Best Refrigerator / Fridge In India 2021 – (Single Door, Double Door, Multi-Door & Side-By-Side)

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A busy home is just incomplete without a refrigerator. We all cook extra foods to use the next day and buy extra vegetables so that we do not need to go to the market frequently. In such situations, if we get the company of the best refrigerator in India, the struggle of preservation reduces a lot.

In this article we will discuss some top refrigerators in India from the some of the best refrigerator brands like LG, Samsung, Haier, Whirlpool, Godrej, AmazonBasics etc. We will cover features, pros & cons in-depth for each of them.

best refrigerator in india

Along with preserving foods, a refrigerator also eases out our summer days by producing perfectly chilled water and beverages. So, the right product is the apt thing for you to ease out your daily life.

But, in this process, you may need to measure some steps. Here we are providing you some quick tips that you can keep in your mind while choosing the refrigerator.

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Key Factors To Consider Before Buying a Refrigerator

  • Capacity: Capacity is the most important thing to consider because the wrong size can lead you to face many problems. So, choose the right capacity according to the number of your family members.

  • Food Habit: Your food habit will decide the fridge and freezer ratio of your refrigerator. If you are a vegetarian then choose a product that has more capacity in the fridge section. In a non-vegetarian home, the freezer gets more importance, so, in such circumstances, the freezer section needs to be larger. The 30:70 ratio will be perfect for that.

  • Energy efficiency: If you want an energy-efficient product, you have to notice two factors. The energy star rating and inverter compressor. A good star-rated product with an inverter compressor will be a great combination for saving energy.

  • Door type: The door type indicates the capacity and the price of the product. More doors mean more capacity and more price. There are four door types available in the market. The single door, double door, multiple door, and side-by-side door.
    We will be discussing everything in detail later on. If you want to know more and want to get a modified knowledge about refrigerators, make sure you read the Buying Guide portion carefully.

How Do We Choose and Rank Refrigerators?

  • Features: A good product is an accumulation of good features. So, we try to select those products in our list that lacks no essential features.

  • Cost: Our products are selected according to good star rating and other technologies that help to save energy. Along with that we also care about the maintenance costs. So these products are chosen focusing on that matter as well.

  • Customer Reviews : Customer reviews are the only source that let us know the exact quality of the product. So, before including a product into our list we research about the customer reviews as well.

  • Durability: We focus on the built quality and the warranty of the product to ensure its durability.

  • After Sales: After sales is another important thing that we notice for the convenience of our readers. As a result we include only those products in our list which have seamless availability to their customers.

    So, these are the features that we focus on before making our list. Therefore, you can select any among them according to your budget without any doubt.

Best Refrigerator in India 2021

We highly recommend that you read our Refrigerator Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about all the latest refrigerator technologies and make an informed buying decision.

1. LG 260L 3 Star Smart Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Inverter compressor.
Energy Ratings: 3 energy stars.
Capacity: 260-liter capacity.
Other Features: Jet ice technology.
Auto smart connect with the inverter.
Stabilizer-free operation.

If you have a medium family and you think the single door refrigerator is not being able to serve you anymore, then this is high time you bring home a frost-free double door refrigerator. To help you we have included this product in our list at the no. 1 position.

The latest mechanism that it comes with is the door cooling feature. With this feature, the refrigerator gives complete cooling to the front row of the fridge.

For tackling power cuts, it has the smart inverter connect feature. So, now you can run your refrigerator on your home inverter without worrying about the power cuts.

For fastest ice making, the product is equipped with Jet ice technology that produces ice in less than 90 minutes.

If we talk about its cooling abilities, then we should call out the Multi airflow technology. The refrigerators mainly have a single vent that produces cool air. In such circumstances, the air cannot reach every corner of the refrigerators.

But, multi airflow technology means the refrigerator has multiple vents that produce cool air to every corner of the fridge. This makes your food preservation effective.

Those who need to pay extra attention to their vegetables can stay rely on the moist ‘n’ fresh vegetable crisper. This has an innovative latticed-type design that prevents moisture formation and gives long life to your veggies and fruits. 

A double twist ice tray is another noticeable thing in this product that easily removes ice without any hardship with the ice tray.

The refrigerator has an energy-efficient inverter compressor that relieves you from your electricity bills. Along with that, it gives a noiseless operation.

With this feature, you can save your refrigerator from voltage fluctuations. For easy diagnosis and solving of the problem, the Smart diagnosis system is a useful initiative taken by LG. For its better features and an affordable price, we have included it at the top position. We hope that it will be a suitable product for you.


  • A double twist ice tray makes ice removal easy.
  • Moist ‘n’ fresh vegetable crisper keeps vegetables fresh.
  • Multi airflow cooling gives all-round cooling to your food.
  • Smart inverter compressor is energy efficient.
  • Jet ice technology makes ice in just 90 minutes.
  • Toughened glass shelves.


  • Suitable for small (2-3 members) families only.
Final Verdict: The refrigerator is loaded with multiple useful features. One of them is the Auto smart connect to inverter feature. With this feature you can run your refrigerator on your home inverter. So, if your area has frequent power cut problems then you can buy this product.

2. Samsung 324L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung 324L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Digital Inverter compressor.
Energy Ratings: 3 energy stars.
Capacity: 324-liters capacity.
Other Features: 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator.
Stabilizer-free operation.
Twin cooling plus technology.

After LG, we have this product by Samsung in our best refrigerator in India list. This one is a convertible refrigerator that comes with 5 convertible options.

The modes that it includes are the normal mode, seasonal mode, vacation mode, extra fridge mode, home alone mode. For saving energy, the vacation mode and home alone mode is a very good option.

And if you have cooked some extra food and need extra space, you can use the extra fridge mode and expand the space.

But not everyone needs a convertible refrigerator. If you are one of them you can refer to other options available in the list.

The twin cooling plus feature is a new name that you would get to hear with this product. With this feature, the refrigerator produces two separate airflows in the freezer and fridge.

However, this is nothing unique with Samsung. All the convertible refrigerators work in this process.

It has a stabilizer-free operation that protects it from voltage fluctuations. And with the smart connect inverter feature makes it capable of running on your home inverter.

For fastest ice production, it has the power freeze technology similar to the Jet ice technology by LG. A movable ice maker is also there for easy ice collecting.

Like all the reputed products in the market, this refrigerator too has toughened glass shelves and big bottle guards in the door section.

The latest feature that it comes with is the door alarm. It alerts you when you keep the door open. This feature is not that common in all refrigerators. So, you will be able to avail all these latest features with this refrigerator.


  • Convertible modes are convenient to use.
  • Digital inverter compressor produces less noise and saves energy.
  • Smart connect to the inverter.
  • Toughened glass shelves.
  • The twin cooling plus feature gives longer freshness to your food.
  • Flexible ice storage.


  • Only 3-star energy rating.
Final Verdict: If you need to use the freezer storage more frequently then you have a plus point with this refrigerator. With its freezer you will get a movable ice-tray which you can remove anytime when you need extra space. Hence, for a home that depends on frozen foods, this will be a right choice.

3. Haier 258 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier 258 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Twin Inverter compressor.
Energy Ratings: 3 energy stars.
Capacity: 258-liters capacity.
Other Features: 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator.
Stabilizer-free operation.
Spill-proof toughened glass shelves.
Bigger vegetable box.

This is another product on our list that has 5-in-1 convertible options. With five useful convertibility modes, the refrigerator gives you the freedom to use it as per your needs.

It has the latest twin inverter technology that produces less noise and reduces power consumption but also causes less fluctuation.

For temperature retention, it has the PUF insulation that gives constant cooling in the power cuts.

A bigger vegetable box solves the vegetable storage problem and It has toughened glass shelves that ensure the durability of the racks.

But the main disappointment that I faced with the product was with its stabilizer. Though the product is mentioned as a  refrigerator, still I was advised to buy an extra stabilizer by the serviceman. So with this product you have to buy a stabilizer to save it from voltage fluctuations.


  • The refrigerator gas, R600A, has a low global warming capacity.
  • Useful convertibility options..
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Aesthetic design for a better look.
  • PUF insulation retains the cooling effect in power cuts.


  • Not compatible with home inverters.
Final Verdict: With this refrigerator you are getting a bigger vegetable box. So, if you cannot rush to the market everyday and always try to pre-store extra vegetables to use it for some extended periods, then you will find this product beneficial.
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4. Whirlpool 292 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 292 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Intellisense Inverter compressor.
Energy Ratings: 3 energy stars.
Capacity: 292-liters capacity.
Other Features: 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator.
Fresh flow air tower with Flexi vents for better cooling.
Double door refrigerator.

This product by Whirlpool comes with 292 liters of capacity, having the potential to serve a medium family including 2-3 adults and 2 small members. It has great facilities to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

For example, it has the honeycomb moisture lock crisper design that locks the moisture inside. Along with that, the Freshonizer is another great thing that reduces oxidation.

The zeolite technology and microblock technologies are the other saviors of your veggies.

Together they give your vegetables a garden-like freshness for up to 15 days.

Whirlpool has used a term called Intellisense technology to its inverter compressor. So, do not get puzzled with such innovative names. Their duty, similar to the duty of other inverter compressors, is to adapt the power of cooling according to the load of the food inside the refrigerator and energy.

In this refrigerator, you have a 5-in-1 convertibility option. With the all-season mode, chef mode, dessert mode, party mode, and deep freezer mode, you have all possibilities to use your refrigerator in an advanced way.

But check each convertibility option and try to know whether they are useful for you or not. 

As per my experience, I thought the freezer mode would be able to turn the whole refrigerator into a freezer, but actually, it is for turning the freezer into a fridge and using it solely. The fridge part does not work in this mode.

So keep this thing in mind.

For better cooling, it has a fresh-flow air tower. It enters the cooling inside the food and keeps them in their proper form. This feature is nowadays much available in most of the brands. Various brands use various terms for them.

The product can run on a home inverter. So it gives you tension-free power cut hours. Overall it is an all round product.


  • Compatible with the home inverter.
  • The freshonizer keeps the vegetables fresh.
  • 5 useful convertibility modes.
  • Zeolite technology.
  • Stabilizer-free operation.
  • Antibacterial microblock technology.
  • Warranty: 1 year on product and 10 years on compressor.


  • No door cooling feature is included.
Final Verdict: The convertibility options that this refrigerator has are the most genuine and useful ones. If you are intending to buy a convertible refrigerator that has modes usable in daily life, you can stop looking around and buy this product.

5. LG 335 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

LG 335 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Linear compressor.
Energy Ratings: 3 energy stars.
Capacity: 335-liters capacity.
Other Features: Convertible plus feature.
Smart diagnosis system.
Double door refrigerator.
Door cooling feature.

LG has always been one of the best refrigerator brands in India, and this product with most of the effective features proves this to be very true. The product has a capacity of 335 liters that is perfectly suitable for a family with 3 adults and 1-2 small members.

It comes with a linear compressor, which is a formal name given to the inverter technology. 

The door cooling feature in this product is very innovative that is rarely found. This provides the door section equal cooling. The door cooling vents also work as a veil that prevents the interior cooling to spill out when you open the door.

The convertible plus feature lets you expand 45% of the storage space and store more and more food.

To take care of the vegetables, it has the most ‘n’ fresh crisper design. So, you can easily store more and more fruits and vegetables in the crisper.

Though it has a great capacity, still, you can run it on an inverter and a solar panel. For better vision, it has an LED light, and the big deodorizer eliminates unwanted smells. It has advanced features that will be useful for you.


  • Antibacterial gasket.
  • A double twist ice tray makes ice removal easy.
  • Pull out tray makes dairy product storage easy.
  • Auto smart connect with an inverter.
  • Catechin deodorizer.
  • Solar smart technology.


  • Very few convertibility options.
Final Verdict: Those who need a high-end double door refrigerator having multiple features and good capacity can check out this product. It will be a good deal that will save much in terms of your electricity bills.

6. Samsung 253L 2 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung 253L 2 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Inverter compressor.
Energy Ratings: 2 energy stars.
Capacity: 252-liters capacity.
Other Features: Frost-free double door refrigerator.
stabilizer-free operation.
Movable ice maker.
Smart connect to inverter.

This 3-in-1 convertible refrigerator is an innovative product by Samsung that we have featured at the sixth position in our best refrigerator in India list. The great features that it has undoubtedly make it so.

The innovative thing that it has is the cool wall technology. This technology helps the refrigerator to retain cooling below 0-degree for up to 12 hours.

Along with that, it has all-around cooling technology to protect your food like most of the well-known brands. With toughened glass shelves and tall bottle guards, it makes sure that your containers get a good grip.

The inverter technology, stabilizer-free operation, and inverter compatibility altogether undoubtedly make it one of the best products by Samsung. However, the Door alarm feature is not that effective. It produces a very meager sound.


  • Deodorizing filters keeps food fresh.
  • Fresh room for dairy products.
  • Big bottle guard.
  • Toughened glass shelves.
  • LED light for better visibility.


  • Only 2 energy star ratings.
Final Verdict: It has a smooth and elegant design that will be easy to clean. So, if you do not have enough time to spend on the maintenance of your product, this model is ideal for you.

7. Samsung 244L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung 244L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Inverter compressor.
Energy Ratings: 3 energy stars.
Capacity: 244-liters capacity.
Other Features: Curd maestro.
stabilizer-free operation.
Digital display.
Smart connect to inverter.

This is another product by Samsung on our list. And the feature that makes it innovative is the curd maestro. No other refrigerator brand has this feature in their product.

This feature gives you a perfect curd in just three easy steps. It can save up to 5000 per year if you are a regular curd consumer.

You can run this refrigerator on an inverter, and you do not need an extra stabilizer with it as it has an inbuilt stabilizer with it.

The digital display panel and the recessed handle give a classy look to the refrigerator.

For better durability of the interiors, it has the toughened glass shelves and strong racks.

The vegetable drawer is smartly designed that keeps the vegetables fresh and crisp for longer.

The LED gives you better illumination inside the refrigerator. There is a movable ice maker inside that you can remove when you need some extra space in the freezer. 

The capacity of the refrigerator is 244 liters that is suitable for a family with 2-3 members and children. But, for the Curd maestro feature, the product becomes a bit costly. It also lacks many useful features like uniform cooling technology, cooling retention capacity, and so on.


  • Inverter compressor saves energy.
  • 1-year product warranty and 10 years compressor warranty.
  • Easy slide shelves make adjustments easy.
  • Movable ice makers remove ice faster.
  • Toughened glass shelves.


  • Only suitable for a small family with 2-3 members.
Final Verdict: The Curd maestro feature has not been included in any other refrigerator model yet. To try something new you can take a chance on this refrigerator.

8. Godrej 260 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Godrej 260 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Intelligent inverter compressor.
Energy Ratings: 3 energy stars.
Capacity: 260-liters capacity.
Other Features: Double door refrigerator.
6-in-1 convertible refrigerator.
Patented cool shower technology.
2.75-inch thick insulation.

This frost-free double door refrigerator comes with a capacity of 260 liters. If you are finding the best inverter refrigerator in India for your small family, then you can check out this product.

With 10 years of durability on the compressor, the product gives you the relief of worrying about the compressor’s lifespan.

The interior is spacious and equipped with multiple shelves. The shelves are strong and can handle heavy loads even of your pickle jars.

With 6-in-1 convertibility, the refrigerator gives you various cooling options. But I personally felt that the convertibility options are not that useful. These are not suitable to use in daily lives. So if you are really looking for a convertible refrigerator then the best options are Haier, Whirlpool, and Samsung. 

Another innovative thing is its Patented cool shower technology. In this technology, the air vents are positioned at the top of the shelves so that they directly enter the food and keep them cooled evenly. 

This feature is unique because not all brands place the air vents above the shelves. This technology results in better cooling. 

It has a thick PUF insulation that prevents the inside cooling from getting outside in power cuts. 

With all these features it is an expensive product that is going to be suitable for a 3-4 members’ family.


  • The PUF insulation retains cooling during the power cuts.
  • A large vegetable tray gives you extra space to store veggies.
  • 1-year product warranty and 10 years compressor warranty.
  • Silent operation.
  • Deodorizer keeps the food fresh and flavourful.


  • The freezer part is small.
Final Verdict: With its Patented cool shower air vents it gives advanced and entire cooling to each and every food item that you keep in the refrigerator. Therefore, those who don’t cook everyday can rely on this product as it will keep the foods fresh for longer.

9. Haier 320 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier 320 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Twin inverter compressor.
Energy Ratings: 2 energy stars.
Capacity: 320-liters capacity.
Other Features: Hour icing technology.
Double door bottom-mounted refrigerator.

This product by Haier comes with the twin inverter technology that saves energy and controls the humidity level inside the refrigerator.

It possesses the capability to serve a medium family. But firstly you should pay attention to the Bottom mounted door design. If you rarely use the freezer part then this will be a good thing for you. You will not have to bend much for using the fridge.

But if you are a frequent user of the freezer part then I will suggest that do not go with the bottom-mounted options as you have to bend to the ground for opening the freezer door.

Now, let us come to its features. The refrigerator has an antifungal gasket that prevents bacteria build up in the gasket. Also, it has a two times greater vegetable box where you can store more.

It comes with a stabilizer-free option, toughened glass shelves, and an easy-to-maintain design. The hour icing technology has the capacity to produce ice even in less than one hour. 

So, you are getting a good product with valuable features at a reasonable price.


  • It has an easy to clean design.
  • Antibacterial gasket.
  • The vegetable box is larger than usual.
  • 10 years warranty on the compressor and 1 year on the product.
  • Toughened glass shelves.


  • Only 2 energy stars.
Final Verdict: The bottom mounted refrigerators have been proved to be beneficial for those who have back problems. Hence, if you are buying this refrigerator to be used by someone older, then you do not need to go with any other option.

10. Whirlpool 260 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 260 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Non-inverter compressor.
Energy Ratings: No energy stars.
Capacity: 260-liters capacity.
Other Features: 6th sense active fresh technology.
Zeolite technology.
Moisture retention technology.
Multi door refrigerator with three doors.

The 6th sense technology of this product makes it the best refrigerator in India in terms of producing longer freshness to your vegetables.

It comes with a 32-liter large vegetable storage box that is called the active fresh zone and the microblock technology prevents 99% of microbes.

Along with that, it comes with moisture lock technology and zeolite technology. Together they protect the vegetables from spoiling before time.

It comes with air boosters, an ice twister, an ice collector, and with a stabilizer-free operation feature. Together they make it an advanced refrigerator that can serve a modern Indian family. 

But do not think that just because it has multiple doors, it will give you more space. The three doors are for organizing your food properly. Its capacity is 260 liters and it will be suitable for a medium family only.


  • 3 doors give you better organization.
  • Multiple technologies for the freshness of the vegetables.
  • With the temperature controlling knob, you can adjust the temperature.
  • Frost-free cooling.
  • Stabilizer free.


  • Not compatible with an inverter.
Final Verdict: As there is no energy rating, you may be thinking about its electricity costs but trust me it is quite energy efficient. So if you literally need a good multiple-door refrigerator to organise your foods properly, you can think about it.

11. LG 687 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

LG 687 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Linear inverter compressor.
Energy Ratings: No energy stars.
Capacity: 687-liters capacity.
Other Features: Multiple cooling vents.
Smart diagnosis.
Multi digital sensors.
Side by side door refrigerator.

This is a side-by-side door refrigerator by LG that comes with a capacity of 687 liters. So, this will be able to serve a family with 5-6 members.

Do not worry about its storage capacity. It has ample storage to fulfill your storage needs. The smart diagnosis system makes solving your refrigerator-related problems easier. You can talk with the service center and get quick remedies.

The product is compatible with the LG ThinQ app. This helps you control your refrigerator anywhere in your home.

It has a linear inverter compressor that saves 51% energy and reduces 25% noise. With the multi-airflow technology, it accurately does its real duty of cooling along with other effective services.


  • The mega capacity of 687 litres.
  • Prevents extra moisture from food.
  • Inverter compressor saves energy.
  • Multi airflow cooling gives your food entire cooling.
  • Saves 51% energy.


  • Not stabilizer free.
Final Verdict: This refrigerator is compatible with the LG ThinQ app. For a smart home the product will be a perfect match.

12. Haier 565 L with Inverter Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator

Haier 565 L with Inverter Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Twin inverter compressor.
Energy Ratings: No energy stars.
Capacity: 565-liters capacity.
Other Features: Noise control technology.
A 90-degree door opening.
Super cool and super freeze mode.

What makes this product unique is its design. Haier has designed this product in such a way that it can flawlessly fit in any modular kitchen.

 It has a perfect fridge and freezer ratio that makes food storing and organizing easy.

Generally, the holiday function is available in convertible refrigerators, but this side-by-side refrigerator is a unique one to have a power-saving feature like the holiday mode.

To completely access the interior of the refrigerator, you can rely on the 90-degree door opening feature. It helps you while storing or taking out the food.

With noise control technology it gives you a calm environment in your home.

It consumes comparatively low power but does expert it to consume as similar to a double door or single door refrigerator. 

This refrigerator can serve a 4-5 members’ family, so its capacity is a bit less than the previously mentioned product by LG. Thereby, there is a drastic difference between their price.


  • Makes ice super fast.
  • Perfect fridge-freezer ratio.
  • The slim design is easy to fit.
  • Spill-proof toughened shelves.
  • One-touch digital display.


  • No energy stars.
Final Verdict: Those who frequently visit for holiday trips can be much benefited with this refrigerator’s holiday function. It helps save energy when you are not actively using the refrigerator.

13. AmazonBasics 564 L Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator

AmazonBasics 564 L Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Non-inverter compressor.
Energy Ratings: No energy stars.
Capacity: 564-liters capacity.
Other Features: Ample storage space.
Door alarm.
Water dispenser.
Side by side door refrigerator.

The next side-by-side door refrigerator in our Best refrigerator in India list is from AmazonBasics. It has a quick cool and multi-airflow technology that takes absolute care of your food.

It also has the precise temperature control that lets you set the inside temperature. The water dispensing feature is not available in most of the side-by-side door refrigerators but this product has one.

For faster ice making, it has the quick freeze feature.

The unique alarm function is also there, which alerts you when you keep the door accidentally open. Along with that, you have the child lock feature and an easy controlling panel.

The product has a number of good features but the primary drawback is that it does not come with an inverter compressor which can lead to good electricity consumption.


  • Suitable for 5 or more family members.
  • Automatic defrosting.
  • The LED display makes the controlling easy.
  • Customizable interior temperature.


  • Not stabilizer free.
Final Verdict: This refrigerator has an ample storage capacity. If your kitchen delivers food for 4-5 people everyday then this will be the right thing for you.

14. Samsung 198 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung 198 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Inverter compressor.
Energy Ratings: 5 energy stars.
Capacity: 198-liters capacity.
Other Features: Spill-proof toughened glass.
Runs on solar energy.

How can we forget to include single-door refrigerators in our list? So, here you go with this 5-star rated single-door refrigerator that has a capacity of 198 liters. This will be suitable for a bachelor or a couple.

It is a  model and runs on solar panels as well. In power cuts, it connects with the home inverter automatically.

It has toughened glass shelves and a base drawer.

The large vegetable box is another advantage of this product. It provides much space for all your fruits and vegetables. The antibacterial gasket should also get a mention here. 

But the problem that I faced with this product was with its bottle racks. The bottle racks have no tall guards and as a result, the bottles were falling down whenever I was opening the refrigerator door.


  • Connects automatically with the home inverter.
  • Runs on solar panels and saves energy.
  • The base stand drawer gives space for dry vegetables like potato and onion.
  • Antibacterial gasket.
  • Large vegetable box.


  • Not for large families.
Final Verdict: This is a small refrigerator that can serve 1-2 members. Those who do not rely on home foods that much, can have this refrigerator to preserve packed foods and other food-staples.

15. LG 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

LG 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Smart Inverter compressor.
Energy Ratings: 4 energy stars.
Capacity: 190-liters capacity.
Other Features: Connects with inverter.
Fastest ice making.
Stabilizer-free operation.
Antibacterial gasket

We have another single-door refrigerator on our list that comes with an inverter compressor. The energy star rating of this product is another plus point that you should pay attention to.

It has a four-star energy rating that makes it seamlessly energy efficient.

For faster ice production, it has the fastest ice-making technology.

It has toughened glass shelves and an antibacterial gasket that increases the quality of its performance.

The stabilizer-free operation is another good feature that it has.

It can work for more than 36 hours on an inverter battery. So no worries about power cuts.


  • Moist ‘n’ fresh crisper keeps veggies fresh for longer.
  • Toughened glass shelves.
  • Consumes less power.
  • Silent operation.
  • Anti-rat-bite gasket.


  • Direct cooling.
Final Verdict: A bachelor or a small family with a limited monthly budget can look for this refrigerator for their home.

16. Whirlpool 200 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 200 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights:

Compressor Type: Intellisense Inverter compressor.
Energy Ratings: 4 energy stars.
Capacity: 200-liters capacity.
Other Features:
Microblock technology.
Honeycomb lock-in technology.
Up to 12 hours milk preservation.

Whirlpool’s this product is equipped with many good features. Consequently, it has been added to our list.

It has a Magic chiller that can save milk for up to 12 hours in long power cuts. Along with that, it has the microblock technology that prevents bacteria formation.

The honeycomb crisper design is another addition to the vegetable preservation system.

The stabilizer-free operation and the auto-connect to home inverter technology are also there.

It has a fluid end-cup, breathe ARC handle, and a crescent door design that looks elegant. But the previously mentioned single-door refrigerators have a plus point of having the ability to work with solar panels. This product is not capable of that.


  • 4-star energy rating.
  • Gives 7 days of garden freshness to your vegetables.
  • Works on a home inverter.
  • 1-year product warranty and 10 years compressor warranty.


  • It cannot work with solar panels.
Final Verdict: With the Freshonizer, Microblock technology and the honeycomb moisture-lock technology it keeps your vegetables and fruits fresh for an extra long time. With this feature it becomes a suitable product for a small vegetarian household.

Best Refrigerator in India – Buying Guide

You must have noticed that we have included all types of refrigerators in the product list. We all have different requirements and different needs.

Best Refrigerator in India - Buying Guide

So the type should be that of your choice. What should be the main objectives behind choosing the right type will be mentioned below properly.

The features that we will be mentioning in this section may not be present in every refrigerator. Especially in the single door refrigerators. So, if you have already selected your type, you can refer to the other articles in our website related to the particular type of refrigerator.

Type of The Refrigerator

You have 4 types of refrigerators in the market. The most common is the single door and the double door ones. Other than you have side by side door refrigerators and French door or multiple door refrigerators.

Single Door Refrigerator

The single door refrigerators do not need any definition. They are the most common type of refrigerators in the market.

What makes them popular among the customers is their easy availability and flexible price ranges.

For small families with 2-3 members and for bachelors these are the best types. The modern models come with many advanced facilities as well.

But the problem with them is that they have direct cooling technology. Therefore, they accumulate frost after some time in the freezer section, and you have to defrost them occasionally.


  • Easily available in the market in different price ranges.
  • Consumes less electricity.
  • Suitable for small families and bachelors.


  • Not available with the frost-free cooling option.
  • Not for large families.

Double Door Refrigerators

Double door refrigerators are also common in the Indian market. For medium-large families with 3-4 adult members, these are the apt ones.

Double door refrigerator

They come with convertibility options that give them the flexibility to perform according to the situation.

They come with frost-free cooling, and the price range is also affordable.

These specimens have two different designs, which are called the top-mounted and the bottom-mounted.

The top-mounted ones are the common double door refrigerators with the freezer at the upper section.

The bottom-mounted refrigerators have a freezer section at the bottom. So, you do not have to bend while using the fridge. But, to use the freezer part, you may need to do some struggle.


  • Extra space for frozen items.
  • Convertibility options are available.
  • Advanced features available.


  • Consumes more electricity.
  • The bottom-mounted double door refrigerators can give you troubles while using the freezer part.

Side by Side Door Refrigerator

The side by side door refrigerators also come with two doors, but the doors are divided vertically. You will get one compressed portion for the freezer part, and the larger part is reserved for the fridge section.

Side-by-side refrigerator

These are great for large families with 4-5 or more members. The side by side door refrigerators are the most expensive refrigerator types in the market. So before buying them, research a bit and then buy.


  • Extra space for storing foods.
  • Suitable for large families.
  • Ample advanced features are available.


  • Consumes much power.
  • Too expensive.

French Door or Multiple Door Refrigerators

The French door refrigerators are another type that comes with a very expensive price range. But for larger quantity food preservation, you can definitely go with them.

French Door Refrigerator

They have multiple shelves so you can organize your food properly. For a family with 5-6 adult members, these are the right ones.


  • You can organize your food properly.
  • Suitable for large Indian joint families.


  • Too expensive.
  • Consumes much power.

Type Of Cooling

The cooling method of the refrigerators is divided into two different types. The frost-free cooling and the direct cooling.

Direct Cooling

The direct cooling method is the traditional method. In this method, the freezer faces frost accumulation, and the excessive formation of that may result in bad cooling.

So, this method is not used in modern refrigerators. The only refrigerator type that you will get with this cooling system is the single door refrigerators.

Frost-Free Cooling

In this method, the refrigerator does not allow any frost accumulation. The frost-free refrigerators come with extra equipment that prevents frost build-up and keep the cooling process unhindered.


The capacity of the refrigerator is a great factor to notice before buying. If you do not need a large refrigerator, it will unnecessarily consume much electricity and lead to unnecessary wastage of money. So, try to find a product that will be fulfilling your needs.

You can select the right capacity according to the density of the family members. Here is a chart that you can follow.

Capacity in liters Family members
40-100 liters Bachelors or single person.
150-250 liters 1-2 adults and 1 child.
240-500 liters 2-3 adults and 2 children.
500-600 liters 4-5 adults and children.
600-800 liters 6-7 adults and children.

Energy Rating

Energy rating is another very important thing for those who want to faceless energy consumption. If you are one of them, you should buy a product that has a 4-5 energy star rating.

Energy Rating

The star ratings indicate the level of power consumption of your product. The more stars, the less power consumption. However, the good star rated products come with high prices.

If you can spend some extra bucks while buying your product, you can save a lot on your electricity bills over time.

Compressor Type

The compressors mainly come in two forms. One is normal, and the other is the inverter compressor.

The difference between these two is that the conventional compressors have a stipulated running speed. It runs till the interior of the refrigerator cools down and then stops working. And when again there is a need for cooling, the compressor starts working anew.

In such circumstances, the compressor consumes more power and also makes more noise.

But the inverter compressors have varying speeds, which change according to the interior load, inside temperature and the outside temperature.

So, when the internal load of the fridge is more, the power consumption will be more and vice versa. Similarly, when the outside temperature is high, the compressor runs at extra speed to keep the food fresh and also adjusts the cooling in the low exterior temperature.

The process results in low power consumption and very meek sound production.

So always try to buy a refrigerator that comes with an inverter compressor. Nowadays, more or less, all the refrigerators come with inverter compressors, especially the frost-free cooling ones.

Some of the direct cooling refrigerators may consist of the conventional compressor, but it will be wiser to avoid buying them.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

Generally, the refrigerator brands use the CFC refrigerant, which is a harmful agent for the environment.

So, nowadays the refrigerators come with some eco-friendly refrigerants like R134a and R600a. These are not as harmful as CFC, so try to get a product equipped with any of these.


It is not necessary that you will need the refrigerator always in its original form. Often you may need some extra space, and often you may need less space too when you are alone at home.

Sometimes you may need to save electricity, and some other requirements may also arrive. In such cases, the convertibility options are very useful.

The convertibility feature is mainly found in double door refrigerators. You can avail many options that can ease out your food preservation task.

Samsung gives you a 5-in-1 and 3-in-1 convertibility option. Whirlpool and Godrej have the 5-in-1 and 6-in-1 convertibility option, respectively.

With LG, you can enjoy the dual convertibility option, and Haier has the 8-in-1 convertibility option.

Different brands use different names for their options. But the tasks they do are the same.

Some of the useful options that you can look for are:

  • Extra Fridge Mode: In this mode, you can turn the freezer part into the fridge and use the whole refrigerator at the normal temperature. If you have got guests in your home and you have cooked extra food, you can use this mode and store the food without suffocating your refrigerator.

  • Home Alone Mode or Vacation Mode: Different brands use different names for this mode, but the purpose is the same. In this mode, you can turn off the fridge part and use the freezer only.

    If you are alone at home and you have nothing to store in your fridge, then you can turn the fridge off and use the freezer with the temperature of the fridge.

    Same thing you can do when you are on your holidays. You can store the small things like ketchup and jam bottles in the freezer. This will consume less electricity, and you do not even have to let your casual foods spoil.

  • Seasonal Mode: In this mode, the refrigerator can sense the outside temperature. In hot and cold weather, the refrigerator adjusts the temperature automatically.

  • Party Mode: This is another setting that is available in different names. In this mode, you can turn the whole refrigerator into a freezer and store chilled items in a large quantity.

  • Normal Mode: The normal mode is the usual form of the refrigerator. You can use the freezer and the fridge in their usual form.

Cooling Technologies

The advancement in the features of the refrigerators is developing day by day, so why should the cooling technologies not get any improvement?

Door Cooling technology

To get this matter solved, there have been many inventions in cooling technologies. One of the most important among them is the all-around cooling or uniform cooling technology.

Instead of having one air vent, the refrigerators with these technologies are designed with multiple air vents. As a result, every nook and corner of the refrigerator gets even cooling, and the foods get perfect cooling every time.

Whirlpool has another innovative cooling feature which is called the fresh flow air tower with flexi vents. 3D airflow is another feature by Whirlpool.

You will get strategically placed air vents in these refrigerators that directly showers cooling over your food. Thus, it keeps every item perfectly fine.

Haier has 360-degree airflow technology that works for the same objective.

LG has a beam door cooling technology that proportionally delivers cooling to the door section as well.

Twin Inverter Technology

Twin inverter technology is an advanced programlattice-typethat helps in saving energy. In this technology, the fan and compressor run at different speeds.

Along with that, they change their speed according to the cooling requirements. 

Twin Inverter Technology

These refrigerators run on DC. Therefore, they result in less fluctuation, power consumption, and sound production. It also maintains the perfect humidity level inside the refrigerator.

The high-end models have this feature. So, if your budget is high, you can look for this feature.

Stabilizer-Free Operation 

A refrigerator is one of those appliances in your home that needs a lot of electricity to run properly. So, if there is a sudden voltage up or down in your home, the refrigerator may face severity. 

This can lead to heavy damage to the appliances. Therefore, a stabilizer is very important. 

But nowadays you don’t need an extra stabilizer with the fridge. The modern refrigerators are decorated with inbuilt stabilizers.

They not only give you relaxation while the voltage fluctuations but also prevents you from spending extra money on buying a separate stabilizer. So make sure you get a product that has this feature.

Bigger Vegetable Box

Be it a vegetarian home or non-vegetarian, we all need to store vegetables in our refrigerator to avoid everyday marketing.

Hence, a large vegetable box is a very important thing to have in your refrigerator. Along with the size, the design is also another important thing to notice.

Some vegetable crispers have moisture retention technology that keeps the vegetables fresh and keeps their moisture intact. There is another technology called zeolite that prevents vegetables and fruits from over-ripening.

Whirlpool refrigerators have a unique lattice type design that keeps vegetables fresh for longer and prevents them from getting them soggy.

So, if you need your vegetables to stay in their exact form for a long time, you need to find the perfect size and design of the crisper.

Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable shelves give you the freedom to keep the utensils properly. You can also remove the shelves and clean them when you are doing the monthly cleaning of your refrigerator.

So, this feature is another noticeable thing when you are searching for the best refrigerator in India.

Chiller Box

The chiller box is the shelf where you keep the dairy products. Dairy products need an exact cooling to stay fresh.

So, for them, the refrigerators should have a separate space with a suitable design. For example, some of the refrigerators have a controllable temperature. You will also get an easily slidable chiller tray that you can operate smoothly.

So, these are the very tiny but important things to notice while buying your product. And make sure you do so.

Quick Freezing

The time is over when you have to wait for hours to get ice from the freezer. The newer technologies are so advanced that you can get ice in less than one hour.

So, try to find a product that has the quick freeze feature to enjoy faster ice making.

Antibacterial Gasket

Often you may have noticed the refrigerator gasket to hold black spots. These spots are nothing but the accumulation of fungus and bacteria.

antibacterial gasket

To avoid such situations, you can refer to an antibacterial gasket. These gaskets are specially made so that they do not gather fungus or anything that affects their adherence.

Humidity Controller

Humidity controller is not easily found in every model. Generally, the high-end products have this.

With this feature, the refrigerator can maintain humidity. The humidity controller prevents bacteria build-up and keeps the food fresh for longer.

The refrigerators need around 70% of humidity level whereas the freezer section needs only 30%. Therefore, the sole purpose of this feature is to maintain this humidity level.


To keep the flavours of the food intact, often you get deodorizers in some products. Catechin filters and activated carbon filters are the available filters or deodorizers in the market.

Tall Bottle Placeable Racks and Tall Bottle Guard

If you cannot keep tall bottles in your refrigerator, remember that fridge is of no use.

You must get enough space to keep tall bottles safely. For that, you need well-designed bottle racks that can fit minimum 2-litre bottles.

Along with that, you need tall bottle guards that can safeguard the bottles when you open and close the fridge door.

Easy Ice Removing

Generally, when you remove ice from an ice tray, you need to put a lot of effort into it.

But modern refrigerators have easy twist ice removing ice box designs. These are generally found in double door or multiple door refrigerators.

The single door refrigerators have not got this feature yet.

Toughened Glass Shelves

Indian homes are incomplete without heavy utensils. For that, you need strong shelves that can hold heavy loads.

For that, you can look for toughened glass shelves. These shelves are capable of handling 150-180 kg.

Nowadays, all the best refrigerator brands in India made their product with the toughened glass shelves, be it the single door or any other.  

Ice and Water Dispenser

When you repeatedly open the refrigerator door to get cold water or ice, it loses much of its cooling.

So if you have a water and ice dispenser in your refrigerator, you don’t need to open the fridge door repeatedly. Also, you can get rid of the duty of filling bottles and keeping them in the refrigerator.

However, this feature is available in the side by side door refrigerators only. So, when you are buying a side by side door refrigerator, you must try to get this feature.

Inverter Compatibility

If your area is prone to frequent power cuts, then this feature will be a very useful one for you. If there is a long power cut any day, then also this feature can rescue your foods from spoilage.

This feature enables the refrigerator to run on your home inverter with your other appliances like a fan, light and TV. However, the feature is not available in the heavy side by side and multiple door models.

Technologies To Handle Power Cut

Power cuts are common in India. But let not the power cut affect your food.

To avoid the tantrums of the power cuts, you can find a product that comes with any of the cooling retention technology.

For example, you have the cooling gel technology by Samsung, Whirlpool and Godrej.

Samsung has another feature called cool wall technology.

Some models of Whirlpool have the IntelliSense inverter technology to handle such situations. This is another way out that you can check you have decided to buy a product from Whirlpool.

Freezer and Fridge Ratio

Those who prefer eating frozen food may need extra space in the freezer part. The freezer part needs to be spacious for non-vegetarians as well. So, if you are one of them, try to get the products that have the 70:30 fridge and freezer ratio.

Those who have no need or very little need of the freezer part can look for the 80:20 ratio.

Space in Your Home

This is obvious that you cannot fit a large refrigerator in your home if you stay in a small apartment. So, always measure the size of the place where you want to fix your refrigerator.

This will help you to set the refrigerator properly.


Warranty is a very important thing to notice when you are buying the best refrigerator in India because the best thing does not come at a low price. And if you do not have a proper warranty period, it’s not worth your money.

So, check the warranty and make sure you get a 1-year warranty on the product and a 10 years warranty on the compressor.

Special Features

  • LED Light: For better illumination, you can check out the LED light feature. The LED lights are very less power consumption as well which is another reason for preferring them.

  • Compatible with Solar Panel: The high-end single door refrigerators and some double door refrigerators can run on solar panels. You can buy the compatible solar panels and run the refrigerator on them.

    This can help you to save a lot of energy and save money on your electricity bills. So if you are finding the best refrigerator in India among the single door category, make sure to check this feature.

  • Curd Maestro: The curd maestro is a very innovative feature invented by Samsung to make curd effortlessly. These refrigerators come with a special section where you can make curd in three simple steps.

    You have to mix lukewarm milk and curd starter in the first step. Then you can put the mixture into the container provided to make the curd.

    Then you have to set the timer. You can set the timer to 6 and a half hours to 7 hours.

    You can also select the soft curd or hard curd option to get your preferable texture.

    After the curd is done, it will indicate you by flashing the serve icon. You can preserve the curd in the fridge for a long time without experiencing any spoilage in the taste.

  • Anti-Rat-Bite Gasket: The anti-rat-bite prevents the gasket from rat bites. So, if your home has any such issues, you can search for this feature in your refrigerator.

  • Polybag Suspenders: Some models by Godrej have this feature. They have hooks where you can hang poly bags.

    Thus, you can utilize much of the space in your refrigerator.

  • Door Alarm: This feature is another one that you will get in high-end products. The door alarm rings whenever you accidentally keep the door open.

  • Smart Diagnosis: The smart diagnosis can help you solve any problem with the refrigerator. This feature detects the problem and lets you talk with the technicians of the company.

    This system works with a particular app compatible with the product. You can get instant solutions to the problem by communicating with the experts.

  • Child Lock System: The modern high refrigerators have LED control panels on the refrigerator door. So, if you have children in your home, they are definitely going to play with the buttons every time they get a chance.

    In such situations, the child lock system becomes a very useful feature. You can lock the buttons, and they will no longer be able to change the setting.
toddler and refrigerator

How To Reduce The Power Consumption Of The Refrigerator?

Power consumption of the refrigerator is a great issue for everyone. But if you follow a few steps, you can reduce much of the power consumption of your refrigerator.

inside view of a multi door refrigerator
  • Energy Star Rating: To save energy, you should buy a product that has a good energy star rating.

  • Do Not Open the Door Too Wide: When you open the door too wide or for a very long time, the refrigerator tends to lose much of its cooling. When it loses the cooling, it consumes power to refill the vacant space.

  • Do Not keep the Refrigerator Empty: When you keep the fridge empty, it tends to release more air outside when you open the door. So keep it full but do not overstuff it.

  • Avoid Overstuffing: When you overstuff the refrigerator, it fails to circulate the air properly. As a result, the air cannot reach out to every corner, and the thermostat uses more power to cool down those uncooled spaces.

  • Do Not Put Hot Food: When you put hot food in the refrigerator, it takes more power to cool down the food. So, make sure you cool down the food entirely and then enter it into the fridge.

  • Keep the Fridge in a Cold Place: When you keep the refrigerator under sunlight, it gives more effort to cool down the interior. So, you should always keep the refrigerator in a shaded place where it does not come in contact with sunlight.

  • Adjust Power According To The Climate: When the climate outside is cold, the refrigerator needs less cooling inside. So, in winters, set the inside temperature high as high temperature consumes less power.

How To Clean Your Refrigerator?

Cleaning the refrigerator can increase its efficiency. So you should always give your refrigerator a good cleaning within the gap of one month. You can follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly remove the foods from the inside. And then remove the shelves, crisper and racks carefully.
  • Then clean the shelves using liquid soap or liquid dishwasher.
  • After that, you can use water and liquid soap solution or vinegar to clean the interior and exterior. Liquid soap or liquid dishwasher and let them dry.
  • After that, you can use water and liquid soap solution or vinegar to clean the interior and exterior. Give it a dry rub too.
  • For the backside, you need to use a vacuum cleaner because you cannot use water there. So use a vacuum cleaner and suck out the dirt from the compressor section.
  • Now you can reassemble the shelves and racks if they are totally dried.

Now you are ready to use the refrigerator again.

Some Myths About Refrigerator

There are certain myths that we have woven in our minds for years that have no relevance. Today we are going to break them with proper justifications.

1. If you turn off the refrigerator occasionally, it will save less electricity.

This is the most common misconception about refrigerators. If you turn off the refrigerator, the food inside it dissolves all the cooling it had.

Then again, when you turn on the refrigerator, it gives more effort to cool down every element kept in the refrigerator. So, instead of saving energy, you waste a lot.

So, shed this misconception and do not ever turn off the refrigerator when it is full. Even when you go on vacations, you can keep it turned on at the highest temperature.

Everything that you are leaving in your refrigerator will stay intact.

2. Refrigerators cannot run on inverter.

This was true at a time, but those days are gone. Nowadays, you can get refrigerators that are compatible with home inverters.

So, if you want to run your refrigerators even in power cuts, you can have a product that is compatible with a home inverter.

3. Refrigerators cannot run on solar panels.

We know that solar panels are not for heavy products like refrigerators. But nowadays, some of the single door refrigerators have the capacity to run on solar panels.

4. The refrigerators consume a lot of electricity.

Yes, they do. But the side by side door refrigerators and the multiple door refrigerators are the most power-consuming products in the market.

The single door and double door refrigerators that come with proper star ratings can give you much relief on power consumption.

5. We can use a small refrigerator for a large family. Size doesn’t matter.

The right size always matters. You can use a small refrigerator for a large family only if you do not need to stuff food inside the refrigerator.

As we already said that overstuffing can increase electricity consumption; therefore, a small refrigerator in a large family will do nothing well, rather harm you more.

Best Refrigerator in India 2021 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the ideal size of refrigerator for Indian families?

  • Bachelors or couples – Less than 200 litres
  • Small families up to 3 individuals – 200 to 300 litres
  • Family of 4 people including children – 250 to 350 litres
  • Larger families of 6 persons and above – Above 300 litres

2. My area has extreme voltage fluctuations. Can I install stabilizer for my refrigerator?

If the input voltage goes below 100 Volts or above 300 Volts, it is always advisable to have an external voltage stabilizer.

3. Do these days refrigerators need any stabilizer?

To prevent or secure the compressor against frequent power cuts and fluctuations, you need to add stabilizers to the refrigerator.

But these days the best refrigerator comes with integrated or built-in stabilizer.

4. How much space should you leave at the back of the fridge?

It is better to have sufficient ventilation of at least 10.2 cm space on all the three sides of the fridge as the sides can become hot.

5. What should be the proper temperatures inside my refrigerator and freezer?

The average temperature should be between 3°C to 4°C, along with the limit values between above and below is 0°C to 7°C. But the food deteriorates faster at 7°C.

6. There are different levels of energy consumption. Which one is the best choice?

5 Star Energy Rating offer the lowest energy consumption. This is better for the environment and for your wallet.

7. Is it anything to worry about if I hear any noise from the back of my refrigerator?

No, there is nothing to worry about. The motor of the fan, cooling coil, and the compressor fitted at the rear base part of the refrigerator.

These things help the refrigerator to maintain cold within.

It’s quite natural to hear a humming noise when the refrigerator operates the entire refrigeration system and restart the compressor.

But if you listen to any abnormal or loud sound then you may consult the service centre.

8. Is it normal to have wetness in the vegetable drawer?

Yes, It is absolutely normal because when the water evaporates from the vegetables, the cold surface is struck, resulting in water droplet formation.

However, intense air movement within the refrigerator sweeps the vegetables’ hot or humid air to keep the fruits or vegetables healthy and fresh.

9. How can i get rid of unpleasant odors in my refrigerator?

Clean the inside with a mild cleaning detergent or furniture cleaner.

Nowadays some of the refrigerators come with deodorizers. If you get a product with this feature you will never face any other odor related problems.

10. How do I clean my refrigerator?

First, you need to detach all removable parts from inside the refrigerator, such as crispers, racks, etc.

After that, with the help of a clean cloth or mild sponge along with gentle laundry detergent in average warm water, clean the entire interior surface of your refrigerator conveniently.

Never try to use abrasive and poor chemicals; it can damage your refrigerator’s exterior design.

11. How does the refrigerator use the compressor?

The core of the refrigerator is a compressor. The whole process of cooling completely depends on this device.

A standard compressor shuts off as soon as it hits the appropriate temperature within the refrigerator.

The compressor starts again to achieve the desired temperature if the fridge load increases or if the fridge door is opened frequently. During this restarting process, it generates some noise.

12. Why does frost form in my refrigerator?

Frosting in the refrigerator is a common issue for many refrigerator users. It happens because the water vapour hits the cold coils present in the refrigerator and thereby creates frost.

While the water condenses over the coils it forms a layer of frost inside the fridge.

13. In which temperature a refrigerator is ideal for keeping food safe and fresh as well?

The internal cooling temperature between 0 to 5°C is the best rule of thumb for keeping your food fresh and safe.

When the interior temperature reaches above 5°C, the spoiling chance of the food gets increased.

14. Once I have purchased my refrigerator, will it be possible to buy an extended guarantee?

Yes, definitely you can. It is good to purchase an enhanced warranty that would stretch the manufacturer’s warranty at least five years. It can save your long-term costs for repairs.

15. How can I improve my refrigerator’s efficiency?

  • By keeping the fridge away from hot waves, furnace of any stoves, or even direct sunlight, you can enhance the efficiency of your refrigerator. Moreover, the use of the compressor reduces excessive external temperature.
  • Always try to maintain the roof of the fridge clean and hazard free. Don’t put such things like serving dishes, cereal boxes, bread, etc. over the refrigerator. These things draw heat from the refrigerator unit and thereby decreases the efficiency of the fridge.
  • Replace the door’s rubber seal or the gasket as it protects your refrigerator against unwanted warm air.

16. What is the lifespan of a refrigerator?

A regular maintenance and proper servicing can make the refrigerator last for 10-12 years. But, after 5-6 years the performance quality generally decreases.

After getting old the refrigerator consumes more electricity. So try to change your product in the gap of 10-11 years.

17. Which one is better between direct cooling and frost free cooling?

The frost free cooling is always better. The direct cooling technology needs manual defrosting which can often be very time consuming.

However, the frost free cooling technology consumes more power and can emit heat.

18. Is it safe to buy a refrigerator online?

Yes, it is totally safe. You can get the deal from reliable online stores like amazon and flipkart. They give better delivery services and you can avail great offers as well.

19. Do I need regular maintenance?

Yes, you need to clean your refrigerator at least once in a month. We have mentioned step by step cleaning method absolve. 

You can follow that and give your product a good lifespan.

refrigerator in the kitchen

Best Refrigerator in India – Final Words!

This is a compact guide that will lead you to buying the best refrigerator in india. Summers are knocking at the door so go and grab the best product as soon as possible.

Follow the guidelines that we provided. If you have any suggestions, get them cleared by asking us. We will try to solve them as soon as possible.


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