Blue Fin, Gold Fin, Hydrophilic Fin and Micro-Channel Condenser Coils in AC | Explained!

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The condenser coils have a very significant role on the performance of an air conditioner. While purchasing an air conditioner, you will hear some terms like Gold fin, Blue Fin, Micro-channel condenser coils etc.

These terms will surely make you confused. All these terms are related to the cooling capacity and anti-corrosive efficiency of an air conditioner.

blue fin gold fin micro-channel condenser coils

Now, in this article, we will briefly explain all these terms related to the efficiency of coils in an air conditioner.

Before going further, first, we will discuss the basic four principles of an air conditioner so that you can understand properly.

Working of an Air Conditioner

Air conditioner is an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system which works on the basic four principles.

These are compression, condensation, expansion and evaporation.

Refrigeration Cycle: 1) Condenser Coil 2) Expansion Valve 3) Evaporator Coil 4) Compressor


This step ensures the pressurization of gas by converting it to high-pressure hot liquid.


In this step, the liquid passes through the coils where the conversion of the high-pressure hot liquid to the cool liquid occurs due to the release of heat into the air.

Expansion valve

This valve is responsible for converting the high-pressure liquid into low-pressure liquid. 


This procedure takes place in the indoor unit of the air conditioner. The low-pressure liquid goes through the evaporator coil.

There it absorbs heat from the room and transforms the liquid into gas. 

We have previously mentioned that coils are important for any air conditioner. If we look into history, we will see that copper coils are very popular and beneficial for air conditioners.

But later, by considering the cost of copper, manufacturers shifted to the use of aluminum coils. Both copper and aluminum coils have their advantages and disadvantages.

However, it is also important to ensure that coils are free from rust, corrosion, and any other type of damage.

Now we will discuss the different technologies that ensure the performance efficiency of the AC coil. 

Blue Fin Condenser

The Blue Fin Condenser is an anti-corrosive coat used over the coils of an air conditioner to enhance the efficacy and long life of the air conditioner.

Voltas used this technology for the first time to improve the efficacy of the coils of an air conditioner.

The Blue Fin coat saves the condenser coils from the corrosion that is caused by the harsh climate, humidity, and moisture.

The revolving procedure of the entire working cycle of an air conditioner place through the coils.


Presently, several prominent AC manufacturers like Blue Star, Panasonic, and Electrolux use the Blue Fin technology.

This technology will be beneficial for those AC users who live in coastal areas. 

Benefits of Blue Fin Condenser

  • The blue-coated condenser or Blue Fin condenser increases the durability of an air conditioner.
  • This condenser permits the refrigerant to transfer better heat and enhances the cooling capacity of an air conditioner.
  • This technology protects the AC from corrosion by keeping the grime and dust out of the coils.
  • This technology provides an epoxy coating on the coils that protects them from water droplets, disposition of acid, and accumulation of salt.
  • Blue Fin technology helps to conserve energy in the air conditioner.
  • This technology is widely used in coastal areas mainly to protect the AC coils from the salty air.

Hydrophilic Blue Fin Condenser

We have previously discussed that the long life of an air conditioner depends on the corrosion that damages the coils while transferring the heat.

The corrosion results in leakage in the coils that leads to a loss of refrigerant.

Hydrophilic Blue Fin Condenser

It happens more frequently in the coastal areas in comparison with other areas for the presence of ozone and salts in the coastal air. The regular cleaning of the coils protects the coils from any kind of damage.

It is not easy in case of cleaning the aluminum coils that are kept in the heavy cabinets for its protection.

In such cases, manufacturers fuse the aluminum coils to the copper tubes that result in galvanic corrosion.

The galvanic corrosion happens for the mixing of two different types of AC coils. To avoid the galvanic corrosion, manufacturers coat the aluminum coils with a golden hydrophilic coat.

This technology is known as Hydrophilic Fin technology.

Benefits of Hydrophilic Fin

  • With this technology, the water droplets slip down without sticking on the surface of the condenser.
  • This technology confines the procurement of water on the surfaces of the fin.
  • The hydrophilic coated aluminum coils last three times longer than normal aluminum coils.
  • It is considered as the best technology to increase the life of the AC coils by confining them from corrosion.

Gold Fin Condenser

Manufacturers use a copper coil or aluminum coil in air conditioners for heat transfer and refrigeration.

Among these two coils, copper coils are expensive in comparison with aluminum coils.

gold fin condenser coil

Therefore, some AC manufacturers use aluminum coils to the welded copper tubes to increase the overall performance.

But when manufacturers use two of these materials it enhances the chances of galvanic corrosion.

But it does not happen when they use single metal to make the coil.

Hence, they use a golden hydrophilic coating over the aluminum coils.

Benefits of Gold Fin Condenser

  • In comparison with Blue Fin Condensers, Gold Fin Condensers are better.
  • Gold Fin Condensers offer greater protection to the coils of an air conditioner without getting rust.
  • This condenser improves the heating efficacy of an air conditioner by accelerating the defrosting procedure.
  • These condensers are completely eco-friendly and non-toxic to the environment.
  • Gold Fin Condensers protect the coils from the accumulation of salt, water, and acid on the coils of an air conditioner.
  • This technology is beneficial for both coastal and other areas throughout the world for its handy technology.

After discussing Blue Fin, Hydrophilic Fin, and Gold Fin condensers we will move towards Micro-channel condenser.

Micro Channel Condenser Coils

Samsung AC manufacturers introduced microchannel technology for the first time.

This technology was invented to be used in the coastal areas to enhance the efficiency of the coils of an Air Conditioner.


Microchannel condenser coils are the aluminum coils with various flat tubes. These tubes contain microchannels through which the refrigerant flows. 

Benefits of Micro Channel Condenser

Corrosion Protection

Micro-channel condensers protect an air conditioner from corrosion. This technology is the best solution to install in coastal areas particularly.

cross section of micro channel condenser coil

Ease of Service and Repairing

Micro-channel coils are easy to clean and repair with the help of an epoxy procedure. The thickness of these coils is less than one inch.

So, you won’t face any trouble with the removal of debris caught within the coil.

These coils can be repaired easily by using simple procedures. The durability of these coils permits pressure washing by the use of a broad spray pattern.

This technique is not recommended for RTPF (Round Tube Plate Fin) coils.

Thermal Performance

Micro-channel Condenser is an advanced technology, hugely flourished in recent years.

For the insertion of angled fins and louvered between the flat tubes this technology provides the maximum heat transfer.

This technology improves the thermal performance of an air conditioner.

It reduces the charge of the refrigerant and improves the corrosion resistance of an air conditioner. 

The microchannel comes with the metallurgical fin-tube bond that results from the brazing operation. It maximizes surface contact.

It results in improved heat transfer of the AC coil. 

Durability and Leakage Reduction

In comparison with Blue Fin and Gold Fin coils, microchannel coils are more durable. It has flat tubes that serve as a fin guard and protects the fins from damage.

The manually brazed joints in the coil reduce the chances of leakage on the coils. 

Refrigerant Charge

This coils reduce the refrigerant charge by at least 75% for having a smaller volume. This technology offers a better eco-friendly solution for the refrigeration system.

It also helps to decrease global warming and ozone depletion. 


Blue Fin, Gold Fin and Micro channel condenser coils all have some advantages and disadvantages.

But we need to know about them as per our requirements.

We hope, these information will be helpful to you to gather required information about these different technologies that are used in AC coils to enhance the efficiency of an air conditioner.


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