Top 10 Best Symphony Air Cooler in India (2021)- The Latest List!

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Generally, as summer begins, the sun leaves us nervous and weak. To relax or function comfortably, we require air coolers in our residences and workplaces.

Air chillers now becoming an essential consumer machine, because that’s a requirement nowadays. We realize that you’re going to be searching for a guide to purchasing air coolers for personal use.

That is exactly the reason we are here with the list of the Best Symphony Air Cooler in India 2021 for you.

best symphony air cooler
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Best Symphony Air Cooler 2021(At a Glance)

Best Symphony Air Cooler in India 2021

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01. Sumo 75XL DD – Best Symphony Air Cooler (Editor’s Choice)

Symphony Sumo 75XL DD

Key Highlights:

  • For rooms up to 200 m3.
  • Large 75 L tank capacity.
  • Consumes 350 watts power only.
  • Unique double decker design for wide area cooling with high level air throw.
  • Cool flow dispenser for better cooling.
  • Specially designed fan for more air.
  • i-pure technology.
  • High efficiency honeycomb pads for superior cooling.

Get the house summer-ready with a strong air cooler, Symphony Sumo 75XL DD. As its title indicates, the style, efficiency, power, and scale of the sumo coolers are influenced by the sumo warriors.

The extremely high-performance desert air cooler for the home market along with its outstanding beauty, wide 75-liter tank size, and easy-loading for trouble-free water loading guarantees quick, continuous cooling effect.

It has a uniquely built frontal windshield and strong dual + air fans that guarantee full air distribution. Introduce home the Symphony Sumo 75XL DD & stay happy by its results.

Using just 350 watts of electricity, the above air cooler is an electricity-saving machine. The air cooler runs on a dura-pump system that guarantees the pump’s longer lifespan.

The cold stream dispenser & the automated vertical swings of the cooler guarantee maximum air discharge and outstanding freezing.

  • The cooler comes with honeycomb pads on its 3 sides for best cooling.
  • The cooler offers the best movability with its castor wheels.
  • It provides the user with a dial knob for better control.
  • The water pump of the cooler performs on dura-pump technology.
  • The cooler size is very big and the weight is quite heavy.
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02. Diet 3D 55i+

Symphony Diet 3D 55i+

Key Highlights:

  • Automatic pop up touchscreen.
  • 3-side honeycomb cooling pads.
  • Magnetic remote.
  • i-Pure technology.
  • Full – function remote.
  • Large 55L water-tank capacity.

The Symphony Diet 3D 55i Portable Air Cooler seems to be the spot where innovative knowledge meets modern technology.

The above air cooler is equipped with innovations that render it a should always-have for your residence this season.

Having a wide tank volume of 55 liters, the compact cooler is appropriate for hot environment areas and is perfect for freezing intermediate to wide spaces.

Owing to the castor rollers at the base of this cooler, which can be easily swept across to clear up the area and switch between one place to the next.

The above cooler is combined with i-Pure technology, which encourages to avoid different air contaminants from reaching the interior and guarantees whether the air stays safe and secure.

  • Being a small portable air cooler still, it holds 55 liters of water.
  • The cooler is very slim and elegant in looks.
  • The cooler comes with 3 sides honeycomb cooling.
  • The air cooler is suitable for rooms up to 60 m3.
  • The cooler comes with a low power high efficient motor of 145 watts.
  • It also allows the user to control the machine using its automatic pop up the touchscreen.
  • The cooler provide moderate airflow in an extremely hot environment.
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03. Storm 70i

Symphony 70i

Key Highlights:

  • For rooms up to 127 m3.
  • Large 70 L tank capacity.
  • Consumes 365 watts*only.
  • Large pad area for better cooling.
  • Strong wheels for mobility.

Get the house climate ready for a strong air cooler, Symphony Storm 70i. Its planet’s 1st wireless desert air cooler featuring a strong blower is now improved much greater technology.

Equipped with functionalities including a sleek appearance, a bigger air throws, the 7-speed button, as well as an LCD monitor, you’ll barely go incorrect with smart cooling.

Because it’s a wide living area at residence, a moderate and wide residential house, an outside location, a store, a workplace, a warehouse, or a conference center, it’s the perfect design to satisfy all sorts of cooling requirements.

Using just 365 watts of electricity, the room air cooler quickly contributes up to 127 cubic meters. Also, note to leave the gate/windshield open for cross circulation and efficient freezing.

The air cooler is compatible with easy-to-use silk tap controls buttons with an LCD monitor and a complete-function remote controller including on/off the clock to guarantee simplicity of action.

  • It comes with portable strong castor wheels.
  • Operates via remote control.
  • Inbuilt SMPS Technology.
  • Multiple cooling mode and ionizer.
  • The built quality of the product could have been better.
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04. Cloud

Symphony Cloud

Key Highlights:

  • For rooms up to 57 m3.
  • Large 15 L (expand) tank capacity.
  • Consumes 255 watts* only.
  • Automatic water filling with Magic Fill.
  • Intelligent remote with 10 hour timer.
  • Empty water-tank alarm.

The Symphony Cloud air cooler ships with 3-sided cooling sheets providing continuous cooling. This cooler will successfully chill a tiny to variable-sized room.

The above unit includes a strong-performance moisture control device that can regulate the room’s moisture rates easily & efficiently so that everyone always provides new and comfortable airflow on all occasions.

The i-Pure technologies & multi-stage purifying systems, including an allergic filter, an odor filter, a bacterial filter, a PM 2.5 washing filter, and a particle filter, provide not just cold air however also safe and clean air.

The intellectual controller arrives with a device restoration feature that lets you run the air cooler even through a range.

This controller often helps anyone to set up a countdown for up to 10 hours, depending on their preference, allowing you to save on certain monthly energy costs.

  • The cooler comes with the unique wall mount technology.
  • It allows the user to run the cooler using an inverter.
  • It comes with an auto-clean feature.
  • For better long-lasting cooling includes i-pure technology.
  • The airflow is on the lower side.
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05. Winter i+

Symphony Winter i+

Key Highlights:

  • +Air Fan.
  • 4-Side High efficiency honeycomb pad.
  • Cool flow dispenser for better cooling.
  • Whisper-quiet performance.
  • Large 56L water-tank capacity.

The Symphony Winter i+ Air Cooler ships with a channeled water delivery mechanism that manages to chill the environment consistently and more easily to provide you summer relaxation.

You always enjoy a quiet & untroubled night. That’s just what the Whisper-quiet output function of this cooler offers you.

Holding you and the environment comfortable in the calmest way, the Symphony Winter Air Cooler allows you experience optimum relaxation when you’re sleeping

The above air cooler ships with 4-sided cooling sheets that provide improved and comprehensive ventilation. not merely can such cooling sheets maintain constant ventilation, they are often extremely convenient to disinfect and manage.

The Symphony Winter i+ Air Cooler ships with compact and robust rollers which support the cooler with comfort and versatility. For summer months expected to lift the temp, the Symphony Winter Air Cooler will be the only best buddy.

  • The water storage capacity is of 56 liters.
  • The speed of the motor is 1400rpm with a 3-speed control.
  • Low water level indicator.
  • Dura-pump technology for better cooling and long-lasting effect.
  • Smooth oscillating features.
  • The quality of the material used can be improved.
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06. Touch 110

Symphony Touch 110

Key Highlights:

  • For rooms up to 142 m3.
  • Large 110 L tank capacity.
  • Consumes 205 watts* only.
  • Digital touch screen.
  • Voice assist.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • i-Pure technology.
  • 6 high efficiency removable aspen pads.

Symphony Touch 110 is a strong-performance residential cooler built primarily for usage in small and wide apartments, dining quarters, classrooms, terraces, luncheons, and much more.

Because of its compact design and powerful multi-directional rollers, you can comfortably position a lightweight device close to your desk, sofa, or living room.

The Symphony Touch 110 domestic cooler is filled with several innovative technologies, including wireless display, voice support, mosquito repulsive, which are unaware of throughout the area of air chilling.

Including its breath-taking appearance, this futuristic wonder also has other functions, including i-Pure technology, a portable water reservoir, completely enclosed louvers, a 4-sided alpine freezing mat, and a strong blower that will certainly tempt everyone to explore it.

The house air cooler ships with an easy-to-use interactive capacitive touch display and remote control, together with a device restoration feature that helps you to regain your cooler configuration back to its previous functioning condition.

  • Multi-stage air purification technology.
  • Inbuilt with 4 side cooling pads.
  • 5-speed fan modes for superb cooling.
  • Anti-mosquito repellent technology.
  • Inbuilt with SMPS technology.
  • Difficult to shift from one place to another as no wheels are present.
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07. Siesta

Symphony Siesta

Key Highlights:

  • For rooms up to 99 m3.
  • Large 45 L tank capacity.
  • Consumes 160 watts* only.
  • Dura-pump technology.
  • Cool flow dispenser.

The fresh, strong Symphony Siesta 70 XL Portable Air Cooler. Having a huge volume of 70 liters, the above cooler is appropriate for dry environment countries and seems to be perfect for cooling limited to medium-sized spaces.

The cooler will be featured in houses, schools, cafes, and stores. Due to its lightweight size, this Symphony air cooler consumes limited area & can be conveniently attached to either corner of the building.

Cheers to the castor rollers at the base of the cooler, it can be quickly pushed throughout to tidy up the area and switch from one place to the next. The above cooler arrives along with a voice assistant functionality that directs you when you’re running the cooler.

It is combined with i-Pure technology, which aims to clear the environment of environmental toxins and toxic fungal-organisms, meaning that only safe and balanced air circulates.

  • The honeycomb cooling technology is present.
  • Huge water stage capacity of 70 liters.
  • The cooler comes with i-pure technology for anti-fungal air delivery.
  • The cooler fan is 16 inches in diameter.
  • There is no color option available other than white.
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08. HiCool i

Symphony HiCool i

Key Highlights:

  • For rooms up to 50 m3.
  • Large 31 L tank capacity.
  • i-Pure technology.

Symphony having a smart but trendy private air cooler for the house, Hi Cool i that maintains the environment comfortable with its excellent and efficient cooling.

It’s a perfect option for houses, workplaces and medium-sized areas where you spend lots of hours. what’s more, no cutting or pipe mounting is necessary.

It arrives with multi-directional rollers that enable it to utilize it as a compact appliance indoors and outdoors without any problems. The cooler is also popular for beds because the air volume can be conveniently regulated to the room standard.

Driven by i-Pure technology, like multi-stage air cleansing filters, it provides new and purified cooler air. including a wide 31-liter tank of water, it comfortably showcases areas of up to 50 cubic meters.

Symphony Diet Hi Cool I is an extremely powerful domestic air cooler that ships with a strong-efficiency honeycomb cooling sheet and a convenient flow dispenser that guarantees outstanding freezing.

The indoor air cooler emerges including a consumer-friendly silk-touch screen settings menu featuring a full-feature remote with a 7-hour timer and machine restore feature.

  • Multistage air filtration technology.
  • Easy setting resume with system restores feature.
  • SMPS technology for better safety.
  • Consumes very low power.
  • Inbuilt with dura-pump technology.
  • The air delivery is very low.
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09. Ninja

Symphony Ninja

Key Highlights:

  • For rooms up to 28 m3.
  • Large 17 L tank capacity.
  • Consumes 105 watts* only.
  • High efficiency honeycomb pad.
  • Multi directional wheels.
  • i-Pure technology.
  • Powerful blower.

Counter the symphony Ninja air cooler for maximum afternoon sun. Its system maintains the core temp calm all day.

It will fill up to 17 liters of water in its Symphony air cooler, which further arrives including an overflowing opening as well as a water level tracker.

Positioned on the back of the cooler, the overflowing opening allows everyone to realize whenever the storage tank is maximum. Thanks to its strong jet of air and motor-swing, you can experience the fresh air at a maximum of 33 feet.

The Symphony Ninja cooler is a lightweight system with multi-directional rollers that ensures simple scalability. It may switch everything through the cafeteria to the bedrooms or from the lounge area to the rooftop.

It includes sophisticated technologies such as thermal diffusion for reliable freezing & durum motor technologies for a better quality of life. To maintain the system safe here is a cleaner filter that stops bacteria and particles from becoming trapped.

It even has a drain cover to get control of wasted sewage. This Symphony Ninja cooler consumes minimal power and even operates with an inverter, ideal for power outages.

  • 3 level speed controlling unit.
  • Honeycomb cooling pads.
  • Castor wheels with dura pump technology.
  • Mosquito net inbuilt.
  • Lowest water storage of 17 liters.
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10. Kaizen 151 DB

Symphony Kaizen 151 DB

Key Highlights:

  • For rooms up to 57 m3.
  • Large 51L tank capacity.
  • Consumes 155 watts* only.
  • High-performance Jet blower powerful air throw.
  • Large pad area for superior cooling.

Symphony KAIZEN 151 DB is a lightweight and sleek cooler that better fits the needs of classical residences and ways of life. Running it non-stop, but the output indicator would rarely fall.

It’s the light that suits the modern generation. With a strong jet blower powered via a 3-speed motor, the Kaizen 151 DB provides strong jets of air.

The sleek style and exceptional efficiency create this one of our strongest-selling versions. Its air cooler for the residence is suitable for the freezing needs in small and wide areas.

Switch this on & introduce fresh energy inside the house.

Perhaps it becomes a wide living area, an outdoor space, a store, an apartment, a warehouse or a conference center, it is also the perfect design to satisfy all sorts of cooling requirements because it is fitted with a huge 51-liter tank of water.

  • High water storage of 51 liters.
  • Low power consumption of 155 watts.
  • Best looks and style suiting all environments.
  • Best in class castor wheels.
  • The air delivery is moderate.
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Final Words

We believe this guide has brought you the right air cooler you’re searching for. Summer is rising and you should be careful!

Air chillers are easy to have, no matter it’s summer or not. it’s better money friendly than the air conditioner. Perhaps the great part regarding these is that they’re waterproof.

Symphony best collection of air coolers are available to support you make the most of your pick.


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