Anti-Bacterial Filter In Air Conditioners – Everything You Need To Know!

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Today both indoor and outdoor environments are filled with pollution and impurities. We cannot help it outside. But we can make much difference in the inside air by installing an air conditioner that comes with the anti bacterial filter.

The anti-bacterial filters work to filter bacteria and other pollutants in the air. And thus, makes your breath cleaner.

What is an Anti Bacterial Filter?

The anti bacterial filters in AC complements the other filters in it. Thus, it enhances the overall performance of the AC.

anti bacterial filter

The name itself suggests that the filters prevent bacteria.

However, they not only filter bacteria but also pollen, smoke, dust, and spores.

How Do The Anti Bacterial Filters Work?

The filtration process with these filters is very simple. They use micro charges to clutch the impurities in the air. 

anti bacterial filter working

The air continuously circulates through the air conditioner.

When the AC inhales air, the micro charges attract bacteria and other impurities. Then the fibers in the filter, grab those impurities.

So, the impurities do not recirculate in the air. Thus, the antibacterial filter works.

One additional benefit is also there. These filters enhance the performance of the AC.

When the AC inhales the impurities, the filter clutches them. 

So, it does not allow impurities to enter the inner parts of the machine.

So, the inner parts remain clean. And when the interior of the machine is clean, it does not face any difficulty working. 

Pros of Anti Bacterial Filter

As most of the AC has this filter included, then there must be some advantages. Let us discuss those.

  • The filtration system makes your home free from bacteria, dirt, dust, and other adulterations.
  • The filters make the AC work better, keeping the inner parts clean.
  • These are easy to clean, easy to install, and readily available.

Cons of Anti Bacterial Filter

  • These filters are not long-lasting. They can only last up to three to four months.
  • You can clean them, but the performance is not matchable to the new one.

Usage of Anti Bacterial Filter in Air Conditioner

Most of the top air conditioner brands use anti bacterial filter.

However, the names may vary from brand to brand.

A chart is given according to the unique functions and the different names of the filters.

Name of the brand Voltas LG Carrier AC
Filter Name Acaro Bacterium Filter Anti-Bacterial Filters Biofilter
Specifications They possess antiseptic properties. These filters hitch harmful microbes. They trap particles like fungi, microscopic pollutants, and so on.

Final Words!

The benefits of the antibacterial filters are very effective. They keep the air clean. 

Along with that, they help your machine to work properly.

So, next time you buy an AC, make sure that your product contains an antibacterial filter.


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