Catechin Filter In Air Conditioners | Working | Usage | Pros & Cons!

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Catechin filter in the air Conditioner is a natural filtration process. It prevents bacteria and other adulterations from entering your home.

Many people are nowadays concerned about the natural destruction caused by electrical appliances.

Therefore, the AC manufacturers have taken the initiative to use purifiers that are environmentally friendly.

catechin filter

And the solution has been found in catechin filters. Catechin is a natural element extracted from green tea. 

These are natural and at the same time effective on their duties as well.

Therefore, these are the best options for air filtration.

What is Catechin?

Catechin is an essential element that we get in green tea.

These properties are capable of eliminating bacteria with their antiviral and antibacterial properties.

What Can They Eliminate?

You may want to know what they can deduct? Let me tell you that they have the potential to demolish the toxin causing scents.

For example, they can detonate the smell of mosquito repellent, tobacco smoke, pet smell, and so on.

The list does not end here. They can also trap microbes and infections.

Therefore, they keep your home circulated with pure air.

How Does The Catechin Filter Work?

The catechin filters are used in the AC screen. And this is the primary way for the bacteria to enter.

As we have already said, catechin has antibacterial properties; hence, they prevent the air from encountering bacteria.

And thus, they prevent bacteria and help to reduce bad smells like tobacco smoke and so on. 

Pros of Catechin Filter

  • Catechin filters can reduce most of the air’s impurities. They eliminate bacteria, viruses, microbes, odors, and more.
  • These filters are long-lasting. They can last up to a decade.
  • These are easy to clean.
  • It is an excellent solution for an asthmatic patient.
  • It can remove smells of VOCs like paint, alcohol smell, cooking smells and etcetera.

Cons of Catechin Filter

  • It is challenging to vacate it from the AC.
  • It can be a bit expensive.
  • As it has been newly innovated, therefore, you may face difficulty in finding it.

Use of Catechin Filter In The Air Conditioner

As this filtration technology is a Japanese invention, most Japanese AC manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Daikin etc. have already started implementing it.

The Indian manufacturers are also initiating and will widespread soon.

Final Words!

In conclusion, we can say that catechin filter is one of the latest technologies used in air purifying.

So, when you buy a new air conditioner you can take this feature under consideration.


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