Best Liquid Detergent for Washing machine

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In our regular busy schedule, doing proper laundry has come to be a very tough job, and washing machines have become the best way to save time.

Therefore the best liquid detergent for washing machine is all you need to find.

Here we have tried to shortlist the best products among the ample range of commodities. We have chalked up both front load and top load washing liquids.

Best Liquid Detergent for washing machine

You can choose the right one among them by going through the specifications. We hope that you make the right choice for your washing machine.

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Best Liquid Detergent for Washing Machines 2021 (At a Glance)

Best Liquid Detergent for front-load Washing Machine

If you have chosen the front-load washing machine as your laundry companion, then the below list of the best liquid detergent for the front-load washing machine is all you need to see.

1. IFB Essentials Fluff front-load Fabric Detergent – 1 L

Key Highlights

  • One liter pack.
  • One liter lasts up to one month.
  • Suitable for white clothes

Most liquid detergents nowadays tend to consist of high alkaline, which obviously cleans your clothes but results in faster decaying of the fabrics. It also produces unnecessary foaming, which drives down the machine’s performance.

In such circumstances, using an alkaline-free liquid detergent becomes mandatory. Therefore, IFB is here to give you the best liquid detergent for washing machines.

IFB fluff liquid detergent is a low foaming product that protects your machine and gives your clothes the immunity that they need from damage.

As it is formed with low alkaline, therefore, it keeps your clothes soft and new with every wash. The best part is that it is suitable for white clothes as well. 

Therefore, for your front-load washing machine, it will be an ideal choice if you buy this product. 


40ml for a full wash load of 6 kg. Add only 20 ml for delicate fabrics with a full wash load.

Add 20 ml for regular fabric with a half wash load of 3 kg. For delicate fabrics, add 10 ml with a half wash load of 3 kg.

  • Low alkaline keeps your clothes soft and smooth.
  • Produces less foam, which is suitable for the machine.
  • Does no harm to white clothes.
  • Too watery.
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2. Bosch Detergent for front-load Washing Machine

Key highlights

  • Vegetarian product.
  • One liter bottle.
  • Suitable for removing tough stains.

Most of the customers complain that the washing machine is not capable of removing tough stains. But the main culprit is not the washing machine but the detergent that you use in it. 

Therefore, Bosch has appeared with a solution with the best liquid detergent for front-load washing machines. The product is formulated to remove tough stains from your clothes, being gentle on the fabric. 

Also, it leaves a fresh fragrance after the wash. Your clothes remain in their exact form and color with the color protection formula. 

It comes with an easy measuring cap that makes the pouring task spill proof. Therefore, bring home the best liquid detergent for washing machine for your clothing’s more extended life.

Indications: use one cap for a regular load, and for a heavy load, use a  1.5 cap.

  • Leaves pleasant fragrance in the clothes.
  • Removes tough stains.
  • The color protection formula protects the original color of the clothes.
  • Not suitable for skin.
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3. Surf Excel Matic front-load Liquid Detergent

Key highlights

  • 1.2 liters.
  • Formulated to care machine.
  • Removes strong stain.

If you have ever wanted a detergent that will be able to remove all the stain in the machine itself then Surf Excel can be the best liquid detergent for washing machine.

The all new surf excel matic liquid front-load washing detergent is made to remove tough stains into the machine.

The faster dissolution formula dissolves it easily in the stain and gives you faster results. As the foam emitted from the detergent is often disturbing for the machine, therefore, Surf Excel is designed to produce foam according to the machine type. 

It prevents extra foam production and ensures no clogging and choking. Therefore, along with the care of your clothes, it takes care of the machine as well.


One cap for regular wash. For a heavy wash, one and a half cups. 

For tough stains, apply directly on the stain and rub for a few seconds. Then put it into the machine with other clothes and put sufficient amount of detergents according to the load.

Wash your hands thoroughly after use.

  • Easy removal of tough stains.
  • Retains the original color of the clothes.
  • Faster dissolution.
  • No long lasting fragrance.
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4. Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent

Key Highlights

  • Two liters.
  • Suitable for washing kids’ clothes.
  • Removes tough stains.

The Ariel matic is the new breakthrough in the sphere of the best liquid detergent for front-load washing machine. It is designed specially for fully automatic washing machines.

As we all know that liquid detergents are more expensive than the powder detergents; therefore we often hesitate to use the liquid detergents. 

However, Ariel has worked on this matter and made their product cost-effective. One liter of Ariel Matic washes the quantity that one kg of powder detergent can wash. 

Also the unique cap design saves the liquid from wastage. Therefore, you get to save your money.

The detergent removes tough stains, and protects the original color of your clothes. It is also suitable for washing kids’ clothes. 

Therefore, you can use it tension free in a home with a newborn.


Use extra ½ cup for extremely dirty clothes. For tough stains, use directly on the stain and pre-treat the dirt before putting in the machine.

  • Cost-effective.
  • Suitable for kids’ clothes.
  • Bleach free detergent.
  • Does not come in small packages.
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Best Liquid Detergent for top-load Washing Machine

As we cannot use the front-load products in the top-load machines; therefore, here is the list of the best liquid detergent for top-load washing machine.

1. Surf Excel Matic top-load Liquid, Tough Stain Removal In top-load Machines

Key Highlights

  • Faster stain removal.
  • Easy and fast dissolution.
  • Pleasant fragrant.

The new Surf Excel matic liquid detergent is the best liquid detergent for top-load washing machine with its machine care formula.

The product produces the exact amount of foam that is suitable for a top-load washing machine. 

Therefore, it does not block the outlet hose with extra foam. 

With the color care formula, it removes tough stains without harming the original color of your product. Also it leaves a super amazing fragrant that refreshes your dressing sessions.


Pour one cap for normal wash and one and a half cap for extra clothes.

For tough stains use the liquid directly on the affected area and rub before putting it into the machine.

  • Care for both the machine and clothes.
  • Great fragrance.
  • Cap design is not spill-proof.
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2. Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent

Key Highlights

  • Two liter.
  • Best liquid detergent for automatic washing machines.
  • Zero percent spillage.

Once you adhere to Ariel Matic, there is no looking back. With its one wash effective cleaning it is the best liquid detergent for top-load washing machine.

The product is especially formulated for automatic washing machines. That means you can trust the product to do the job perfectly without your supervision. 

Also, it is really cost effective and the cap design makes it spill proof. Therefore, choose the best liquid detergent for your washing machine with Ariel.


60 ml for normal use and ½ cup extra for heavy cleaning. Directly pour on the stain for easy removal.

  • Wash kid clothes.
  • Spill proof cap.
  • Color guard formula keeps your clothes healthy.
  • Be aware of duplicate products.
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3. Bosch Detergent for top-load Washing Machine – 1 l

Key Highlights

  • One liter.
  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • Color protect formula

With Bosch top-load liquid detergent, get your clothes clean only in three simple steps. Just measure the quantity as per your need, pour the liquid directly to the machine and start your cycle.

You do not have to bother about pouring the liquid into the detergent bucket. The easy dissolvability gives it a quick mix with water.

It comes with the low suds formula that keeps your machine safe. It also leaves a pleasant fragrance in your clothes that leaves a fresh sensation behind. 

Therefore, without wasting your time hunting the the best liquid detergent for washing machine, bring home this product.


One cap for regular load and extra ½ cup for heavy washing.

  • Proven to be a laundry care solution.
  • Removes tough stains in one wash
  • Vegetarian product.
  • Cap design is not good.
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Things to consider before Buying the best liquid detergent

Liquid Detergent


Brand name gives you the assurance of the quality. They ascertain the wellness of both your clothes and machine.

Therefore, it is always important that you buy a product from a reputed brand.

Color guard formula

When you wash your clothes in your machine, specially in the top-load washing machine, the clothes go through strains. Instead if you wash the clothes with your hands, chances of damage are low.

Therefore, the best liquid detergent for washing machine should come with a color guard formula. It will keep the color of your clothes as it is for a longer time.

Washing machine friendly

Some of the detergents produce huge foam. This harms the machine. 

There are products that have harmful chemicals in them. Which not only harm your clothes but your machine as well. 

So be aware of such products.


As we mentioned above, chemicals can harm your clothes and machine both. Therefore, the best liquid detergent for washing machine should be less harmful.

Alkaline is a chemical that can harm your clothes and machine both if prevailed in a high concentration. Therefore, check the specification part to avoid such chemicals.

Also avoid chemicals like, phosphates, Formaldehyde, Sodium laureth sulfate.

High levels of bleach also harms the color of your clothes.

Multipurpose cleaning detergent

Multipurpose liquid detergents possess the capacity of cleaning both your clothes and washing machine. You may worry whether such products are safe for the your clothes or not. 

But, the companies are not such dupes that they will compromise their reputation by producing such products. Therefore, you can be tension free of this matter.


We all know that liquid detergents are more expensive than the powder detergents. But some products like Ariel are bringing change in the market.

They have products that washes the same amount of clothes as the powder detergents. Therefore, you can choose them to soothe your pocket.

Some extra points to notice when buying baby safe detergents

It is nothing to say that baby clothes must get extra attention. Therefore, when you are buying the best liquid detergent for washing machine to wash your baby-clothes, pay attention to these points.

Dermatologically tested

The detergent should be dermatologically tested so that it does no harm to the skin of your baby.

Phosphate free

Phosphate can cause skin burns, therefore, choose a phosphate free detergent.

No additional color and fragrance 

your children may be allergic to fragrance as their olfactory senses are delicate. And artificial colors may be harmful to their skins. 

Therefore, the detergent should not consist of additional colors and artificial fragrances.

No harsh chemicals

The fabric of your baby’s clothes are very delicate. Therefore, harsh chemicals can ruin the softness of the fabric.

Foam free

Foams are hard to rinse. And the dry foams may cause harm to the delicate skin of your children. Therefore, the detergent may be foam free.

Why should we use different liquid detergents in top-load and front-load washing machines?

Now the time has come to explain why you should use different detergents in top-load and front-load washing machines.

In our top-load vs. front-load washing machine article, we have mentioned already that top-load washing machines use more water than the front-load washing machining.

Why should we use different liquid detergents in top-load and front-load washing machines

In the front-load washing machines  the water swings within the entire machine. Therefore, they need less water. 

But the top-load washing machines need more water to submerged the clothes entirely. Consequently more water is required.

Now, the detergent formula that works for top-load washing machines, will not be perfect for the front-load washing machines.

As more water requires more foam, therefore, the quantity that you need in the top-load machines, will not be appropriate for front-load washing machines.

It will produce more foam than the required amount. As a result the foam will block the drain draining hose.

In the contrary, the front-load liquid will not suffice the need of the top-load machines.

For the convenience of measurements the detergents have been formulated in different proportions. And therefore they come in different packs and forms.

Other than this, there are no other reasons for using varied detergents in both the types. The quality remains the same.

Why choose liquid detergent instead of powder detergent?

Liquid detergents and powder detergents have their advantages and disadvantages. But for machine wash, the liquid detergents are ideal.

There are genuine reasons for that. Such as,

  • The powder detergent does not dissolve in water properly. But the liquid detergent melts quickly to the water and keeps you tension free.
  • As the powder detergents have white grains, therefore they may remain stuck in the folds of your clothes and leave white stain. Though these stains are washable, but, I don’t think you would like to go through a double wash tour.
  • Powder detergents often come with extra bleach, which is harmful for the clothes’ color.
  • The powder detergents may be difficult to pour in the washing machine’s detergent bucket.

If you want detailed information on the difference of the liquid and powder detergents, then give a visit to the powder vs. liquid detergent article.

Types of liquid detergents

The liquid detergent is mainly of two types. Packaged liquid detergents and DIY liquid detergents.

Types of Liquid Detergents

The packaged liquid detergent are the normal products, packed in colorful bottles. You can choose the right type by reading the label.

The DIY liquid detergents come in different packs that you have to mix before using.

If we compare the both, then the packaged liquid detergents are more effective and easy to use.

However, with the DIY ones you can choose your favorite fragrance.

Advantages of liquid detergent

  • Dissolves easily, irrespective of hot and cold water.
  • Liquid detergent comes with less harmful chemicals, which is best for washing silk and woolens.
  • If you have a fully automatic washing machine, then liquid detergent is the best option.
  • Liquid detergent do not leave soapsuds or residue on clothes.
  • These detergents can easily adapt the washing machine cycle.
  • Soapless liquid detergents are suitable for hard water as well.
  • If you use them properly with appropriate measurements, you can save much of the cost.
  • Liquid detergents can remove grease and oil stains effectively.

Disadvantages of liquid detergents

  • Powder detergents are easy to measure, but liquid detergents are hard to estimate.
  • Liquid detergents are expensive.
  • You cannot expect the liquid detergents to wash mud stains.

Best Liquid Detergent for Washing Machine – Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the liquid detergent over The powder detergent in the washing machine?

There is no difference in the quality of the detergent. 

But the the liquid detergent is specifically made for machine wash focusing on many aspects. The powder detergents may not suffice the needs of the machine. 

Therefore, you should try to use the liquid detergent in your machine.

Can detergent damage the washing machine slowly?

It is not certain that the detergent will damage the washing machine. But the extra usage of detergent can harm the internal parts of the washing machine.

Which one Is better to prevent residue? The liquid detergent or powder ones?

When it comes on the residue, the liquid detergent gives you the best relief. Because they dissolve with water with ease. 

But the detergent particles of powder detergent can remain unresolved and cause residue.

How can the best liquid detergent for washing machine help in regular laundry?

The liquid detergent is best for regular dust and dirt. Such as oil, dust particles and so on. 

Therefore, for regular machine use, the liquid detergent is the best.

Which is the best liquid detergent for washing machines to wash baby clothes?

Not all the reputed brands can give you the best results when it comes to baby-safe liquid laundry detergents. There are some brands like Johnson and Johnson, ( incomplete )

Which is better? Powder or liquid detergent?

The result depends on the method of usage. Usually we use powder detergent for hand washing. 

And they give the best results in hand washing only. But when you are applying the detergent in the machine, the best thing will be to use a liquid detergent.

Can I use liquid detergent while washing clothes with hands?

Yes you can. But you do not need to do so.

Liquid detergent is not suitable for strong stains like sludge and mud. Therefore, you will need to apply more in quantity.

Instead it will be better if you use powder detergent while washing with hands. 

How can I use the powder detergent in the washing machine without harming my clothes?

The main problem with the powder detergent is that they have a grainy texture. You can mix the detergent powder with lukewarm water and make a fine paste.

You can apply this solution as liquid detergent.

How to measure the liquid detergent?

The liquid detergent comes with spill proof cap designs. You can follow the indication of the quantity and use as per the requirement.

How to remove tough stains with liquid detergent?

You can directly apply the liquid detergent on the stain. Then you need to leave the stain and detergent together for a few minutes.

This will make the stain easy to remove. Then you can put the clothing into the machine with other garments. 

This will easily remove the tough stains.

Final words!

Most of us had the curiosity to know the difference between the top load and front load washing machine. Therefore, we urged to bring the whole matter to you.

This was a detailed discussion about the best liquid detergent for washing machine. It will help you to get the best products in the market.

Also we provided several analysis to know more.

We hope that we have been able to make it easier for you. 

If you have any queries, let us know. We will try to solve it without a delay.


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