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9 Best Water Purifier In India 2020 | Best RO Water Purifier | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Thinking about purchasing the best water purifier in India 2020? This article will guide you to find the best water purifier for home, office or elsewhere. Here, I have listed down the best RO water purifier presently available in India.

Water is one of the most important necessity in life. And when it comes to health, the water needs to pure and clean.

Water tends to dissolve any substance in it. Due to this ability, it can also dissolve many pollutants and harmful substances in it.

It makes the water impure and unfit to drink. If any person drinks the contaminated water may suffer from water-borne diseases like diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, etc.

To resist these harmful microorganisms, the best water purifier is a solution. A water purifier is just a kitchen appliance that is a must to have nowadays.

Many manufactures are trying to develop the best water purifier in India using the latest technology to get cleaner water. It is hard to find the best water purifier in India from the market as you have a lot of choices.

You may have heard the terms like RO, UV, UF, TDS Controller, Mineralizer etc. This may confuse you even more.

But, here you can get all the information regarding the best water purifier brand as well as their products with specifications.

So, without further delay, here is the list.

We highly recommend that you read the Water Purifier Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about all the latest water purifying technologies and make the informed choice.
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Best Water Purifier In India 2020 (At a Glance)

This list is made on the basis of hours of research, the data we collected from users review, feedback, technical specification and obviously value for money.

Best RO Water Purifier

01. LG Puricare 8 litres RO + UV Water Purifier with Dual Protection – Best Water Purifier In India (Editor’s Choice)

Key Highlights:

  • True RO Filtration
  • Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank
  • Digital Sterilizing care
  • Storage Capacity: 8 liters
  • Other Features: Filter Change Indicator, Tank Full Indicator, UV Indicator, Power Indicator, RO+UV; Filters: Outside Sediment filter with anti-scalant module, Composite Filter(Sedi+Carbon), RO Membrane Filter, Post Carbon Filter
  • Warranty: 1 year.

5 Stage RO Filtration System- The LG Puricare 8 liters RO+ purifier works with 5 stage RO filtration system. This 5 stage RO filtration comprises 5 RO filtration stages.

These 5 RO filtration stages help to remove bacteria and viruses from the water.

Moreover, this filtration system helps to prevent the mixing of purified water with the impure water, and it helps to maintain minerals in the water.

Stainless Certification- Here, you will get the support of stainless certification with this LG Puricare 8 liters purifier.

The stainless steel storage of this purifier has 94.4% less E.Coil growth within 24 hours in comparison with plastic tanks.

Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank- With the LG 8 liters RO+ dual protection purifier, you will get dual protection stainless steel tank. This stainless steel tank is more hygenic in comparison with a plastic tank.

The stainless steel tank ensures the safety of the water. It also maintains the freshness of water and helps to reduce the growth of algae and bacteria in the water.

Ever Fresh UV Plus- This 8 liters LG RO+ water purifier offers the ever fresh UV Plus feature. RO removes bacteria and viruses; hence there is no need for UV in the filtration stage.

The UV cycle of this purifier runs during the preservation stage. The ever fresh UV plus technology provides fresh water.

  • This water purifier comes in an attractive design.
  • It offers a huge capacity.
  • It comes with a UV indicator.
  • The tap control lever could be a bit strong.
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02. AO Smith Z9 10 Liters RO + SCMT Water Purifier – Best Water Purifier in India (For Hot & Cold Water)

Key Highlights:

  • Material Tank Type : Virgin food -grade ABS.
  • Can be used for TDS upto 2000ppm.
  • 8S Technology: Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Carbon block + ART (Advance Recovery Technology) + Patented Side Stream RO Membrane + MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology) + ZX Double Protection Dual Filter* (Silver Activated Post Carbon block + SCMT).
  • Min-Tech (MINERALISER TECHNOLOGY) adds essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium back into the water.
  • Hot water at a press of a button.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive.

8 Stage Purification- The AO Smith Z9 10 liters RO water purifier offers 8 stage purification.

Here, water passes through 8 stage procedures that include pre-filter, sediment filter, ART MAX, Carbon block, patented side stream RO membrane, ZX double protection dual filter, and mineralizer technology.

Mineralizer Technology- The AO Smith Z9 RO water purifier offers mineralizer technology. The mineralizer technology adds essential minerals to the purified water.

This technology ensures the freshness of the water, and it helps to keep the natural pH balance of the water.

Advance Recovery Technology- With this AO Smith Z9 RO purifier, you will get the convenience of the advanced recovery technology.

The advance recovery technology of this water purifier helps to recover 2X more water when it runs through the purifier.

This technology also ensures minimum water wastage.

Silver Charged Membrane Technology- The AO Smith Z9 10 liters water purifier comes with the silver charged membrane technology.

The silver charged membrane technology is an additional stage of purification that helps to prevent any potential secondary microbial contamination.

This technology offers healthy and purified water.

Advance Alert- With this AO Smith 10 liters water purifier, you will get the convenience of advance alert. The advance alert is a handy system that lets you know if the RO membrane of the filters needs to be changed.

  • It offers a huge capacity.
  • It offers pure water.
  • This water purifier provides 8 stage purification.
  • Provision of hot and cold water.
  • Here you will get a night assist feature.
  • You may face installation issues.
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03. HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF Water Purifier 10-Litres – Best Water Purifier Under 20000

Key Highlights:

  • Storage Capacity: 8 L.
  • Material tank type: Food grade engineered plastic
  • Can be used for TDS upto 2000 ppm.
  • Dual dispensing system gives you a choice of Copper Charged RO water and normal RO water.
  • Unique Copper charge technology charges water with 99.8% pure copper in real time. It infuses right amount of copper in every glass of water.
  • It has intelligent Copper auto cleaning feature which automatically cleans the copper ensuring fresh copper infusion at all times.

Copper Charge Technology- The HUL Pureit Copper+ 8 liters water purifier works on the copper charge technology. The copper charge technology helps to charge the water with 99.8% pure copper.

Now you don’t need to store the water overnight in a copper vessel as this purifier will directly provide copper rich water.

Precise Copper Dosing- The Pureit Copper+ infuses an adequate amount of copper in every glass of water. Copper vessels can’t introduce a proper amount of copper as it depends on the size of the vessel, quality of water, and storage time.

Now, you will get the appropriate dosing of copper in every glass of water.

Intelligent Copper Auto-Cleaning- With this copper+ RO water purifier, you will get the support of intelligent copper auto-cleaning technology. Copper vessels require regular cleaning to prevent oxidation.

But the Pureit Copper RO automatically cleans the copper with its intelligent copper auto-cleaning technology and ensures fresh copper infusion all time.

Double Purity Lock- This water purifier comes with a double purity lock that gives you an alert before 15 days, the filter expires. And the auto-shutoff stops the water if the filter is not changed.

The double purity lock feature ensures 100% sweet and safe water.

  • This water purifier maintains immunity.
  • The copper-rich water helps to fight obesity.
  • It ensures overall well being.
  • It prevents harmful toxins from leaching into the water.
  • Can be used for TDS upto 2000 ppm
  • For 1 liter water filtration, there will be 650ml wastage of water.
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Best Water Purifier Under 15000

04. KENT Grand 8-Litres RO + UV/UF + TDS Controller Water Purifier – Best RO Water Purifier / Best Water Purifier Brand

Key Highlights:

  • Storage Capacity: 8-L.
  • Tank Material: Food Grade Plastic
  • Can be used for TDS (500-2500).
  • Purification Capacity: 15 Litres Per Hour
  • Warranty: 1 Year + 3 Years No Service Charge

Mineral RO Technology- The Kent RO+ 8 liters water purifier works on the mineral RO technology. Kent’s mineral RO technology provides essential natural minerals in the purified water with the help of the TDS controller.

Now, you will get 100% safe and tasty drinking water.

Multiple Purification Process- With this purifier, you will get the support of multiple purification process. The multiple purification process makes drinking water 100% safe for consumption.

This feature not only removes the dissolved impurities such as bacteria, salts, and chemicals, it also enhances the taste of water.

Zero Water Wastage- KENT is the first to introduce zero water wastage purifier of the world. This purifier makes the water 100% pure and ensures 0% of water wastage during the purification procedure.

In-Tank UV Disinfection- The KENT 8 liters RO+ water purifier comes with the in-tank UV disinfection feature. The in-tank UV disinfection feature helps to keep the stored water in the storage tank free from contaminants for a more extended period of time.

  • This water purifier comes with massive storage.
  • It offers 100% pure water.
  • The water tank is durable.
  • Water overflows from the lower water tank.
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05. HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF Water Purifier 10-Litres – Best Water Purifier For Home

Key Highlights:

  • Storage Capacity: 10 L.
  • Material tank type: Food grade engineered plastic
  • Can be used for TDS upto 2000 ppm.
  • Warranty: 1 year

High-Speed Purification- The Pureit RO+ 10 liters water purifier offers high-speed purification. The high-speed purification offers filtration of up to 28 liters per hour.

So, with this water purifier, you will get purified water for the entire day, within just 1 hour.

Largest Storage Capacity- The HUL Pureit RO+ water purifier offers the largest storage capacity. Here, you will get the storage of 10 liters.

So, you will never run out of purified water due to this huge storage capacity.

Mineral Cartridge- The Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+ 10 liters water purifier comes with a mineral cartridge. This mineral cartridge helps to add essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium in the purified water.

100% RO Purified Water- The HUL Pureit RO+ 10litres water purifier offers 100% RO purified water. In this water purifier, the water passes through RO membrane and ensures no mixing of impure and purified water.

The RO removes harmful chemicals such as mercury, lead, etc. So, with this purifier, you will get 100% RO purified water.

Advanced 7 Stage Purification- With this Pureit RO+ water purifier, you will get the support of advanced 7 stage purification. The advanced 7 stage purification ensures safe and sweet drinking water always.

  • It offers substantial storage.
  • With this purifier, you will get a double purity lock.
  • Here, you will get a digital display panel.
  • It offers a purity indicator.
  • For water filtration, this purifier wastes water.
  • It is not suitable for high TDS water.
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06. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance 7-Litres RO + UV + UF + MTDS Water Purifier

Key Highlights:

  • Brand: Eureka Forbes
  • 7 Stage Filtration

Active Copper Cartridge- This RO+ water purifier comes with an active copper cartridge. Here, you will get the active copper ionic infusion with Magnesium and Calcium develops the immune system and improves the taste of the water that offers a perfect blend of healthy water.

The activated carbon helps to remove organic components and polishes the water. With the help of an active copper cartridge, the water will look sparkling and pure.

Chemi-Block- With the help of the chemi-block feature, the Eureka Forbes aqua guard RO water purifier helps to reduce excess chlorine and organic impurities.

This feature also helps to absorb the bad taste and odor from the water. Now, you will get 100% pure water with the help of this technology.

Mineral Guard- With this water purifier, you will get the support of mineral guard technology. This technology retains essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the present water.

The mineral guard feature ensures to provide healthy water.

Ultra-Filtration- Here, you will get the convenience of ultra-filtration technology. The ultra-filtration technology helps to provide crystal clear clarity to the purified water.

Moreover, this technology helps to make the water safe from bacteriological contamination.

  • It offers mineral-rich water.
  • Here you will get bacteria free pure water.
  • This water purifier offers 7 stage filtration.
  • The servicing is good for the purifier.
  • This water purifier is not ideal for high TDS water.
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07. Blue Star Aristo 7-Litres RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

Key Highlights:

  • Storage Capacity: 7 liters
  • Elegant looks complemented by superior performance.
  • Alerts like purification alert, tank and low pressure alerts
  • Warranty: 1 year on product

Triple-Layered Protection- With the Blue Star RO+ 7 liters water purifier, you will get the support of triple-layered protection of RO+, UV+, and UF. This triple-layered protection ensures the water will be safe without any compromises. RO helps to remove dissolved impurities, heavy metals, and heavy metals.

UV helps to deactivate microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria.

Aqua Taste Booster- With this Blue Star Aristo 7 liters RO water purifier comes with aqua taste booster. The aqua taste booster uses calcite media that improves the taste of the waster and maintains the maximum level of ph level of the water.

Thereby, this water purifier will enhance your drinking experience.

Copper Impregnated Activated Carbon- The Blue Star Aristo RO+ water purifier comes with copper impregnated activated carbon.

Copper impregnated activated carbon not only removes volatile organic compounds, and odor, it also offers anti-bacterial properties.

High Purification Capacity- With this RO water purifier, you will get high purification capacity. With this high purification capacity, it can purify more amount of water.

Tank-Full Indicator- The Blue Star 7 liters RO+ water purifier, comes with a tank-full indicator. With this indicator, now you will get notified when the tank will be full.

  • This water purifier offers low-pressure alert.
  • It offers a child lock function.
  • It comes with a large storage tank.
  • This purifier comes in a slim and elegant design.
  • It doesn’t offer any warranty for the filter.
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08. Havells Max 7-litres RO + UV Water Purifier

Key Highlights:

  • Storage Capacity: 7 L
  • Revitalizer it restructures the water molecules and makes it biologically active that improves the hydration and mineral absorption
  • Kindly note: For every litre of water purified, 650 ml of water is thrown out.
  • Iprotect purification monitoring constantly monitors the purification process and ensures safe water always

Electrical Protection System- The Havells Mx 7-litres RO water purifier comes with an electrical protection system. This advanced electrical protection system ensures the exceptional performance of the purifier in the voltage range of 170V to 330V.

The electrical protection system protects the water purifier from any kind of damage.

Revitalizer- With the Havells 7 liters RO purifier, you will get the support of revitalizer. The revitalizer restructures the water molecules and helps to make the water biologically active.

It also helps to improve hydration and mineral absorption.

iProtect Purification Monitoring- Here, you will get the convenience of iProtect purification monitoring with this Havells RO water purifier.

The iProtect purification monitoring system constantly monitors the purification procedure of the purifier and ensures safe water always.

Mineralz Cartridge- With this Havells RO water purifier, you will get the support of mineralz cartridge. The mineralz cartridge corrects the pH of the purified water and adds back a full spectrum of the natural minerals.

This cartridge also traces elements and helps to deliver tastier and healthier water.

  • It offers 100% safe water.
  • This purifier comes in a compact design.
  • Here, you will get three-way mounting.
  • It comes with a huge water tank.
  • It wastes water during filtration.
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Best Water Purifier Under 10000

Nowadays, it is a necessity to get the a water purifier in your home. Many people are unable to afford filtered water. In the market, numerous brands provide RO water purifiers in a good and in-budget amount.

Now, people can easily buy the product at a good price and use the appliance to get filtered water. Here, we will discuss some of the best RO water purifier under 10000.

09. Eureka Forbes Aquasure 7-Liters RO + UV + MTDS Water Purifier – Best Water Purifier Under 10000

Key Highlights:

  • Storage Capacity: 7 liters tank.
  • Material Tank Type: Food Grade Plastic.
  • Can be used for TDS (200-2000).
  • Technology: Advanced RO+UV+MTDS purification
  • Electrical & Storage : Electric purification.

Multi-Stage Purification- The Eureka Forbes 7 liters RO+ water purifier works on a multi-storage purification process. With the multi-stage purification technology, this water purifier ensures 100% safe water for your family.

Long Lasting Cartridge- With this product you will get the support of a long lasting cartridge. With a cartridge life of 6000 liters and smart indications, this water purifier ensures safe water for a long time.

Large Storage Tank- Here, you will get a large storage tank with this Eureka Forbes Aquasure RO+ water purifier. The large storage tank ensures that you won’t run out of safe and clean drinking water when guests will come.

Flexible Installation- With this RO water purifier, you will get the convenience of flexible installation. You have to place it on your kitchen, or you also can mount it on the wall at your convenience.

You can easily install the unit.

Safe And Pure Water- From this water purifier, you will always get safe and pure water. The advanced TDS regulator of this water purifier, allows you to adjust the taste of the water.

Moreover, with the MTDS level up to 2000ppm, you will not only get tasty water but also will get safe water.

  • It offers 100% pure water.
  • The installation process is easy.
  • This water purifier offers an elegant look.
  • It comes with smart LED indicators.
  • You may face servicing issues.
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10. HUL Pureit Advanced Plus RO + UV + MP Water Purifier 5-Litres

Key Highlights:

  • Can be used for TDS upto 2000 ppm.
  • Storage Capacity: 5 L
  • HUL Pureit Advanced RO + UV + MP provides 6-stage purification, TDS removal upto 2000pmm that turns hard water into safe and sweet water.
  • Water Purifier comes with a Power Saving Mode and can run without a voltage stabilizer with its Advanced Voltage Fluctuation Guard
  • Warranty: 1 year on product (Consumables and additional accessories are not covered in warranty)

USEPA Complaint- With the HUL Pureit RO+ water purifier, you will get the support of the USEPA complaint. The USEPA compliant ensures the most robust safety standards of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The USEPA compliant technology helps to remove one crore virus and ten crore bacteria from 1 liter water.

100% Food Grade Plastic- The HUL Pureit RO+ 5 liters water purifier is made of 100% food grade plastic. This 100% food grade plastic helps to prevent harmful toxins from leaching into the water and ensures safe water.

Advanced 6 Stage Purification- With this RO+ water purifier, you will get the support of advanced 6 stage purification. With the help of advanced 6 stage purification, you will get safe and sweet water.

Power Saving Mode- Here, you will get the support of power saving mode. With the help of power saving mode, the water purifier goes on stand-by when the tank gets filled. It saves a lot of energy.

100% RO Purified Water- This RO water purifier provides 100% purified water. In this purifier, all water passes through RO membrane and ensures no mixing of impure and purified water.

  • The purifier offers 6 stage purification.
  • It ensures TDS removal.
  • With this water purifier, you will get 100% pure water.
  • It makes a lot of noise.
  • You may face installation issues.
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11. Blue Star Aristo 7-Litres RO+UF Water Purifier

Key Highlights:

  • Storage Capacity: 7L
  • Technology: RO + UV
  • Type of Filter: Pre-Filter, Pre-Carbon, RO Membrane, Sediment, Post-Carbon with ATB and UV Lamp
  • The Capacity of Purification: Up to 12L/Hour (285L/Day)
  • Indicators: Purification On, Tank Full, and Low Pressure
  • Other Features: UV Fail Alert and Child Lock button
  • Warranty: 1 year

Aqua Taste Booster- The Blue Star Aristo RO+ 7 liters water purifier comes with aqua taste booster. The aqua taste booster technology uses calcite media, which enhances the taste of the purified water.

Aqua Taste Booster also helps to maintain the optimum pH level of water.

Double Layered RO+ UF Protection- Here, you will get the support of double layered protection of RO+ and UF. This double layered protection ensures absolutely safe water without any compromises.

RO helps to remove dissolved impurities, heavy metals, microorganisms, and radioactive matters from the purified water.

UF membrane filters out physical impurities from the water, such as harmful microbes like cysts and bacteria.

Child Lock Function- With this product, you will get the convenience of the child lock function. This feature makes this purifier inaccessible for children.

High Purification Capacity- With the Blue Star RO+ water purifier, you will get high purification capacity. The high purification capacity of this purifier ensures the efficiency of the purifier.

  • The product comes with a tank-full indicator.
  • The purifier is energy efficient.
  • It comes with a huge storage tank.
  • This purifier is heavy in weight.
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12. Aquatec Plus Advance Plus 12-Litres RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier

Key Highlights:

  • Works upto 2000 tds. 90% rejection rate.
  • Purifier comes with pre-filter and all fitting accessories.
  • Removes up to 99% of contaminants with real reverse osmosis technology with filters.
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty on product and on its spares.

Huge Capacity- The Aquatec Plus advance water purifier comes with a huge capacity of 12 liters. With this huge capacity, you will never run out of pure water whenever you require it.

This huge purifier will be a great choice for joint families.

Triple Layered Purification- Here, you will get the support of triple layered protection of RO, UV, and UF. RO removes dissolved impurities from the purified water, and UF filters the physical impurities from the water.

Thereby, the triple layered protection ensures to provide pure and hygienic drinking water.

Pre Filter Accessories- With this Aquatec Plus advanced plus 12 liters water purifier, you will get pre filter accessories.

Hence, this water purifier ensures a better filtration process and offers pure and healthy water always.

  • It offers quick installation.
  • The look of this purifier is excellent.
  • The purifier offers tasty and healthy water.
  • It works up to 2000 TDS.
  • This water purifier is not suitable for high TDS water.
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13. KENT Maxx 7-Litres UV + UF Water Purifier – Best UV Water Purifier

Key Highlights:

  • Storage Capacity: 7L
  • USP: UV water purifier only with transparent tank
  • Technology: UV + UF
  • The Capacity of Filtration: 1L/min or 60L/hr
  • Filter Cartridges: Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF Membrane
  • UF Membrane: 0.1 Microns
  • Max Duty Cycle: 120L/Day
  • UV lamp Power: 11 Watts

Double Purification- The KENT Maxx 7 liters water purifier offers double purification. The double purification includes the purification process of UV and UF that helps to remove bacteria, cysts, and viruses from the water.

The double purification feature always offers pure drinking water.

Computer Controlled Operation- With this UV water purifier, you will get the convenience of computer controlled operation. The computer controlled operation offers UV change alarm and filter change alarm.

These alarms indicate the time of replacement of the filter and UV lamp as well.

Detachable Tank- With KENT Maxx, you will get a detachable storage tank. The detachable tank ensures on-site cleaning; hence you won’t need the help of a technician to clean the water tank.

ABS Food Grade Plastic- The body is made of ABS food grade plastic. The ABS food grade plastic maintains the quality of the purified water.

Moreover, the push-fil design helps to prevent any leakages.

High Storage Capacity- It comes with a huge storage capacity of 7 liters. This high storage capacity ensures a constant supply of purified water even during a power cut.

  • The purifier offers dual purification of both UV and UF.
  • It offers a UV change alarm.
  • The storage of this water purifier is vast.
  • This product always offers pure and tasty water.
  • The quality of this water purifier is not up to the mark.
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Best Water Purifier in India – Buying Guide

The another name of water is ‘life’. Because just like air we cannot think about living without water. And we are blessed that our earth has sufficient water for all the life present in the planet.

But, we humans are polluting this precious source of life with different means. We are either doing it directly or indirectly, and we are doing this at an alarming rate.

water pollution
“Phosphate plant in Atlantic, Morocco.”

Low access to drinking water, along with inadequate sanitation and hygiene conditions, are the leading causes of waterborne diseases, which produce approximately 1.8 million deaths annually worldwide.

The supply of clean water through centralized systems is a difficult task in developing countries. These large-scale systems involve massive operation and maintenance efforts.

And there is always the risk of re-contamination of drinking water during the distribution, and management processes in the place of consumption (homes, schools, offices etc.).

Therefore, water treatment at the domestic level through the use of simple and useful options can significantly reduce the incidence of waterborne diseases.

Polluted water
Human made polluted waters

The water can be purified by boiling, chemical treatment with chlorine, or iodine, or acquiring the best water purifier for home.

Due to the presence of pathogens such as bacteria, and protozoa, and toxic substances such as heavy metals, contaminated water is capable of endangering the health of the population.

This water should not be used for human consumption, or even for recreational purposes.

Causes Of Water Pollution

There are different sources of water pollution, which lead to the poisoning of water. We do not realize, but we humans are responsible for polluting the purest source that we have.

Dumping of industrial waste into the river
Dumping of faecal sludge into the river scaled

Water pollution is the impurities present in the water which makes it harmful for any living being. Water gets polluted when it is mixed with chemicals, plastic waste, and any other negative discharge.

It happens due to many reasons such as dumping of industrial wastes, sewage water discharge, littering plastics in water, disposing garbage, using pesticides, chemicals from factories, liquid waste, and so on.

Impurities In Drinking Water

Water is an excellent solvent, and therefore, it can dissolve anything that comes in contact with it. Once you are aware of different types of impurities, you must know what impurities does drinking water has.

impurities in drinking water
Impurities in drinking water

There are mainly four types of impurities present in water.

  • Dissolved Impurities: The natural water consists of of inorganic salts, dissolved organic matter, and gasses.
  • Suspended Impurities: The surface of water consists of organic suspended pollutants such as animal body material, oil globules, and vegetables. On the other hand, the inorganic suspended impurities consist of sand, clay, and eroded minerals.
  • Colloidal Impurities: It includes clay, organic waste products, amino acids, coloring materials, and silica.
  • Pathogenic Micro-organisms: It includes bacteria, algae, fungi, viruses etc.

To remove all these impurities you need the best water purifier with latest technologies such as an RO water purifier.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

You may have heard about TDS, but what is this actually? TDS is the combined content of all inorganic and organic substances present in a water in molecular, ionized or micro-granular suspended form.

Examining TDS in the water
Examining TDS in the water

The primary sources of TDS in water are minerals-rich mountain waters, leaching of soil contamination, agricultural runoff, residential runoff and point source water pollution discharge from industrial or sewage treatment plants.

These solids include calcium, phosphates, sodium, potassium, nitrates, and chloride. Also it includes heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic etc.

Heavy metals in water
Heavy metals in water

These are extremely harmful for our health. These heavy metals does not get removed from our body and it keeps on accumulating there.

They cause serious health problems including cancer, severe nerve diseases or people may even die.

Acceptable TDS Level:

  • TDS Below 300 – Excellent for human consumption.
  • Between 300 to 600 – Considered suitable for drinking purpose.
  • TDS Between 600 to 900 – Water is fair and acceptable.
  • Between 900 to 1200 – Poor and unacceptable.
  • Above 1200 TDS – Water is unfit for consumption.

Technologies Used In The Best Water Purifier

Sediment Filter

This is the first level of purification. This filter removes all the large impurities and dust particles from the water. It is used only in places where the water contains a lot of pollutants.

Pre-Activated Carbon Filters

It efficiently removes the organic chemicals and pesticides from water which are responsible for bad order and improves the taste of the water.

Reverse Osmosis Mechanism

In this process, the water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane. It allows the movement and flow of molecules of water but doesn’t dissolve salts, bacteria, and organics.

Reverse Osmosis

As the water cannot move from low concentration to high concentration, a motor is used.

After that, the water is divided into two parts; the dirty water is sent down to the drainage, and the clean water is sent for the next step of its treatment.

Ultraviolet Protection

Ultraviolet purification
Ultraviolet purification

In this chamber, the water in the RO filter is filtered again. As the RO membrane cannot separate the particles which have the molecular mass of less than 20 it may contain virus, bacteria and other micro-organisms in it.

So, the water is treated with the ultraviolet rays, and all the viruses and the bacteria are killed. The water is made 100% pure after this step is completed.


Ultra Filtration
Ultra Filtration

Under this process, the water is passed through the membrane, and all the residual particles that are still left in the water are removed out as this membrane has minute pores, and all the left particles are separated.

Difference Between RO vs UV vs UF Water Purifiers

AttributesRO (Reverse Osmosis)UV (Ultra Voilet)UF (Ultra Filtration)
FiltrationCleans all the Germs and Microorganisms from the waterEradicates all the Germs and Microorganisms but they couldn’t remove their dead cellsCleans all the Germs and Microorganisms from the water
WorkingElectrical energy is required to pump the water pressureWorks with the reasonable power of waterWorks with the force pressure of water
PurificationElectrical energy is required to purifyElectrical power is needed to purifyDoes not require any electricity
ImpuritiesRemoves all the dirt including dust, sand, etcDoes not filter the impuritiesRemoves all the dirt including dust, sand, etc
Dissolved SolidsLower the level of substances by 90 percentDo not reduce the absorption of substancesDo not cut the concentration of substances

Read: RO vs UV vs UF Water Purifiers

TDS Controller

When the water is passed through the Reverse Osmosis membrane, it separates all the dissolved solids from the water. In the process it removes some important minerals which are essential for the growth of our body.

The TDS controller separates the input water into the two parts A and B. 

A part is passed through the RO process, and part B is passed through the UV/UF. So, part B contains the necessary minerals.

And after that, both the parts are mixed to maintain the pH value of the water, thus makes it healthy to consume.


It improves the quantity of the minerals in the water as the part of water passed from the RO process is the lack of minerals. Also the input water always does not contain all the necessary minerals in it.

So, it is necessary to add the minerals back. Mineraliser adds the minerals back to the water and makes it healthy to consume.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Water Purifier

Check For TDS

You should always test the water source at your house before selecting the type of water purifier. You can check the TDS level of water by using a TDS meter.

Pen type digital TDS meter
Pen type digital TDS meter

If the water is supplied from river, lake or municipal corporation, and has TDS level between 0-200 ppm, consider a UF or UV water purifier.

And if the source is bore well or tube well and has TDS anywhere between 200 – 2000 ppm, then consider an RO water purifier to safeguard the health of your family.

If in doubt, you should always go for the best, i.e. the RO + UV + UF water purifiers.

Quality of Reverse Osmosis

Before entering the subject, it is essential to let you know the importance of the variety of this equipment. There are a few companies that offer water purification with RO facility but, their low price reflects on their abilities.

These low price products are not only based on inferior quality, but they are also based on the absence of accessories, and the quality of them.

The membrane also suffers from this loss of quality and affects us directly. We must not forget that the right or lousy purification of the water depends on it.

We cannot take any risk to save a few rupees. It is better to opt for a genuine quality RO water purifier than drinking the unhealthy water every day.

This will be killing us every day little by little.


Buy one that is cost-efficient and provides the best services while being within the limits of your budget. You should remember that water purifiers require regular maintenance and replacement of filters.

Therefore, you should choose it wisely so that is suits your budget.

Not Time Consuming

You need to make sure that the water purifier purifies the water in little to no time. So that you don’t have to wait to quench your thirst.

User Friendly

You need to choose a water purifier that is easy to operate and work with.

Warranty And After Sales Service

Water purifier requires regular servicing to give you 100% pure water.

Therefore, you should always choose a brand that provides good after sale service.

A reputed brand is known for their product as well as their after sale service. They also give you good warranty and satisfactory service in case of breakdown.

Alert System

Your RO water purifier should have fail alert system. This will let you know if there is any problem in the purification process.

It will indicate in situations like the filters need to be changed or the UV light is not working.

This will ensure you 100% pure water all the time.

two glass of water on table

Best Water Purifier – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is night assist?

Night assist is a feature that you will find in several RO water purifier brands. With the night assist feature, the water purifier gets illuminated at night.

The night assist technology gives you the convenience of filling a glass of water in the midnight. 

2. What is SCMT?

SCMT is an advanced stage of water purification that you will see in some of the best RO water purifiers.

This water purification process helps to prevent secondary microbial contaminations, thereby ensures pure and healthy water. 

3. How much energy does a water purifier consume?

The amount of energy consumption differs according to RO purifiers and UV purifiers. Usually, the average power consumption of a RO purifier is about 25 watts.

It means if a family drinks 15 litres of water every day then a 25 watt machine with purification capacity of 15 ltrs/hr will cost you about 9 units per year.

25 watts * 365 days = 9125 watts = 9 units (approximately)

Though this amount of power consumption varies according to various models.

Kent RO water purifier with UV light consumes 60 watts of electricity per hour which will cost you just above 22 units per year.

And the UF water purifiers do not require electricity to run.

4. Can the water purifier conserve the rejected water?

Yes, It’s possible to conserve the rejected water. But during the purification process, water purifiers discard a massive amount of water due to the presence of lots of harmful excrement.

It can purify only 20% of the water. But now these days, many advanced purifiers can filter and conserve almost 50% of the rejected water.

5. Does RO Water Purifier Enhance Taste?

There are specific questions, even doubts that many people have regarding the taste of water. RO purifiers extract the vital minerals from water and leave it tasteless.

That is why some of the best water purifier brands such as KENT and many more come with mineral RO technology. It conserves vital or necessary minerals in water and also offers tasty potable water.

6. How much charge will it take for the maintenance of a RO purifier?

In comparison with UF and UV water purifiers, RO water purifiers have higher maintenance costs.

RO water purifier maintenance costs are quite high because it includes many filters along with the RO membrane. This membrane is very expensive.

The RO water purifier’s average maintenance cost is between 3000 to 5000 rupees annually.

7. What is the difference between purified water and bottled mineral water?

Whereas purified water is pure along with impurities, and it is contaminants free, mineral water is a form of fresh filtered water.

Purified water is filtered and processed by a purification method to make purified water clean and healthy.

Many types of impurities, such as pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, fungi, algae, even metals like lead and copper, are removed through this purification process.

The process of water purification, such as RO, UV, UF, ensures complete contaminant-free water for drinking.

On the other side, mineral water is purified by the addition of minerals. It’s supposed to be extracted from natural springs.

But, unfortunately, it is nothing but regular water with inorganic minerals.

8. For how much time I can store the water in a water purifier?

To stay healthy and hygienic, the stored water should be replaced every two days. The storage tank itself helps to propagate microorganisms.

So it requires frequent usage and exchange of water from the storage continuously.

9. Why is it necessary to remove the dissolved impurities from the water?

Water has such harmful impurities that we can not visualize with our open eyes, and those excrements can not be removed through the boiling process.

Boiling destroys microbes and pathogens but does not eliminate all dangerous impurities such as Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Iron, Fluoride and other heavy metals.

The presence of such excrement in water causes harmful diseases, including hepatitis A & B, jaundice, cholera, typhoid and cancer as well.

10. When should I go for cartridge change?

The indicator glows to show the outcome of the respective update when the cartridge hits 90% of its life.

Moreover, the purification process will be stopped when it reaches 100 percent of life, and it will require a new cartridge.

The Bottom Line

So far we have discussed the best water purifier in India. Our health is very important and must be a priority for everyone. We should not compromise with our health by drinking impure or not so fit water.

The water must be clean and free of contaminants before drinking it.

Now, it is your call to select the best one for you as per your convenience. A single drop of contaminant water can lead to water-borne diseases.

So, it is better to drink purified and hygienic water.

If you have any questions regarding selection of water purifier, write them in the comment section below. We will be glad to answer them.

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