9 Best Convertible Refrigerator in India 2021 – Reviews & Complete Buying Guide!

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Have you ever thought how much power you waste when you do not need the whole refrigerator, and still you have to keep it turned on? If not, then this is high time you do and bring home the best convertible refrigerator.

A convertible refrigerator is designed to give you flexibility in the usage of the freezer and the fridge compartments. Along with that, you can avail many extra benefits and programs as well.

These will not only help you to use the refrigerator as per your desire but also it will appreciate the innovative self in you. So do not think twice and bring home the best convertible refrigerator in India

To help you in this endeavor, we have listed some of the best products in the market. We have also listed down their best features.

The descriptions do not focus only on the convertible options. It consists of detailed discussions about the other features as well.  

Therefore, make sure you read the whole thing carefully and get the best out of these.

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Best Convertible Refrigerator 2021

1. LG 437 L 2 Star Smart Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights

  • Frost-free refrigeration
  • Freezer capacity 136 liters and fridge capacity301 liters.
  • Two convertible options.
  • Special Door cooling feature.
  • Anti-bacterial gasket.
  • Stabilizer free operation.

LG has always ranked among the leading electric appliance suppliers in India. Consequently, when you find a suitable convertible refrigerator for your kitchen, you can trust LG’s products.

In this refrigerator, LG has come with two convertibility options. You can use it in its normal mode.

And you can convert the freezer into a fridge to expand the space capacity.

Along with the convertible options, you can avail yourself of most of the other useful features.

It comes with smart inverter technology that gives you less power consumption by the refrigerator. And the smart connection to the home-inverter is just the right thing to handle the power cuts.

Another extraordinary feature of this model is that it has door cooling technology. The door cooling technology provides airflow to the front part of the refrigerator too.

It gives the bottles kept in the door shelves faster cooling.

If you struggle while removing ice-cubes from the tray, then LG has the solution for you. It has a double twist ice tray that removes ice easily.

Do not worry about keeping tall bottles and an extra load of vegetables. Because the bottle shelves are designed to adjust 2-liter tall bottles, and the vegetable crisper is also larger than usual.

The refrigerator can be a perfect fit for a medium-large family. With its larger capacities and extraordinary functions, you can get the right refrigerator for your home with LG.

  • 1-year product warranty and 10 years compressor warranty.
  • Energy-efficient smart inverter technology.
  • LED light for a clearer view.
  • Larger crisper box.
  • Only one convertibility option.
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2. Samsung 324L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights

  • Auto-defrost function.
  • 324-liter capacity.
  • 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator.
  • Cool pack technology.

Samsung 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator gives you 5 useful convertible options. The modes that it offers you are the normal mode, seasonal mode, vacation mode, extra fridge mode, and home alone mode.

All of them are intelligently designed to provide you space in your refrigerator, obeying your needs.

It has the all-new twin cooling plus technology that gives separate airflow to both the fridge and freezer compartment. Consequently, both the sections get exact airflow which leads to perfect cooling.

After the cooling process, let us come to the interior of the refrigerator.

It has a power freezer that can produce ice 31% faster than usual with only one touch. This feature, along with the movable ice tray, makes the icing process easy and fast.

With the power-cool technology, the refrigerator can blow shrilling cool air to chill down the groceries and drinks faster when you are in a hurry.

It has an unconventional CRISPR design that keeps your veggies and fruits fresh for a longer span.

Now let us come to the door compartment.

The door compartments have two sections reserved for eggs and dairy products. This makes your refrigerator more organized.

And the last point that needs a mention is its bottle rack. The rack can hold both thick and tall bottles, which witnesses its strength.

For such a huge range of capacity and extraordinary yet useful features, it comes at the second position in our list of the best convertible refrigerators.

  • Power cooling technology for fast freezing.
  • Big and strong bottle guards.
  • Toughened glass shelves.
  • Stabilizer-free and noiseless operation.
  • Only 3 BEE star ratings.
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3. LG 335 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights

  • Frost-free cooling.
  • The capacity of 335 liters.
  • Inverter linear compressor.
  • Door cooling feature.
  • 2 convertible modes.

This is another noteworthy product of our list from LG. Including the convertibility options, LG has especially focused on the total four important points in this refrigerator.

One is the inverter linear compressor. The linear inverter compressor helps the refrigerator to consume less power.

Consequently, you get relief on your electricity bills. The compressor also comes with a 10 years warranty that ensures constant tension-free cooling for years.

The second is door cooling technology. With the door cooling technology, LG offers you 35% faster cooling than usual.

This means you will get chilled water or juices or any other drinks faster.

The third is convertibility. The convertibility of this model lets you expand the fridge space up to 45%.

Hence, you no longer have to bother about food storage when guests arrive at your home.

The fourth and the most important is the big deodorizer. You may ask why it is most important?

It is so because it deletes bad odor from your refrigerator, which most of the refrigerators cannot.

Bad odors can ruin the flavor of your food. They can also spoil them.

Therefore, a deodorizer is a very important thing in your refrigerator.

Along with these features, you will also get a smart diagnosis, auto smart connect feature, LED light, toughened glass, and so on. Therefore, for a large to medium-large family, this will be an optimum choice.

  • Stabilizer-free operation.
  • Smart connect with the home inverter.
  • Can work on solar energy.
  • Easy ice tray.
  • Only 3 energy star ratings.
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4. LG 360 L 3 Star Inverter Linear Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights

  • 360-liter capacity
  • Inverter linear compressor.
  • Door cooling feature.
  • Deodorizers are available.
  • Two convertible modes.

The storage capacity of this model by LG is commendable. You are getting 3 shelves, 5 door baskets, one large vegetable basket, 2-liter bottle storage, and the egg cum ice storage.

Altogether the refrigerator will easily comfort a family with 5-6 members.

If we talk about the convertible feature, then you will get two modes. One is for using the refrigerator in its conventional way.

And the other is for converting the freezer into a refrigerator for increasing the fridge storage.

In this mode, you can increase the fridge space up to 45%.

Prioritizing the deodorizing thing, LG has included a catechin deodorizer, multi-airflow feature, an anti-bacterial gasket.

Therefore, you are getting to avail of a compact and useful package in this refrigerator.

  • Deodorizers make the freezing hygienic.
  • Multi airflow technology for better air circulation.
  • The compressor is energy efficient.
  • Can run on solar energy.
  • Only two convertible options.
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5. Whirlpool 292 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights

  • Frost-free cooling.
  • Capacity: 292 liters.
  • 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator.
  • Adaptive intelligence technology.

With five convertible options, Whirlpool offers you a great product in this price range. For this reason, we have included it in the fifth position in our best convertible refrigerator list.

The convertible modes that it offers are really useful. These are termed as all-season mode, dessert mode, chef mode, party mode, and deep freeze mode.

Don’t think that Whirlpool has deluded you with the multiple convertible options. It has other useful features too.

One of them is adaptive intelligence technology.

The adaptive intelligence technology can sense fridge load, weather, and usage patterns. As a result, it gives you optimum cooling according to the circumstance.

This results in longer freshness and low power consumption. The frost free cooling is another noticeable thing.

It also has multiple formulas to keep the vegetables fresh. And the innovative design of the crisper helps to hold extra potherbs.

So, you are getting a compact product with some of the most useful features included in it.

The product will suit a family with 4-5 members. Therefore, this can be a perfect choice for a medium family.

  • Keeps vegetables fresh with the help of freshener.
  • Auto-connect with the home inverter.
  • The honeycomb pattern in the crisper maintains freshness.
  • 5 useful convertible options.
  • No deodorizers included.
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6. Samsung 275L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights

  • Digital inverter technology.
  • 3-in-1 convertible refrigerator.
  • No need to add an additional stabilizer.
  • All-round cooling technology.
  • LED light for less power consumption and brighter illumination.

Samsung offers you 3-in-1 convertible options to create extra storage whenever you find a need. It also ensures that your food gets overall cooling from every side.

This becomes possible with the all-around cooling technology. The all-around cooling technology is created by adding multiple vents to every corner.

When the air flows from individual corners, it gives uniform cooling to all the shelves.

Thereby your foods remain fresh for longer.

The cool wall is another addition to the product to make the power cut moments less anxious. The cool wall technology can keep frozen food in its exact form for 12 hours.

Therefore, you get to enjoy better cooling by all means. The product has the capacity to serve a family with 3-4 people.

Therefore, it is a perfect suit for a small to medium-large family.

  • Toughened glass and removable shelves.
  • Moist and fresh crisper.
  • Recess the handle for a clean and elegant look.
  • Fresh room for dairy products.
  • Deodorizer included.
  • Convertible options are less.
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7. Haier 258 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights

  • Twin inverter technology.
  • 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator.
  • 258 liters capacity.
  • PUF insulation.
  • LED light for less power consumption and brighter illumination.

If you want a product with all the essential features and a good range of convertibility options, then Haier is the best one to serve your needs.

This product is packed with 5-in-1 convertible options along with great energy-saving technologies.

Now let us come to the twin inverter technology and its relevance.

In this technology, the compressor and the fan run at two different speeds. As a result, they consume the power according to the load.

Another addition to its cooling efficiency is the PUF insulation. The PUF insulation is a thicker design of the refrigerator door.

It ensures that the refrigerator does not lose cooling when there is a power cut.

When the refrigerator loses less cold air, it does not take more energy in cooling when the power restores.

Therefore, you can stay tension-free about energy wastage with this product. You can unhesitatingly call it the best convertible refrigerator in India for its better performance and useful features.

  • Extra space in the door.
  • Large vegetable box.
  • Saves more energy and money.
  • Reasonable price.
  • One-year product warranty and ten years compressor warranty.
  • Does not have a deodorizer.
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8. Whirlpool 265 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights

  • Intelligence inverter technology.
  • 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator.
  • Capacity: 265 liters.
  • Fresh flow air tower with flexible vents.
  • Active deo technology.

This is Whirlpool’s masterpiece that comes with 5-in-1 convertible options. The product lets you avail of the all-season mode, dessert mode, chef mode, party mode, and deep freezer mode to suffice the needs of Indian households.

Now let us come to the special features that it has. Among the special features, it includes the fresh flow air tower with flexi vents.

This feature makes sure that your food gets an all-around cooling.

Next is the microblock technology. This prevents 99% of bacteria build-up.

Last but not least is the zeolite and the active deo technology.

 Both of them keep the fruits and vegetables fresh and the refrigerator odor-free.

The conventional features like stabilizer-free operation, inverter compressor, adaptive intelligence technology, and the smart connect with home inverter technology are already there.

Hence altogether, they produce a compact product at a reasonable price.

  • Keeps the vegetables fresh for up to 15 days.
  • Honeycomb moisture locks crisper.
  • Adaptive intelligence analyses data to give intact cooling.
  • 265 liter is a good capacity range for a medium family.
  • Only three energy stars from BEE.
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9. Haier 256 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights

  • Bottom mounted refrigerator.
  • 8-in-1 convertible refrigerator.
  • Capacity: 265 liters.
  • Twin inverter compressor.
  • Twin energy saving mode.
  • PUF insulation.

With 8-in-1 modes, Haier becomes the best convertible refrigerator in terms of the convertibility options. Keeping up with the other features, the refrigerator is an all rounder.

An unconventional feature that it includes to ensure energy efficiency is the twin energy-saving mode.

Twin energy saving mode has two different dimensions. One is the standard saving mode, and the other is the convertible model.

Therefore, you can make the cooling process less costly with Haier.

Also, it has more space for better air circulation and PUF insulation for better concealment of the cold air.

Therefore, when buying a suitable product for your refrigerator, you can keep your eyes on this product.

  • Easy maintenance.
  • Antifungal gasket.
  • Frost-free cooling.
  • Bigger vegetable box.
  • The bottom-mounted model may not be liked by everyone.
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10. Samsung 253L 2 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights

  • 253 liters capacity.
  • Auto-defrost system.
  • Digital inverter compressor.
  • Stabilizer-free operation in the voltage range of 100V-300V.
  • 3-in-1 convertible refrigerator.
  • All round cooling technology.

This 253 liters 3-in-1 convertible refrigerator can be a suitable match for a small family with lesser needs. The digital inverter compressor automatically adjusts the speed of detecting the foods kept inside.

Therefore, if the foods are less, the power consumption will be less and vice versa.

So, this becomes a great option for smaller needs.

There is nothing to doubt about the cooling technology of Samsung. The all-around cooling and cool wall is the witness of its excellent chilling capacity.

Other than this, you are getting an easy controlling digital display panel, spill-proof shelves, movable ice maker, and so on for easy handling.

With almost all the good features, it gives you a better experience in your food preservation process.

  • Stabilizer-free operation.
  • Can run on a home inverter.
  • Larger crisper.
  • Easy sliding shelves.
  • Only two energy stars.
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11. Godrej 290 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Highlights

  • 290 liters capacity.
  • 6-in-1 convertible refrigerator
  • Patented cool shower technology.
  • Intelligent inverter technology.
  • Patented cool shower technology.
  • Large vegetable tray.

The intelligent inverter technology of the compressor is similar to the digital inverter compressor of Samsung. It senses the load of the food and results in accordance.

If we talk about the convertible options, with Godrej, you are getting six convertible options. The modes are auto mode, low load mode, high load mode, ice cream mode, deep freezer mode, and cold storage mode.

The names are different from the other brands. The functionalities are also different, which we will discuss later on.

Let us come to the other features.

The patented cool shower technology is something new with Godrej. In other refrigerators, the air vents are placed in different corners.

But Godrej has intentionally placed the vents above, which gives 360-degree superior cooling.

Along with that, it comes with the largest vegetable tray. The 2.75-inch insulation wall is another plus point in its cooling capacity.

Thereby, it has all the features, including the convertibility features. And for a small home, you can easily opt for it.

  • Multiple cooling vents for better air circulation.
  • Thick insulation for tackling power cuts.
  • Spacious interior.
  • 1-year product warranty with 10 years compressor warranty.
  • No deodorizers are available.
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Convertible Refrigerator – Buying guide

How does the convertible refrigerator work?

Generally, the freezer compartment and the fridge compartments have different temperatures. The fridge compartment retains a temperature between 2 degrees to 5 degrees, whereas the freezer has a temperature of -15 degrees to -23 degrees. Therefore, we cannot use them together for one purpose if ever needed.

The intention behind designing the convertible refrigerator is to utilize the refrigerator according to the purposes. And this is only possible when you can control the freezer and fridge temperature separately.

To achieve this objective, the convertible refrigerators are equipped with two separate fans and compressors. One is for the freezer and the other for the refrigerator compartment.

The separate components help you control both the compartments as you need them. For example, you can turn off the freezer entirely and use the Fridge only.

Also, you can use the whole refrigerator as a freezer or Fridge and so on.

Implementing this method, different companies have created different modes. They have named the modes with different terms.

And thus, by providing extraordinary benefits, the convertible refrigerators have nowadays got great attention among the users.

However, the refrigerators take 1-2 hours to convert. Therefore you have to prepare it beforehand.

The history behind the convertible refrigerators

Actually, we never try to know the hands behind the creations we are relishing on. But we must pay heed to the credit holders.

Convertible Refrigerator

The first company to introduce the convertible refrigerator is Samsung. Samsung first pioneered that we can use the fridge compartment and the freezer compartment of the refrigerator separately.

They named it the 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator. After that, the other reputed companies like Haier, Whirlpool emulated Samsung and introduced their own versions.

Companies and their convertible modes

Here we will discuss the name of the companies and the modes they offer.

LG- Dual Fridge

LG dual Fridge gives you only two modes. One is the normal mode, and in the other mode, you can convert the freezer into a fridge.


It enhances the space of the refrigerator up to 40%, which is lesser than Samsung.

Samsung has the capacity to enhance the space up to 80%.

Though LG does not have extra options, it takes less time in the conversion process. Where the other products take 2 hours and so in the conversion process, the LG dual Fridge takes only one hour.

This is a plus point of LG-Dual Fridge.

Samsung 3-in-1 Convertible Refrigerator

Why Samsung has named this product a 3-in-1 convertible refrigerator is still a mystery because the product comes with two convertibility options.

Samsung 3-in-1 Convertible Refrigerator

One is the normal mode, and the other is the extra fridge mode.

In the normal mode, you use the refrigerator as it is. And in the extra fridge mode, you can change and convert the freezer into a fridge.

To stuff extra vegetables and additional leftover food, the extra fridge mode is a very useful option.

Samsung 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator

Samsung 5-in-1 convertible refrigerators give you five different options. The options are normal mode, vacation mode, extra fridge mode, seasonal mode, and home alone mode. A detailed explanation about them is given below.

Samsung 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator

Normal mode

In the normal mode, you can use the refrigerator in its normal form. The freezer compartment and the fridge compartment will serve you as it conventionally does.

Vacation mode

We do not use our refrigerator to keep cooked foods only. We have dairy products, ice-creams, jams, and sauces as well.

But when we go for a vacation, we cannot keep them outside, letting them get spoiled. Not even we can run the whole refrigerator as it will lead to unnecessary power consumption.

Therefore, you get this vacation mode in your refrigerator.

This mode lets you turn off the fridge compartment. You can run the freezer compartment solely.

Thereby, you get your foods intact after coming back to your home without wasting much electricity.

Extra fridge mode

We have already talked about the extra fridge mode. The extra fridge mode can convert the freezer into the Fridge.

If you are a vegetarian, this is the right option for you. You can bring vegetables for the whole week and stuff them into the fridge and freezer compartment.

Both the crisper and the freezer will offer you a lot of space. Along with that, the middle portion will let you store other cooked foods.

Seasonal mode

In winters, we barely need the freezer compartment. Therefore, with the seasonal mode, you can turn off the freezer and run the Fridge only.

You can use this mode irrespective of the seasons. When you feel that the freezer is not in need, you can turn it off.

Home alone mode

When you are alone at your home, and you have very few things to keep in your refrigerator, you can use this option.

In the home alone mode, the freezer can be turned into a fridge. And the Fridge remains turned off.

That means it consumes the lowest power among all the other modes. In your tight-on-budget months, you can use this mode too.

Whirlpool 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator

Whirlpool also offers 5 convertible options which have different terms. They are all-season mode, deep freeze mode, party mode, chef mode, dessert mode.

5-in-1 Convertible Refrigerator

All season mode

In this mode, you can use the whole refrigerator as a fridge.

Deep freeze mode

In this mode, only the freezer compartment runs at the normal temperature of the fridge compartment. It is similar to Samsung’s home alone mode.

Party mode

In party mode, you can turn the whole refrigerator into a freezer. To reserve more ice-creams and frozen desserts, you can use this mode.

Chef mode

This mode saves up to 23% of energy. You can use this mode to keep a particular dish at its required temperature.

Dessert mode

You can increase the temperature of the freezer. This will help you to make faster desserts.

Haier 8-in-1 convertible refrigerator

Haier has increased their option numbers. By this, they have made the cooling process easier.

Haier 8-in-1 convertible refrigerator

The modes they provide are normal mode, freezer mode, home alone mode, veg mode, summer mode, swift chill mode, surprise party mode, vacation mode.

Normal mode

The normal mode is the usual form of the refrigerator.

Freezer mode

In this mode, you can run the freezer only. The freezer will produce the normal temperature.

Home alone mode

In this mode, you can use the fridge compartment only. If you have no need for the freezer as such, you can use this mode.

This will save a lot of energy.

Veg mode

This mode will convert the freezer into a fridge. The name suggests that you can use it to create extra space for your veggies.

Summer mode

In summers, you actually need more temperature inside the refrigerator. Therefore, this mode will give you the exact temperature in the summers.

This will give you the right temperature to keep your foods fresh.

Swift chill mode

You can use both the compartments in this mode, but the temperature will rise at its peak in both sections. For faster water chilling and freezing ice-creams, you can use this mode.

Surprise party mode

In this mode, the refrigerator uses Turbo icing technology. Thereby, you get faster results in freezing.

Vacation mode

This mode is similar to Samsung’s home alone mode. In this mode, you can run the freezer in the normal temperature of the Fridge.

Godrej 6-in-1 convertible refrigerator

Godrej has been a little innovative and included 6 modes in this convertible refrigerator. They are termed as the following.

Auto mode

In the auto mode, you can use the refrigerator in its normal form. 

Low load mode

In this mode, the refrigerator consumes less power. Even if you stuff the refrigerator with loads, the power consumption will remain low.

High load mode

The high load mode maintains the temperature of the freezer even in the heavy load of the fridge compartment. 

Ice Cream mode

The ice cream mode gives you the perfect temperature for making ice cream.

Deep freezer mode

With this model, you can preserve frozen foods in up to -18 degrees.

Cold storage mode

For preserving meat or fish, the refrigerator gives you -25 degrees.

These were the options that most of the reputed companies provide you. However, Godrej gives you slightly different modes.

These are perfect for those who tend to consume more frozen foods.

Now we will discuss the points that are to be noticed when buying a convertible refrigerator.

What are the points to notice while buying a convertible refrigerator?

Before buying a convertible refrigerator, you should notice some points. We have listed them below. You can have a look at them.


We have already mentioned the modes offered by different companies. We hope the details are clear to you.

But never get intrigued by the number of the modes. The increasing numbers will increase the price too.

Therefore, before dealing, tick out the modes that are useful for your home. If you need only two modes, pay for two.

If you need more, pay for more.

Other features of the refrigerator

You are buying the refrigerator with the main purpose of preserving your food. So, don’t forget to notice other features.

Only an ample amount of convertibility options do not make a good refrigerator. You need to check the compressor quality, inbuilt stabilizer, compatibility with the home inverter, shelves quality, and other options as well.

Converting time

The convertible refrigerators have one drawback that they take much time in conversion. Hence, check how much time the refrigerator takes for converting.

Faster convertibility will be preferable.

Power saving options

One of the main purposes of using a convertible refrigerator is to save power when we do not need the entire refrigerator.

Hence, look for the options that save power. Options like home alone mode, freezer mode, vacation mode are for saving energy.

Therefore, when finding the best convertible refrigerator, your product must consist of such options.


There are many price options available in the market. Choose one that suits your budget.

You can stipulate your budget first and then find the available options. Remember, the convertible refrigerators are a bit costly.

Frequently asked question

1. Is the convertibility option available in double door refrigerators only?

Yes, you will get the convertibility option in double-door refrigerators only. The single-door refrigerators do not come with this facility.

2. Is the convertibility option available in the price range of 20000?

No, you cannot expect a convertible refrigerator at this price. You have to raise the budget higher.

3. What is the highest number of modes offered by a company?

Haier offers the highest number of convertibility options. It gives you eight modes to choose from according to your needs.

4. What are the advantages of a convertible refrigerator?

The convertible refrigerators are designed mainly for two purposes. One is for giving you access to both the compartments according to your needs.

And the other is to save energy.

It does both jobs perfectly. And here lies the advantages.

  • You can expand them when you need more space.
  • It will give you faster freezing if you have an option for that.
  • When you are using the freezer compartment as a fridge or only the fridge compartment, it saves much energy.

5. What are the disadvantages of convertible refrigerators?

The main disadvantage is that they are expensive. And the other one is that they take a lot of time in conversion.

You cannot suddenly change the modes. You have to think of it beforehand.

Convertible Refrigerator

Final words

In this article, we have tried to draw out most of the important points related to convertible refrigerators. We hope you have got all your doubts cleared. 

By reading the guidelines and the detailed discussions about the products, you will definitely get to buy the best convertible refrigerator in India. 

Do not forget to check our other articles related to refrigerators. They will enhance your knowledge about the best refrigerators in the market.


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