9 Best Mosquito Killer / Trap in India 2021 – Buying Guide & Reviews!

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Have you ever thought how much the mosquito coils and other mosquito killers harm you and your children? If not then this is the time you do and bring home the best mosquito killer in India.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, you cannot ever get rid of the mosquitoes. But with the mosquito traps you can make change in your environment.

So, forget the harmful chemicals. And take the assistance of the mosquito killers. To help you find the right one, here we have a list of the best mosquito killer in India.

You will also get a buying guide which will help you choose the right product for your home.

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Best Mosquito Killer in India 2021 (At a Glance)

Now read the reviews of these mosquito killer machines.

We also recommend that you read our Mosquito Killer Buying Guide at the end of this article to make informed buying decision.

Best Moskitrap Killer in India

1. Moskitrap GM 928 Outdoor Mosquito and Pest Killer Machine Trap Best Mosquito Killer in India (Outdoor)

Key Highlights 

  • Human bionic technology.
  • Traps mosquitoes, moths, and flies.
  • Suitable for garden, fields, and poarch.
  • Works by emitting CO2.

Now forget about mosquito bats, mosquito repellents, sprays and make mosquito-killing easy with Moskitrap GM 928.

It not only gets you rid of mosquitoes but also other disturbing insects like moths and flies. 

The mosquitoes mainly build up on the outside area and then enter your home. Therefore, when you keep your outdoor area mosquito-free, you can easily keep the indoor area safe as well. 

With this mosquito trap, you can protect up to one acre of your outdoor area. It has two UV lights that attract mosquitoes and other disturbing insects.

With its photo-catalysis filter, it reacts with UV rays and produces CO2. The CO2 intrigues the mosquitoes to assume it as human existence.

And thereby, they come attracted towards the trap. With its high area capacity and efficient tracking power, it comes first on the list of the best mosquito killer in India.

If you are finding a good mosquito killer machine, then this will be a great choice.

  • Anti-escape box design to capture the mosquitoes entirely.
  • No smoke or heat emitted; therefore, no worries of smell.
  • Minimal noise operation feature.
  • Works Indoor in all weather.
  • Best mosquito killer for outdoor location.
  • Too expensive.
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2. Moskitrap GM966 Mosquito Killer Machine Trap Lamp – Best Mosquito Killer in India (Indoor)

Key Highlights 

  • Three-dimensional mosquito trapping.
  • Indoor mosquito trap.
  • Works on electricity.
  • Working range- 100-150 ft.
  • No chemical release.
  • No noise and no smoke device.

The mosquito oils that you waste your money upon are really harmful to newborns and pregnant women.

Therefore, keep your home out of the reach of toxic chemicals with Moskitrap GM966, the best mosquito killer for home in India.

The machine uses ultraviolet bionic light to kill the mosquitoes, which is safe and effective both at the same time. This is not the only thing that makes it suitable for home use.

It also has the noise reduction feature that emits no noise and makes sure that it does not disturb you and your children. 

The product runs on electricity. But the power consumption of the device is deficient. Also an effective working range of 100-150 feet, you can be sure of the total elimination of mosquitoes from your room.

Therefore, when you are shortlisting the best mosquito killer for your bedroom, make sure that you keep this product in your mind.

  • Emits less noise.
  • 365-400 nm bionic violet light effectively attracts mosquitoes and traps them.
  • Kills fly and moths as well.
  • It also works as a night lamp.
  • Easily chargeable with USB powered port.
  • Low working range.
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3. Hygiene 30W Ultra UV Tube Insect Killer Machine – Best Mosquito Killer in India (Best Selling)

Key Highlights

  • Sleek design and easy to clean.
  • Low power consumption.
  • All metal-body made with sturdy material.

With the sleek and beautiful design, you get to avail a perfect mosquito trap with Hygiene 30W Ultra UV Tube Insect Killer Machine.

It has two tube lights that attract mosquitoes and other insects to trap and kill them.

It remains silent in the working process and emits no harmful or intolerable smell. Therefore, it is the best mosquito killer machine for your bedroom or your office premises.

Also, it is safe for children.

For those who don’t want to deal with a Chinese product, this will be the best way out. The product is totally made in India and works excellently.

  • Eco-friendly.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Works efficiently in up to 2000 square feet area.
  • Produces no harmful smells.
  • The product can work efficiently at night because the light is not that much visible in day times.
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4. iBell OS241K 8W Insect Killer Machine – Best Mosquito Killer in India (Best Rated)

Key Highlights 

  • Six months standard warranty and six months additional warranty on registration.
  • Stainless steel chain.
  • Saves energy.
  • Eco-friendly.

The product is designed to work using the ultraviolet ray of the bulbs attached to it. The high-quality UV bulbs attract the mosquitoes and kill them by using the current passing through the net.

However, the killing process does not emit any pungent smell. Therefore, these are usable in your room.

Though there are very few companies that provide a warranty on their product, iBell is one. With this product, you are getting a six-month guarantee and an additional warranty of another six months with a registration.

To make it work effectively, you have to follow some guidelines.

Firstly, keep it in the dark place or a place where sunlight does not fall that effectively.

Secondly, hang it near your door or windows.

Thirdly, keep it 0.30 feet away from your wall.

And you are all set to make your home mosquito-free.

  • Spreads no toxic smell.
  • The current that it passes is not harmful to humans.
  • It saves power.
  • Lower working range.
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5. Hygiene 20W Mini Zapper UV Tube Insect Killer Machine

Key Highlights 

  • One year warranty.
  • Easy to install.
  • Large area coverage of 3000 square feet.
  • Kills all harmful insects.

The all-new Hygiene™ 20W Mini Zapper Insect killer kills almost all the harmful insects that come to your home.

You can also use it in your office to make the premise relaxable. 

The excellent coverage of 3000 square feet is perfect for making your entire home or office come under the radar of the machine.

Therefore, you are getting the best mosquito killer in India that gives you the best area coverage at a very affordable price.

It has a compact size, lightweight, and a low budget that makes it available for anyone. And effective workability is just the cherry on top.

Therefore, do not delay any further and bring home Hygiene™ 20W Mini Zapper Insect killer.

  • Affordable price.
  • High coverage area.
  • Two UV bulbs with 10,000 hours of long life.
  • Suitable for both office and home.
  • Lights may not work effectively in the day-time.
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6. Winotek 40 Watts Electric Mosquito Killer Machine

Key Highlights 

  • For gardens and outdoors.
  • Superior powder coated.
  • Comes with a safety grid.
  • UV tube insect killer.

This product is another one that comes under the best mosquito killer machine list. The reason is that the product is a part of the make in India initiative, and it avoids the usage of imported yet non-effective parts.

The high-quality UV ray bulbs are the reason for their effective working method. It attracts the insects with UV rays and traps them into the net to kill them.

It has a safety grid that makes it safe for home use. Therefore, when you are buying a product to save your family from mosquitoes without compromising their safety, do not forget to supervise this product for one.

  • The UV bulbs are highly capable of attracting mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Kills not only mosquitoes but other insects as well.
  • Works better at night.
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7. Pyxbe LED Mosquito Killer Machine

Key Highlights 

  • Built in fan and UV lamp.
  • Works with physical mosquito eradication.
  • Easy cleaning with a removable tray.
  • Use it at home or while traveling.

The working process of the product is very simple yet effective. The mosquito trap comes with a fan and a UV lamp.

The UV lamp attracts the mosquitoes, and the fan sucks it into the trap. On the web, the mosquitoes die of dehydration. 

Therefore, you face no bad smell or other harmful effects of chemicals. The trap is easily removable; therefore, you can clean it whenever you want.

The price is unbelievably less, and the working process also incredibly useful. Therefore, this comes to be the best mosquito killer in India at this price.

  • Removable trap for easy cleaning.
  • No smell of burns or chemicals.
  • Easy operation.
  • Uses less energy.
  • Small size and, therefore, easy to carry.
  • Does not catch flies.
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8. Sasimo LED Anti Mosquito Killer Lamp

Key Highlights 

  • 365 nm light length.
  • Uses physical mosquito eradication technique.
  • Noise-less operation.
  • Removable tray.
  • Easy cleaning.

When you are finding the best mosquito killer in India at a very affordable price, then you cannot miss this product. Sasimo LED Bug Zapper is just the right thing that you need for your home.

Its silent operation capacity, no smell working process, and easy cleanability make it the most suitable product in the market.

The operation is effortless. You just have to plug in and press the button, and you are all set to make your home mosquito-free. 

The noiseless program and no-chemical formula are friendly for hospital environments and also for a home with newborns.

And the easily carryable weight and size is just the right thing for travelers.

Therefore, this is an all-rounder product for everyone’s use. 

  • Easy to operate and portable.
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning.
  • No smell and no chemical release.
  • Completely kills the mosquito.
  • Does not work at open places.
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9. Glemstar Electronic Mosquito Killer Machine

Key Highlights 

  • Violet light trap.
  • Physical mosquito eradication technique.
  • Removable tray.
  • Easy to carry.

With the physical mosquito eradication technique, this machine kills the mosquitoes completely.

It produces violet rays that are specially designed for attracting mosquitoes.

The violet rays work for fetching the mosquitoes, and the fan sucks them into the machine. And afterward, the mosquitoes die of dehydration.

The working process itself reveals that the machine will neither release an awful smell nor any harmful chemical. It has a removable tray that is easy to clean.

Therefore, it is the best choice for homes, hospitals, offices, kitchens, etc. 

  • A small design makes it easy to carry.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean and removable tray.
  • Affordable price.
  • Kills other insects as well.
  • Now we will provide a complete buying guide for your convenience. Read the details below.
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Best Mosquito Killer / Trap in India – Buying Guide

Till now, you have always used the not-so-effective but suffocating ways of mosquito killing.

Some of them are mosquito repellents, mosquito-killing oils, sprays, roll-on, and so forth. 


All of these elements never kill the mosquitoes. They merely keep the mosquitoes away from you for just a few moments. 

And when the smell is gone, the mosquitoes hedge you again, and you are left to do nothing. Above all, the aromas are not even good for your health.

They are toxic, especially for children and newborns. Therefore, the all-new mosquito traps are just the most effective way to kill mosquitoes.

They actually kill the mosquitoes and not merely drive them away. They use different methods to attract them and kill them entirely.

Benefits of Mosquito Killer / Trap



If you have sensitive skin or suffocation issues, you may know how many problems you can face while using the repellents or sprays, or other mosquito killers.

The mosquito-killing coils are the most harmful among all, but the others are not anything less dangerous.

Therefore, mosquito killers are much safer than any other supplementary.


Though the other mosquito killers have a strong smell in them, that does not mean they will be effectively killing the mosquitoes.

The pungent smells make the mosquitoes either senseless or drive them away from you, not a solution.

For a reliable solution, mosquito traps are the best for indoor and outdoor usages. They trap the mosquitoes and kill them completely.

Wide Coverage

You can use one machine to attract and trap mosquitoes in wider areas. An entire room can be safe from mosquitoes with a mosquito trap.

And for the outdoors, the range is more.


If you are a traveler, or you have a garden where your children play in the evening, then you can use these machines very quickly.

They are small and portable.

Some of them are chargeable, and these are portable ones.

You can also carry them from one bedroom to another whenever needed.

Suitable For Newborn

The olfactory senses of the newborn are sensitive. Therefore, you cannot use mosquito sprays or oils around them.

Also cannot use repellents on their tender skin. Therefore, these traps are the best solutions for both newborns and children.

They come with a noiseless feature. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your child’s sleep.

Instead, it will eliminate the mosquitoes totally and give a sound sleep to them.

Drawbacks of Mosquito Killers


In comparison to the other alternatives, the mosquito traps are costly. Some of the products do not even come with a warranty.

The high-end products are much more costly than the products used in small areas.

However, if you use them properly, they can last way longer.

Need The Power To Work

The machines work either on power or with charge.

Therefore, you need a proper electric supply wherever you are using it.

How Does The Mosquito Trap / Killer Work?

The mosquito traps work with different intelligent technicalities. They are cleverly designed to attract mosquitoes.

UV light mosquito killer

Mosquitoes have different sensory organs to sense human existence. And the mosquito traps are designed to create those signals of human presence.

For example, some of the mosquito traps release carbon dioxide. As the humans exhale CO2.

Therefore the mosquitoes get attracted to the CO2 and get trapped.

Some of the traps produce a warm environment to replicate the existence of warm-blooded mammals.

Thus they attract the mosquitoes and trap them.

UV lights are also useful in attracting mosquitoes and other insects, and therefore, some of the traps use UV lights to attract the mosquitoes.

This is how they work so effectively.

They not only trap them but even kill them, and thus they give you a mosquito-free environment.

Types of Mosquito Traps / Killers

There are mainly five types of mosquito traps available in the market. Some are effective for outdoors, some for indoors, and some are suitable for both.

UV Light Mosquito Traps

These mosquito traps use UV rays to attract the mosquitoes. And then trap them in an electric mesh to kill them.

UV light mosquito trap / killer

Some of the UV light mosquitoes use fans to pull them inside a filter and kill them of dehydration. 

Both of them are very effective, less harmful, and both suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Traps

These filters use carbon dioxide to intrigue the mosquitoes to assume the carbon dioxide as the human body’s existence.

Thus they attract them and trap them.

Propane Mosquito Traps

The propane traps are the most prominent ones to create the human environment. They emit carbon dioxide, moisture, and heat together, which exactly seems like human existence.

They trap mosquitoes the most effective way. And you can use them both indoors and outdoors with their high ranges.

However, they are a bit costlier, but their working process does not compromise with their duty. You can get chargeable products of these traps as well.

Therefore these are the best mosquito killers in India.

Water Mosquito Traps

As we all know that mosquitoes lay their eggs on water, therefore water is the most effective way to attract them.

water mosquito trap

And the water mosquito traps work using this tactic.

To operate the device, you have to place a tray filled with water near the trap. When the female mosquitoes come to lay their eggs, they will get trapped into the mosquito killer.

And thus, you will be preventing not only one but the growth of thousands of mosquitoes.

You can use them both indoors and outdoors.

Heat Mosquito Traps

Heat mosquito traps produce heat to create a warm-blooded environment that attracts the mosquitoes and traps them.

This is another effective way to attract mosquitoes.

These can cover an area of up to two acres. Therefore, you can use them both indoors and outdoors both.

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Features To Look For Before Buying The Best Mosquito Killer

Coverage Area

Mosquito traps come with different coverage. Make sure that you choose a product that has a good coverage range.

The high coverage range gives more efficiency in the trapping process.

Therefore, counting on the coverage area is an essential thing.

This should get more focus when you are buying the product for an outdoor area.


If you want a product that you can carry from one room to another, then the product must be small and lightweight.

However, if you are a traveler and need a product that you can use outdoors, the product must be a chargeable one.

Also, make sure that the portability does not make the product compromise with other essential features.

Therefore you have to choose carefully.

Work Efficiency

The work efficiency is measured by the fast capturing ability of the device and also the effectiveness in killing the mosquito.

dead mosquitoes inside mosquito trap

The quicker the mosquitoes will be captured, the faster you will get a mosquito-free environment. 

It should also capture other harmful insects as well. Then only the product will be an effective one.

Therefore, you should notice these factors before buying the product. 

Easy To Use

If the mosquitoes start their job while you are fixing your machine to work, then they are of no use.

For this reason, your machine should be easy to use.

Some products have a comfortable plug-in facility. Some products use the dehydration method to kill mosquitoes.

Others use an electric mesh to capture them. Therefore, you have to decide which one will be easier for you to use.

Noiseless Feature

If you have children in your home, then you cannot afford to buy a machine that makes noise. It will disturb their sleep.

Also, the noise may attract them towards the machine, which you will never want to happen. Therefore, your mosquito trap should have no noise facility.

With this, even you can get a night of better sleep.


The price is another factor when you are buying the best mosquito killer in India. You will get a wide range of products in the online market.

But it is not evident that a high price will get you the best outcome.

Hence, try to compare the products with their facilities. And thus you can choose the right product at the right price.

Eco Friendly

Some of the mosquito traps use harmful chemicals to kill the mosquitoes. These gases are toxic to nature.

chinese paper mosquito trap

Often some products with the electric mesh release the burning smell of the mosquitoes. This can also make you feel suffocated. 

Therefore make sure that your product does not produce any harmful gases.

Mode of Action

You will get three types of mode of trapping. One is chemical-based trapping, another is dehydration-based trapping, and the last one is electric shock base trapping.

The electric shock-based trapping is suitable for large indoor areas.

For example halls and office premises.

Chemical-based trapping is the best for the outdoors.

And the dehydration process is suitable for small rooms. They are generally noiseless and come at a very affordable price.

Built Quality

The build quality is another essential factor to look at when buying the best mosquito killer machine.

It should be made of good quality plastic, or the shocking mesh and the frame of the trap should be of sturdy material.

Otherwise, it won’t last long.

Timer Feature

The timer feature allows you to set the timer according to the party times of the mosquitos.

For example, you can select the timer for the evening time when the mosquitoes tend to enter your home.

The machine will be activated according to the timer. And thus, you will not have to keep it always on, which will lead to less power consumption.


The electric shock-providing machines can be harmful.

Therefore choose a product that you can keep out of the reach of children.

Such as, it should have a wall mount feature or should have a chain to hang it. It should also have a separate safe grid outside the mesh.


The best mosquito killer for home in India should come with at least a six-month warranty period. However, not every product comes with a warranty. 

Therefore, choose the product carefully.

Precaution You Should Measure While Using Mosquito Killer

  • Keep it out of children.
  • Check the product has a long cord to be paced at your desirable place.
  • Do not use a chemical trapper for home-usage.
  • Make sure that you place the UV light mosquito traps in a darker place.

Indoor or Outdoor Mosquito Killers – Which One is Better?

Both are effective in their duties. The outdoor products use harmful chemicals to trap the mosquitoes, which are detrimental for indoor purposes.

outdoor mosquito killer

However, the indoor traps are safe but cannot give you a wide range.

So, in conclusion, you can say both have their purposes. And both are suitable for their jobs.

Best Mosquito Killer / Trap in India – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will it not be harmful to the ecosystem to kill the mosquitoes entirely?

No, it will never harm our ecosystem because they do not contribute anything to the ecosystem. 

Instead, if they get entirely banished, the whole ecosystem will get rid of all the mosquito-borne diseases.

2. What is the maximum level of flying of the mosquitoes?

The mosquitoes can fly up to 25 feet maximum.

However, if you stay at a higher altitude in a flat, you should also take some precautions.

3. Which mosquitoes are more harmful? Male or female?

Female mosquitoes are more harmful than male mosquitoes. The female mosquitoes need blood to develop their eggs. 

Therefore they bite to suck blood.

4. Why do mosquitoes attack the human body?

Generally, female mosquitoes attack the human body to feed their eggs. They need blood to nourish their eggs, and thereby they attack the human body for blood.

5. Which is the effective way to kill mosquitoes in a home with a pregnant woman?

Mosquitoes are generally more attracted to pregnant women.

Therefore, using a mosquito trap in a home with a pregnant woman is essential.

It will not let them inhale harmful substances. Also, they will be comfortable in a mosquito-less environment.

6. How essential is it to use a mosquito trap outdoors?

The mosquitoes mainly enter your home from outside.

Therefore if you can control mosquitoes outside your home, you can prevent their entrance inside.

7. How do the mosquitoes spot the human body?

The mosquitoes spot the human body by detecting carbon dioxide and other humanly attributes with their sensory organs.

8. What are the other effective ways of killing mosquitoes?

The mosquito coils and repellents do not kill the mosquitoes. Therefore you cannot call them effective.

You can get electric bats, which work like the electric shock mosquito traps. You have to swing and hit the mosquitoes with the bat to kill them.

Another option you have is that of the spray. It kills the mosquitoes entirely but leaves the smell behind. 

Therefore, other than traps, mosquito-killing bats are effective.

9. Are the mosquito traps effective?

Yes, they are really useful, and they can banish the mosquitoes entirely.

You can try them once if you haven’t.

10. How can I use the mosquito trap more effectively?

You can use the mosquito trap effectively by measuring a few essential elements.

  • Keep the windows closed in the evening time.
  • Keep the mosquito trap in mosquito-prone areas.
  • Please turn it on some hours before you go to sleep at night. 
  • Leave the machine alone. Do not roam around it. This will attract mosquitoes toward you not to the machine.
man spraying gas to eliminate mosquitoes

Best Mosquito Killer / Trap in India – Final Words!

This was our endeavor towards helping you find the best mosquito killer / trap in India.

We hope we have succeeded in our attempt.

If you think we are left with something, you can recommend us to bring that to you.

We will be pleased to do that.


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