9 Best Washing Machine In India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

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Is ain’t it tiresome to wash your daily dirty clothes with your hands, wasting so much time and physical strength? Certainly, it is, but you can get a solution if you install in your home the best washing machine in India.

In this article we will discuss some top washing machines in India from the some of the best washing machine brands like LG, IFB, Bosch, Samsung, Panasonic, Whirlpool etc. We will cover features, pros & cons in-depth for each of them.

Moreover you will have a complete idea which type of washing machine to get for yourself. Whether fully automatic front load or fully automatic top load or semi-automatic washing machine.

A comprehensive buying guide to make that perfect decision to buy the best air conditioner in India.

LG 8.0 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

We all have a busy schedule nowadays. Washing clothes on a daily basis is impossible for us. But a washing machine with the best features is a very convenient and time-efficient way to complete the strenuous work of rinsing your clothes.

But before that, you should notice some important factors that you should check in your washing machine. 

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Factors To Consider Before Selecting A Washing Machine

  • Capacity: The bigger the capacity, the more will be the price, so once you decide to buy a washing machine, try to select the right size for you. You can decide the capacity depending on the number of family members and the washing routine.

  • Washing technology: Then comes the selection of technology. You can choose between semi-automatic and fully automatic. The names themselves suggest their credibilities. To know more, you can check the buying guide.

  • Door type: You can choose the door type according to your preferences. To know a detailed comparison, you can check the Top-load vs. Front-load washing machine article.

  • Energy efficiency: To get an energy-efficient product, you should select a product that has more energy star ratings. Along with that, if you can find inverter technology in your machine, that will be another plus point.

There are many other important points to notice, such as wash programs, drum design, motor type, and so on. So, we suggest you check the Washing Machine Buying Guide section to get more detailed information about the product that you would be buying.

How Do We Choose and Rank Washing Machines?

  • Quality: We try to rank the selected products according to their quality. We try to pick the best products from all the brands and bring that to you.

  • Customers reviews: We include products that have excellent customer reviews. By doing that, we ensure you get the best quality product that has already benefited many customers.

  • Cost: Cost is often a big concern in Indian households. Therefore, our objective is to provide products that have fewer maintenance costs.

  • Ratings: Ratings ensure energy savings. Therefore, our list is always embedded with products that have good energy ratings.

  • Durability: The product material and warranty do a lot to extend the durability. Consequently, we try to enrich our list with durable products that come with suitable warranty periods.

So, here we are to present you with a list of the best washing machines. Make sure to go through the entire list and choose as per your preference.

Best Washing Machine in India

The following list consists of some of the best washing machine brands like Bosch, LG, Samsung, IFB etc.

So, without further ado, here is the list. Now, read the reviews below to get in-depth knowledge about these washing machines.

1. LG 9 Kg 5 Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

LG 9 Kg 5 Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Key Highlights:

Capacity: 9 KG.
RPM: 1400
Wash Programs: 14
Special Features: Inverter technology
Wifi connectivity, Steam wash technology and
Direct drive technology

We are starting our best washing machine in India list with this 9 kg product by LG, which is a front-load fully-automatic washing machine. LG has manufactured this product with the most useful features. 

This washing machine has a direct drive motor. The Direct drive motors are directly attached to the drum of the machine that results in less noise and vibration. With an in-built heater and a Steam wash technology, this washing machine is all set to give a tough wash to germs, bacteria, and heavy stains.

The 6 motion technology is another thing that gives the machine the capacity to handle different fabric types with care. The machine also comes with a Turbo wash technology that saves your time and water.

If you are worried about the safety of the control panel, then you will be relieved to know that the control panel is waterproof. The control panel comes with a Child lock system too. With this feature, you can lock the control panel buttons and prevent your children from changing the settings.

For easy controllability, LG has made this product compatible with the LGThinQ app. With this, you can control our washing machine from anywhere with your mobile.

For easy problem solving, you will get The Smart diagnosis system that lets you detect the problem your machine is going through and helps to solve it.

The Auto-restart feature helps to back up all the data during a power cut. After the power is restored, the machine can resume the wash cycle where it has left it.

For extra durability, it has a stainless steel body and 10 years warranty on the motor. 

Though the price is a bit high, if you inspect each and every facility that the machine provides, it is really useful and will continue to benefit you. 


  • Six motion control technology cares for your clothes.
  • Inbuilt heater.
  • Child lock system.
  • Smart diagnosis system.
  • Waterproof touch panel.
  • Stainless steel drum.


  • High price.
Final Verdict:The capacity of this product is 9 kg which is a perfect choice for a large family. Even if you have a small family, then also you can buy it if you maintain a weekly wash routine. The machine comes with a 5 star energy rating and an inverter technology that will help you to save energy. The turbo wash technology is also helpful for electricity savings. So if you need to wash a bulk of clothes together, then this will be the right choice for both in terms of capacity and savings.

2. IFB 8.5 kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB 8.5 kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Key Highlights:

Capacity: 8.5 KG.
RPM: 1400
Wash Programs: 14
Special Features: Aqua Energie technology,
Anti-allergen, 5 star ratings and
Laundry add option.

Those who are finding a washing machine to wash baby clothes can have a look at this product by IFB. It comes with the special cradle wash technology exclusively added in all of the new IFB washing machine range. 

This will not only be useful for baby clothes but also for delicate fabrics like silk, rayon and all.

The 9 swirl wash technique is similar to the LG 6 motion control technology, but for betterment, IFB includes 3 extra motions in this machine. The Aqua Energie is a filter that works as a water softener.

For bacteria and germ-free clothes, you have the Anti Allergen technology and the inbuilt water heater with this product. Your baby clothes and other garments will get not only the required care but also the proper sterilization it needs. 

There is something new in this machine which is the Ball valve technology. This will help you to reduce the wastage of detergent.

When you are in a hurry or have very few clothes to wash, you can use the Express wash option and get your washing done in just 15 minutes. 

The Unbalance corrector in this machine is an intelligent inclusion that is rarely found. This technology helps the spinner to correct the uneven distribution of clothes so that it does not create any vibration or abnormal sound. 

The customer review of this product has very few complaints about technical issues. Even my experience with this product was good, especially because it is silent and works like a well-behaved machine.


  • Ball valve technology saves detergent.
  • Express wash for washing gym clothes.
  • 9 swirl wash technology.
  • Cradle wash technology.
  • 14 wash programs.
  • 1400rpm higher spin speed.


  • No child lock system.
Final Verdict:There are many features in this product that are essentially great. But the main thing which makes it better is its water softening filter or the Aqua Energie technology. The issue of water is really a matter of anxiety because bad water quality can ruin your fabrics. So if you get hard water supplies in your area, you must choose this product.

3. LG 8.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

LG 8.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Key Highlights:

Capacity: 8 KG.
RPM: 1200
Wash Programs: 10
Special Features: Inverter technology,
Child lock system, Baby care wash cycle. and
5 star rating

This is another product by LG that we include in our best washing machine in India 2021 list. With a 5 star energy rating and inverter technology, this is one of the most energy-efficient products in the panel.

Most of its features are quite similar to that of the previous LG product we mentioned. It has a 6th sense technology along with a smart diagnosis system and an inbuilt water heater. 

An auto-restart feature is also there in this product. The waterproof panels and the child lock systems are other similar additions. 

There are a few features that it lacks in comparison to the previous products. That is, the Steam wash technology and the wi-fi connectivity.

But an attractive thing that this particular product has is the Tub cleaning feature. When you activate this program, the machine heats the water at 85 degrees and cleans the tub automatically. 

This process removes all the water stains, dust, and detergent residue from your washing machine tub. The Baby wash cycle is yet another feature you will get in this product that the previous LG product lacks. 

So, now when you know the similarity and dissimilarity of both the products, you can decide which LG product will suit you better. 


  • 6 motion control technology.
  • Direct drive technology.
  • Waterproof touch panel.
  • Inbuilt water heater.
  • Tub clean feature.
  • Stainless steel drum.


  • A bit noisy.
Final Verdict:As you already know that it has many features and most of them are commonly found in other products as well. So, what should you look for in this washing machine? The answer is the Tub clean feature. If you do not have extra time to spend on cleaning your washing machine, then you can get this product and get yourself rid of the maintenance issue.

4. IFB 8 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB 8 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Key Highlights:

Capacity: 8 KG.
RPM: 1200
Wash Programs: 14
Special Features: Repeat wash system,
Tub clean feature, Ball valve technology and
Fully automatic, 5 star rating

With some of the most useful features, good energy efficiency, and a better warranty period, this product by IFB becomes a part of our list. This is an 8KG product that will be suitable for a medium-large family.

It has 14 wash programs and 4D wash technology that treats your clothes better. The Cradle wash technology that we have already mentioned in the previous IFB product is present in this washing machine as well.

Along with that, you will get a Repeat wash program. It allows you to record the program that you prefer to use every day. 

So, the next time when you use your washing machine, you can use the repeat wash program to make your machine work according to the settings that you have set already. 

The other additional features that you will have with this product are the Ball valve technology, an easy control panel, and a protective rat mesh. But as per my experience, the machine is a bit noisy.


  • Protective rat mesh included.
  • Express wash cycle.
  • 1200 high spin speed.
  • 4 years warranty on product and motor both.
  • 14 wash programs.


  • Produces noise.
Final Verdict: This machine has an in-built water heater and special cuddle wash technology. So, if you are finding the right product to wash your baby clothes, you can buy this product.

 5. Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Key Highlights:

Capacity: 7 KG.
RPM: 1200
Wash Programs: 5
Special Features: Low vibration level,
Fully automatic

When you are in need of a suitable product for your home, you need to go through the best washing machine brands. One of these brands is Bosch that has never disappointed its customers. 

The washing machine has an inbuilt heater that removes the dust and dirt entirely from your clothes. Along with that, the higher spin speed is another beneficial feature that can dry up your clothes to up to 80%.

However, the spin speed does not result in high noise production. So you can stay tension-free about it. The stainless steel body gives it better durability.

You will get a warranty period of 12 years on the motor, which is highly exceptional. According to the product reviews, the product is something that you can buy without any doubt.  


  • 2 years warranty on product and 12 years on motor.
  • Inbuilt water heater.
  • Rustproof steel body.
  • 80% drying of clothes after spinning.
  • Lesser noise level.


  • No energy star ratings.
Final Verdict:As we have already said, that the noise production level of this machine is too low. Even most of the high-end models do not have such potential. If you stay in a congested apartment where noise can bother your neighbors, you can buy this.

6. Samsung 6.0 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Samsung 6.0 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Key Highlights:

Capacity: 6.0 KG.
RPM: 1000
Wash Programs: 3
Special Features: Hexa storm pulsator,
Magic filter, Fully automatic washing machine

This is a product with a capacity of 6 kg by Samsung. If you have a small family or if you maintain a regular wash cycle, then this washing machine can give you satisfactory results. 

The product comes with a 5-star rating and inverter technology. So, no worries about energy efficiency.

Now let us come to its features. It has a hygiene steam technology and an inbuilt water heater just like the LG FHT1409ZWL model. Then comes its diamond drum technology and different wash cycles.

The Diamond drum in this machine gives extra care to gentle fabrics with its soft curl technology. It has 3 wash cycles, and they are Quick wash, Cotton fabric wash, Wool fabric wash.

There is another useful setting in this machine which is the Delay end feature. With this feature, you can pre-set the end time of the wash cycle. 

This gives you control over the machine and lets you save energy and water. The child lock system is also there. 

The product reviews are quiet good. However, it lags in terms of wash programs, but it is a reasonable product as per the price.


  • Hygiene steam kills bacteria.
  • Diamond drum design.
  • Child lock system.
  • Delay end feature.
  • Various programs for different fabrics.
  • Inverter technology.


  • No clean tub feature.
Final Verdict:Washing machines are generally not for washing delicate clothes. But this washing machine is specially designed with the Diamond drum and different wash cycles for various delicate fabric types. So, if you are searching for a product especially for caring for your soft fabrics, then this will be the right choice for you.

7. LG 6.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

LG 6.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Key Highlights:

Capacity: 6 KG.
RPM: 1000
Wash Programs: 10
Special Features: Direct drive motor,
Child lock system, Baby care feature
Inverter technology

You cannot deny that when you are finding the best fully automatic washing machine, more or less we have to rely on LG to some extent. Thereby, we have picked up quite a few quality products from them and included them in our list.

This product is a small one having a capacity of 6 kg. To make this list relevant for both small and large machine seekers, we have added this product to the queue. 

It comes with inverter technology and has 10 wash programs. With 6 motion controls and an inbuilt heater, it gives you an effective wash. This washing machine has nothing new in terms of technology. Only the capacity of this product is low. Otherwise, all the other features are similar to the other LG products. 

It has the direct drive technology, child lock system, baby care option, stainless steel drum, auto-restart feature, even the tub clean feature as well. The only feature that it lacks is the steam wash feature. 

But it does not come with a smart connectivity option. If I share my experience, then I would say that this product can be a bit noisy, but otherwise, there are no such issues.


  • Inbuilt heater.
  • Six motion-control technology.
  • Smart diagnosis system.
  • Waterproof touch panel.
  • Stainless steel drum.


  • No rat mesh included.
Final Verdict:If you have a medium family, your budget is low, and you don’t have any keenness to have a smart connectivity option in your device, then this product is just the right thing for you. It has the trust of LG, good features and the price is also low.

8. LG 8.0 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 8.0 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Key Highlights:

Capacity: 8 KG.
RPM: 780
Wash Programs: 12
Special Features: Smart diagnosis system,
Jet spray technology, 3 smart motion and
Inverter technology

You can say that this is a high-end model by LG in the section of Top load washing machines. This product has many useful and advanced features included for the user’s convenience.

It has a smart inverter motor and a turbo drum. The inverter motor adjusts the power consumption according to the load of the clothes, and the turbo drum results in faster wash cycles.

With Jet spray technology, this machine helps in reducing water consumption. It is a powerful water shower that works as a scrubber and washes of excess dirt and detergent. As a result, the machine uses less water.

The smart closing door is a very innovative thing in this top load washing machine. The door can close automatically without giving a banging sound.

You will get a tub clean feature in this machine, too, but as a machine there is no water heater in this machine; therefore, the process happens with cold water. Hence, the cleaning may not be that effective.

You will also get the child lock setting and the auto-restart feature, smart diagnosis system, and wifi connectivity options. Overall it is a good top-load washing machine.


  • Turbo drum technology enables faster washing.
  • Child lock system.
  • Smart closing door.
  • Rustproof steel drum.
  • Tub clean feature.
  • Auto-restart feature.


  • No inbuilt water heater.
Final Verdict: Those who need an advanced product but cannot afford to buy a front load washing machine can refer to this product by LG. This is a smart washing machine with multiple features and a lower price than a front-load washing machine.

9. Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star Royal Plus Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star Royal Plus Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Key Highlights:

Capacity: 7.5 KG.
RPM: 740
Wash Programs: 12
Special Features: Spiro wash technology,
Hard water wash technology, Fully automatic
5 star energy rating

This product by whirlpool is a simple to use a product that you can control with only three easy buttons. It has 12 wash programs that let you clean your daily heavy loads, delicate clothes, woolens, bedsheets, and so much more. 

The Spiro wash action is a motion-creating technology that ensures thorough cleaning of your clothes. 

Generally, the top load washing machines use more water. Therefore, this machine has an Aqua store feature. This feature lets you store the previously used water in the next washing cycle. 

The delay wash cycle is another innovative thing that lets you delay the wash cycle for 3-24 hours. So, you can delay the cycle to a particular time beforehand if you have any other important work at that moment.

Concern about the control panel is a normal thing for everyone. Whirlpool has a solution for that too. It has innovatively positioned the control panel at the back portion of the door. So, it will hardly come in contact with the water.

This product by whirlpool is innovatively designed, and therefore, we are adding it to our best washing machine in India list.

But one problem that I personally faced was with the lint filter. Though the company claims to give you superior results in lint collecting, the results are not that satisfactory. If you cannot give additional time to maintaining your product, then this product is not for you, as it does not even have the auto tub clean feature, and you have to clean it all by your own strength.


  • Magic lint filter.
  • Auto tub clean feature.
  • Express wash technology.
  • Aqua store feature stores water for the next wash.
  • Delay wash option.
  • Back control panel.


  • No child lock feature.
Final Verdict: The Aqua store feature is a really good thing to save water. So, if you reside at a place where you face water issues, then this feature can help you. This feature will store water and so that you can reuse it without wasting it. However, we suggest that you do not use the reused water more than once.

10. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Key Highlights:

Capacity: 6.5 KG.
RPM: 680
Wash Programs: 6
Special Features: Diamond drum design,
Center jet technology, Inverter technology
Fully automatic

This product by Samsung is a small top load washing machine having the capacity to serve a 3-4 members’ family. It has 6 wash programs that include normal washing, quick washing, soaking and washing, delicate washing, energy-saving washing, and monsoon wash cycle.

The energy-saving wash cycle is something new. The monsoon wash cycle is also a fresh name that we hear with Samsung only.

This cycle only rinses and spins your clothes that helps you to dry the clothes fast.

With the soaking and washing cycle, you can select the soaking time of your clothes. After soaking for the selected time, the clothes will be washed through the normal cycle.

The lint filter, tub cleaning feature, and the child lock system are some other features that increase its capacity. However, it can be a bit noisy, which more or less all the machines make. Otherwise, it is a good product.


  • Magic lint filter.
  • Tempered glass window for better durability.
  • Child lock system.
  • Eco tub clean feature.
  • Quick wash feature for faster washing results.


  • No energy star ratings.
Final Verdict: There are some areas in India where mostly the rainy weather persists. In such areas, this washing machine can be a good thing to have. It will dry your clothes faster, and you can get rid of the moisture that your clothes retain in the moist weather.

11. LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Key Highlights:

Capacity: 6.2 KG.
RPM: 780
Special Features: Smart diagnosis system,
Turbo drum, Inverter technology
Fully automatic

This product by LG has a motor that comes with BMC protection. With this protective feature, you can protect your machine from dust, insects, and humidity. Along with that, it has a smart inverter motor that adjusts the energy consumption with the load.

 It has three pulsators and 1 main pulsator that fights tough stains. The drum is made with stainless steel, which makes it rustproof. And 3 mini pulsators and 1 main pulsator in the machine make the drum tough against stains. 

For easy problem solving, you have the smart diagnosis system, and the other features like the child lock feature, auto-restart feature, and tub cleaning features enhance the product’s capacity.

But, if you believe that the other companies available in the market can also be reliable, then you can try out the Whirlpool or Samsung top-load models discussed lately.


  • Stainless steel drum.
  • Tub clean feature.
  • Auto-restart feature.
  • Less noise and vibration.
  • 2 years warranty on product and 10 years on motor.


  • No energy ratings.
Final Verdict: The special feature that it has is the smart diagnosis system. If you want to stay away from errors and want faster problem solving, then you can buy this product.

12. Panasonic 6 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Panasonic 6 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Key Highlights:

Capacity: 6 KG.
RPM: 680
Wash Programs: 8
Special Features: One-touch smart wash technology,
Power off memory, Magic filter,
5-star energy rating

While discussing the best washing machine brand names, Panasonic should always get a special mention. Today we have this fully automatic top-load washing machine from this brand on our list.

It has a fuzzy control feature that can adjust the water level accordingly. The Aqua beat wash technology is included in this machine to ensure better cleaning of your clothes without harming them.

It has a special capacity for drying the tub along with cleaning it. So, you can clean and dry the tub automatically.

Similar to the Auto restore feature in the LG washing machines, this product has the Power off memory feature. It works to save the memory of the wash cycle to continue it accordingly after the power restores.

For tangle-free washing, it has the Water magic flow feature. And to dry up your clothes faster, you can rely on the Air dry feature. Among eight customizable wash programs, you can choose any and meet the expectations. 

These wash cycles include the option of cleaning bulky clothes like jeans and bedsheets. There are delicate and quick cycles as well.

So, together they help you get better results in cleaning.


  • Customized wash programs.
  • Water magic flow technology.
  • Stainless steel drum.
  • Durable metal body.
  • Tub clean and tub dry feature.


  • No inbuilt water heater.
Final Verdict: The capacity of this product is small, which makes it suitable for bachelors and couples. As it can help to wash jeans and bulky clothes, the bachelors can totally rely on it. So, if you are one of those who are finding the best companion for their hostel days on a low budget, you can take this product.

13. Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Key Highlights:

Capacity: 7.2 KG.
RPM: 740
Special Features: Double storm technology,
Air turbo technology, Caster wheels,
End of cycle buzzer

If your budget is not allowing you to get the best fully automatic washing machine in India, then you can check out this semi-automatic washing machine by Samsung.

It has a Double storm technology that helps your clothes get a thorough wash for better cleaning. And for faster drying, it has the Air turbo technology.

The machine creates ‘jets of water’ from the center of the machine. This formula results in better lifting of the clothes in the machine and, in the meantime getting better circulations.

The end of cycle buzzer alerts you after the wash cycle is over, and the rust-proof plastic body provides better durability. Altogether it becomes a good semi-automatic washing machine but does not expect it to wash multiple bedsheets or heavy clothes together. Also, the dryer can make a little noise.


  • Center jet technology.
  • Rustproof plastic body.
  • Normal, intensive, and delicate wash programs.
  • 2 years warranty on product and 5 years on motor.
  • Child lock system.


  • No energy star ratings.
Final Verdict: Those who want a semi-automatic washing machine with better wash results and low water consumption can buy this product.

14. Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Key Highlights:

Capacity: 7 KG.
RPM: 1400
Wash Programs: 3
Special Features: Large tub, Semi-automatic washing machine,
End of cycle buzzer,
5 star energy rating

This product has 3 wash programs and a 66 liter large washtub. The tub gives more space to the clothes and produces less friction.

The waterproof control panel is a very efficient feature to have in the washing machines, and this product has the same.

It has a higher spin speed of 1400 RPM, which is generally the spinning speed of high-end fully automatic washing machines.

The three wash cycles include delicate, normal, and heavy wash so, you can use these cycles according to the type of your fabric. It has a scrub station which helps you scrub collars and cuffs to remove tough stains.

For easy movability, you will get 4 wheels and a handle to hold it properly. But if you want something classy and decorative in your home, then you won’t be satisfied with this product.


  • Easily portable.
  • 3 colors available.
  • Waterproof and shockproof control panel.
  • Turbo scrub technology.
  • 1400 RPM spin speed.


  • Child lock system not included.
Final Verdict: The product has better mobility equipment such as a handle and four wheels. So if you have a small apartment where you do not have a fixed spot for your machine, you can buy this product.

15. LG 6.5 Kg 4 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Final verdict

LG 6.5 Kg 4 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Key Highlights:

Capacity: 6.5 KG.
RPM: 1350
Wash Programs: 3
Special Features: Rat away technology,
semi-automatic washing machine,
4 star energy rating

LG has this 4-star energy-rated semi-automatic washing machine for you that comes with an innovative rat away technology. In this technology, the machine is made with 3mm thick plastic and covered with rat repellent that drives away small creatures.

It has three wash cycles and a collar scrubber that gives you better support while washing your clothes. So that you do not face any detergent residue, the machine has a spin shower technology.

Along with that, the spin tub has a faster drying capacity and can dry clothes in 15 minutes. The lint filter is also there that collects fragmented lint from your clothes and maintains the drainage system. 

As a warning of maintenance tip I will add that do not keep it under sunlight. As it has a plastic body, therefore, the sunlight can harm it.


  • 5.5 kg spin tub.
  • Collar scrubber.
  • Rat away technology.
  • Rustproof body.
  • Spin shower technology.
  • Lint filter.


  • No child lock system included.
Final Verdict: If you need a budget-friendly product with better energy efficiency, then this is the right product for you.

Best Washing Machine in India – Buying Guide

In modern life, a washing machine has been one of the most essential appliances in our life. Washing machines give us complete convenience while washing clothes.

A reliable washing machine takes the entire responsibility of cleaning your dirty clothes. While laundry seems a mundane work, a washing machine makes your job very exciting.

Washing Machine Buying Guide

Buying the best washing machine is not easy work at all as there are several factors that you should consider.

Now we will discuss those aspects that will help you to make your purchase decision easy.

Types of Washing Machine

When you are purchasing the washing machine, first you have to consider the type of the machines so that you can select the best one as per your preference.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

It is the primary washing machines that contain two drums; one drum for washing and the other one for drying.

Semi-automatic washing machines are considered as the cheapest washing machines available in the market.

These washing machines are the most affordable, and it requires you to perform most of the tasks manually.

Semi-automatic washing machines include filling a tub with water, emptying it, remove clothes from the washing tub, and placing them in the drying tub.

These washing machines have some advantages as it consumes less energy, let you control the amount of water required, and it also allows you to add or remove clothes in the middle of the washing cycle.

Fully-Automatic Washing Machines

The fully automatic washing machines keep the user intervention to a bare minimum.

Thereby, the fully automatic washing machines allow you to sit back and relax while the machine completely takes the responsibility of washing.

best front load washing machine

So, you don’t need to pour water manually or switch compartments for drying with this type of washing machine. These washing machines are improved with the latest technologies.

The fully-automatic washing machines are heavy and more expensive in comparison with other types of washing machines.

These washing machines consume more electricity, and it requires a continuous water supply.

There are mainly two types of fully automatic washing machines front-load washing machine and top-load washing machine.

Front-Load Washing Machines

Front-load washing machines are durable and massive in nature, and these washing machines come with a large number of wash programs.

These washing machines are less noisy and offer the best wash quality in comparison with other washing machines.

Woman Loading Dirty Clothes In Washing Machine

As the name suggests, these type of washing machines need to be loaded and unloaded from the front. Front-load washing machines come with a single tub for washing and drying.

These types of washing machines consume less electricity and water in comparison with top-load machines.

As these washing machines are heavy in weight, you can’t move it easily from one place to another.

Advantages of Front-Load Washing Machines

  • Water, Energy Efficient.
  • Compact in size takes less space.
  • Different wash programs for all your laundry needs.
  • Best Wash Quality
  • No Human Effort

Disadvantages of Front-Load Washing Machines

  • Usually Heavy.
  • Requires constant flow of water.
  • Installation takes time.
  • Long Wash Cycle.

Top-Load Washing Machines

Top-load washing machines are fed clothes from the top. These types of washing machines are connected to a continuous water supply, and it uses the water when required in the cycle.

Top load washing machine in the bathroom

The top-load washing machines come with a single tub for washing and drying as well. These washing machines are not so expensive in comparison with front-load washing machines.

With these washing machines, you don’t have to bend down to put your clothes in. And you can also add clothes in the middle of a washing cycle.

Advantages of Top-Load Washing Machines

  • Top load washing machines consume less energy and water as compared to the semi-automatic washing machines.
  • You don’t need to purchase bases to place these machines as these machines have a comfortable height.
  • Due to the height factor, you also don’t have to bend down for loading and unloading clothes.
  • Single compartment for both washing and drying. So, less human effort.
  • Top load washing machines are much cheaper than front load washing machines.

Disadvantages of Top-Load Washing Machines

  • Top load washing machines have long wash cycles.
  • These machines uses more water than the front load washing machines.
  • It requires continuous supply of water.
  • Top loading washing machines take more space in compared to the front load machines.
  • The clothes must be properly arranged into the tub or you will experience tangling of clothes.

Family Size and Capacity

After considering the types of washing machine, now you have to consider the capacity by considering the family size. Primary washing machines usually can take clothes from 5 kg to 6 kg.

If you have a family of two, you can wash two shirts, two pairs of trousers, one bed-sheet, two pillowcases, and two towels. If you have a family of three or four, you can go for 7kg.

A washing machine of 7 kg can take approximately three pairs of trousers, three shirts, two towels, one bedsheet, and two pillowcases at a time.

For a family that have five to six members, you can choose an 8 kg washing machine. If you have a family of eight to ten members, you can go for a washing machine of 10 kg.

This huge capacity will allow you to wash three shirts, three pairs of trousers, two bed sheets, six pillowcases, and six towels.

Also, keep in mind that a washing machine with a considerable capacity will consume more energy and more power.

Now, you will give a chart so that you can adequately understand the capacity of the washing machine according to the size of a family.

Weight Sample Load Ideal For
6 KGs Shirts – 4
Trousers – 4
Bed Sheets -1
Towels – 2
Small to medium houseolds of 1-2 Adults
8 KGs Shirts – 7
Trousers – 8
Bed Sheets – 3
Towels – 6
Larger households with 2 or more adults.
10 KGs Shirts – 9
Trousers – 9
Bed Sheets – 5
Towels – 8
Larger households with 4 or more family members iwth regular washing needs
Table Demonstrates washing machine weight load and family size


After knowing the capacity of a washing machine, now you have to consider the various technologies before purchasing the best washing machine.

Direct Drive Technology

Direct Drive Technology helps to remove the use of moveable parts of the washing machines and thereby results in the elimination of friction and saves a lot of energy.

There is also a disadvantage of this technology as this technology is based on motors that can are heavier in comparison with conventional motors.

Direct Drive Technology ensures higher efficiency, and they generate less noise as well.

Direct Drive Technology

Presently, many manufacturers use the combination of both inverter and direct drive technology. This technology will be beneficial for you when you use variable loads.

With Direct Drive Technology, a washing machine can remove the most obstinate stains such as inkblot from a shirt’s pocket, or coffee stains, etc.

This technology not only cleans your clothes but also keep them soft and fresh.

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology is a revolutionary technology that can save a lot of power when you feel the necessity of using a motor.

This technology enables the washing machine to run at a speed that is optimum to the load.

Smart Inverter Technology

With inverter technology, the machine run at variable speeds at a particular time. The inverter technology comes with a special electrical circuit that determines the speed of the motor that is based on the load.

Thereby, it is able to save a lot of energy for you.

Flexwash and Twinwash

Samsung comes with Flexwash technology that offers you the flexibility of using both the design in a single machine. The main front load machine of Samsung comes with a capacity of 21 kg.

It also has a miniature model of a front-loading machine that has a capacity of 3.5 kg.

Two Samsung Top Load Washing Machine

With Flexwash technology, the washing machine enables you to wash heavy laundry items such as blankets, bedsheets, curtains, etc. Also, you can wash delicate items like socks, handkerchiefs, etc.

On the other hand, LG washing machines work on Twinwash technology. The Twinwash technology has the facility of two individual drums.

Here, the main drum comes with a capacity of 20 kg that cleans heavy laundry, and the mini drum washes smaller items such as inner garments and scarfs, socks, etc.

This technology enables you to get the benefit of both the technologies in a single machine.

6-Motion DD and Wave Motion

Different types of motion technologies are required for different kinds of fabrics to get a maximum wash.

Some top washing machine brands such as IFB, Samsung, and LG come with specific technologies to achieve a gamut of cleaning styles.

6-Motion DD and Wave Motion

LG has introduced the 6-motion DD technology that comes with six wash motion types that include Tumble, Stepping, Swing, Scrubbing, Rolling, and Filtration.

You will get this technology in the premium range models of LG.

SoftMove Technology

The front-load washing machine of whirlpool comes with SoftMove technology. The SoftMove technology able to sense the load inside the drum and use the accurate program based on the type of fabric loaded inside.

6th Sense SoftMove Technology

This technology includes soft cradle, energetic wash, slow motion, and power shower that depends on various materials.

EcoBubble and O2 Wash

When you wash your favourite clothes in a washing machine, it is very important not to damage the fabric. In most of the washing machines, you will see Ecobubble and O2 wash technology.

Samsung and IFB have introduced this technology in washing machines. Samsung has pioneered the EcoBubble technology that transforms the detergent particles into bubbles.

EcoBubble and O2 Technology

These bubbles distend around the clothes and penetrate the fabric to remove the most stubborn stains.

On the other hand, IFB comes with its own version, which is the O2 technology, where you will see the same technology.

Drum Technologies

Drum is one of the most essential parts of any washing machine. You must want to get the best quality wash every time without damaging the fabric.

The design of the drum has a critical role to play in the washing process. Different manufacturers have their own drum designs.

Washing Machine Drum

Bosch uses a unique technology in its drums, which is known as VarioDrum technology.

Siemens uses another technology in its drums that are known as Diamond Drum technology.These drums come with 25% smaller holes.

As these holes are located inside a diamond-shaped depression, it is called the Diamond Drum technology.

Soaking Technologies

The quality of a washing machine also depends on its soaking technologies. The leading washing machine manufacturers come with special soaking technologies to enhance your washing experience.

Samsung has come with a Bubble Soak technology that helps the machine to eliminate the dirt by soaking the clothes in bubbles by pressing a button.

Samsung also uses the Eco drum Cleaning technology that eliminates harmful allergens.

Whirlpool comes with Super Soak technology that ensures the removal of tough stains.

Smart Technology

With the help of smart technology, the entire world is being smart. Besides smart TVs and smartphones, washing machines also are being smart with the invention of various innovative features.

washing machine operation with smartphone

The latest LG washing machines come with Near Field Communication (NFC) that enables diagnosis and monitoring. This facility helps to synchronize the washing machine with smartphones as it offers a Smart Diagnosis app.

This app will allow you to know if there is an issue with the machine.

Ball Valve Technology

This is another rare feature in the washing machines. In my experience I have seen only IFB to include this feature in their products.

This feature helps to save detergent. And the machine reuses the detergent solution at the next cycle. So, if you are buying a product from IFB, you can try to get this feature.

Washing Programs

Now you have to know about the different wash programs, which will help you to choose the best washing machine.

  • Quick Wash: Quick wash program is available in almost all fully-automatic washing machines. The fast wash program is meant to wash your clothes thoroughly in a short time.

    With this washing program, you can wash your wash and dry your clothes within 15 to 30 minutes. But with this program, you can wash a limited number of clothes.

  • Pre-Soak: The pre-soak washing program is meant for heavily soiled clothes. After setting this program, your washing machine will first soak and agitate the clothes thoroughly before starting the regular wash cycle.

  • Daily Wash: Daily wash program is meant to wash regular clothing and underwear. It is a simple program that uses less water and less time to wash your daily clothes.


Fully automatic washing machines come with several features that you should also know before purchasing one.


Different products have different motion technologies. The motions in a washing machine helps different fabrics get accurate cleaning through the right motion. 

LG has the 6 motion-control technology and IFB offers you the 9 swirl wash technology. Anything similar to these will be enough to give your fabrics better care. 

Number Of Cycles

A particular cycle will be designed to give the required care and protection that your clothes need. If you wash a delicate fabric on a heavy wash cycle it will do nothing good but harm the fabric instead. 

So, try to find at least a heavy cycle and a delicate cycle in your machine along with some others. Samsung has special wash cycles for delicate and woolen fabrics both in its front load and top load washing machine.

The other products are also available with multiple options. So, You should try to check the wash cycles in your machine that you are willing to buy.

Spinning Speed

The spin cycle is measured as revolutions per minute or rpm. Higher rpm ensures quicker rotation.

High spin speed is important for faster drying. The faster the spinning would be, the quicker the clothes will get dried. 

Buying Guide

So, a faster spinning speed will be also preferable. However, a higher spinning speed can result in more vibrations. So, check whether the machine will create such vibrations or not.

In-built Heater

This is a very common feature in the front load washing machines. But some of the top load washing machines also come with this feature. 

A water heater will disinfect your clothes properly and also help remove tough stains. For better and easy stain removal this is a beneficial feature.

Steam Wash Or Antibacterial Feature

Steam wash or antibacterial feature both are used for the same purpose of sterilizing your clothes. If your clothes have any germs or bacteria or any allergen, with this feature you can get rid of them easily.

Child Lock System

Child lock system helps you lock the settings that you have set in the washing machine panel. Ofen your children may try to operate the buttons and make changes in the settings. 

Child lock system

Even you can mistakenly tap on any of the buttons causing the cycle to stop or change. So, the child lock system prevents you from facing such issues.

Smart Diagnosis System

This is not a very common feature in all the washing machines. Only LG gives you this feature with their fully automatic top-load and front-load washing machines. 

This is a compatibility of the machine to respond to an app. Through that app you can detect what problem is causing malfunction in your machine and it also provides solutions.

As a result you get fast, easy and costless troubleshooting. So, if you are buying an LG product you can have this feature in your product.

Waterproof Touch Panel

Waterproof panel is another important feature in your product. This will help you to use your washing machine without any fear of defecting it with the touch of water. 

Rustproof Drum

Rustproof drum indicates stainless steel drum. So, make sure you get a stainless steel drum with your product.

Water Softener

Hard water is not good for your fabrics. They also do not produce foam, so while washing your clothes with hard water you end up wasting much detergent along with harming the fabrics.

To solve this problem some washing machines have water softeners in them. The water softener will soften the water before pouring it into the machine. 

As a result they will prevent your clothes from the consequences the hard water causes to them. Also you will save detergent. 

Laundry Add Feature

The top load washing machines can be opened anytime in the middle of the cycle if you want to add extra clothes. But you cannot do the same with the top load washing machines.

To do this you need this Laundry add feature. Only the high-end front load models have this feature. 

You may not find it that important. So, if you want, you can skip this option.

Baby Clothes Washing Cycle

Baby clothes are delicate and they need better rinsing so that no detergent residue is left. More or less all the fully-automatic washing machines have this feature.

When you are choosing your washing machine, you must find this feature.

Tub Clean Feature

Auto tub clean technology automatically cleans the inside of the washing machine and removes water stains and detergent residues. If the washing machine is programmed to use hot water in this process then it can remove molds as well.

For regular maintenance of the machine this feature is very useful. You will find this feature in both top-load and front-load washing machines.

So, if your product has this option, it will be a plus point.

Less Water Consumption

Water consumption is not an issue with the front load washing machines. The top-load washing machines consume more water therefore, the modern top-load washing machines are coming with features that help you save water. 

This is a very useful and effective feature that you must search in your product if you are buying a top-load washing machine.

Auto Restart Feature

When your machine faces a power cut in the middle of the cycle, you cannot afford to begin the cycle all over again when the power is back. 

To avoid this you have the auto restart feature. This feature will help the machine to record the previous state of the cycle and resume it from that point when the power restores. 

So, this is an important feature that you can look for.

Time Delay

This feature is convenient if you have loaded your washing machine and want to delay the wash cycle. If you have loaded your clothes in the washing machine at night, but you will able to take out the laundry in the morning, then this feature will help you to set the time as per your convenience.

LED Display

The LED display will be a convenient feature where you can see the detailed information of the washing process. In some washing machines, you also will get touchscreen displays.

For Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

These were the features that you will find in the fully-automatic washing machines. The semi-automatic washing machines do not come with so many advantages. 

Semi automatic washing machine

The features that they offer are evry limited so make sure you get the proper ones.

Large Tub

A large tub will help you to wash more clothes in the machine, so it will be better if you get a large tub for both the washer and dryer.

Spin Speed

The spin speed also mattes while drying the clothes. A medium-high spin speed will be enough.

Wash Cycles

There are not multiple wash cycles in the semi automatic washing machines. But you will commonly get 3 wash cycles.

So, make sure your product has three wash cycles. The delicate, heavy and normal.

End Of Cycle Buzzer

This buzzer will let you know when the wash cycle is over. Once you know the washing is over, you can turn off the machine as soon as possible. So, this feature is a must-have feature in your semi-automatic washing machine.

Collar Scrubber

The semi-automatic washing machines cannot remove detailed stains like that of cuffs and collars. You have to clean them beforehand. 

So that you do not need to bend to scrub the stains, the washing machines come with collar scrubbing platforms. You can check this feature when you are buying your product.

Child Lock System

We have already mentioned how the child lock system works. This feature is available in the semi-automatic washing machines as well. So you should pay attention to this feature when you are buying a semi-autimatic washing machine.

Spin Shower Technology

After removing clothes from the machine there may remain detergent residues. This may turn into detergent spots after getting dried up. 

To solve this the manufacturers add spin showers in the machines. If there is any soap leftover, it will get washed in the spin cycle. This is another useful feature that you must look at when you are buying a semi-automatic washing machine.

Energy Star Ratings

Energy star rating indicates the energy efficiency level of your product. If you want to save money on your electricity bills then you must check the energy star ratings along with the inverter technology. A 3-5 star rating will be good for your product.


If you cannot find both the features in one product at least try to find any one of these. Though the products will be a bit costlier, you will be relieved of extra power consumption.


The normal warranty period of the product is fro2 to 4 years and the warranty of the motor is that of minimum 4 years and maximum 12 years.

So, the warranty should be checked properly. If you are getting a warranty period of less than 2 years on the product and less than 4 years on the motor, try to avoid that washing machine.

Best Washing Machine – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What should I choose between a top-loading and a front loading washing machine?

There is no specific recommendation for this question. The overall preference depends on multiple factors.

If you go for a front loading washing machine, it will be expensive, but it will save water. On the other hand, if you go for a top-loading washing machine, it will appear to be more convenient to use.

Now, it’s up to you what you will use. 

2. Which washing machine consumes less power?

Front loading washing machines are able to better power consumption. Also, front-loading washing machines can wash clothes better than top-load washing machines.

It doesn’t mean that top-loading washing machines are not that able. Top-loading washing machines are also very effective in their way. 

3. Why are front load washing machines costly than top load washing machines?

The tumbler washing system that you see in front-load washing machines are costly than the pulsator system present in the top-load washing machines.

Also, you will get more features in front-load washing machines in comparison with top-load washing machines.

For these reasons, front-load washing machines are a bit costly though they consume less energy than top-load washing machines.

4. Can I put detergent and fabric softener together in the washing machine?

No. You should not put detergent and fabric softener together in a washing machine. It would be best if you put the fabric softener after the washing gets completed.

To get the best results, you can put the fabric softener during the rinse cycle. Always try to put the exact recommended amount of fabric softener. 

5. Can I use the same detergent for both top loading washing machine and the front loading washing machine?

No, you should not. There are different types of detergents for top-loading washing machines and front-loading washing machines.

For top-loading washing machines, you have to choose such detergent that generates foams.

On the other hand, for front-loading machines, select such detergent that creates less foam as there is less space for foam in a front-load washing machine.

6. Can I install the washing machine in the bathroom?

Washing machines are manufactured with metal and plastic. Also, there you will see electrical parts like a circuit board, motor, etc.

If you install it in the bathroom, the splashes of water may cause corrosion over the metal of the washing machine.

Hence, it will be very risky to install it in the bathroom. Try to install it somewhere else.

Still, if there is no other place in your house, you can contact the authorized technician from the manufacturer to know the safety guidelines accurately.

7. Why mold and mildew fungus gets appeared in my washing machine?

It only happens in the monsoon season. It not only grows mold and fungus but also it makes the washing machine stinky.

As during monsoon, the atmosphere gets damped mold quickly, and mildew fungus grows inside the machine. 

8. How can I get rid of the mold or fungus in the washing machine?

You can surely get rid of the mold or fungus. To prevent fungus or mold, keep your machine as dry as possible.

So, after every wash, you have to make it dry properly.

You need to follow some steps that include;

  • You have to drain out all the water properly.
  • Make sure there is no foam left in the machine.
  • Avoid using too much detergent.
  • Don’t overfill the machine to prevent overflow.
  • Don’t keep damp clothes inside for a long time.

9. What should I do if my washing machine is leaking water?

It happened to many washing machines. If this happens, you have to power off and immediately disconnect the electrical plug.

If the water is leaking from the pipes, change it. Also, check other places like the washbasin or the tap.

After checking all the possible places, if you don’t find any issue outside of the washing machine, there may be an issue inside that causes the leak.

In that case, you can contact a trusted service provider to get rid of this issue.

10. What cleans the clothes better; hot water or regular water?

Don’t use extremely hot water as it may damage your clothes. Otherwise, you may use warm water, as it can remove the stains better from some materials such as polyester, blended cotton, denim, etc.

You may use regular water to wash natural fabrics like silk, wool, and cotton.

Final Thought!

This was a complete list with a perfect buying guide that can lead you to buy the best washing machine in India.

best washing machine in India 2021

Go through the product descriptions and find the right one that will fulfill your requirements.

If you think we are left with any information you can ask in the comments without reluctance. We will answer them without any holdup.


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