Air Pollution A Serious Issue For Human Health- Killing 7 Million a Year!

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Air pollution has been posing a danger for years. The effects of air pollution on human health have been massive. The result is ultimately killing nearly 7 million a year.

Effects of Air pollution
Industrial pipe polluting atmosphere.

Here are the effects of different components of air pollution, especially on human health.

Effects of Nitrogen Dioxide

Nitrogen dioxide pollutes the air. It is a very toxic gas on human health. Once it gets in your body when you inhale, it results in chronic respiratory diseases. For example, you can get affected by chronic fibrosis, bronchitis, emphysema, bronchopneumonia.

Effects of Carbon Monoxide

The primary causes behind the emission of carbon monoxide in the air are vehicles and industrial pollution. This gas is so dangerous that it can result in severe health problems. It can cause strokes, hypertension, atherosclerosis.

Moreover, pregnant women must be cautious when going out in the exposure to carbon monoxide. Inhaling it results in serious health issues. There can be a premature delivery. Also, it affects the new-born child as well. It affects the weight of the baby.

Effects of Ozone

People in coastal areas are prone to inhaling higher levels of Ozone. Breathing in a higher level of Ozone has many ill effects. There can be irritation in the eyes, throat, or nose.

There can be headaches, coughs, or chest discomforts. In addition, if people are exposed to Ozone ranging between  235 to 314 µg/m3, they experience lung inflammation.

Also, it increases pulmonary bacterial infections.

Effects of Particulate Matter

This is a hazardous air pollutant. Along with other respiratory problems, it can even cause skin problems. 

These PM 2.5 and PM 10 reach your lungs and alveoli. The one smaller than 2.5 reaches your blood vessels and results in cardiovascular diseases.

Asthma and allergic alveolitis are two major common problems resulting from the PM.

Often these PMs carry several pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Now, these add on to more complications. It is dangerous for people who are already having existing heart diseases.

Effects of Sulphur Dioxide

In the vicinity of the high-rise factories and industries, there is a significant proportion of Sulphur dioxide.

With a higher amount of sulphur dioxide, there can be shortness of breath, cough, bronchitis, and some signs of fatigue.

Basically, sulphur dioxide content in the air leads to the formation of sulphate salts. It is very dangerous for children and people suffering from asthma.

Effects of Volatile Organic Compounds

Now, this is a pollutant which you experience at your home. People at home use insect repellents, camphor, perfumes, coils, and much other such stuff. These result in the volatile organic compounds in the air.

Now, these react with the oxides of nitrogen in the sunlight and create smog. As a result, it restricts visibility and also causes eye irritation, lung irritation.

Effects of Benzene

There is a higher level of Benzene in the air, especially in places near industrial estates or rubber factories.

It is a very toxic chemical. It can cause genetic change and chromosomal aberration. A higher level of Benzene in the atmosphere ranging in the 1 mg/m3 causes cancer. It leads to brain, pancreas, kidney, stomach, uterus, respiratory, bladder cancer.

Moreover, Benzene’s continuous exposure causes a euphoric feeling along with giddiness, nervousness, irregular heartbeat, and unsteadiness.

It is seen, women are more susceptible to Benzene. Also, it affects the menstrual cycle. It also retards the development of the foetus among pregnant women.

Effects of Lead

Lead is the most harmful of the pollutants. It affects all the systems of your body. A prolonged exposure to lead damages your kidney, nervous system and reproductive system.

Pregnant women and children are at higher risk due to lead. 

In addition, constant exposure to lead can result in health problems like lack of muscular coordination, drowsiness, anaemia.

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Effects Of Air Pollution & UN

With the increasing air pollution and the result being 7 million people dying a year, here is what the UN has to say. They once made the theme of World Environment Day regarding this air pollution. 

In order to improve the air quality, it is essential to know the factors and reasons causing them. It is important to restrict the small particles causing air pollution. 

This effects of air pollution not only just kills 7 million people across the world in a year but also causes long-term health issues. Note that according to the World Bank, this air pollution costs about $5 trillion every year.

These pollutants not only affect human beings but also affect the environment. These are the cause of global warming, which indirectly is affecting us only.

The UN urges and pressurizes the government, business sector to change their habits and contribute in improving the air quality.

Thus, it can help in reducing pollution and fight with climate change.

Effects Of Air Pollution & WHO

According to WHO, it is one of the serious environmental threats. WHO earlier estimated that nearly 4.3 million deaths in 2012 was caused due to indoor polluted air. With people cooking in wood and coal stoves, especially in Asia, it is a reason.

Note that the other 3.7 million deaths were a result of outdoor air pollution. 

According to WHO, women, and children fall under the prey of this indoor air pollution more than men. It is because generally, they spend more time at home inhaling the soot, dust, and smoke.

It is on the government to act on this serious issue and implement possible ways to remove pollution. 

Final Words

Thus, it is we who can change our habits and improve the air quality. It will ensure our health benefits only along with the environment.


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