9 Best Office Chair in India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

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Are you looking for filling up your office with quality office chairs? Well, if yes then you have chosen the right article. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the best office chair in India 2021.

Now, spending on office chairs is not that easy. There are certain factors to think about and consider before buying.

Office chairs are those chairs on which people sit for very long hours. Therefore, look for comfort.

Working for longer hours, you need to stretch your body, rest your arms, relax your shoulder and neck, swirl around a bit.

For doing all these you require such a chair that fulfills all such purposes.

A normal or regular chair does not allow all such comforts. Therefore, sitting on normal chairs in an office will eventually result in soreness, back pain.

With a proper ergonomic chair, you will not have to deal with these problems of soreness, backaches. You can sit comfortably and work for long hours.

Yet before buying, one faces many questions like-

  • Which is the best office chair in India?
  • Which ones are the best office chair brands in India?
  • How to choose ergonomic office chairs?
  • Which one would be the best office chair for lower back pain?
  • How expensive are office chairs?
  • What are the features to look for in a best office chair in India?

If you are stuck with any of these questions or other such questions, then continue reading. You might get solutions to these questions in this article.

You will get a long list of the best office chair brand in India. So, you can choose accordingly.

We highly recommend that you read the Office Chair Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about all the latest office chair and make an informed decision.
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Best Office Chair in India (At a Glance)

Best Office Chair in India 2021

Given below is a list of the best office chair in India, keeping in mind the features that they offer. This list has been done by our research team on the basis of customer reviews, analysis of the products, cost, rating.

Without any more delay, check out the list below.

1. Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series Ergonomic Chair – Best Office Chair in India (Editor’s Choice)

Key Highlights

  • Lumbar pillow.
  • Adjustable backrest.
  • Castor-wheels.
  • Designed with frog mechanism
  • Breathable spandex fabric.

The first to rank on our list is the Green Soul Monster Ergonomic Chair.  It comes with amazing features. It is designed with an adjustable head and neck pillow along with the arrangement of comfortable padding.

Moreover, it has a flexible memory lumber foam pillow. It supports your spine and makes you sit in your posture without any compromise.

The seat is spacious and flat therefore, you can cross your legs and sit comfortably. It is perfect for office purposes and it does not let your legs cramp.

These chairs are designed with 4D Armrests. They are made up of the PU carbon texture. They are soft and very comfortable. It allows an excellent and proper grip as well.

These come with an added advantage. These armrests are adjustable therefore, you can adjust them according to your convenience.

It is best for those who are having back pain as you will feel comfortable due to the lumbar pillow.

Coming to its wheels. It is designed with heavy-duty castor wheels. They are capable of bearing heavyweight and a high degree of mobility. Hence, you can turn around without any inconvenience.

This chair comes in three models – Monster 2018, Monster Pro 2019, Monster Ultimate 2020.

  • It is effective in preventing heat build-up.
  • You can lock your chair in any position due to the frog mechanism.
  • These chairs are better than the leather ones. It is due to the breathable spandex fabric.
  • Armrests are on the smaller side.
  • The product tilts up to 135 degrees and not 180 degrees as it claims.
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2. Green Soul Beast Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair – Best Office Chair in India (Best Rated)

Key Highlights

  • Spacious seats.
  • Withstand weight up to 120kgs.
  • 3D armrest.
  • Lumbar pillow.
  • Castor wheels

The second on our list to rank is the Green soul Beast series Ergonomic Gaming chair. It comes with excellent features.

It is designed with an adjustable-removable headrest pillow. This provides an extra cushioning to your head and neck.

The lumbar pillow as you know is ideal and best for the lower back. It is equipped with a reclining feature. This lets you relax and take short breaks from the hectic schedule at the work front.

The seats are racing car buckets sinking into perfect depths when you sit. The seating size is great as well.

These chairs are equipped with 3D armrests. You can move it to three different directions.

The chair is capable of bearing a weight up to 120 kgs. Also, the castor wheels allow free movement.

In short, with all its features, it is one the best office chair in India.

  • Heat and sweat resistant. Hence comfortable
  • Very comfortable and spacious seats.
  • Great foam application.
  • Gathers many debris due to excess folds
  • Too thick headrest and backrest
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3. Misuraa Imported Zenon High Back Ergonomic Chair

Key Highlights

  • 7 comfort functions.
  • Lumbar support.
  • Recline locking system.
  • Lumbar pillow.
  • Best air circulation.
  • Castor nylon rotating wheels

Misuraa imported Zenon ergonomic chair is the high back chair offering the most comfort. The best part of this chair is it can be used as a gaming chair as well apart from office chairs.

The price of this chair is slightly high. Yet with high price comes high quality.

This chair does not use foam or other such materials to offer comfort. The backrest of this chair is wire mesh. It offers the best air circulation thereby maintaining the cool.

This chair is designed with 7 adjustable functions to provide you comfort. The lumbar support and the armrests are adjustable. You can adjust them accordingly.

The chair is also designed with the seat-depth adjust. It helps in accommodating heavier people.

The headrest is also designed at the perfect height and angle. This gives perfect support to your neck.

For the time when you feel tired and want to take rest, the synchro-tilt mechanism comforts you and allows you to take rest.

Due to the breathable mesh backrest, there is perfect air circulation. Thus, it prevents your body from heating and experiencing many discomforts.

This chair with the nylon body and the cast aluminum base offers durability and high-quality.

Therefore, this chair is the sturdiest one.

The back recline locking system saves you from toppling over. It is designed in a way that you are able to lock the recline at your convenient angle.

Tall, short, thin, fat – everyone can sit in this chair comfortably. It is due to the seat depth and height adjustment.

The rotating nylon castor wheels are best equipped with rotating in all directions. These chairs can be used on carpet floors as well. 

Thus, to sum up, this office chair ranks as one of the best office chair in India.

  • Breathable mesh offers perfect air circulation
  • Durable chair
  • Nylon castor wheels
  • Back recline locking system saves you from toppling down
  • Everyone can sit comfortably
  • Short armrest
  • Fails to properly support the lower back
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 4. JD9 High Back Ergonomic Chair

Key Highlights

  • Adjustable armrest.
  • Adjustable armrest.
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism.
  • Adjustable lumbar support.
  • Breathable mesh
  • Seat depth adjustment ( pneumatic).

JD9 High Back Ergonomic Chair is the next to rank on our list of best office chairs. This chair provides extraordinary performance, style, and is durable.

This chair is also designed with a breathable mesh with proper air circulation. This lets you sit comfortably without heat and sweat.

The high back design of the chair offers you neck and back support. You can enjoy the adjustable back and adjustable height features with this chair.

Moreover, you can also customize the chair with some other fascinating features like synchro-tilt mechanism, seat depth pneumatic adjustment, and seat depth adjustment.

The chair has a five-star base and you can enjoy 360-degree swivel.

In short, the chair with its versatility is the best to spend on.

  • Synchro-tilt mechanism
  • Breathable mesh
  • Easy to adjust
  • Good build
  • Perfect value for money
  • The chair fails to tilt
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5. Savya home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming cum Office Chair (Red)

Key Highlights

  • Strong metal frame
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Multipurpose chair
  • Breathable PU leather
  • 3D armrest
  • Heavy-duty casters

 The next on our list of best office chair in India is the Savya Home Apex Crusader XI. You are sure to fall for its design and stylish look.

These are designed with a strong metal frame with a thick padded back. This enables you to sit comfortably. 

This chair is featured with multi-functional adjustments. You can adjust the armrest and seat height depending on your convenience. You can enjoy a 360-degree swivel.

These chairs are designed with smooth-rolling, heavy-duty casters. They come with the added feature of not damaging the carpeted or tile floors. They are mobile as well as stable.

You can experience comfort to the most with the headrest pillow ( removable) and the lumbar cushion. The heavyweight people can sit easily and comfortably.

These chairs are designed with 3D armrests. You are able to move them in all directions.

It comes with the feature class 4 pneumatic gas lift. Due to this, the heavy-duty swivel mechanism works. With the 170 degrees tilt, you can sit comfortably for long hours. 

  • Easy to assemble
  • Breathable PU leather makes you more comfortable
  • Great design
  • Heavy-duty caster wheels do not damage the floor ( carpeted and tiles)
  • Not good for heavyweight people especially with more than 100kilos
  • Chair loses balance leaning forward
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6. Innowin Makson High Back Executive Office Chair

Key Highlights

  • Class 3 pneumatic seat adjustment
  • 150 kgs of maximum load
  • Wooden frame
  • 50mm castor wheels
  • Lumbar support

This Innowin Makson Executive Office chair comes with excellent and innovative features. You are sure to fall for the appearance.

It provides you with lumbar support. It is designed with a deep seat and ideal support for your shoulder and head.

This chair is equipped with a wooden frame yet it is robust and light. Due to the leatherette upholstery, you can sit for long hours.

The entire seat allows you to fold your legs just to relax. This helps in proper blood circulation in your legs.

You can adjust the chair’s height with the class 3 pneumatic seat adjustment helping the taller people to sit comfortably. This chair is capable of accommodating up to 150 kgs.

50mm castor wheels offer smooth movement without any noise.

Moreover, you can easily assemble this chair. It does not call for any tool to assemble.

In conclusion, we can say, this office chair is a great addition in the list.

  • Great design
  • Wheels offer smooth movement without noise
  • Easy assemble of the chair without any tool
  • Comfortable for all body-types
  • Foam backing is very comfortable
  • No adjustable armrests
  • Poor upholstery
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7. CELLBELL C102 High Back Office Chair

Key Highlights

  • Pneumatic lift
  • Five caster wheelbase
  • Soft padded seat
  • Leatherette upholstery
  • Can withstand people with 110 kgs of weight

The next to secure its rank on our list of best chairs is the Cellbell C102. This offers ideal support to your back and shoulders when you are submerged in a busy hectic schedule.

With the ergonomic design, it offers you thick padded backrest. This allows your back to rest with the perfect curve.

People with all body types can easily sit here comfortably. This chair is featured with the Class 4 glass lift. With this, you can lift your seat easily without any unnecessary noise.

You can use the push back mechanism easily. With just a flick of your thumb, you can recline at 150-degree angle. With another flick, you can get back to your initial position.

You can rest your elbows on the armrest with ease. The cushioning effect due to the rubber padding allows you easy and proper grip on your chair.

This office chair is featured with 5 wheels. They can rotate in all directions. These wheelbases are sturdy and can withstand up to 110 kgs.

The flexibility of this chair can be adjusted with the Rocking Pressure Adjuster. Also, the height-adjustable seats allow multi-tasking.

You can lock your recline at angles between 90- 110 angles. 

In short, it is the perfect office chair in India.

  • Bulky people can sit comfortably
  • Cushioning arrangements are excellent
  • Sturdy wheelbase and can rotate in all directions
  • Unbreathable upholstery. Makes it hot if used continuously.
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8. Green Soul Vienna High-Back Leatherette Executive Office Chair – Best Office Chair in India (Best Selling)

Key Highlights

  • Revolving chair
  • A very durable leatherette upholstery
  • Elegant look
  • Soft padded curved armrest
  • 360 degrees swivel

This Green soul Ergonomic chair also ranks on our list of best office chairs. It is designed with proper back and shoulder support.

This chair is built on a wooden frame. You can enjoy good back padding, with an extra layer of foam. It comes with a soft cushioned seat, padded arms to offer you some extra levels of comfort.

It is designed with durable leatherette upholstery. This upholstery is not only comfortable but also adds to your office decor. This office chair is very elegant.

It offers 5 colors. You can enjoy revolving around your chair.

Moreover, you can rest your arms on the soft padded curved armrests.

The chair perfectly matches the human spine. As we know the human spine is not straight and hence the chair as well. It is designed according to the shape of our spine.

Due to this you can sit and work comfortably for long hours.

You can just swivel the chair 360 degrees. It has a strong metal base along with a chrome finish.

You can smoothly roll the chair with the 5 castor wheels.

In short, Green Soul’s chairs are great to purchase.

  • Human spine-like shape offers more comfort
  • Very elegant. Adds to your office decor
  • Offers 5 different colors
  • Does not last long.
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9. Wipro Furniture Alivio Mid Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair

Key Highlights

  • Adjustable seat height
  • 5 pronged base
  • Lumbar support
  • 360-degree swivel

Wipro Furniture Alivio ergonomic Office chair is the next on our list of best office chairs. With its future-ready design, you are sure to spend on this stylish high-quality office chair. 

This office chair is capable of accommodating people of heavyweight 9 up to 100 kg). Also, due to perfect cushioning, people do not sink into the chairs.

The synchro-tilt mechanism is an excellent feature. It enables you to tilt back when you find your feet touching the ground.

The chair is equipped with adjustable seat height and an adjustable armrest.

Therefore, both tall and short people can sit in this chair comfortably.

You can rest your forearm and shoulders on the armrest.

It is designed with lumbar support. This cushion lumbar support is instrumental in protecting your lower back.

The wire mesh upholstery helps you maintain cool and prevents you from sweating. This is because of the free air circulation.

The chair is equipped with 5 pronged bases with quality nylon casters. It comes with the 360-degree swivel. Moreover, the chair is stable with mobility.

The backrest is adjustable. With the single point locking mechanism, you can lock it at your required position. You can easily operate the adjustable knob by turning it clockwise and anti-clockwise.

You can definitely be comfortable with the waterfall edge seat design. It makes you ease the pressure on your thighs and knees and relaxes your spine and lower back as well.

  • Offers maximum support to almost all part of your body
  • Great design
  • High mobility
  • Stable
  • Hold load up to 100 kgs
  • Absence of headrest
  • Carpenter needs to install
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10. Green Soul Newyork High Back Mesh Executive Office Chair – Best Office Chair Brand in India

Key Highlights

  • Mesh type upholstery
  • Adjustable armrest and headrest
  • Can hold up to 110 kgs of weight
  • Glass fiber and nylon frame

The next on our list is again from Green Soul. The Green Soul Newyork High Mesh Executive Ergonomic Office Chair ranks as one of the best office chairs.

These are designed to provide you greater levels of comfort.

This chair is equipped with breathable mesh upholstery for  proper air circulation.

Therefore you can maintain cool, relaxing on the chair.

With the black color upholstery, it is sure to add to the overall attractiveness.

Moreover, you can adjust the lumbar support forward and backward according to your choice. Enjoy maximum support on your head and neck with the adjustable headrest.

Due to the breathable mesh fabric, there is proper air circulation and you can experience a greater degree of comfort.

This chair comes with the T- shaped adjustable armrest. You can adjust it according to your height and lock it as per your requirement.

These chairs are capable of withstanding a weight up to 110 kgs. Furthermore, these chairs are mobile and stable.

With the nylon 360 degrees swivel casters, you can enjoy smooth movement.

  • The mesh upholstery maintains your body cool due to the proper air circulation
  • The armrest and headrest are adjustable
  • Stable chairs
  • Can hold weight up to 110kgs
  • There is a big bump in the seat
  • The tilting feature can end up being risky if you tilt more than 105 degrees
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11. beAAtho JS-29 High Back Executive Office Revolving Chair

Key Highlights

  • Metal chrome stand
  • Hydraulic mechanism
  • Tilting mechanism
  • 360-degree heavy-duty casters
  • S-shaped backrest

The next to secure its rank in the list of best office chair in India is beeAAtho JS-29 Revolving chairs. Along with its excellent features, you cannot ignore the very design that it offers.

It is sure to call for your attention.

It is the best one for your spine due to the curved cushions synchronizing with the shape of your spine.

These chairs are best when working on a PC keyboard or laptop. As the seat is perfectly aligned therefore, you can rest your feet on the ground comfortably.

Due to the S-shaped backrest, you do not need to lean forward while working. The large armrest on the other hand offers you perfect comfort.

 Not only does the armrest offer comforts but also helps you to move the chairs forward to back without making you fall.

The chair is stable as well, due to the high-quality metal chrome.

The 360-degree heavy caster wheels offer you mobility in every direction. Thus you can revolve around comfortably.

Now coming to the Up and Down Hydraulic system. It best adjusts the seat so that your heels instead of your toes can touch the floor. Both tall and short people can sit here comfortably.

The tilting mechanism here is at its best. This chair assures that you do not fall when you tilt forward or backward.

With the stretchable rexine fabric, your chair has a regal look. Adding more to it, the brown color upholstery makes it ideal as a boss’ chair.

Thus, to sum up, this office chair is the ideal one.

  • Easy to assemble the chair
  • Great cushioning
  • Perfect lumbar support due to the S-shaped backrest
  • Great hydraulic system
  • Perfect as boss’ chair
  • Plastic armrest
  • Unbreathable refine fabric
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12. Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office/Study Chair

Key Highlights

  • Lumbar support
  • Thick padded seat
  • Curved armrest
  • 50mm caster wheels
  • Can hold 90 kgs of weight

Another chair from Green Soul ranks in our list. The Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office Chair is a product with a combination of comfort and quality. 

Forget about long pain sitting in this chair for long hours. It is designed curved so that you do not experience any back pain.

Moreover, it supports your spine to the lumbar area perfectly.

It is crafted with extended seats to adjust your pelvis area and sit comfortably.

This chair is designed with curved armrests. Make use of the Pneumatic control to adjust the height of your chair according to your need. You can lower or raise.

You can also tilt the chair and recline it to rest for some time.

In addition, you can enjoy breathable mesh for backrest. Therefore, you can work sitting on a chair without heat and sweat.

Sit comfortably on the chair on the thick molded foam. It eliminates heat build-up.

The chair is framed with high-quality plastic. The chair is designed and equipped with 50mm caster wheels. You can glide the chair on carpets.

It is capable of holding a load up to 90 kgs of weight.

In short, we can say, it is a great addition in the list of best office chair in India.

  • Breathable mesh
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Free of animal cruelty
  • Can glide over carpets
  • You can tilt it between 90 to 150 degrees
  • Not perfect for tall people
  • Bad recline
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13. Timber Cheese Revolving Chair

Key Highlights

  • Height adjustment
  • Breathable mesh
  • Hold loads up to 100 kgs
  • Umbrella shaped base
  • Thick padding
  • Armrest

The next to rank on our list of best office chair in India is the Timber Cheese Revolving Chair. To enjoy top-notch quality at reasonable prices, this chair is the best to buy.

This ergonomically shaped chair offers you the best support and comfort on your back and shoulders.

The chair is designed with curved armrests. The seat is spacious. People with more body weight can sit comfortably.

You are even able to adjust the height of the chairs.

The back part of the chair has breathable mesh fabric. It allows enough air circulation to prevent you from heat or sweat.

The seat is provided with thick padding ( breathable mesh) as well.

Therefore, you can sit comfortably for long hours.

It is equipped with a heavy metal umbrella-shaped base. It is made up of plastic. In addition, it lasts long.

The arm and backrest are composed of heavy plastic material.

This chair is capable of withstanding loads up to 100 kgs.

Moreover, you can easily assemble the chair with the help of the guide and toolkit provided.

  • Padded and spacious seat
  • Heavyweight people can sit easily
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Prevents from heat and west ( breathable mesh)
  • Easy assemble
  • Absence of headrest
  • Absence of headrest
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14. Savya Home APEX Office Chair

Key Highlights

  • Chrome-plated metal base
  • Nylon casters
  • Stylish design
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Adjustable height

The Savya Home APEX chairs are next to rank on our list of best office chair in India. It offers quality features and is very comfortable to sit and work for longer hours.

It is designed with the up and down upholstery head support.

Therefore enjoy tilting your head backward or forward without leaning forward or reclining backward.

The breathable mesh backrest ( premium line) allows free air circulation to reduce sweat on your lower body and back.

The armrest is durable, elegant, and comfortable. You can rest your tired elbows there.

You can also adjust the height with the height adjustment feature. The tilting lever adjustment allows you to rest your back, reclining at your comfortable angle.

The chair is very stable with the chrome-plated steel base. The chair is equipped with a 50mm super-strong nylon caster.

They can rotate in all directions.

The breathable neck pillow allows your neck to relax and prevents them from sweating.

The 360-degree swivel is an added feature. The 5 point wheelbase provides the chair the very stability it requires.

With the adjustable height factor, you can comfortably place your feet on the floor. This gives your thighs and knees the exact support they need.

  • Adjustable neck support comforts your neck muscles
  • The mesh results in the free air circulation
  • Sturdy wheelbase
  • Adjustable height
  • Does not favor heavyweight
  • You cannot adjust the backrest according to your choice
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15. Da Urban Miller Medium Back Revolving Office Chair

Key Highlights

  • Armrest with cushioning
  • Revolving chair
  • Castor nylon wheels
  • Tilt tension control knob
  • Height increasing feature

Da Urban Miller Medium Revolving Office chair is the last in our list of the best office chair in India. It is one of the best chairs available in India.

This office chair is designed with five sets of nylon caster wheels. It moves smoothly causing no damage to the floors.

Moreover, this office chair is double-cushioned. Therefore, you can recline and rest without any heat and sweat.

The attached armrests are comfortable as well.

The chair comes with a sophisticated look with the leatherette upholstery.

The chair is featured with adjustable height increasing. You can use it easily. The controls are easy.

You need to push the level according to your convenience.

The chair is designed with a tilt-lock mechanism. Just increase the recline’s angle and lock it.

This will stop you from any movement.

You can rock back in your chair with the tilt tension control knob. You can swirl this chair 360 degrees.

The chair has metal frame legs which are durable. It is also capable of withstanding weight up to 100 kgs.

Therefore, to conclude, it is one of the best office chair in India.

  • Revolving chair
  • Easy assembling of the chair
  • Equipped with tilt lock mechanism
  • Hold load up to 100 kgs
  • No headrest
  • Difficult for tall people to sit
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Best Office Chair in India 2021 – Buying Guide

Office chairs are not those which you buy frequently. Therefore, spend on the best. Choose those that offer you extra comfort.

With difficulty in sitting, one is unable to work properly. Allow your employees to relax and work with comfort. Good comfort will result in efficient work.

lady sitting on office chair

In this buying guide, we will assist and suggest to you how to choose the right chair. We will discuss what are the features necessary for an office chair. 

Consider the features we recommend and enjoy working sitting comfortably on your office chair without any kind of body ache.

Different Types of Chairs

In the case of chairs, you will find a lot of options in the market. There are many types of chairs available to serve your purpose.

Types of Office Chair

Here are some of the different types of chairs.

Executive Chair

Executive chairs are the most expensive chairs. With high price comes high quality.

Therefore, it offers you the next level of comfort, design, or safety. Executive chairs offer a lot of features.

Generally, these chairs are big, can rotate. You can enjoy a comfortable back and arm support with soft padding.


The executive chairs with the highest price offer you the finest leather. The ones with a mid-price range offer a superior fabric quality.


  • Very comfortable
  • A durable one
  • Adjustable height


  • Expensive
  • Less color choice

Task Chair

Task chairs are another type of chair. They are more affordable. They offer moderate comfort levels.

These chairs are not designed with support features like lumbar support or armrests.


These chairs basically control your postures due to the absence of support features. They fit best for short sustain works accompanied by small breaks.

If you are looking for something to provide you with comfort for a longer period of time, do not consider this chair.


  • Affordable chairs
  • Controls the postures


  • Not ideal for longer hours

Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic chairs offer maximum comfort and well-being. They are different from the normal office chairs.

These chairs are designed to offer the best sitting position.


These chairs come with exceptional features. Lumbar support, adjustable functions, adequate padding are some of them.

These chairs are costly, but with cost, it offers great features and is beneficial in the long run.


  • Comfortable
  • Offers best sitting position
  • Adjustable features
  • Excellent lumbar support


  • Expensive

Guest Chair

Guest chairs are the ones that you need in any office. Depending on the type of job, there must be a few visitors per day at the office. 


These are basic chairs with comfortable seat padding and armrest. However, they do not offer lumbar support or spine support.

Therefore, they are good for shorter periods of time.


  • Best for few visitors
  • Comfortable seat padding
  • Comfortable armrest
  • Ideal for short period of time


  • No lumbar or spine support

Kneeling Ergonomic Chair

These are not common types of chairs. Yet these chairs are ideal for those who have chronic back pain.


The notable feature of this chair is that these chairs offer a semi-kneeling posture. This reduces some load off your back muscles, spine, thighs, and legs.

Like common office chairs, these chairs do support your back. These chairs as a result maintain and control your sitting posture.


  • Betters the posture
  • It will reduce your lower back pain
  • It will relieve you from joint and muscle stress


  • Ideal for short term sitting
  • Difficulty in getting in and out

Stacking Chair

These type of chairs are the cheapest chairs. These are easy to produce on a larger scale.

They can be used at office meetings to meet a considerable number of people at the office meeting.


They are basically a metallic or plastic frame. These chairs are better if used for a shorter period of time.

They are not suited for prolonged sitting hours but they support your normal posture.


  • Best for office meetings
  • Supports normal posture
  • Adjustable height


  • Not ideal for prolonged sitting

Conference Chair

Conference chair as understood from the name, are designed for conference rooms. They are all designed with ergonomic features.

These chairs come with less extent of cushioning.

Hence, they are ideal for meetings in the conference room.


  • Best for conference meetings


  • Less cushioning

Tall Chair

These chairs are similar to executive chairs. They are designed to accommodate heavier and taller individuals.

They offer enough support and comfort as well.


  • Easy to accommodate taller and heavier people
  • Comfortable


  • Less cushioning

Petite Chair

Petite chairs are just the opposite of tall chairs. These chairs are designed to fit smaller people.

Other features are similar to primary chair types.


  • Easy to fit smaller people


  • Problem of sitting for tall people

Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are another type of chairs. They are basically designed for the players to play video games.

They come with a higher backrest. This supports the upper back and shoulders.


These chairs are customizable. You are able to customize the armrest, lumbar support, and the headrest as well.


  • Customizable chairs
  • Supports back upper back and shoulders
  • Does not occupy much space


  • Expensive
  • Unbreathable material (leather)

Choose The Right Chair For Your Office

There are certain factors to consider before buying office chairs. Given below are those quality features that you must check before purchasing.

The Perfect Size

Spending on the office chair, you must consider the size of your chair. It is very important that your employees should fit in the chair you are providing.

If they are not comfortable sitting, then it will affect their work.

Therefore, consider the size of the chairs. When you are buying one then check the ideal size.

Here is the ideal size of a chair: 

Dimensions Measurement in inches
Height 34-35
Depth 20-25
Width 19-24

With these dimensions, an average Indian would fit in perfectly and sit comfortably.

Moreover, if there is any oversized person, then select the exact size that would offer him the most comfort.

Lumbar Support

The next important factor to consider while purchasing an office chair is lumbar support. Working for long hours in the office can lead to back aches if you are unable to sit comfortably. 

The chairs with excellent lumbar support are very important because they imitate the natural spine.

Therefore, they provide the perfect support to your lower and mid-back.


We know that our spine has a natural curve, thus the perfect lumbar support does not pressurize the back.

Therefore saves you from spinal injuries.

This lumbar support comes in many ways. For instance, it can be cushioned, mesh fabric, or solid.

So, choose according to your wish. Just note that whichever you choose, it is big enough to support your entire back.

Look for an adjustable back support that allows reclining arrangement. The chair with reclining features enables you to move backward and forward.

As a result, it saves you from back pain.

Choose the ones offering 12 to 19 inches of backrests. This range is ideal to support your spine and protect it from unnecessary injuries.

Therefore, you can sit and relax with comfort.

Customizable Chairs 

It is better to spend on customizable chairs or adjustable chairs. It is because in office people of different statures come to work.

Therefore, it will be better if they can customize according to their need.

Now, customizable chairs offer to adjust the seat height. Generally, these seats can be adjusted five inches up and down making it possible for both tall and short people to sit properly.

In addition to seat height, some chairs offer an adjustment on the armrest, headrest angle, or reclining angle.

Adjusting the armrest helps you to relax your arms and shoulders after a long time of typing.

Moreover, the reclining feature is a must as with this feature you can relax your muscles after long hours of sitting.

Adequate Padding, Cushioning, and Fabrics

Cushioning and fabrics are very important aspects to look for when buying an office chair. Generally, office chairs offer 3 fabric options- mesh-like cover, leather upholstery and cloth.

The Mesh Cover

It comes with the added advantage of allowing air circulations. This stops the seats from heating up. These are unique kinds of chairs. In addition, these are cheaper in price. Yet in case of durability, you might not be satisfied.


  • Allows air circulations
  • Prevents the seat from heating up
  • Very easy to maintain


  • The seat might sag without padding
  • Less choice options

The Leather Upholstery

The ones that come with the leather-upholstery seats are attractive and offer great cushioning.  You can enjoy excellent support on your back with these seats. Moreover, these chairs are durable.

However these chairs are bulky. They offer a high expense as well.

In addition, these type of chairs come with another demerit as they do not allow air circulation. Therefore, they can get heated up.


  • Attractive look and stylish
  • Great cushioning
  • Great support on back


  • The seat gets heated up
  • Bulky chairs
  • Less Flexible

The Cloth

These are soft and comfortable fabric. It comes with the demerits that it stains easily and offers a less breathable mesh.


  • Very comfortable fabric


  • Easily gets stain
  • Lesser breathable mesh

These types offer excellent support to your back. The leather cushions are exceptionally attractive.

The other type comes with rexine or cotton upholstery.

Note that the one which comes with a mesh cover is best suited to places of the warmer climate.

On the other hand, if you are concerned with cushioning, then go for the leather cushions.

Check whether your chair provides adequate padding or not.

However, there are some costly chairs as well that offer poor quality foam padding. Therefore check before buying.

We recommend that 2-inches of padding is enough to provide you excellent comfort.

Moreover, memory foam is a good one to buy.

Castor Wheels with Swivel Base

Mobility is an essential feature in the office chairs. Gradually, this feature has become a must.

This enables you to multitask.

castor wheels

Sitting on your chair and gliding it to near printers, or other is easier.

Therefore, sit on your chairs and roll on to your colleague’s desk. Make use of the castor wheels and swivel base of your chairs.

Buy chairs that offer good quality wheels. Do not buy the ones making a creaky sound.

Moreover, a good swivel base is an add on. With it, you can turn around in the same position you are sitting.


How can you call it a chair, if it is not sturdy. Therefore, a chair needs to be sturdy, be it an office chair, a gaming chair, or the one for home use.

However, the question arises, how can you gauge the sturdiness of a chair? The answer is simple, just focus on the chair’s core materials.

Generally, the chairs with wooden and metal frames have a lot of internal strength.

Hence, it carries a lot of weight.


This is one of the most important qualities of a chair. A chair must be comfortable.

That is to say, it must comfort the user. Only if it is sturdy and comfortable, you can call it a good chair.

In the case of office chairs, it is a must. A company would surely want its employees to be comfortable while working.

As a result, this might enhance the work as well. Therefore, comfort cannot be compromised.


Beautiful designer chairs improve the look of your office. Therefore, buying chairs for your office furnishes it as well.

Moreover, buying chairs for your office needs to match with the ethos of your office.

Therefore, choose such chairs that fit the office’s culture and tone.

The Warranty

The office chairs are generally durable. It can be used for extended periods. Thus, you need to choose those that come with a good warranty.

Have a talk with your dealer and choose wisely. Moreover, always remember the more the warranty, the better it is to buy.

Some Tips to Help You Choose and Use The Best Office Chair in India

Given below are some tips for you. This might help you to choose the best office chairs considering your likes and dislikes.

  • You can look for office chairs both online and offline.
  • If you are choosing the online mode then make sure it has return policies.
  • If you are choosing to buy offline, then try out for 15-20 minutes. Showrooms permit that.
  • Try the chairs in the showrooms even if you buy online.
  • Note that the backrest corresponds to the spine’s natural curve.
  • Try not to buy non-reclining chairs. It is because these are uncomfortable to work for a longer period of time.
  • Consider the seat adjustment feature. Check that your knees should be at 90 degrees angle while you sit. This allows maximum ease.
  • Try the chairs in the showrooms even if you buy online.
  • Make sure, while using it, you must adjust the armrest to the desk’s height. Doing it you would not experience any strain on your joints while working.
  • Check that the chair’s back should be above or in the middle of your shoulder. This will provide enough comfort.
  • Do not let your feet hang from the chairs. You should rest your feet comfortably on the ground or floor. Only then you can sit comfortably.
  • Go for memory foam cushions.
  • Check that your chair revolves freely. While revolving it should not allow any problem on your back.

Best Office Chair in India – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions. You might have some questions regarding the office chairs as well.

However, your queries might match with others. So, have a look. 

1. How good an office chair is without an armrest?

Well, an office chair is something where you spend a lot of time.

Therefore, working for longer hours, your arms need rest.

Also, the armrests should be padded and cushioned to offer you a higher comfort level.

So, it is better to buy office chairs with armrests.

2. Is a mesh chair more comfortable than a cushioned one?

Both the mesh and cushioned chairs have their own advantages and disadvantages. A cushioned chair does not allow free air circulation but is comfortable to use for long hours.

On the other hand, the mesh allows free air circulation but the mesh can sag. Due to this, you might feel uncomfortable.

3. What are the different features of the best office chair in India (ergonomic)?

Lumbar support is the most important feature. Proper padding is important. You are going to sit for longer hours therefore, padding is necessary.

The seat- height adjustment is a must.  Moreover, there must be comfortable armrests as well.

4. How similar is a gaming and office chair?

The gaming and office chairs are almost similar as you use them for longer hours. However, the major difference between these two chairs is an armrest.

Office chairs must have the armrest.

On the other hand, gaming calls for various body movements. Thus, a gaming chair would be better without armrests for proper movement.

5. How long does an ergonomic office chair last?

Generally, it lasts for around six years. This actually depends on the usage.

Do change it when you feel uncomfortable.

6. Which are the best brands to choose office chairs?

Check the list provided above, you will find the brands.

Moreover, to make it easier for you, Greensoul, Savya, Innowin are some of the best office chair brands in India.

7.How to know that my chair is an ergonomic quality one?

If you experience pain and discomfort sitting for long hours then you must change it. Check whether you have proper lumbar support or not.

If not, it is not the best to use. Also, if you are facing frequent back pain then change it.

8. What is the price range of the ergonomic chairs?

If you are looking for the best ones with good quality, the price ranges from Rs 7000-8000. It generally has a warranty for a year.

9. Do the expensive chairs worth the price?

Yes, only if it is expensive because of the quality lumbar support, proper height adjustment, and good upholstery. If these are not the reason for its higher price then it is a big no.

10. What is the meaning of lumbar support?

It is basically the soft padded support structure. It provides comfort and maintains the posture. In addition, this will soothe your backache as well.


Best Office Chair in India – Wrapping up!

In this entire article, we discussed the best office chairs in India. You will get a detailed buying guide as well.

A set of important FAQs is also given in the article with which your questions might match.

The article explores what are the things to consider when buying office chairs. We have also added some extra tips that might help you to choose the best one and use it correctly. 

Have a look at our suggestions as well as which one to buy and what are the necessary features to consider.

We hope this article provides you with all the details that you need and help you in buying the best office chairs.

In the end, if you still have any questions regarding the office chairs, do let us know in the comment section. We will surely assist you by answering your question.


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