, it will cut the power supply to your appliance.

Therefore, the input range of the stabilizer should match the input range of your home.

In India, the domestic input voltage range remains 230v. Therefore, try to buy a stabilizer that covers the input range of 230v.

Types of voltage stabilizers

You will get different types of stabilizers in the market. Knowing about them will increase the chances that you get the right style for you.

Types of voltage stabilizers for refrigerator

Servo controlled voltage stabilizer

These voltage stabilizers use servo motors to stabilize the voltage fluctuation. And they work on the negative feedback concept.

They can stabilize up to 50% of deviation in the input voltage to continually supply your refrigerator.

Relay type voltage stabilizers

The relay voltage stabilizers work by switching the relays to regulate the voltage in fluctuation. You connect the refrigerator load to various relay points of the stabilizer.

 And when the voltage fluctuates, the load switches to the other suitable relay. Thus it gives a steady output voltage to your refrigerator.

Single and double booster voltage stabilizer

Single and double booster voltage stabilizers are the types of booster stabilizers. 

The single booster stabilizers are only capable of boosting the output voltage to a certain level. It has an operating range of 180v to 280v. 

If you live in an area where voltage fluctuation is very normal, you can use single booster stabilizers.

The double booster voltage stabilizers have an operation range of 160v to 270v. They can boost the output voltage at dual the range of the input voltage.

These are suitable for extreme voltage drops.

Static Voltage Stabilizers

These are the most prominent voltage stabilizers for refrigerators. And they give a wide range of voltage regulation.

To stabilize the output voltage, they use electronic converters, and therefore their duty is so prominent. However, they are expensive and bulky as well.

Features you need to notice while Buying a Refrigerator


Mounting the voltage stabilizer on the wall is the best option for installing it. If you keep them on the ground, they can get wet.


Also, your children can reach it. You should always keep such electrical products out of a child’s reach.

Therefore, you should mount it on the wall beside the refrigerator. 

Also, check for a free installation from the distributor. It will shed the extra charges of installation.

Time delay system

When there is a sudden power cut, the time delay feature helps to remain the appliance cool. And it also protects it from a sudden receiving of the power.

Thus, it keeps your appliance safe from sudden voltage outbreaks or power cuts.


The indicators help you to track whether the voltage stabilizer is working correctly or not. Some stabilizers have a digital display that even shows the input and output range.

Some have LED blink indicators that give you indication with different colors.

Overload protection

The overload protection feature helps when the voltage exceeds the capability of your voltage stabilizer. Every stabilizer has its highest and lowest voltage handling range.

When the voltage goes beyond its receiving capacity, it tends to become heated and harm itself and the appliance both.

Therefore, the voltage stabilizers should come with the overload protection feature.


Digitize voltage stabilizers are easy to install. Therefore, they reduce the installation charge as well. 

So when you buy a stabilizer, try to get a digitized one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a voltage stabilizer reduce electricity bills?

No, a stabilizer is not designed to reduce your electricity bills. They only stabilize the voltage fluctuation that your product goes through.

Therefore, never expect a stabilizer to reduce your electricity bills.

Can I use a refrigerator voltage stabilizer for my TV?

No, you cannot use a refrigerator stabilizer on your TV. The reason is that TV has different functionalities and needs. 

Similarly, refrigerators also have different mechanisms. So, the need for the TV will never be fulfilled by a refrigerator stabilizer.

Is it necessary to have a voltage stabilizer with my refrigerator?

Your refrigerator doesn’t need to have a wide operation range. And if the matter is such, then you will need a refrigerator stabilizer.

However, the latest models of refrigerators come with a wide operational range. In these models, you need not pair the fridge with the stabilizer.

What is the wattage of a refrigerator?

The starting wattage range of the refrigerator is high, but they need minimal wattage to operate throughout the day.

The starting wattage range is 800-1200 watt-hours/day. But to operate, they need only 150watt-hours/day.

Is it alright if I turn off the refrigerator when not needed?

As we already said, the refrigerators do not need much wattage to operate. Therefore, there is no need to turn it off whenever you don’t need them. 

It will instead harm your product. This is not the right way you make it energy efficient.

How the voltage stabilizer–free refrigerators work?

The voltage stabilizer-free refrigerators come with a high operational range. Thereby, when any voltage fluctuation occurs, it stabilizes the input range.

Most of the latest models of the reputed brands give you the relaxation of using a refrigerator without a stabilizer.

Do the stabilizers protect lightning?

Yes, a stabilizer can save your products from lightning. When it is lightning, the electrical appliances face power surges. 

In such circumstances, the voltage stabilizer turns off the appliances for a few moments. And when the power supply is stabilized again, the stabilizer allows the power supply.

Does the voltage stabilizer affect the electricity bill?

Not as such. Yes, the voltage stabilizers use electricity. 

But the amount is meager. They use electricity only to feed the microprocessors or servo motors. 

Therefore, they do not affect your electricity bill as such.

Is it necessary to have various voltage stabilizers for different appliances?

Yes, it is. Various appliances have different needs, and the voltage stabilizers are designed accordingly. 

Which is the best voltage stabilizer brand in India?

V-guard has been accepted as one of the most trusted stabilizer brands in India. However, if you follow the features mentioned above in your voltage stabilizer, you can get a good product.


If you still doubt whether you need a voltage stabilizer or not, then do not think much. The stabilizers will not harm your pocket.

Instead they will save much of your money by preventing accidental loss of your appliance. Therefore, hurry and bring home a perfect stabilizer for your refrigerator.


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