7 Best Gaming Chair in India (2021) – Expert Review & Buyer’s Guide!

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When you get lost in the world of gaming, you hardly care about your body posture. But the best gaming chair in India will be designed in such a way that it would be enough to support your body in your gaming times.

A hard gaming session can drain much of your energy and cause you weariness. The same happens to you when you use a normal chair while gaming.

It also gives you troubles like back pain and neck pain. You may not get bothered by these now.

But after a certain point in time, you can face severe difficulties regarding spinal issues. Better you focus on it now.

By choosing the best gaming chair in India you can save yourself from facing further difficulties.

A gaming chair would maintain your exact spinal posture. Your back, neck, thighs, and knees would get the support that they need while sitting for a long time.

This way you would get a better experience in your gaming. Without compromising your body comfort.

We highly recommend that you read the Gaming Chair Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about all the latest gaming chair technologies and make an informed decision.

Best Gaming Chair in India (At a Glance)

Here we have listed some of the best gaming chairs in India. So that you don’t have to go through the researching process, compromising your gaming time. 

You can choose one of these. They are easily available in the Indian market.

Best Gaming Chair In India 2021

1. Green Soul Monster Ergonomic Gaming Chair – Best Gaming Chair in India (Editor’s Choice)

Key Highlights

  • 50x72x133 centimeter.
  • Spandex fabric upholstery.
  • 3 years warranty.

Our list of the best gaming chair in India 2021 starts with the Green Soul Monster Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair.

Now you can enjoy a more comfortable and exciting gaming experience with this gaming chair.

You can give your back and neck the exact support that it needs while gaming.  

This chair is specially designed to give your neck the exact support that it needs. It has a neck pillow that gives support to your neck and takes care of its comfort.

Memory foam is the best material that can be the support to your back. And this chair has the same. 

It comes with a lumbar pillow made with memory foam that prevents hunched back. This means, no more issues of back pain.

Sit comfortably with the wide and spacious chair that lets you sit cross-legged or hang-legged. The choice is yours.

Along with that, it has 3D arm support for gaming on PCs. 

It has every possible thing that you expect in the best gaming chair in India.

You are getting perfect back and neck support, thigh and knee support, and also the exact back support with the 180-degree tiltable backrest.

Therefore, the right thing you can do without any delay is to buy this product.

  • Breathable fabric.
  • Wide seat to sit cross-legged.
  • Metal frame for durability.
  • 4D arms for PC gamers.
  • Does not tilt exactly 180-degree.
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2. Green Soul Beast Ergonomic Gaming Chair – Best Gaming Chair Under 10000

Key Highlights

  • 47x73x122 centimeters.
  • 47 centimeters seat depth.
  • PU leather.

When we talk about the best gaming chair brand in India, Green Soul comes at the very first position in the list.

With an adjustable headrest and adjustable lumbar pillow, this gaming chair has a design that is suitable for all height types.

With the internal metal frame, the chair increases its durability. Therefore, you can use it devoid of any tension about its deterioration.

The chair gives you proper back support that makes it usable for a longer time. Because it has been specially designed to maintain the spinal alignment of the gamer. 

Therefore you can spend hours sitting on it, without having a backache or neck pain.

The shoulder support and the arm rests together make it the best gaming chair in India for both PC and console users.

For its great performance and availability at a low price, you can call it the best gaming chair under 10000 budget segment.

  • Affordable price.
  • Good back support.
  • Breathable fabric to sit for a longer time without any warm sensation.
  • You can use it as an office chair too.
  • The lumbar pillow is not made of memory foam.
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3. Savya Home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair

Key Highlights

  • Nylon frame material.
  • High-density foam.
  • Plastic base.

Whether you are a gamer or an office person or both, there is no other option better than this. With the Savya Gaming chair, you can experience utmost comfort during your gaming/working hours.

When we talk about the best gaming chair in India, the first thing that comes to mind is the ergonomic design. The ergonomic designs are created to adapt the body shape of the gamer.

And for that it provides the utmost comfort and support. With this chair you are getting this design within your reach.

Also, it has a movable 3D armrest for better comfort of your arms. Thereby, you can enjoy every bit of your gaming with this product.

It is the best gaming chair in India for backache, as you have an extra back pillow and a 150-degree rest mode in this chair. 

With its 360-degree swivel wheels, you can move the chair anywhere. So, get this product to avoid any difficulty while gaming.

  • Tiltable seat.
  • Moveable handrest.
  • Usable as both office and gaming chair.
  • Thin foam.
  • Plastic base. Therefore, not durable enough.
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4. Cellbell C102 High Back Gaming Chair

Key Highlights

  • 50x40x39 centimeters.
  • Wooden frame.
  • 1-year warranty.

With the ergonomic design of this gaming chair, enjoy utmost comfort in your gaming durations.

By giving your body and hand the exact support, it makes sure that you take the ultimate pleasure of gaming. 

This chair has durable leatherette upholstery and a soft cushioned seat, so that you can experience comfort and aristocrat looks together.

This is suitable for both gaming and office uses.

With the pushback lock, you can use the chair to give your back extra comfort amidst your work or game.

Overall the chair is a compact package that is suitable for multiple usages.

  • Suitable for both gaming and office use.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Cannot tilt.
  • The neck support is not provided.
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5. Ant Esports WB-8077 Gaming Chair

Key Highlights

  • 30x30x48 centimeters.
  • Metal frame.
  • PU+PVC material.
  • Self-assembly required.

When you are finding a chair for gaming purposes, it is hard to adjust with a not so rough and tough chair. To get the perfect experience of gaming, you need to use a chair that makes you feel like a gamer. 

This chair is all set to give you that amazement. Its special design makes it the best gaming chair in India in terms of the combo of style and comfort. 

The combination of colors are so accurate for gaming that with this you are ready to roam in the gaming arena.

The metal frame and the high-density foam together make the chair durable and comfortable both at the same time.

It can also give backrest when you need it while gaming. Because It can tilt to the extent which is good for comforting your back. 

You can also lock the tilt by using the tilt lock system. With this, you can experience the comfort of the rocking chair as well.  

For an aggressive gamer, it is the best gaming chair to tackle their movements without harming their body posture.

  • Tilt-lock ability.
  • The armrest is available for PC gamers.
  • Neck Support.
  • Metal frame for long service.
  • The seat becomes thin after long usage.
  • Not ergonomically designed.
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6. beAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back Revolving Gaming Chair

Key Highlights

  • 85x53x53 centimeters.
  • Wooden frame material.
  • 1-year warranty.

Giving the priority to comfort and durability, the product has been made for perfect back support and longer usage.

Along with a promise of comfort and durability it keeps its name in the best gaming chair in India list.

It has been ergonomically designed that helps to maintain the spine alignment. And thus, it gives your back the exact rest that you need while gaming or working for long hours.

The product consists of extra padding on the seat which gives you comfortable rest to your thighs.

The height of the seat is also perfect for resting your feet on the ground. So no pressure on the knees or thighs.

For longer usage, the product is the best budget gaming chair that you can have.

  • Extra padded seats.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Padded armrests.
  • No neck support included.
  • No back support cushion provided.
  • Cannot be tilted.
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7. Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-07 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Key Highlights

  • 84x65x32 centimeters.
  • Metal frame.
  • PU leather.

Our list of the best gaming chair in India ends with this Pulse Racing Edition gaming chair.

When you are getting the combination of ergonomic design and metal frame, there is nothing that can be better than this gaming chair. Both are just perfect for durability and comfort. 

And with the adjustable armrest, adjustable seat height, and extra cushions, it possesses all the qualities to become one of the best gaming chairs in India.

It has the highest backrest and tilting facility that gives your back perfect support and rest.

The smooth PU leather also adds to its quality and comfort.

Most of the best gaming chair brands give a warranty on the manufacturing defects.

But with this product, you are getting 10 years of warranty on frame and a manufacturing defect warranty for 10 days.

The company has taken all the responsibility for customer satisfaction.

Therefore you can trust this product to become your gaming companion.

  • Ergonomic design for perfect back support.
  • Neck support and back support provided.
  • High-quality material for longer usage.
  • Good tilting capacity.
  • Height is not adjustable.
  • The price is high.
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Best Gaming Chair in India – Buying Guide

If you spend most of the time gaming, then you may have noticed some uneasiness in your back and neck.

That happens because your regular chair is unable to maintain your spinal alignment.

Best Gaming Chair in India - Buying guide

When spinal alignment is not maintained appropriately, it causes pain in your back, neck, and other spinal areas.

The best gaming chair in India is formulated to maintain the exact shape of your spine in all your gaming positions.

Therefore, it keeps your bones healthy by giving perfect support to them.

But all the gaming chairs out there are not proper. You should notice some distinct points when you go for a purchase.

Here we have listed all of them. Refer to these before buying one.


When you would research the gaming chairs, you would get to listen to this word the most. You may think that what is the ergonomic chair?

The answer is quite simple. 

Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic chairs are those which help to maintain your body posture. When you keep your body posture perfect, it keeps you out of the troubles like back pain and neck pain.

So, in simple language, these are the best gaming chair types. They give you the utmost comfort and make your gaming period tireless.

It also improves your gaming reaction time. Therefore, it is best for experts.

There are two qualities included in these types of chairs. One, adjustment, and two, the lumbar support.


    This feature allows you to adjust the seat height and armrests. You can adjust the height of the chair according to your height.

    These are suitable irrespective of any height. The armrest adjustability also gives you good support to your arms and gives you the perfect experience while gaming on PCs.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is available in two forms. Curved backrest and tilt lock. 


The curved backrest maintains perfect body alignment. And the tilt lock lets you lock the chair position that is most preferred by you.

You can get both of the facilities in some chairs. Some come with only one.

They can do the job.

But some chairs come with none of them. These are better to avoid.

Build Quality

The build quality depends on the price of the chair. Most of the costly chairs come with good capacities.


It is better that you choose the expensive but better one.

The build quality of the chair mostly depends on three things. These are framing, base, and cushioning.


The framing of the product decides it’s durability. Because it holds up the whole chair.

Always go with a metal framing. It is the most durable option.

The wooden frames or plastic frames are likely to get damaged with usage.

You should also notice the caster dimension. Always check for the casters that are more than 3″ or between 3-2″.

It is avoidable if the casters are less than 2″.


The base is another important part of the chair. It takes the whole body pressure of the gamer. Therefore, it should be strong.

The aluminum bases are strong, thus, preferable. The plastic bases are advised to avoid for obvious reasons.


Cushioning is important to look at. Because bad cushioning loses the foam density and gets thinner with use.


Memory foam cushioning or high-density foam cushioning are best for gaming chairs.

If these three elements are present in a gaming chair, it would be worth buying. 


Upholstery is the upper covering of the chair. This should also be that of better quality.

If the covering is not good, it would not last long. So it is important to check for the upholstery also.

Most of the gaming chairs are provided with PU leather. If you are getting one, you can take it. 

Other than that synthetic webbing is also an option.

Whatever the material is, try to have a breathable one. Because they are more comfortable.

Unbreathable fabrics cause you to sweat more. Therefore, you can face an uncomfortable surface.

Breathable fabrics are good for long usage. They do not cause you to sweat and give you a cool and comfortable gaming experience.

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Armrests are important for pro-gamers. It is important for comforting your arms.

Armrests are mostly important to PC gamers. Because you need to use the mouse and keyboard in that case.

Console gaming chairs do not come with armrests as you do not need to use the mouse.

You can get 3-types of armrests. 2D,  3D and 4D. 

  • 2D: These arm rests are adjustable in only two ways. You can change the height and move them on left and right.
  • 3D: With 3D armrests, you can adjust the height according to your preferences. It does not allow you to change the armrest position in left and right.

    But you can change the height and the dimensions in backwards and forwards.

  • 4D: The 4D armrests are movable in any direction. You can both move the direction ( left, right, backwards, forwards, up and down) and change the height of the armrest with 4D ones.

Leg Support

The three portions of your leg like the thighs, knees and feet are mostly prone to strains, when you sit for a long time. 

So, you should always try to get a product that gives support to these parts as well.

  • Support to thighs: Your chair should have enough sitting space and stability that can give your thighs the proper support it needs.
  • Support to knees and ankles: Your chair should keep your knees and ankles aligned. For that you need a chair that has the height adjustment feature.

    It will let you set the chair according to your height. And you can rest your feet on the ground.

    This will release your knees from extra loads. Also you can get a chair with a separate knee support feature. They are more costly but comfortable at the same time.

Weight Capacity

If you are a heavyweight person, then you should not ignore this option. The weight holding capacity of the chair is very important for its lifespan.

To get a good weight capacity you can refer to an aluminum base chair. A metal frame will also add to the strength of the chair.


You may think that why dimension is important? It is important because the chair should not be an obstacle in your room.


Whenever you buy a gaming chair, take the measurements of the area where you want to place it. 

You should never pick a product that is larger than your space. Therefore, the size of the gaming chair is a noticeable thing.

Other Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Gaming Chair in India

  • Neck pain: A gaming chair that does not give proper neck support can cause you neck pain. For that, you need a product that has cushioning at the neck.

    For a tall person, the height would be different. So, choose a product that matches your height.

  • Back pain: Back pain is an obvious result of improper back support. An ergonomic chair with curved cushioning would be a perfect option.
  • Warranty: The investment is not small, so a warranty is inevitable. Your product should have a 2-3 years warranty.

    If not then definitely go through the reviews of the product you are buying. If the reviews are good despite having a less warranty period, then you can go with it.

  • Reviews: The reviews are the only way of getting familiar with your product. Whether the product is lower in price or higher, always check the reviews.

    For a cheap product, it conveys about the quality, and for an expensive one, it says about the product’s worthiness. So, review checking is important.

  • Installation: Some dealers deliver their products unassembled. In that case, you have to assemble the product by yourself.

    It can be a difficult task to assemble a whole gaming chair. For that, you should see whether the dealer is offering a doorstep assembly.

    If not then you can drop the idea of purchasing that product from that dealer. To avoid an unnecessary hazard always look for a pre-fixed product.

Best Gaming Chair in India – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the advantages of gaming chairs?

To a gamer, a gaming chair can prove to be a great advantage over normal chairs. A gaming chair is specifically designed to adapt to the body type of gamers.

This capacity can do a lot more than a normal chair. It can give the gamer’s body perfect support to prevent spinal issues.

It also gives a comfortable position for a prolonged period.

2. Can gaming chairs improve the gameplay?

To some extent, yes. You cannot expect your chair to transform you into a pro-gamer. 

But yes, it can help you to improve your concentration on gaming than on your sitting position.

3. How much a gaming chair costs?

There are different price ranges available. The more price the more upgraded.

The rough amount range of the gaming chairs is 5,000 to 20,000. 

It will be wiser if you go for a medium priced one. A lower price would never satisfy you or never serve you for longer.

4. Why, some of the gaming chairs have holes in them?

If you sweat while gaming, it would be a very uneasy situation to concentrate on the game. Therefore, the holes are provided for better air circulation.

Air circulation keeps you cool and steady.

5. How a gaming chair supports the back?

The gaming chair supports your back by providing extra cushioning in the lower back area. This allows you to maintain the ‘S’ shape of your spine.

When the spinal alignment is perfectly maintained, then there remains no scope of back pain.

6. What are the top things to look for in the gaming chair?

The top things that are to look at a gaming chair are:

  • Strong framing and base.
  • Good cushioning at neck and back.
  • 3D or 4D armrests.
  • Should match the height of the gamers.

7. What is a 2D armrest?

A 2D armrest lets you move the chair arm to only two dimensions.

One, left and right.

And two, upwards and downwards according to your preferences.

8. What are the differences between the 3D armrest and the 4D armrest?

Both are comfortable and adjustable. But the 4D armrests come with a few extra options.

The 3D armrests are adjustable to the backward and forwards. You can also adjust the height.

But with a 4D armrest, you can adjust the height along with the directions.

With the movability in 4 different directions like left/right, forward/backward, and up/down 4D armrests are more comfortable ones.

9. Can I get a gaming chair online?

Yes, definitely you can. But in that case, you have to see whether the chair is delivered assembled or not.

If yes then you can buy it. If not then you should not go with the idea.

10. Are office chairs and gaming chairs different?

Yes, they are. Both are different to some extent.

You can use a gaming chair for office purposes, as they are very comfortable and provide ease. But you shouldn’t use an office chair as a gaming chair.

Because you cannot get the exact support and comfort in an office chair that you need while playing.


Best Gaming Chair in India – Final Words!

You may think of it as a waste of money by investing in a gaming chair. But it is not.

Do you feel the same while investing in gaming headphones or other gaming equipment? No, right? 

Then this also won’t be a waste of money. Rather you are investing for your better spinal health.

It is an unavoidable fact that a normal chair harms you a lot if you use it for a long time.

So, when you are getting a solution with the best gaming chair in India, then what should you wait for?

If gaming is an inevitable part of your life then your gaming chair should also get the same place.

The article is a complete compilation of necessary details about gaming chairs. For those who have never used a gaming chair, this article would be the right investment of their time.

If you do not want to go through several articles catching up with different topics, you can refer to this.

We have tried to solve all the probable doubts. You can also suggest to us some questions to answer them.

We will try to bring that to you without any ados.

Also, you can suggest us to review other products without any reluctance.

Happy Gaming!


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