10 Myths About Air Purifier You Should Stop Believing Right Now!

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There are many air purifier myths that need to get debunked. Breathing fresh air is important. However, it is not easy to live in an air polluted area. There are many possible ways from where pollutants might come. 

Air Purifier Myths Debunked

For example, it can be pollen from trees. Also, there can be weeds coming from ventilation. These might lead to asthma and other lung allergies. Moreover, there can be pollutants from pets and cleaning the house, or smoke from cigarettes.

Therefore, in such a case air purifiers are a savior and a must to have. This will let you breathe in fresh and clean air.

Have a look at the following myths about air purifier and get a clear picture reading these.

Myth 1: Air Purifier is a Room Freshener

It is a myth that an air purifier is a room freshener. It is unable to remove the smell of stale food and dirty clothes. You cannot use it as a room freshener. It eliminates smell with huge carbon in it. Therefore, it is better to discard all smelly things and let the purifier take care of the allergens.

Myth 2: Air Purifier Destroys Viruses

There are air purifiers that are capable of destroying viruses. However, not all air purifiers are capable of doing such a thing. They come with an in-built technology that deals with viruses, or it uses some heat technology that eliminates pathogens. Therefore, before buying any, make sure that you are well informed.

The Hepa filters are the most reliable. It is tested and certified. It can easily remove 99.97% of particles (pet dander, pollen, tobacco smoke).

There are Ozone generators as well. These generators fill your house with a huge amount of Ozone gas. However, it is not ideal as a small amount is OK, a huge amount causes chest pain, coughing, breathlessness. Moreover, it also iodizes with other chemicals.

Myth 3: Air Purifier is a Good Replacement to Vacuum Cleaner

Though air purifiers are capable of controlling allergens that are spread through the air all around the room. However, they are unable to remove the heave pollen that falls on the floor. It can never clean the dust-ridden furniture of your house. It cannot clean the carpets as well. Therefore, it cannot replace a vacuum cleaner.

Myth 4: Air Conditioner Replaces Air Purifiers

It is better not to mix both. An air conditioner and an air purifier are different things. An AC eliminates warm air. With a condenser coil and evaporator coil and compressor, it cools. On the other hand, when it comes to air purifiers, it removes pollen and allergens.

However, the new LG model has come with the feature that filters PM 2.5 pollutants but when compared to air purifiers, it is nothing. Living in polluted places especially in metro cities like Delhi air purifiers are a must.

Furthermore, there is no in-built Hepa Filter in AC. In addition, it is not possible to introduce or reshape the Air Conditioning system with Hepa filter technology. Moreover, by introducing the system of Hepa filters in ACs, there will be a lot of complications.

For example, reduced air-flow, overburden, high maintenance cost, and early damage. Thus, it is better that AC does its work and the Air purifier does its work.

Myth 5: Air Purifier Should Have an Indicator

Indicators are not that important, it can be called a mere showpiece. If you do not find any sinusitis issues or chest congestions, then your air purifier is working well.

Many people think that a sensor or an indicator lets you know the air quality. However, it is just a myth as it might not show the correct percentage.

Myth 6: No Odor Means Clean Air

It is a myth as odor has nothing to do with clean air. Basically, it depends on the type of filter you are using. If there is an activated carbon present in the filter then there can be some difference. However, generally, it is not for the purpose to kill the odor.

Myth 7: All Air Purifiers Are The Same

Different purifiers have different capacities and filter qualities. The ones used for small rooms are not ideal for large rooms. Moreover, the quality of air purifiers matters as well.

There are air purifiers that can kill germs, air-borne viruses, and bacteria. Normal air purifiers can only filter particulate matter. However, the specialized one kills TB bacteria as well.

Myth 8: For Air Purifiers to Work Properly, The Windows Must Be Closed

Air Purifiers work even if the windows are closed or open. It is just that the outdoor air is less polluted than the indoor one but an open window does not make any difference in the effectiveness of the air purifier.

However, closing doors and windows is ideal if you are staying in an extremely polluted place, then.

Myth 9: Air Purifiers Are The Most Effective When The Users Are Around

Do not go by this. It is a myth. In every purifier model, you find a Clean Air Delivery Rate. It caters to the entire room of a particular size.

Therefore, you can sit and be anywhere in your room and at the same time get benefitted from the air purifier.

Myth 10: Air Purifiers Works When The Ceiling Fans Are Switched Off

It is not totally correct. If the ceiling fan is switched on, then a positive pressure is created. This sucks outside air with pollutants from the gaps of the windows and doors.

Therefore, as it adds up to the pollutants, the air purifier takes more time to clean the air. However, this does not mean that the air purifier works only when the ceiling fans are switched off.

Final Words

In Conclusion, we can say having an air purifier is a good idea. It will protect and prevent you from various lung diseases and you will be able to breathe fresh air.

Thus, do not go by these air purifier myths.


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